The skinny horse rider at the cemetery

This is a real incidents that had happened to me. One nice summer night, early in July 1975, in Baghdad City, Iraq, I left my work at Al Yarmook Hospital as I was working the second shift until 12 midnight. As I kept walking and every now and then, I turned to see if the city bus was on the road, but there was not, so I decided to walk home.

Then I took a short cut that lead to my place in a short time of 30 minutes, but it went through a grave yard with palm trees all over that area. At that time there was execution of some spies in Baghdad and they brought the bodies to the hospital for final medical report from the coroner. The bodies were laid at the morgue. So I was already freaked out by those bodies with their covered head as they were all hanged by the neck.

My walking path led me to the old cemetery so I kept walking until I reached within site of the graveyard. The weather had warmed up during the night. It was a dark night with beautiful moon, and the only light came from it with few old street lights along the grave. Sound of owls can be heard from not too far distance. I was nervous about passing the graveyard, remembering the rumors of a grave yard ghouls that I have heard from many friends. I stumbled along, humming and reading passages from the holy book and some prayers to keep up my courage.

Suddenly, I heard a sound of walking horse that caught my attention, a very thin man was riding a a very thin horse almost like skeleton. Every time I moved the horse will moved and followed me and when I stopped the sound will stop too.

When I turned my face to see the horse and the rider they were like skeletons, they really scared me and I was so terrified as by now I was in the middle of the cemetery and could not go back. I had to keep moving forward to reach my house .

My heart was pounding in fear and the horse man was following me slowly, I get nervous and upset, I turned quickly and screamed as loud as I could asking why are you following me here, but I could not see the man or the horse, they just vanished from my sight. In my thoughts there was no ways to hide at all as he was in a way from the tree lines and in the cemetery. I recalled the time how I ran as fast as I could to get out of that place.

When I ran I dropped a small book I used to carry so I left it behind hoping that I will get it in the morning when the sun shine and many visitors were around. When I arrived home I told my mother about what had happened to me and she told me not to cross at night alone at that cemetery any more. In a few days later we heard the news that one person from those people who were executed at the hospital was buried in that spot where I dropped my book. My book was found around the corner area of the cemetery. When I retrieved my book from the graveyard care taker, he told me who was buried in that area.

Steve Ramsey. Okotoks   


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