Touching by an invisible entity &”mirror- touch synesthesia..

Touching by an invisible entity &”mirror- touch synesthesia.


Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health, MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound.RMSKS.

Steve Ramsey, PhD

Many years back there was a movie based on a true story of a woman that been touched physically, sexually and the debate was on for her been psychotic or have other hiding desires and sexual fantasies and between those who believed her story regarding an entity was involved. The movie was called the Entity -hit movie 1982. Based on a true story of a woman in los angels California in 1976.


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The entity energy and action was documented and again the scientists and psychiatrists blamed her for inducing and projecting such energy. Many credible people men and women documented this fact among them some friends of mine.

Incidents can take place while you are sleeping, alone or with others, many blame demonic entities, the Jinn, spirits etc. Some paranormal investigators felt first hand and knows that it is true as they experienced many forms of touching.

Back when I was in a high school I came home one day, and our rented place was in an old historical area my sibling were all in school my father at work and my mom went to market . I was alone in the house I felt like something watching me or I was not alone the place felt different and heavy.

I had some thing to eat and I went to relax for while before I started my homework, from no where and so suddenly I felt a strong hand sloped my face my right side of my cheek i was so stunned and surprised , scared and angry as I couldn’t fight things I didn’t see. I ran so fast out ide but deep inside me wanted to go back and fight this thing who insulted me .

This happened few times and I was not worried about my self but about what will happened to my little sisters , one of them who went to epilepsy fit once in the same place and told my mother that she felt a hand touching her shoulders . The doctors of course brushes all those stories as all in our head and that our fear from the dark places and loneliness can cause that feeling.


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But I know the fact and I felt it. As when we moved from that place it stopped, and we heard that the new tenants have similar experience too, so it was not in our head. The ghost who ruined my life was a dead person who i saw in my dream one day, he said he was berried in this land long time ago. his name was was Redhwan . So my mother and I started to send prayers for him and ask God to bless his soul and kept the place clean but the landlord refuses to dig and find out if there was a grave in the basement.

Unexplained Touches

Sufferers of spirit attachment often report the feeling as though they’re being touched. Sometimes it happens that we are touched with sympathy, for example, by someone close to us who has gone through the transformation called death. Most often, however, the touch will be in sexual nature. Either by incubus or succubus’s entities, or by bad spirit of an angry and aggressive human who in life was doing these things to people .


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Sexual power is a creative energy in our world. It is woven into virtually all areas of life. Experiencing touch with sexual hints from spirits can be incredibly confusing. Often, we respond to these sexual overtures in the same way we respond to those from other living beings – with arousal. Since there is nothing in our physical experience that prompts this, sufferers frequently find themselves confused and distressed.

Spirits can only touch us in this way if we have not learned to manage the currents of our own sexual energy. Or to put it another way, our subconscious wishes for such a touch. We crave the touch so long as it is with a very specific person whom we have allowed to be touched. However, we must remember that sexuality is a force that extends far beyond a relationship between two people.

As living beings, we need to stay aware of our own sexual currents to ensure we are opening and closing them as we choose. This is difficult for most people because one has to become very aware of one’s own emotional life and thoughts in order to control their sexual currents. This is no easy task and requires an ongoing effort to understand our own thoughts and emotions. Thankfully, this work is important in every arena of life not just in relation to sexual currents and urges.

For the most part, we devote little attention to this area our emotions and thoughts live their own lives. This is because, at some point in our lives, we have introduced certain energies into the area of emotions and thoughts. These energies have allowed them to work “their own way”. Emotions and thoughts want to live.

The energy that feeds them is the attention we give to them. So, in order to stay alive, emotions and thoughts will urge us to pay attention to them again and again.

While our own energies are responsible for these thoughts and emotions, we may find they’ve now outgrown their usefulness. Something that we considered to be something good a few, or several dozen years ago, may turn out to be completely useless now.


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Freeing ourselves from unwanted emotions and thoughts is quite simple but requires us to direct constant attention to the cause. We must recognize and accept that without awareness of emotions and thoughts we will not have a good life.

