Borley Rectory; The Most Haunted House in the World


Built in ESSEX England in 1862, the Borley Rectory has risen to the top of the list for paranormal phenomena and was the most haunted house in England.

Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull ignored warnings from the locals that the 4-acres of land was already haunted, he had a rectory built for him and his family; a gothic-style red brick building with two stories.

As soon as the Reverend and his family moved into the newly constructed house, the ghostly happenings began. Starting with unexplained footsteps that would followed family members both inside and outside the property.

A common ghost of Borley Rectory that was sighted was said to be that of a nun, allegedly linked to the 12th century Church on the grounds. She was seen so regularly that one area of the ground was named ‘The Nun’s Walk’.

Borley Rectory; The Most Haunted House in the World

Another terrifying ghost that became infamously linked to the legend of the rectory was the two headless spirits that pulled a large black coach with the help of four black horses; repeatedly riding past Borley Rectory and vanishing into thin air.

May 2, 1892; the Reverend died in the ‘Blue Room’, succeeded by his Reverend son, Henry Foyster Bull, known most commonly as Harry. The Nun’s ghosts was seen far more frequently and on June 9, 1927, like his father, Harry died in the Blue Room, but his ghost was sighted numerous times.

After standing vacant for several months, Reverend Guy Eric Smith moved in with his family. His wife discovered a mysterious brown paper package whilst clearing out the cupboards, what was inside horrified them.


They discovered a skull in the package and at that point, the paranormal occurrences dramatically increased. In 1929, the family contacted the DAILY MIRROR to help them find someone who could help. Paranormal researcher Harry Price ↗️, who wrote two books supporting claims of paranormal activity, went to investigate.

Harry Price was famous for debunking paranormal phenomena, psychic mediums and spirit photographers, but as soon as he arrived, he knew he was in deep water.

Stones and objects came flying out of nowhere, pebbles hit the house and rolled down the stairs, and spirit messages were tapped on the mirror in the Blue Room.

Several articles were written about the hauntings and ghosts of Borley Rectory, followed by a swift departure of the family on July 14, 1929.

Borley Rectory; The Most Haunted House in the World

Borley Rectory stood empty until October 1930 when the cousin of the Bulls, Reverend Lionel Algernon Foyster and his family moved in. They experiences the same unexplained paranormal phenomena, but things escalated from there.

The increasing violent poltergeist ripped the Reverend’s wife, Marianne, out of bed one night and was slapped and had objects thrown at her. Further more, windows were smashed, heavy furniture was overturned and fires would started unexplainably as well as doors locking and unlocking. Writing would also appear on the walls for a short time and then disappear.

Harry Price once again visited the house after two unsuccessful exorcisms on the Borley Rectory and reported many more occurrences including two bottles of wine he had purchased turning to ink and perfume respectively.

October 1935; Five years after moving in, the family left the haunted Borley Rectory.

Church officials decided the house would no longer be used as a rectory and for two years it stood vacant until Harry Price convinced the owners to rent it to him for a year in order to conduct in-depth investigations into the unexplained phenomena.

March 27, 1938; Price claimed to have contacted two spirits during his time there, a Catholic Nun from FRANCE and a spirit claiming to be Sunex Amures, stating; the house would burn to the ground that night at nine o’clock and the bones of a murder victim would reveal themselves.

December, 1938; Captain William Hart Gregson purchased the haunted Borley Rectory and experienced similar paranormal activity for nearly a year that he was living there.

February 27, 1939; Captain William Hart Gregson and accidentally knocked over an oil lantern which burned the entire house down. This was 11 months to the day after the mysterious Sunex Amures claimed the house would burned down.

In 1943, Harry Price returned to the ruins of Borley Rectory once more to excavate the cellar and tunnels under the property. He found two bones including the jawbone of a woman. There were also two photos taken during the demolition of the burned building. One with a brick floating in mid-air and another of a figure walking among the tombstones.

Borley Rectory; The Most Haunted House in the World

The activity decreased after the rectory’s demolition and was said to be focused more in Church and the graveyard on the grounds.

The Nun has been sighted numerous times in the graveyard and the sound of organ music can be heard playing. The Church and graveyard are still investigated by paranormal researchers to this day.

Borley Rectory; The Most Haunted House in the World

 the Borley Rectory the most haunted house in the world before its demolition. It’s been investigated time and time again, even by people who try and debunk the phenomena, but there is not a single logical explanation for the paranormal occurrences.

Even up against houses like 30 EAST DRIVE and THE ENFIELD HOUSE , Borley Rectory certainly has to be considered superior when it comes to ghosts, spirits and unexplained paranormal phenomena. Not to mention that the Enfield Poltergeist was somewhat admitted to be a hoax.


Height 611 UFO Crash in Russia

On January 29, 1986, at 8pm at night, reports came in of a UFO crash in Russia. It happened in the region of Mount Izvestkovaya, also known as Height 611, which is located in Dalnegorsk of the  SOVIET UNION .

Reports stated that a reddish ball was noticed flying parallel to the ground and managed to do so with complete silence. The unidentified flying object was calculated to be traveling at 15m/s or 34mph, above 750 meters above the ground.

Upon reaching Height 611, the UFO crashed into the hill of Mount Izvestkovaya. One witness claimed there was a sound at the moment of impact, but all other witnesses agreed there was no sound during the UFO crash in Russia.

Eye witnesses described the UFO crash in Russia slightly differently, but all lead to the same outcome. Some say the unidentified flying object fell down with a flash of light and disappeared after that. Others claim that the UFO was emitting light that looked like a forest fire which lasted approximately an hour.

Upon later inspecting the crash site, rocks were found to have silvery metal, which was later determined to be lead, a different kind of lead to that typically found at Height 611.

