What Is A Ghost Box or Spirit Box


Spirit Box:
A device used for contacting spirits through the use of radio frequency. These devices or so called Spirit box also known as Ghost Box or Frank’s box are used as an electronic medium for the purpose of direct communication with a spirit.

In a recent Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, Zak and his posse did an investigation at the Trans-Allegheny lunatic asylum and introduced the ghost box or as they call it the “Spirit box”. Again many of you have been asking for both my option as well as how to find and or build one. 

I have been using a ghost box for the past year or so and I’m well acquainted with how they work so…..here’s my thoughts.

1) The notion of using white noise to allow spirits to speak is nothing new. It’s, in fact, one of the original “tenants” EVP that dates back to the experiments conducted by Dr. Konstantīns Raudive in the 1940’s, till his death in 1974. 

The belief seems to be, that since spirits manipulate energy in order to manifest and/or move objects, they need some form of energy in order to manifest sound.

One of the long held beliefs in EVP was that spirits used the internal sound of the recorder to put their sound on the tape/digital file. This being true it’s possible for a spirit to make a disembodied voice, but… if the theory of energy manilong-heldis correct, it would be much harder without the “noise” for the spirit to manipulate.

2) One of the big problems with Franks Box/ Ghost Box is that people aren’t fully aware how to use it, or how it should even run. Firstly, asking a simple question and getting a one word answer is well, …. “HOG WASH”.

Anything that scans radio frequency is going to pick up random pieces of sound. You’re bound to get a number or a single word. Similarly, I’ve seen people use these boxes as they do a linear sweep, going from
one station to the very next and so on then repeating the process over and over.

Unless I’m mistaken, the original set up of “Franks box” was supposed to do a random sweep of the signals which would (seemingly) eliminate the possibility of picking up on any solid piece of signal for too long.

Granted this still doesn’t eliminate the possibility you could get frequency pollution from a CB or other broadcasting device. Meaning nothing you get is ever “unexplainable” because you can’t eliminate those sources of potential explanation.

With that in mind, the Ghost Box is fun to use but I suggest you use it as entertainment only and never try to introduce any audible sounds you may capture as being spirits or any other paranormal phenomenon as
there are way too many frequency being cast about to prove without a doubt that voice or sound came from another dimension. 

And after all that’s what we are all about, finding solid, un-disputable scientific proof that “Ghost” do exist ….Right?

If you want to try the “Ghost Box” for yourself the “Franks Box” runs a couple hundred clams, but the good news is you can build one for around 30 bucks using what’s known as the “Radio Shack Hack”.

This is what I did and it’s easy to do…Click on the YouTube link below and watch the video it doesn’t cost a penny and it will tell you all you need to do to make your very own Ghost Box. 


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