What will happen to Humanity in 500 Years from now

Where will we be as a race in 500 years time? Cities will be under water some will be gone for ever.
Will we still be here?
Will we have achieved colonization of the moon, Mars etc?
Will wars still be waged? Will one world government be achieved? Will Jesus come back? Will war world 4 and 5 finish us all?

 I think that the future holds complexities that we could not possibly fathom right now, just as a mere 100 years ago, people could not have predicted that we would be exploring space and mapping the cosmos, but we are. 

Nevertheless, if enough people post enough speculative material or present enough hypotheses on the matter of our future, we may be able to take a rare glimpse into the possibilities for our future, and whatever we think now will materialize in the future for sure with the effort of those who are able and willing to make it happen.

As much as I’d like to speculate, any attempt that I make falls flat in my mind. I can’t imagine a world half a millennium from now , any more than a person in the 16th century could ours; probably even less than that person could, considering how rapidly our world is developing as populations and technological developments snowball at an ever increasing rate.

To that, my only prediction is that the world will have new complexities that we can’t fathom. We might download ourselves into the Matrix. We may fratanize with animal and monkeys. We might destroy the earth a few centuries out. Things in the line of radio, the Internet, cars, gene modification (or anything else that changed the world in a way we may not have seen, rapidly too). Cars will be flying and hovering about.

The human consciousness is advancing at a pace never seen before. An evolution that exceeds the technical imposition. Once humanity exceeds their consciousness, the universe is the limit -which is unlimited, increasing, expanding at impressive speed.

In my own opinion: immortality. When Jesus return it will be very different world indeed. But that will not happen in 500 years , maybe I am wrong in my math but it will not happen as I have my number  and time that I will share with you in different article later on, and of course only God knows  when.

As for the religious {sensationalistic} side, it is being replaced daily by science {equation} its counter equal. Yes, it is no wonder many, many doomsday prophets are coming out of the woodwork, because with their own eyes, they are seeing the rapid deterioration of the planet, with no measurable alternative in sight. That breeds fear and hope in their beliefs. 

If humanity is to continue its existence, it is going to have to leave both sides behind. That, right now, is the challenge. Neither viewpoint has any realistic desire to give up nor in.

Take into account the radiation of the two atomic explosions, hundreds of additional underground tests, reaction meltdowns, pollution by petrol, the huge swirling garbage pool in the ocean, a decibel level 120% higher than nature itself, well it does not look hopeful for the planet. To remain, nature itself is going to be forced to wipe humans out because its own natural selection -meaning itself- will not let itself be destroyed.

If humans radiation of the two atomic explosions,, they destroy themselves also. And honestly, a “reset button” is not completely out of the question. Even if humanity stopped -right now- all its doings, at least 300 to 500 years would be needed to simply restore the air, allow the radiation levels to return to normal. Then time for tree growth, animal species to repopulate, viruses and such to return to normal, etc. I know it sounds bleak, but real is real. It is long overdue for humanity to get a reality check.  

I am still amazed right here and now, how humanity as a whole is not as civilized as I would have thought, with all the violence, hate and evil ongoing.  I should not be surprised by this, and the holy books  prophecies tells us that it will just get worse in the last days.  

As far as the military – I believe it will not involve any actual men and woman going into battle, as we are already seeing Cyber warfare, which can do more damage in seconds than long-drawn out wars.  I cannot even imagine the next 500 years, as just within the past five years, there has been so much new technologies.  We are already able to do things without even leaving our homes.  I believe that actual human contact, face-to-face will just not be any longer, as it is already happening more and more due to technology.  However, I am surprised that we are not, right now, driving around in those cars like in that cartoon, the Jetson’s. 4 D and hologram technology will replace wide range of our communications , we will use small flying objects like electronic pigeons to deliver our messages and communications .

There are two paths we could have taken. If the right path then maybe socially we’ll have a deeper understanding of each other as all part of a spiritual whole. Our consciousness will be of a greater magnitude and many of the social ills we suffer today will be a thing of the past or at least greatly reduced. Through technology we may even be able to read thoughts in others but this would be done to better a situation, never to gain secrets or take advantage of another.

Our world will no longer wage aggressive warfare but will have weapons for defensive purposes only. We may even belong to some benevolent space confederation like in Star Trek. After world war 3 the human must come together to realize that enough is enough.

I think economically all will contribute for the betterment of all at something they enjoy. Maybe a few hours a day at something the person has been specifically trained in. Many of these jobs may be of a technical, supervisory, or scientific bent. International tax will be put in earth to make sure that all share the burden of saving this earth and humanity. 

