The Train of Death-my father true story.

The Train of Death-my father true story.


Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD -Health Sciences MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound.RMSKS.

Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD

This is to the memory of my beloved father as it is his birthday, he lived and died in Baghdad at age 76. In the most evil country I ever encountered.

Back in Iraq where we used to reside in the fifties, my father was working with the royal family. He was their portrait painter. He used to paint large oil portraits of the royal family members. And they use to reward him.

He was also a civil army engineer and the royal family sent him to UK to study. When the communist took over Iraq most of the royal family was slaughtered and executed, hanged raped and massacred by the communists and by the southern Iraqi clans.

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KING FAISAL 2nd, Of Iraq.

Many of the royal workers, contractors, suppliers, and friends were captured and put in different prisons in Iraq and some were hanged and some ran away to Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.

My dad didn’t think of it and he wasn’t scared as he was not a politician, he was just a worker for the government that what he thought. Boy he was wrong.

 For the communist thugs that was not good , they came to our home knock the door so hard my dad by now was preparing for such a day as he have heard many of his friends were rounded up and tortured, so he wear many thick clothes .

When the army came to take him they beat him up at the door in front of us, they beat it him with sticks and kicked my mom and told her to go inside I was at the balcony screaming….. My father …my father, leave my father alone, you sons of bitches I will kill you all ,you waki Iraqi communist.

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King Faisal 1st, the father of Faisal 2nd, was killed by UK and France .

I was only 6 years old ,one of the police aim his machine gun at me and the other officer told him to put it down , they took my father in the army car and drove away. 

From that time I hated all the Communists thugs. And I vowed that their blood will be OK to spill anywhere in that sick and evil country called Iraq. As we all know that in Iraq were the prophet Abraham was put in fire pit to be killed, and where many kings at that time raided Palestine and killed thousands, captured thousands and looted the city. They also Killed Ali and Hussein on the hands of their followers from Iran. And the killing went on and on to reach many leaders and kings.

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king Faisal 2nd family was killed by the Iraqi .

Then they took my dad to jail, and later he told us what they done to him, as they tortured him with electric spike, with icy cold and hot water, sleep deprivation. He was hanged by the Ceiling fan, they tight it his hands and legs while the fan was turning and they hit his legs and laughing.

He was tortured daily and they used water boarding.

The judge was one of the communist thugs and it happened that the judge wanted to marry my aunt (the sister of my father) but my father hated that man as he knew he was communist thug, and drunken idiot. So my father was against the marriage. The judge never forgot that incident, and carried his grudge against my father, and took a revenge on my dad, and sentenced him to 5 years in political prison.

My father was put in a prison number 1, which is very famous in torturing the political inmates. The Judge didn’t like the sentence so he ordered some of his thugs to kill my father and make it as accident,( we knew that later of course).

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On 25 March 1975, King Faisal al Saud was shot point-blank and killed by son of his half-brother Musaid bin Abdelaziz . Prince Faisal bin Musaid had just come back from the United States. The murder occurred at a majles/ meeting  (literally ‘a place for sitting’), an event where the king or leader opens up his residence to the citizens to enter and petition him. USA , UK assisted of killing him.

Back to my dad story. The judge told the authority that my dad oil painting of the royal family fall under the propaganda section , The army then took my dad to what they call (( the train of death)), along with more than 45  hard core politician prisoners .

The train of death was a new Iraqi method of killing. What they do is that they put all the prisoners in one of the iron train car, and they lock the iron door with no windows, they put all the prisoners in the train car with no water.

The train rail from Baghdad to Basra in July or august in the hot summer days where the temperature reaches 40 degree Celsius outside the train car and more inside, and then the train back from Basra to Baghdad by that time most of the prisoners will die from heat exhausting ,thirst and heat stroke.

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The ministry of defense in Iraq where my Dad used to work in 1958

They will take all the dead bodies to north so no one can see them in Baghdad, and then they get a doctor to check them and write the cause of death sun stroke , heat exhausting, dehydration after they ran from prison to the desert , that was how they fake the reports , so they always fabricate stories so the UN and the human rights can make to believe the medical reports. They sent copies to UN and others to be on file, like nothing happened. That was the plan by the government to put them all in the train of death.

They forgot that God is watching, but been a communist thug and killer, they don’t believe in the afterlife.

