The miracle of Christmas.

The miracle of Christmas.
My cat smokey is 13 years old  long hair domestic with some Persian in it. I found  him in north Alberta where I used to work
in High level, under the stairs front of the house. when he was 5 weeks old .
his mother was dead so I took him and his brother was beside him was given to a friend .
I Fed him special cat milk with dropper and took him to the vet for more care  until he was strong and walking .
Smokey become best friend he does fetch like a dog and was healthy and strong. He moved with me from North Alberta and went
with me for trips to Saskatoon, Vancouver, the Netherlands, and Dubai  ,I couldn’t leave him behind. he developed insulin dependence diabetes 3 years ago.
So the vet told us that they can Euthanize  him and kill him!!  I refused and for the last 4 years he was perfect ,I give him one 
insulin injection every 12 hours , and I check his blood level weekly just like human do the graph for him and send him to the vet 3 times a year.
Last month he fell l ill  start losing weight and his breath was distressed, so I took him to the vet again and they told me that he has few days to live and 
the best thing is to kill him ( Euthanize him , as they said ), as his heart is failing and he has fluid in his lungs and around his heart .
I couldn’t let him go that easy , Smokey is a survivor sweet heart and an amazing cat. So I asked for any other option they told me to take him to the vet hospital  which I did , they done cardio ultrasound , an X-ray and check up for him then they managed to pull all the fluid out and give him feeding by tube and multiple medications .
 He passed the few days danger zone and we got him back just for Christmas after long prayers and tears on Christmas eve God listen , and Smokey wake up and started to drink water and eats and wake me up on Christmas day. I give him 4 kind of medications  each day and in this Christmas day he wake up and started to  move around the house drinking water eat his favorite food , and wake me up as he used to do he took his routine back as the guardian of the house , going around and about checking his corners, I thought he will die before Christmas.
He has 2 female cat friends 4 years younger than him ( his girlfriends) , I wonder may be it was  too much love  that did this too him( just kidding). his girls are Mahera an american white tabby , and Ashley a long her mix .
I went to sleep on Christmas eve after I gave him his medication and he wake me up early Christmas morning I thought he will die in his sleep.
This is the best Christmas gift I ever got . 
Now I take it day by day do my best for him as I always do and cherish the time we had and will have together.
When the time come and the lord take him is just part of this life cycle but when he leaves I know that I did everything that I can to help him out the hospital bill alone cost me 7000 dollars plus other vet visits more than 1000 . So please make sure to check your pet with the vet early let them do the lab and X-ray if they asked you dont play cheep as an early diagnosis will save you lots of money and headache and give  your pet an opportunity to live longer.
Steve Ramsey

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