There was also black, glassy, drop-shaped beads and mesh fragments found, which sounds an awful lot like the description Jim Penniston gave about the material THE RENDLESHAM FOREST UFO was constructed of in 1980, though at the UFO crash in Russia, there was normal levels of RADIATION.

Artist rendition

Pictures of the site were taken, but when the film was later developed, the came out blank. We assume the UFO that crashed either disappeared of flew off.

Nearly two years in November 1987, after the Height 611 UFO crash in Russia, there were similar flying balls reported over the territory of Dalnegorsky, OLGINSKY, and TERNASKY DISTRICT  of Primorsky Krai.

One of the 1987 UFOs were reported to be illuminating the peak on the hill where the UFO has crashed in 1986.

The description of these red flying balls matched the description of the UFO that crashed on Height 611 the year before. Another final UFO sighting came in two years later in 1989 when a UFO landed on Height 611.

There are many theories being thrown around about the events and what truly happened that day. Could it have been an advanced civilization that crashed and camouflaged themselves until cavalry arrived to escort them or was it just caused by weather, electronics, a secret military test or a natural phenomena?

Miracle of the Sun; 1917 UFO Case

1917 Miracle of the Sun UFO

Reaching back through history, the world has witnessed unexplained cases of mysteries such as BASEL UFO CASE  in 1566 when strange shapes were seen in the sky above BASEL and the sun took a different shape and color. In 1917, a miracle of the sun was reported to have occurred, where thousands of people gathered to witness the extraordinary solar activity.

According to historical records, three children were tending a flock of sheep outside the tiny village of FATIMA PORTUGAL, when they first saw an angel. He appeared to them, shining like a crystal and gave them a prophecy that the VIRGIN MARY  referred to as OUR ;LADY OF FATIMA,  would appear and perform miracles on October, that same year. In response to the prophecy recounted by three shepherd children, Lúcia Santos and Francisco and Jacinta Marto, on that day, Oct. 13, 1917, the crowd of believers had swelled to 70,000.

Miracle of the Sun; 1917 UFO Case

Prior to that time, as WORLD WAR 1 Lagged in Europe, the angel showed himself two more times to the children. But they told no one what they had seen. At about 2 p.m., some began to see what later became known in the Catholic Church as “the Miracle of the Sun.”

The rains that had plagued the day ceased, and the sun emerged from behind clouds, appearing to dance or zig-zag in the sky, tilting towards the Earth, emitting multicolored light and radiant colors. According to these reports, the event lasted approximately ten minutes. Onlookers from as far as 25 miles away noted the strange phenomena in the sky.

Scientists put forth reasons for what had happened, stating that the witnesses perhaps had stared at the sun too long or it was a combination of optical effects and a real meteorological shift caused by the weather and the cloud cover.

However, after carrying out an investigation to assess whether the alleged revelation was compatible with Catholic theology, Bishop José da Silva, on 13 October 1930, declared the miracle worthy of belief. By then Jacinta and Francisco Marto had both died of the Spanish flu, which had hit Fatima shortly after the visions.

There has been much analysis of the event from critical sociological and scientific perspectives. According to critics, the eyewitness testimonies were actually a collection of inconsistent and contradictory accounts. Whether the sightings are the result of a miracle or a mundane psychological process, they are welcomed by the faithful.

The Harbour Mile UFO Incident (2010) Canada


Canada’s Harbour Mile UFO

As with many UFO sightings, there has been much debate over what the Harbour Mile UFO was and with authorities changing their story, it’s no wonder its a mystery.

The Harbour Mile UFO incident was reported on January 25, 2010 and was a sighting of multiple unidentified flying objects over the skies of NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR , Canada.

There were at least three unidentified flying objects spotted by witnesses. They were claimed to have flown through the air a few minutes apart and they were silent, something that seems to be recurring with UFO sightings, suggesting that the object that shot through the sky didn’t have a chemical propulsion system.

The Harbour Mile UFO Incident (2010) Canada

A local witness did manage to capture a photograph of one of the UFOs, which showed that it actually resembled a missile, due to the fire coming out the back. According to witnesses, the UFOs appeared to come straight out the Atlantic Ocean.  

Unlike the BELGIUM WAVE UFO and the PHOENIX LIGHT , there was only a single picture captured due to only a few witnesses and it being in a rural area.

The further the mystery of the Harbour Mile UFO incident, RCMP  released a statement after the incident, claiming that the reports were due to a missile launch, but that statement was later retracted and the OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER  stated that the UFOs weren’t missiles.

The Harbour Mile UFO Incident (2010) Canada

Some of the local residents were told by investigating police that the Harbour Mile UFOs were test missiles that were launched from nearby French ISLANDS OF ST PIERRE AND MIQUELON .

Canadian authorities initiated an investigation in the following days into the Harbour Mile UFO incident. Though police that ‘something’ was in the skies that night, and retracting their statement of it being a missile, the flying objects are still unidentified to the public.

It’s unclear whether Canadian police have discovered the truth of the flying objects, but any discovery from their investigation has not been revealed, suggesting it was military related and they spoke to soon about missile or black projects.

The Department of National Defence gave investigating police some information, though it’s up to the police department whether or not they want to release that information publicly.  

The FRENCH MINISTRY OF DEFENCE stated that they fired a missile on January 27, 2010, two days after the Harbour Mile UFO sightings. The missile was launched from the BAY OF AUDIENCE , France.

The following day on January 28, 2010, the Office of the Prime Minister stated there was no evidence of missiles fired at the time of the UFO sightings.

A spokesman for the Canadian Forces said they had not conducted any missile exercises nearby Harbour Mille, making this case an unsolved mystery and still unidentified flying objects.

Steve Ramsey, Okotoks – AB, Canada

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