The Healing Power of Sound-Part 1

The Healing Power of Sound-Part 1

The Healing Power of Sound-Part 1

Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound.RMSKS.

Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health.  

Researcher in the mystic, psychology, and the miracle of science in the holy Quran.

The Healing Power of Sound, ultra and infrasound

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It is a multi-billion dollars industry that deal with all kinds of healing energy, prayers,

sound, heat, light, and many other diagnostic and therapeutic energies.

with millions of books, CD, DVD, you tube, lectures around the world.

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I use certain sound vibrations and sound of some verses from the Quran in the cleansing of

spirits, and this is a different topic that I will talk about in near future.

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Ultrasound can be used not just for diagnostic imaging, lithotripsy, and physiotherapy,

but there are many other uses such as industrial use, archeology, and in submarines.

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Some animals and mammals communicate by using ultrasound, and some fish

using it to stun other fish and eat them, while dolphin and bats use it to locate

direction and detect the prescience of obstacles and food. Some using it to heel and heel other creatures.

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There is now a mass of research into the healing benefits of ultrasound,

including its use in breaking up kidney stones and even shrinking tumors.

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In addition, infrasound and audible sound are now recognized as having immense healing properties.

The Babylonian and Assyrians empires in Iraq, Tibetans, Indians, and the Aboriginal people

of Australia are among many cultures that used sound for prayers and healing.

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Infrasound is also used for animal communications and allowing animal to predict natural

disaster way ahead in time before the disaster struck.

They also uses low frequency to comfort each other. While human use the infra and ultrasound it in wars.

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I witnessed back in 1974 in Baghdad Iraq a patient with semi coma in hospital bed

awakened by a man who was playing the wooden flute with such beautiful and amazing tone that made him cry.  

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Sound meditation is a form of focused awareness type of meditation. One kind that has

become more popular is called “sound baths,” which uses Tibetan singing bowls,

quartz bowls, and bells to guide the listener.

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These practices highlight themes of how the experience of sound manifests not

only through hearing but through tactile physical vibrations and frequencies.

Science is still catching up to understanding how sound heals, but the current research

is promising. A review of 400 published scientific articles on music as medicine found

strong evidence that music has mental and physical health benefits in improving

mood and reducing stress . In fact, rhythm in particular (over melody) can provide physical pain relief.

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One study, published in the Journal of Evidence-Based integrative medicine  

found that an hour-long sound meditation helped people reduce tension, anger, 

fatigue, anxiety, and depression.  while increasing a sense of spiritual well-being.

The sound meditation used a range of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls,

gongs, Ting-Shas (tiny cymbals), dorges (bells), didgeridoos, and other small bells.

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The main instrument used was the singing bowls for 95% of the session.

People who had never done sound meditation experienced significantly

less tension and anxiety afterward, as well as those who had done it before.

There are many different theories that attempt to explain why sound

experiences can be linked with deep relaxation and physical pain relief.

One theory is that sound works through the vibrational tactile effects

on the whole body. Sound could stimulate touch fibers that affect pain perception.

One study. Of people with fibromyalgia found that ten treatments

(twice per week for five weeks) of low-frequency sound stimulation improved sleep

and decreased pain, allowing nearly three-fourths of participants to reduce pain medication. 

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Another theory on the benefits of sound rests on the concept of binaural beats or

 “brain entrainment” which hypothesizes that listening to certain frequencies

can synchronize and change one’s brainwaves.

Electrical activity in the brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves, or rhythmic,

repetitive frequencies. These rhythms can be measured using a device called electroencephalogram (EEG).

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There are four categories of brainwaves, which range from frequencies that occur

during the most activity (beta) to the least activity (delta). Different states of

alertness and consciousness in different parts of the brain generate varying frequencies of brainwaves. 

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Beta waves are the fastest type of brainwave and occur when the brain is active and engaged mentally.

Alpha waves occur when the brain is in a state of non-arousal, such as

when a person has finished a task and is resting or when one meditates.

Theta brainwaves are associated with daydreaming and rapid eye movement (REM)

dreaming phase of sleep. Theta brainwaves occur when you are in a state like driving

on the freeway or are running for a long time. This kind of state often is associated

with times when ideas and creativity flow.

