I can tell you, without a single doubt, that this was NO halo. I saw this at the age of five and never forgot it. The only difference was that the hat man was a glowing orange to red. He came from the door to my parents’ bedroom and walked toward me, slowing raising his hand out as to touch me as he got closer. I screamed just before he actually made contact and he disappeared. He had a fedora styled hat…no halo.

2/26/2015 02:38:06 pm

You are wrong there is no god. There is only grossmann he has killed all humans being and he will get everyone else. He will be the last mann standing

4/30/2015 06:56:23 am

he will run or he will charge back. Depends on how confident you are. If you run at him like a scared rabbit he will strangle you. If you charge him like you did you will throw him around like a rag doll. Depends on you

9/29/2015 10:16:23 am

I too had an experience with this evil entity just recently. I have been looking into alien info as of late and stumbled across the documentary called “the nightmare” that deals strongly with the hatman. I recommend it if your looking for more info on this. well that was at least four months ago when i saw it, and three nights ago I experienced it first hand. I never thought anything like that would really happen, but I tell you; it felt so real it couldn’t just be my mind playing tricks on me. I recently moved into a new dwelling with my friend and we have been having a couple issues getting along lately. It was a particularly rough night for us so i went to bed early. ive also been stressing about some other things i dont feel good about. So im having trouble sleeping lately and its early in the am. probably three im guessing, and there’s a knock on the bedroom door. Im startled and say “who is it” or “come in” when the door slowly opens and a man with a hat and black face steps through. I can tell by his nature that he is trying to frighten me and he says “hi” and then my name, as he stands at the foot of the bed. At this point im kinda freaking out. he starts walking closer to the side of my bed and i can tell he is enjoying my fear, he looks like he has something in his hand is going to assault me when i say “who the F are you man?” I kind of sit up to grab at him when he disappears and I awake from this is sleep spell. It felt as though I was awake but I was in some kind of light sleep. Its the scariest thing to ever happen to me and I’m trying to figure out how to pray or be positive so this doesn’t happen again. I’m afraid to sleep now, and have to find a way to beat this. ?

I saw the face
10/3/2015 02:10:53 am

I know many people will not belive me when i say this but…
One time when i was around the age of 11 I woke up but i was half awake and half asleep. I saw a man just standing besides me and stared but i didnt care because i was so tired then I just said something like “memaneme” and i falled asleep again. When i woke up I remebered this and just asked my mother,brother and my dad if they was in my room this night? They all said no. But when i saw him it was not a shadow it was a man with a high hat around 10cm tall, he had a long really dark coat (his cloths look really old). This man had also a face. He had a beard. His beard was like really brown dark. He looked like a Nice man from what i remeber. And when i found out there was something call the hat man i freaked out! Its Okay if you dont belive me I just needed to tell the story. I havent told anybody yet.

2/9/2016 06:02:14 am

it’s funny because ive seen him while i was at my grandparents house on the computer. (i was 6) and i seen him in between the bathroom and laundry room doors. my aunty even seen him in the middle of her and her parents room. we were both wide awake. he doesn’t only come when your sleeping. and apparently he is a warning sign that something bad will happen to you or a loved one

3/4/2016 05:47:40 am

Makes so much more sense now!!!! Thanks!!!!amen

3/21/2016 12:35:49 pm

This is exactly what happened to me. The Hat Man was a recurring nightmare I had as a kid, and I would be woken up at the top of the stairs by my mum because I was screaming trying to alert her, just like I was in my dream. I had this “dream” over and over until eventually when I was 10, I turned and walked towards it instead of running away. And I went through it and it was gone. And I never had the “dream” again. I honestly thought this was individual to me. I called him the detective because of his trench coat and hat. Cannot believe others have had this too.

6/28/2016 08:56:36 pm

ty thus is very true ..the first visit I was so scared I threw up and ran to my grandmother the second time I yelled and said get away and have since but it does not stop the body freeze .it’s. Painful …followed by many visions and thoughts …I have to fight with .

