We call our Earth as mother Earth, now our mother Earth is becoming a mummy. Destroying humans, as we destroyed earth daily in senseless act from polluting the ocean floors and seas, tot eh fracking and looking for oil and minerals, to air and water pollution, killing the animals in the name of sport and hunting, fish and wheal are dying by the thousands due to sound and noise pollution, China and other countries paying cash for African poachers to kill elephants rhino and many endanger animal to use them for food and aphrodisiac , while the sick corrupt government in Africa is turning a blind eye and sitting taken out tax money our hard earn cash in the name of humanitarian donation everyday ,with nothing to show in return . 

Earth is like a human body. It has 70% of water, 30% of mass. It’s very well organized, structured and balanced, just like us as we all creation of one GOD. God created everything from water and water with sand ( mud/ clay). so we are part earth and part water .

100,000’s of years back human had very good health, people were very stable in physical and mental health. People consumed food that was familiar and compatible to the body. All the organs in human body functioned normally. People were very happy, healthy and peaceful. No can food, No genetic engineered food ,no hormones pumped animal meet.

Now people have lost the stability in physical and mental health. Reason people consuming unhealthy physical and mental food, Creating lot of indigestion in the body and mind. All the organs in the body function in random and unpredictable way. With this instability people are losing health, peace and happiness.

How about our Mother Earth?

Earth was very well organized, structured, and balanced with right amounts of organisms, nature, river, mountains and oceans. It was having all the seasons as expected and things were moving smoothly and softly. Nature was giving timely rain, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and food chain was working in a fantastic way.

Now with our technological advancement we have destroyed mountains, constructed mega structures, built reservoirs, destroyed forest, deeply digger mines, mega cities, and many more. Millions of fish  like salmon are dead and took with them lots of bear populations and other animal, the amazon forest have been burning and destroyed to build houses . We  have disturbed the balance of Earth, destroyed food chain, moved mass from one place to other. With these unscientific operations, we  have imbalanced natural process. So, effect is; Earthquake, Tsunami, Storms, Tornado, higher temperatures, freezing temperatures, and so on is an effect of rebalancing of Earth, Earth don’t know who is human, who is animal, who is insect, and so on. Earth work on Charles Darwin formula “struggle for existence” to keep herself alive, it can kill millions in one shot.

Earth once talked to God , she answered him so she feels the pain and suffering in driftnet way and she will destroy human with natural disasters and keep us in balance , disease ,famine, viruses and all other side effect of sick human behavior will return to haunt us and kill us. Like alcohol, drugs and smoking that killed millions.  

Mother Earth has given a lot to the human being, these humans have no gratitude towards mother earth, so mother has turned into a mummy, a beast , now she is hunting humans like a real hungry beast.

I think Mother Earth is right, and she has no option to keep herself alive. Because of unscientific development and constructions, earth may lose connections with Sun’s gravity, so it is trying best to keep in the orbit of Sun. It loses line of electromagnetic and effect its core and the atmosphere. The snow and ice shelf are melting in alarming level. France , Evil China, Russia , usa and other countries conducted hundreds of under sea and ocean nuclear testing killing billions of sea creatures and in the deserts 

Imagine what if I cut your kidneys, liver, heart, eyes, lungs, and nerves. Replacing and fixing into your body in different places, how you behave? Normal or abnormal? You are right you behave abnormally, similarly your mega structures, building, dams, mining, disturbed Earth’s natural moments. So that is why mother turned out as a beast. She is creating all-natural disasters. All disasters of earth are just a reengineering process of Mother earth to keep herself alive, to rearrange itself and to stay in balance .

 Earth is opening here, is it because of load we are creating on middle East or North America with huge building and mega structures. in some part of the world and taken from other part of the world ,stealing and digging from Africa and Latin America. Soon you will see that UAE, Dubai and all that region will collapse and nothing will help them it is only matter of time until all the area of the gulf states will be under sea level and earthquakes will destroy everything all the way to USA.

Similarly, many drastic changes are undergoing in the mother earth’s womb. It’s creating smaller beats  in the name of Tsunami, Tornado, Storms, Earth Quick, Floods, and so on.

More you build, more you advance your technology, more disturbance you are creating to the mother Earth. More you disturb, more she destroys.

You are cutting millions of trees each day  to build doors, houses and desks . Mother Earth will  kills thousands of lives in a day in a different way, it is a revenged in balance .

No great research and no great efforts are required, just a common sense is enough to understand mother earth, earth  is like our body has same amount of water, same amount of mass, and well  built structures, you just need to take care like your body to get the glory of early days of happy, healthy and peaceful life. You start living simple life, grow trees, shrubs and flowers, help the bees , birds and other animal that helping with pollination, reduce your useless garbage , and act stand up against water pollution everywhere , stop those who eat filth and rodents, rats, snakes, scorpion, bats in China and eat all bush animals that cause Ebola virus and now China virus , this have to stop , this sick filthy behavior  must stop, because it is killing us and our families , destroying our economy , this China virus is man made by using filth and eating filth .stop useless technical advancements, stop usless  mega constructions, stop mass re-org’s, this will take care of Mother earth. 

Remember, Earth is not only for human beings there are millions of other organism’s and animals who lived millions of years before us dependents of this great holy mother earth, show gratitude towards your mother earth, she will secure your life like a real mother. Human are 8 billions now 6 billions of them are usless , that’s why government trying to reduce population by  getting rid of us with Viruses , fake vaccine, and brainwash methods.

Steve Ramsey, PhD- Public Health. Natural health consultant , MSc medical ultrasound

BSC physics and diagnostic imaging, Diploma radiology and sonography, Researcher, blogger and published many

\scientific articles and  mad so presentations in South Korea, Japan, Brunei, Middleast, Italy, UK, South Africa

Canada and the USA.



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