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Delta brainwaves are the slowest and associated with deep dreamless sleep.

The premise of binaural beats is that the brain synchronizes its brainwave frequency

to the difference in hertz between tones played in each ear, which, depending on the frequency,

can lead one to states of deep relaxation associated with beta waves or

meditative trance-like theta waves.

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cats uses sound to heel your stress

The repetition of the sound penetrates deep into the psyche and can calm the mind

or boost energy levels. Different sounds can be directed to specific areas of the body

to boost wellbeing. Sound has tremendous power.

The ancients understood that a simple sound could reorganize the body’s structure.

As We can utilize the use of sound for healing in our overwhelming situation

of mental illness and psychological problems in this century.

Sound-based vibration treatment has been shown to help people with pain from arthritis,

menstrual pain, postoperative pain, knee replacement pain.

Sound-based treatment has even been found to improve mobility,

reduce muscle pain and stiffness, increase blood circulation, and lower blood pressure.

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Every creature have the ability to heel others

Researchers are still trying to determine the mechanism of the healing benefits of sound,

but sound in the form of vibrational therapy. or meditation offers potential therapeutic

benefits with low to minimal side effects. Atoui’s piece shows us the joy of being in

the active presence of sound, perceived in its full totality, visually, tactilely, and acoustically.

The human head and face is made up of 29 bones. The smallest bones in your body

can be found in your head – specifically, in your ears. All these bones can help us hear.

Sound came 29 times in the holy Quran, and 29 times in the bible.

(SAWT-SOUND), not including other forms of sound

IN numerology number 29 mean sound judgments.

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The 29th sultan of Brunei, his majesty Hassanal bolqya Moez-aldeen wal dawla
.I had the honor to work with his medical centre back in 1994-1999.

IF you write in Arabic words the sultan Hasan Omar ali saifaldeen bolqya you will

get 29 letters, he is the 29th sultan of Brunei.

The Bshnois community follows 29 principles. Guru jambheshwar   had laid down.

29 principles to be followed by the sect in 1485 A.D. In Hindi, Bish means.

20 and noi means 9; thus, Bishnoi translates as Twenty-Niners.

The numbers of surah / chapters in the Holy Quran that begin with letters, called Mquttaat are 29 letters.

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The living light of God that created all other energies including sound.

Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu (from Latin: cuprum)

and atomic number 29. It is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very

high thermal and electrical conductivity. A freshly exposed surface of pure copper

has a pinkish-orange color. Copper is used as a conductor of heat and electricity.

It is also used to prevent demons and bad entities to enter the temple of Suleiman.

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Verse 29 in the holly quran about the creation.

The lunar month is very close to twenty-nine days.

Saturn requires over 29 years orbiting the Sun.

The number of days in February has in leap years 29.  2

9 the number of letters in the Turkish, Finnish, Sweden, Danish, and Norwegian alphabets.  

But, the sound by which all things are created isn’t just any sound. It’s the Word of God.

In the Bible John wrote, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.” Interestingly, in the ancient Vedas we read,

“In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word, and the Word is Brahman.” 

The Brahman is very close to the ARABIC word of the RAHMAN, one of God 99 blessed names.

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Aya 29 chapter 2, God talked about the creation. [Quran 2:29] It is He who

created for you all of that which is on the earth. Then He directed Himself to the heaven,

[His being above all creation], and made them seven heavens, and He is Knowing of all things.

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BIBLE; Deuteronomy 29:29

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us

and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.

Many believe the world is a reflection of infinite combinations of sound patterns.

They say that all things, from the biggest star to the smallest flower and even animal

and human are coagulations not only by sand and water (clay) ,but by sound waves

, and frequencies came from the creator GOD who spoke the words, let it be and

everything become from that sound and the vibration from The living light , we call GOD.

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On a cosmic scale, there may be evidence that sound has left its imprint on the galaxies.

Some scientists argue that the galaxies are not arranged at random but in

a regular pattern of clusters. Now researchers are suggesting that it was primordial

sound waves that helped create this pattern of clusters.

In the field of cymatics, Prof. Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist, found that sound waves

passed through various kinds of malleable matter, such as paste and sand,

caused the formation of geometric patterns.