7/31/2016 02:57:54 pm

Halos aren’t actually in The Bible. They were only used for artistic representation, to make it easier for medieval artists to clearly show which character in an artwork was an angel, so they wouldn’t get mixed up with the regular people. This is extremely common knowledge.
Even if angels did have halos, then a fallen angel would have no halo at all, as it would have been taken from them. Furthermore, halos in traditional art were not metal rings, but rather orbs of light surrounding an angel’s head, which looks nothing like a hat, and if their light was taken from them, would be taken away by default, as halos are nothing but light.

I’m sorry, but your logic is very poor, and does not check out in any way, shape, or form. Please go back to Bible school.

8/2/2016 09:47:53 am

i see someone replayed there is no God? really? you think im going to believe you..please !!!!!if there was no god there would be nothing.. nothing would exist.. read the bible

10/13/2016 07:10:18 pm

My daughter experienced the “Hat Man” when she was about 11. Several times she ran out of her room screaming because she woke up with him staring at her while she was in bed. Our house was haunted but not by anything sinister, that I knew of. But this scared me. We finally went into her room and told whatever it was to leave, this was our house and it needed to go. She never saw him again. To see so many people experience the same thing really gives you pause.

5/28/2017 10:14:08 am

This comment is to the person that said rebellious angels had their light removed from them for punishment. 
I have read the bible many many times and NOWHERE IN IT have I EVER read about this .Please be so kind as to tell me where you’ve read this. HOWEVER, the Bible DOES SAY, that satanism and his angels appear AS MESSENERS OF LIGHT!!! Woe. Imagine that. Think, if he can appear as a snake that talks, and appears as good Angels the possibilities are endless . He is able to shapeshifter . That’s where you have God that tells you that these spirits aren’t right, to be truly greatful for. And to feel safe because of Jesus ,and his work through the cross, 
I’ve seen this demonic spirit , uh, nope it’s not a dark fallen angel ) well actually it is ) but not as you’ve suggested. He is wearing a actual hat and a jacket. No wings or halo nowhere . There’s no ghost. I’ve seen demons appear as people to fool these ghost hunters for years. They can appear as your mother a monster a animal even APPEAR AS JESUS HIMSELF!!!! My suggestion to all of y’all is to not speak to them do record them do not photograph them , if you should ever see them pray , pray this, The Lord did not give me a spirit of fear but one of power peace and a sound mind!!! Praise The Lord!

7/18/2017 08:41:03 pm

@Melissa Much of the language of the bible is misinterpreted. Halos are real, but not as illustrated artistically. Halos are also called auras and indicated the subtle energy field moving around living beings. Many people can actually see the energy field. Some can see colors in the energy. 

I had a latent memory of a shadow figure all my life. I have questioned who he is, thinking it a demon. Several members of our family are aware of him. My son named him Helper. He would only leave temporarily and this puzzled me because I made clear commands to leave with no harm and not to come back. He even harmed my sisters. Definitely came with anger and there were anger issues in my family. I finally understand this figure now and we are sending him love and thanking him for the lessons we were able to learn from him. We release him of karma for his actions and are bringing him back, a soul retrieval, into the light. Since I have learned this, he has been calm. The darkness is lifting.

11/1/2014 04:07:22 pm

The Hat Man visited me 3 or 4 times when i was 9 years old. I’m 57 now. I remember like it was yesterday. But I hadn’t thought about it for many many years until someone on coast to coast am w/ George Noorey mentioned shadow people and the Hat Man. That got my attention FAST!!! My experience was like so many others. Wake up late at nite. Dark figure of a man in a trench coat and that hat. Standing in the doorway observing me. and i could tell he was really there but not. I couldn’t see thorough him but he didn’t seem solid. If that makes any sense?? And he would just stand there. That’s all he ever did. I got the idea for some reason that he was of some importance that i couldn’t comprehend. I always pulled the covers over my head when i got tired of looking at him. I would still like to know what the hell the Hat Man is all about. I’m amazed that it is reported world wide.