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But one of those 45 prisoners had a very good tribal connection and his relatives and tribes were waiting for the train, they were carrying machine guns and grenades, and heavy weapons. They managed to stop the train and kill the guards, then stop the train and open the doors and managed to rescue 32 and the rest were dead already.

 My dad was a life, he said he was putting his nose in a small hall in the corner of the train car, and managed to breathe some air. The armed tribes helped the prisoners, gave them water and food, then took their relatives, sons and others and run away to Syria. My father and other few prisoners decided to stay beside the train of death and refused to run.

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Baghdad -1959

The tribal men told them that if they stay here the Iraqi army thugs will come and kill them all, and reminded them that the name of this train is the train foe death so they will kill you again.

My dad was worried and he was thinking of my mother and us.

So he decided to walk with some of the prisoners and go to a nearby city They went to the police station that 3 km from that train, and they surrendered and told them that some thieves did this to the train and took some prisoners.

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Saddam Hussain golden piano was stolen by UK and now is with the queen .

 The police put them in cell and called the army. The army came and collect them , tortured them gain, kick them and then ask them all kind of questions but no one knows the identity of those tribal men as they were all masked and no one can identify them .

The army sends my father and the prisoners to a regular prison, and they lifted the death penalty from them as they came willingly to the police station and they didn’t run from justice, they told the police what they saw and cooperated with the authority. And that save them from the train of death.

My dad went to city of Mousel prison , up north Iraq, and he become the prison artist, painter and army portrait and his painting still in the Iraqi army museum.

Many of the royal painting were burned. Those Iraqi thugs  do not give a shit with art and painting until now , and they do not care with people talents only when it fit their purpose and propaganda , that’s why most of the Arabs and middle east culture and great contribution were gone long time ago, and all great pride and protection were declined after the fall of the great Turkish empire.

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Abdel Kareem Qasim, the socialist president of Iraq.

Now we are getting fanatics burning and destroying arts, museums and destroying cultures in Iraq by the ISIS who were created by the USA, and by the Iranians followers and other thugs and other brained wash sick people.

The days went by and I graduated and I was working in one of the hospital in Iraq when a patient arrived to have a skull x-ray and to my surprise I found that he is the son of that judge who put my father to death.

I called my older brother and my good friends who also hated that judge and  told them who is with me on the table , they all came with weapons and waited outside the hospital . But then I felt sorry for him he was my patient , he was nice, many of those thugs were long gone and died, some arrested and put in prisons.

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New government took over Iraq and his father was already hanged and executed. It was so hard for me to seek revenge, I was remembering my dad pain, and our hunger and poverty caused by this man father, and was thinking of how my mother were suffered because of his father the evil judge.

 I called my mom and I told her who was my patient, then she was mad at me and told me don’t ever do anything to him. My son be better than them don’t fight evil with evil, she told me.

 But mom, I vowed to revenge from all of them and this is my chance, I told her.

They will be judge by God, his father have already been hanged, and he paid for his crimes, THE SON HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. She said.

You took an oath to protect your patient so you must protect him and remember God is watching, she told me.

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Abdul Salm Aref- the nationalist president of Iraq.

So I went out and told my brother and his armed friends it was a mistaken identity, it is not him. I was afraid that if the patient goes out they will shoot him and kill him 100%, so I save his life, the life of the son of a criminal thug.

I really felt good, my heart needed revenge, and my mind was thinking of God. But my mother words ringed in my ear, and I conducted myself with good ethical and professional way and let him go and helped him to leave from the back door.

When I went home and told my father he was so happy that I let him go unharmed .I was so surprise to hear this from my dad! After all they had done to you! I asked.

Son it is not his mistake he was young and has nothing to do with it, my dad said. 

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MY Father before he went to prison

Revenge is sweet and forgiveness is sweeter and more difficult than you imagine, but when we forgive for God sake, it is the best feeling you ever have.  God is watching us. Justice must be applied to those who did the crime, and not their families or those who has nothing to do with the crime, otherwise it will be a criminal act. We must forgive those who hate us and transgression against us and that what Jesus said once and all other prophets before and after him.