Following Jenny’s lead, photographer Alexander Lauterwasser photographed

the patterns on the surface of water set into motion by the sound of pure sine waves,

vocal music and music by Beethoven. Looking at these patterns,

we can begin to imagine how creation by sound might occur.

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The more one studies these things, the more one realizes that sound is the creative principle.

It must be regarded as primordial. No single phenomenal category can be

claimed as the aboriginal principle. We cannot say, in the beginning was number,

or in the beginning was symmetry, etc.

These are categorical properties which are implicit in what brings forth

and what is brought forth. By using them in description we approach the heart of the matter.

They are not themselves the creative power. This power is inherent in tone, in sound.  

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healing with water, fire, wind and earth.

We can harness that sound force for positive change.

The mystics of East and West have connected with the power of creation

by repeating spoken words, verses and the names of God.

Many people are discovering that if they use the energy of sound properly,

they can create positive change in every area of life.

Thank you for reading.

Steve Ramsey, PhD. Researcher in the mystic, psychology,

and the miracle of science in the holy Quran.

Please share so other can benefit. 

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By Dr.Steve Ramsey,PhD

Greeting from Calgary, Alberta - Canada. My name is Saad Al-Hashimi. Known as Steve Ramsey PhD, I am the founder and the director of the Paranormal zone- Haunting Dimensions. That deals with an investigation, debunking, and healing/cleansing since 1986. Having had many unexplainable experiences from a young age at a possible "haunted" house where plenty of things seemed to happen that I couldn’t explain, since that time and I am looking and searching for an answer. After continuing to have many experiences that I just cannot explain, I have since become a firm believer that GHOSTS do exist. I continued for a short while as a member of a few other paranormal groups until I was very fortunate to become involved with a local fast growing organization where I felt very comfortable to start my own paranormal investigation. My best experience has been Indio California, Okotoks Alberta, Baghdad city , and many other places in Greece and North Canada. (yes I do believe spirits can hurt you so you have to be careful not to provoke or challenge a spirit ). I won’t tell you the whole story now but you are more than welcome to ask me on a ghost hunt. I am now looking forward to meeting many more people, all looking for that ‘experience’ that could possibly convince them that there is something more to life than we first thought. So please feel free to email me I have been involved in several paranormal groups over the years. Paranormal Adventures is different and exciting in ways I couldn’t possibly get before. When people ask if I believe in ghosts, I say I am a skeptical believer. I have had many encounters with spirit forms and believe what I have seen to be real and unexplainable. I always look for a normal mundane reason why at the same time. My area of expertise in the field of science. I have Ph.D. in Public Health from the USA, Master degree in Medical Ultrasound and BSc Degree in Diagnostic Imaging from Charles Sturt University Australia, BSc in Physics, and Radiology diploma from Iraq, Pharmacy diploma. Radiography diploma from London Ontario, Diploma in Natural Health from Quebec, Canada. Radiation physics from Australia, I studied the infra and ultrasound in the animal kingdom.P resented more than 20 lectures in Iraq, Greece, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada and I am the peer reviewer for the radiographer journal in UK, Netherlands, and South Africa. Earned the 3rd award for excellence in ultrasound - Canada 2005. I am also armature archaeologist, painter, calligrapher, and used to run acting theater play in Iraq- Baghdad, wrote, directed and acted in more than 27 plays. So debunking come naturally in my science and technology back round, and not like other debunking people around you who use Google for their search and call them self-debunkers, It doesn't work that way. In the near future, I will run live internet ghost hunts with night vision cameras giving users at home the chance to watch the spooky footage on, in my nights out. I look forward to seeing you all soon on one of our many events! I loved reading ghost stories and sitting on my own in the dark watching horror films. However. I Can decode dreams, and I see spirits in my dreams. I like to look at things from a scientific point of view and try to rule out all rational possibilities before concluding that events are paranormal. However, I do try to keep an open mind on all investigations. I started taking part in investigations since 1986; my first investigation usually any house, apartment that I move in or my friend's places. For many of my true paranormal stories you can read them at I will try to copy and move all my articles here in this site in near future. Thank you for reading and God Bless you all. Steve Ramsey PhD. Alberta