If this understanding is already there – as it is with most people who experienced spirit attachments – the next step is to focus our attention on anything for as long as we can. This kind of concentration has to be practiced, because only by using it we will be able to free ourselves from unwanted emotions and thoughts.

Whenever we notice an unwanted emotion, thought, or desire (such as a sexual one) we have to decide whether such a desire is there, whether we need it at that moment, and whether it serves a purpose.

We must always consider the consequences of giving in to certain desires. Suppose we lack intimacy and think we will fill that intimacy through sexual contact with another person. We need to be aware of the consequences of such a desire.

For example, if we build up a strong desire for a sexual interaction, it can easily take control of our behavior and “unload” on a person we would not typically engage with sexually (or worse, a ghost). The sexual force driven by desire will grow and seek to find an outlet.

It may then happen that we begin to be drawn more and more toward unhealthy sexual practices that have nothing to do with love. What’s more, if these desires are not fully realized, we may not even understand why we are being drawn to such practices. We tell ourselves that we are attracted to it and that is that. Then we become addicted to sex, pornography, and so on.

Poltergeist can be part of it if it is induced by a teenager , adolescents person, with deep desires and unfulfilled needs mix with rage and anger , the projection can be destructive energy force like the one we saw in some movies.

We forget that we ourselves have built a great sexual energy, which now demands a channel to flow through. The way out, then, is to recognize whether we should build up certain desires at all, because their realization is only a matter of time and circumstance. There is a wise saying – “Be careful what you wish for”. Now you understand what its author meant.

So, when we pay attention to our emotions and thoughts, we need to be constantly aware of their consequences. We need to assess which results they bring to us and to decide immediately if we want those results. If not, we must quickly shift our attention from the thought that does not serve us to another thing that we know for certain is constructive and desirable.

The difficulty is that the power of desire we have created in the past can be huge, and we will have to deny access to particular emotions and thoughts many, or even very many times. Sometimes it can take years to free ourselves from a great desire that is unfavorable to us. But there is no other way, because otherwise we will attract unhealthy situations, toxic people or spirits of the dead who did not control their own sexuality before they died, for example, and will be attracted by our own, also uncontrollable, sexuality.

Sexual power is very good if it is consciously directed into constructive channels that are not necessarily sexually oriented in nature – for example, into action that benefits others, or creativity in the arts. It’s a bit like a sharp knife – you can use it for constructive or destructive things.

In my paranormal investigation I got an email from a person who was experiencing this issue of ghost touching , but in her case I knew that it is not the work of a ghost but all in her mind because she was crippled from waste down, confined to w heel chair and she need help in her daily life and to go to bed. She have the desire and then she stopped taken her medications and that made her desires to be projected to her dreams and physicals body .

As there is no way for her to feel anything form waste down due to he injuries. Is it a phantom pain and urge ? as each of our organ we lose it has an imprint of energy that the other cells beside it missing the part, like our cells crying for the missing part. When she took her medications the feeling of entity touching her stopped .

We cried for those who we lose and pass away, our parents and family members, our relatives and friends, our pets and the same about our body deep inside of us each cell are connected to other cell some how and they do express the crying motion by pain, cramp, spasm, and unusual anatomical and physiological changes.

I can feel pain when I see others have pain , I feel the pain in my wrist, hand ,feet etc. if that person is been pushed or injured on that area and I f I was looking at them for me like some one eat a lemon front of you and you feel the sour test in your mouth.

People who experience the physical sensations of others have “mirror-touch synesthesia.” For me it is beyond that, when I feel sad in a dark lonely place or a grave yard, a haunted house I know I am felling the entity who is close but invisible to me. With feeling and watching your body reaction I can tell if these is a ghost near by or not.

Mirror touch feeling it means they can feel a sensation on the same part of the body where they see someone else being hit, stroked, kissed, or injected.

Researchers have been studying their brains to work out what makes them different to everyone else.

But they can be difficult to find as perception is so subjective — many people don’t realize their experience of the world is any different to everyone else’s.

As for whether it’s a gift or a curse, nobody is really sure.


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