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Ahmed Hassan al baker, President of Iraq- 1968

After 5 years of prison with torture and solitary confinements

Under president Abdel Kareem Qasem the president of Iraq from 1958 to 1962 after he took over along with Abdel salam Aref the his assistant who killed the royal family along with wasfi taher, Mohammed wasfi amen and taha al mahdawi and the revolutionary guards they kill the king and royal family in the rehab palace,  and hunted down many who tried to run to Iran or Jordan and managed to capture many of them before they cross the border.

They captured by Shia militia as Abdel Kareem was son of Shia father and Kurdish mother so they kill many Sunnis and many nationalists.

Then the socialist brought many families who are friends of the royals I was very young , they brought us all as my dad was captured and my mom along with all other women who was working for the royal including the cooks ,cleaners and workers , we all brought to the  place and we thought they going to kill us .

But they lectured us and told us that new era has began and we must forget those royal and we will be punished if we say good thing about them to any one, or mention any thing about the royals! So they gave us some cakes and drinks my mom told me not to eat as she was afraid that it was poisoned, but I managed to eat some cake without telling her I was hungry and I am not letting this cake going away from my stomach , LOL I always hungry in that rich oil country called Iraq.

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USA tortured ,raped and killed many civilians in Iraq among them a 14 years old girl, and put her body on fire to hide the crime, President Trump let that US criminal soldier leave prison and forgave him!

But nothing happened to me and I told my mom, I said mom I am still alive you can eat some cake. The army brought large trucks and carry all of us and took u to an area called sahat al medan- Bab al Moadham , somewhere in Baghdad center round about where they hang people , usually oppositions and political oppositions , they never hang killers and thieves !!!!

So they let us see all the dead bodies or the royal families already killed and shot some at close range and some had their body parts cut off and put the rope around their dead body and hanged them my mom carried me and closed my eyes.

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My father Ramzi at the Kingdome time

later in about 30 minutes another body came they said this is Nori al saeed he was the prime minster of Iraq in the royal family era and he was kicked and tortured and dead , so many shots was in his body and some army personnel start shooting bullets at his dead body again!!!! I was so afraid but my hand still have the cake and I couldn’t eat I was wondering why they still killing a dead person!!!! I don’t know the meaning of revenge then …

Then the army ask all of us to watch and that’s will be the result of any person work against this new government , then they gave us flags and ask us to cheer the new revolution so they can take pictures and say even the royal friends are supporting them !!!!!

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After that they announce in the radio for the people to come and watch the royal hanging and the speeches and they gave 1 dinar to all those who attended and came , with free food and drinks, they celebrate the death and killing of human been in this culture of death I grow up with .

Then they let us go. My mom was crying I asked her why are you crying mom , she said she loved the royal family and they were nice people and they were descended of the prophet Mohammed , and they loved  the country, I told her but those people gave us Cake so they are nice people ?

she said they give us cake now but they will give us shit later ,don’t ever trust people give you something to cheer for them, as they will make you pay double she said.

 I didn’t understand then what the hell she was saying, all I know is this cake I have was real and delicious, Mom this cake has almonds too, I said.

 …….so we went back home

My mom carried me on her shoulder and hold the hand of my brother Samir

(Sam), Sam later died in USA and passed away 2001.

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Because the train of death accident and my dad giving himself to police, the socialist took pity on him and asked him to cooperate with them and work with them , so they cut his sentence short and now he is working as artists , calligrapher and painter for them painting communists pictures and banners , later he was taken to the ministry of defense and was given a good salary a driver and a house !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow my dad was worried and they told him he will be working directly with the president Abdul Kareem Qasem as his own family portrait oil painter as the president saw the royal family pictures and asked who did the painting, and the art and they told him it is an Iraqi man called Ramzi and he is in the prison now, So he asked for him and my dad become the new president family painter

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USA KILLED and tortured many civilians in Iraq.

My dad also worked with jawad AL saleem a famous socialist artists in Iraq and graduated in Russia and he done many carving and statues for the city of Baghdad, with my dad they manage to do a large bronze statue for the president it was almost 12 feet long and my father later spend most his time with the president family house in al moshajar street in Baghdad , and other places where the president family gathered.

 MY dad can do the sketches and paint, and my dad manage to paint many of the children and family members along with the president father all oil paint and he became liked and transferred to the ministry of defense beside the president room.

A secret revolution was about to take a place my dad didn’t know that the nationalist now they want to revenge from this socialist president and they told him to leave as my dad told us later, he asked why should I leave the job he needs the money for the family and they told him we just advise you to resign or leave !!!!!!!!

