The Holy Grail


DaVinci's Last Supper
Holy Grail at the Last Supper (Fg. 2-2)

The cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, the sacred Holy Grail is arguably the most sought after religious artifact next to the Ark of the Covenant. Legends of the ancient Grail’s existence have been steadily fueled over the centuries by ongoing quests to locate it. Some have even speculated the term Holy Grail was really a metaphor and doesn’t refer to a physical object. Still, many have searched in hope they may have a chance to hold the most divine of sacred relics. Popular theories base the Grail’s whereabouts to be secretive, passed down from generation to generation, changing hands only when the time is necessary.

Officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church, The Knights Templar have long been suspected of knowing where the Holy Grail is kept. Rumors have placed the Knights in key locations during the Crusades with individuals claiming to have witnessed Templar digging and searching for holy relics while they occupied the Temple Mount. These mysteries have long tied the Templar to relics like the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, and the shroud of Turin. Theories suggest that when the Holy Land was lost, many Templar faced persecution and several went into hiding along with the these sacred relics, they claimed to be protecting. It’s believed the Order’s efforts to keep the relics a secret were very extensive, to the point of using cryptic messages in communication and elaborately constructed buildings to hide them in. Many stories about the quest for the sacred chalice often involve decoding signs and messages left behind by the Knights Templar.

Where is the Holy Grail?

Prominent mysterious constructions such as Rosslyn Chapel and Oak Island are believed to be secretly housing the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant. Even though either location would indeed make an excellent hiding place, conclusive historical evidence is lacking to place either relic to those locations. Then again, many relics and valuable items have been buried for protection in the past and it is not out of the question to think those hiding the Holy Grail would have worked extra diligently to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. From time to time certain individuals claim to either hold or know where the holy grail is yet they’re unable to provide proof to their claim. Small ointment vessels recovered from ancient religious sites are sometimes mistaken as the grail and usually don’t resemble the power, mystique, or presence the Holy Grail is normally tied to – As that of shimmering gold perhaps with jeweled inlays and intricate designs fit to carry the wine and blood of the holy son. Perhaps otherwise, artistic representations of the grail are instead false to display a fine polished metal chalice as a vessel surrounded by ethereal light; If it were nothing more than a hand-carved ointment jar toasted at the last supper.



Psychics and Superstition

Estruscan Mirror
Estruscan Mirror

The belief of a broken mirror resulting in seven years of bad luck is most likely one of the most well known superstitions in the world. Just hearing the phrase makes anyone take a little extra care while moving and hanging mirrors. For many thousands of years people relied on highly polished metals as a reflective surface which held multiple purposes in daily life such as applying makeup, redirecting light, or even starting fires by focusing light into a fine point.

When the Romans created glass mirrors with a thin metal backing which are easier to shatter, mirror superstitions really went into overdrive. Cultures during the period considered any images seen in mirrors otherworldly and believed those images represented souls captured in another realm or dimension like the Estruscan mirror for example. If the mirror broke while someone was looking into it, the soul became trapped in many pieces, requiring either every single piece of the mirror to be ground into a fine dust or face seven years of bad luck while allowing the soul to mend.

A soul is a direct reflection of who a person is; It’s the light within and an energy binding life to their existence. What’s very interesting about mirrors and bad luck stories is how believers refer to the soul becoming trapped inside another realm or dimension, almost alluding to a specific method for interacting or communicating with an alternate dimension. If it’s true, that a broken mirror with a captured soul really does affect its reflective world physically, then it makes sense to have some sort of existing dimensional connection in order this to happen.

Broken mirrors are one well known superstition and there are many others. In fact, a good percentage of people around the world subject themselves to superstitions on a regular basis. This is the result of a conditioned response though subtle and probably without a second thought at the time. For example, if a sequence of desired events or outcomes unfold consistently and coincidental to a behavioral habit, the brain response may wire itself for the association. In a real world scenario, suppose a person tells themselves a traffic light will turn green if they tap lightly on the right side of the steering wheel three times while slowing down for the red and the light turns green, this may invoke a conditioned belief should it repeat many times. In a way this is much similar to Pavlov’s law of temporal contiguity.

Another well-known superstition, Friday the 13th, is actually the result of a traumatic event in the 14th century. Under the reign of King Philip IV, the Knights Templar organization faced ostracization for refusing to contribute more wealth to the king’s debts. Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques Molay, was arrested and put to death on Friday the 13th of October, referred to as sion 1307 today. Philip’s actions and persecution of the Templar proceeded to take place when the calendar lined up with a 13 on Friday. For many years the association transformed the date occurrence with bad luck to be a Knights Templar on that day.

Similar to behavioral responses, superstitions could manifest in similar ways, and suggest a great force beyond the known realm is at work. Consider a larger situation where many thousands or millions of people share in a common behavioral response condition then the context of that condition may easily become part of folklore and legend. Like a black cat crossing someone’s path or walking under a ladder resulting in a string of unfortunate bad luck, the association is made, and a conditioned response results if it happens one too many times.

Consider those types of conditioned responses in relation to psychic ability. Some clairvoyants adapt seamlessly to idiosyncrasies and are able to use high probability outcomes to facilitate their trade. Looking at it this way demonstrates how psychics could leverage predictive human behavior in fortune telling and foreseeing future events. When the medium is able to establish an association between a person’s behavioral habits and a series of events, they may be able to convince the person of their future as the pattern continues. The further thought here is that maybe it’s possible the orchestration of fortune telling actually creates coincidental context well enough a person subconsciously fulfills the prophecy as a matter of conditioned response.

Apparitions of Positive Change

Henry Fuseli Aragon
Henry Fuseli Aragon (Fg. 5-30)

There are people who truly believe they have lived past lives and maybe physics provides a practical answer in the same light. It’s here, in the place where belief systems turn to suggest our spirit or soul lives on with an afterlife, sometimes manifesting in the physical realm for specific reasons that sometimes we might not fully understand. Moreover, these manifestations are practically always associated with significant events and/or specific emotional stress. The term ‘haunting’ is synonymous with ghostly apparitions as malevolent beings who may have met tragic ends or endured a life of trauma. Psychic mediums attest certain spirits may act in this fashion in a means to resolve unfinished business in a previous life, to avenge those who brought the spirits harm in the first place, and fortunately not all ghosts come across in this manor.

Some apparitions said to bring about positive change, who warn of imminent danger, and attempt to protect loved ones who still walk the Earth. It’s acceptable to say, with the possibility of spirits being our lives after death, these actions adhere to a similar code of conduct people carry out on a regular basis during life; So long as interpretations of ghostly beings and their motives aren’t imposed subliminally as an extension of human psyche.

Beliefs of some people may say nothing exists after life and once we die, it’s the end to everything, even so bold to say we do nothing more than fill space in the meantime. In a way this is an unfortunate outlook on life, to say we essentially live our life for a period of time and then disappear forever without a trace beyond the dust our bodies have left behind. Consciousness and emotions hint to us constantly, they’re trying to tell us there is more to life. Science continuously needs to correct its theories simply because new ideas and concepts of life are always being discovered. Every time one question is answered, thousands follow. Our existence is deeper than black holes are mysterious and there’s no telling how capable we might be as an advanced civilization even hundreds of years from now. Cultures around the world have believed in extraordinary ability, in the possibility of life existing elsewhere in the cosmos, that there is more meaning to life than what meets the eye.


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