I wholeheartedly agree that should we go the right path and not the path of destruction through war, then we’ll begin to live a more spiritual existence and realize that we are a whole rather than billions of individual entities. We’ll perhaps begin to exist as something akin to what we saw in the movie ‘Avatar’;

where we cherish all life and live as a tree, nurturing and nourishing each branch and stem of our whole instead of starving the parts we deem less important, with no thought for the future. But as long as there are people who love guns and make them, people help terrorists like ISIS and Hezbollah , and the Iranian  government, and people support communism , and deny the  right of Palestine state ,we will never prosper or reach our goals as human

We could read minds  and there will be thought machines ,but unfortunately there are ‘those’ who would use that technology for their own selfish reasons. Until those shady characters are finally subdued once and for all, any technology we may develop that can be used to (not its original use) spy, subdue, brainwash, modify etc will always be monopolized by them to control the masses, gain more power and money.

The world must have one power and that power of the people alone as human unit. We all are units and number of this human equation with different believe system , different dreams and ability, but all have one goal  and that is to achieve ever lasting peace and kindness . 

What about money? I imagine a world where we no longer use money and no one is able to monopolize resources, manpower, technology etc as they do today. 2% of the world’s most powerful people controlling ‘apparently’ 98% of the money is completely unfair , and unacceptable. Therefore the only way we could exist without this kind of greed and superiority occurring is by taking away all the means that would make it possible for any one man or group to become superior , and therefore start throwing their weight around. Take away.

The technology nor the unified non-economic attitude required exists to colonize another planet. That is to say, if another planet in this solar system could be colonized. Even today, as yet another unnecessary trillion spent for a Mars “Curiosity” landing, when the first few already proved no natural life can exist there, as it does here. Therefore, a synthetic nature would need creating -the entire ecosystem of earth from microscopic Arctic plankton to the Cedars of Lebanon. Then that ecosystem tested, monitored for centuries and adjusted before even considering placing a human there. The probability may exist, but the possibility does not.

I think mankind will  destroy the majority of this earth resources and  many animal like birds and mammals will be distinct in 500 years from now, based on our destructive tendencies and inability to agree on anything.  If we are still around, there will be technical advances that are hard to imagine. 

Our ”cell phones” will be embedded in our bodies , microchips data in every human at a young age , and remain with us all our lives, just routinely updated in situ or our medical file, past present where about like a tracking device to record our movements , our spending habits, our tax, our daily work and even our disease and infection. We might be able to get permission to turn it off when we go to the bedroom, washroom etc.

 Our traffic problems will be mostly solved by then.  Perhaps we will travel individually in pods equipped with sensors so that we cannot collide with others, or perhaps our vehicles will travel on invisible beams where we relinquish control.  We will have too much information (know everything) about everyone.  Sadly, there will be no romance as we know it ,  LOL. 

As far as military and religion, I base my speculations about our future based on our past behavior, so I don’t have much hope for compassion and unity there.  I think we will see huge changes geographically; some areas that now teem with humanity will crumble into the sea.  There will be nothing left in the natural world to explore so we will turn completely to artificial means to achieve the same sensations of wonder and discovery.  The ocean , seas and rivers will take over most of the world and then shrink and severe drought will take over us . Clean water will be the most expensive commodity in earth. 

 Wild animals will not be ”wild”  any longer.  Any that still exist will have to benefit us in some way and none will be allowed to threaten us such as the occasional mountain lion or grizzly do now.  Science will constantly create artificial means to replace the natural benefits that certain plants and animals now offer. People will eat  buy and sale the rest of the animal in earth including the one in the zoos and the breed them to eat. 

Classes will be more stratified. Those who are rich will be able to live for hundreds of years and those who are poor will only live for 100+ years. Technology will be close to the singularity by that time. That looks like something from the Sci-Fi movies we see around these days, but it is a possibility when you consider that the rich are the ones in control of the planet and its resources. In other part of the world human will be shorter and live longer. Our skin will change, eyes and hair , our body will change to stand the increasing the temperature . Some of this earth human will be creature of the night , most work will be done at night.

A temporary cessation of all births could be a possibility too. For the future world to have any chance at the true and right destiny it should have, any start-up reduction in an unsustainable population must be done firmly, but most humanely. 

I think that fossil fuels will have long been consumed and we can’t seem to get renewable working properly or in an economically viable manner. So I guess very few people will ever travel. For business it will be redundant as holographic video conferencing will replace that need. For recreation it will be the preserve of the rich. Probably we’ll have an advanced integration of brain and computing technology, and together with genetic enhancements, we may be able to almost live more than 200 years. However the planet would not be able to sustain tens of billions for a population.

 One world government looms over the 7  billion people on the earth as our scientific technology helps to sustain life utilizing solar and Earth thermal energy to try and help bring mankind back from the brink of nuclear disaster. Robots will be cop, judge, jury and when necessary executioner. There is no creature on the planet who is not microchiped.   All we have to do is to dream and pray for a better future. Where all man kind treat each other with respect, kindness, and dignity .


Thank you for reading.

  Steve Ramsey, Calgary, Alberta- Canada

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