My dad thought it was a jock and they are jealous , the nationalist already infiltrated the ministry of defense and Abdel salam Aref the assistant of the president was ready to take over with the help of money from Saudi Arabia and others , army personnel some tribal men money from Saudi and Kuwait……and UK were helping allot as UK and USA do not like any government allied with Russia at that time.

My dad later given a car and he was asked to drive a man his name TAHA YASEEN RAMADAN , later he become the third powerful man in Iraq in Saddam time.

The socialist president  Abdel Kareem Qasem and his regime was destroyed and new revolution was in the way, Qasem was tight on a chair and then the army judge order his execution to carry out those who killed him and judged him all were Shia !!!!!So the new army spit on Qasem and shot him with machine guns, and later the people went in the street like what happened in Egypt.  Now fighting each other the supporter of each party killing and revenging from each other the blood filled the streets.

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 Thousands of bodies dumped in the river many girls were taken from school and raped then killed as they are wife’s or daughter of other oppositions it was the dark age of Iraq in that time and was called the AL HARAS AL QAWMI REVOLUTION, MANY WERE CRIMINAL , THUGS AND THIEVES , SOME TAKEN FROM THE prisons given a machine gun and told to kill and rape as the wish.

USA and some gulf states in the middleast is to blame, as they helped with money and weapons. Jews and Christian ran away as many were raped and looted, their stores were stolen and it was a ciaos…….

Then the new regimes police came back for my dad again.

The new nationalist took my dad to prison again and they accused him of been communist that mean the death penalty!!….After many days of torture they broke his hip and shoulder and then dump his body in the MUD POLE OF DEATH…

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The killing of President Abdul Kareem Qasim of Iraq, I was on site with some family members.

where they tight the prisoners up and let them swim in this mud pole so if someone slip he will never be able to go up and they drowned and suffocate but he manage to live again.

 I think my Dad was A CAT with 9 souls……..he managed to stay in the corner put his face around his shoulder and manage to breath until the guard came to clean those who died and took my dad to his cell……

Then they put him upside down tight his leg to a large steal ceiling fan specially design for torture and let the fan turn until he lose conscious and they hit him with rubber sticks and put water on him.

My dad keep telling them he is not communist at all , and he believe in God , so they use to ask him to recite some Quran and he did and they let him go and asked to sign a paper denouncing the socialist and that he was treated nice in prison!!!! So he did and he cooperated with them.

It was like a history repeating itself again, and my dad in the middle of it. By then my dad know how to survive and keep his sanity he was tall 6,3 feet strong broad shoulder as he was heavy weight lifting and play sport too so that somehow helped him to survive longer .

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Abdul Karim Qasim.

He told us that the worse thing for him was when they use to put him in solitary confinement, and in Iraq it was different than here in USA or Canada as here they put you in cell alone with washroom a bead on the floor and 3 meals.

 , NOT IN IRAQ…….he use to be told to pick a number from 1 to 5 as each number has different solitary confinement it is like the prize is right where you choice the door and guess the prize but here in Iraq the price is wrong and whatever you choice it will be your selection of torture.

So he said he choice number 1 they asked him why u choice 1 he said God is one so all they laugh, (( I am crying writing this remembering my dead father god bless him and how he stood and face those thugs who I want to kill them  over and over and over again , if I have my hand on them now )).

So they took him to number one it was an iron cabin good for one person so u stand in it you cannot sit or sleep there is small halls for breathing and they leave you for 30 or 40 days they give you 2 small meals and some water , take u to washroom only once a day and shower you once a week with hose like a horse.

 The man who saved him was TAHA YASEEN RAMDAN he wasn’t famous at that time but he had some connections and asks about my dad and they told him in which prison he was so he helped him to be removed to a nice prison.

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Iraqi prime minster Nori al Saeed, Pakistani prime minster, abdulelah the custodian of the king and others back in 1950

And again my dad was asked to be the new painter, portrait and calligrapher for the prison he told them he did this before and look where is landed him!!! They told him don’t worry this new government will last forever!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha, my Dad laughed , and he was laughing alone so he shut his mouth.….my dad had a doubt but had no choice just to work for them to make his life better and he was allowed to shower every day get 3 meals and go for a walk in the prison garden.

And they allowed u to see him twice a month, by now we were 3 male and 3 sisters …

My mother used to take me to prison to see my dad as other don’t like to go and I want to see my dad.

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We are allowed to visit twice a month so one time I decided to get my dad out of prison like what happen in the movie….so I took a small tiny shovel , small garden tool.. I kept them outside the prison under a tree, and then we went in to visit him , of course the guards have to check every body and even they break the cake my mom baked as they afraid if there is a gun inside as in that time they don’t have x-ray machines to inspect and, THAT’S WHY WE ARE STILL THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES. Not JUST in technology but in behavior too.

So I went with my mom and I managed to know where is my dad cell is and count the distant by feet I was only 10 years old , My dad was in chain and shekels so they release the shackles from the prisoners to sit with their families and most families cried and hugged and it was like a scene from Judge Judy TV show, it was like a drama seen from one life to live…..

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IRAQ 1891

So I left them with their tears and laughter’s and went with my plan after all I have to save my dad…I told my mom that I am going to the washroom , and then left the prison , the guard asked where is my mom I said I want to buy a cake from outside , so I went to the tree where I hid my tools and took the tools and went to the prison wall from outside ,  I measured the distant where my father where might be, and started to dig. I was so tired but happy trying to help my dad, and suddenly a guard captured me from my shirt, what are you doing digging here little boy he asked? I am going to dig a tunnel.

WHY, the guard asked?

I want to get my father out of this prison, I missed him and then we can run away, I said.

HA HA , and he laugh so loud and he said come with me don’t be afraid …

He took me to his officer and he asked me to tell him what I was doing , so I told the officers  and then all laugh so loud , and one of the officer took my tools and asked who was my  father , I told him his name after while they brought him and the officer gave him tea and cigarette and told him you have a brave son and he told him the story,  and all laughed but my dad he was looking at me…(( somebody going to get hurt )),,

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Iraq – Basra 130 years ago

He apologize to them and the officer told him it is OK he made us laugh and asked me never to do that again so they gave me cake. Wow I said CAKE ….I should dig more often so you can give me more cake . The other government gave me cake with almonds. They all laugh again, and he gave me all the cake to take home .No more digging, the officer told me.

My dad didn’t like it, and he told me never to do it again. He asked my mom to never bring me again.

Four weeks later my mom wanted to go and honest to God I saw a vision it wasn’t a dream it was like a vision of a train falling and I asked my mom not to go please the train will fall, The train is going to have an accident mom, I screamed,, It was like a scene from the twilight zone.

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Baghdad back in 1959

Thank god my mom was very superstitious and believe in me as I always had real dreams  so  in that same day that train my mom supposed to ride  fall from the track and many got injured , few dead and it was all over the news .

My dad used to tell me about TAHA YASEEN RAMADAN WHO HELPED HIM as he became the third man in Saddam time later on and he was hanged by the new Shia criminal Iraqi government who was helped by Bush and the IRANINAS. Who are backed by Iran and it was given to Iran on silver platter by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION, and of course no weapons of mass destruction was found, it was all fake news. The only weapons of mass destruction can be found in IRAN, ISRAEL, US AND OTHERS.

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IRAQ at the time of the king.

My dad was in the prison until the 1968 WHEN THE BAATH party revolutionists took over and new era enter Iraq and start new story of my father and our family. My father later died due to an infected wound in his leg that caused the blood clot that killed him, and it was a direct result of the American bombing of Baghdad where some of the so called smart bombs fall over the house close to our house, killing all the people around us and our house in Baghdad was burned and completely destroyed ,

My Parents, sisters and brothers where somehow survived, and they managed to ran to a nearby farm. Watching the house completely engorged with fire. My dad and my sisters both got hit by bombs fragments, my sister survived but my dad later died due to lack of care with the new government of thugs and corrupt regime that took over Iraq by the help of USA, UK, FRANCE AND KUWAIT.

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Abdul Rahman Aref Iraqi president who ran to Turkey after the Baath Nationalist took over

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When I was in Grade 7 with my young brother and friends

My father managed to call me 2 days before he died like he was knowing this is his last few days, and he knew he was going to die , he told me he felt that it was his last month! God bless you my father and may God crush those thugs, corrupt, thieves, murderers, communists, fanatics, and the puppet government in Iraq that controlled by Iran and other puppeteers. May God bless your soul dad.

The end of part one.

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