2/26/2015 02:44:30 pm

He is the law on this earth he will do anything he wishes. He made the stars he moves stars he’s made of matter.

4/10/2015 07:30:57 am

I too have been visited by the Hat Man.
He came to me in my dreams on countless nights. Even now at the age of 42 he fills me with fear. I would always be running in a field, close to a tall hedge. It was winter and you could see through the hedge and into the next field. The hat man was on the other side and always there no matter how fast I ran. I was terrified.
Years later speaking to my Sister, she to had the same dream! However there is 15 years between us.

4/25/2015 07:59:53 am

The first time I saw the Hat Man I was the 7 years old I have seen him off and on for 19 years all he dose is point at me and tip his hat I still don’t know y he follows me and what he wants but the hat man is real.

5/5/2015 05:18:22 pm

OMG!!….I had EXACTLY the same experience when I was about 10 years old….I’m 42 now….but I still remember it like it was yesterday….The dark shadow figure in a black three piece suit with a tall black top hat and holding a black cane stood at my bedroom door….I pulled the covers over my head and literally prayed “God….make him go away and protect me”….I was too scared to scream….I have always wanted to know what it/he was….and “Why me?” lol

5/25/2015 01:59:12 am

ive been seeing this m an throughtout my entire life im really frightend that this thing can hurt me I haven’t tiold my family about this expireience but im pretty sure its ging to hurt me sooner or later im really scared because it keeps getting closer and closer every single day I don’t konow what to do I need help……someone please help me…..

7/12/2015 02:13:21 pm

Your comment sound exactly the san as my childhood story except for he also came to me in my dreams. We were always in an alleyway and he was standing still starring at me but he never moved. Did you have similar dreams?

michael breeden
7/25/2015 06:20:10 am

I have a meeting with this thing in early oct. I have been wondering why i have been chosen for this and with my lifes history ,it has made me an angry oldman, and i have alot of pent up adrenulin waiting to come out. My nephew has had several runnins with this man and he has now beens seen with a dog. Ted eyes shaped like a rotwieler with a spear shaped tail.

7/29/2015 12:17:35 pm


8/5/2015 05:34:57 am

The hatman is at my house now been here I kno couple months. He green in most cases. I just read that someone else thinks he could be a fallen angel. Halo is disguised by his hat. He makes idols of his self all around the house to jump on from room to room to room and so forth and so on till he covered the globe. Ther us always an eye watching u. Ancients called him Horace or Cirrus, Uncle of Ra. Check out history. Think about it. And he wears a hat. Ouroboros like entity as well.. All present with the hat man. Serpentine in nature

8/12/2015 12:33:02 am

The “Hat man” as people call it, is a demon… I have an ability to see and speak to things like that.. And the “hat man” takes peoples lives, he mainly targets teenage girls, he will make them very depressed and he wont stop until they eventually take there own life then he will have their soul. I’ve been attacked by this thing and I have family members that know how to get rid of powerful demons like this. Dont label the “hat man” as once a human or a spirit or a ghost.. Its from hell, its leader is the devil.

9/25/2015 06:37:30 pm

They say when the Hat Man visits you,there is aggression in a house hold and that some thing bad is going to happen. When this happened to me aged 9 ,my dad was hurting my mum and abusing my sister.I had night mares every day for 9 years.When we moved house, they stopped.I did not know other growing up that other people had seen the same thing.I know now that it was real.He stood in my bedroom door way.H had a trench coat and a hat with a rim around it.I could not see his face and in was gone in a split second.Iuse to wake my sister up and get in to her bed.I was a little girl and i told my sister about.I cant beleave that other people see it to.WEIRD.

25 years ago
10/25/2015 02:39:38 am

I still remember the encounter vividly. Though I couldn’t move and make a sound with my voice, my mind was totally awake and could feel, think etc. That day, I was already asleep suddenly, I opened my eyes and looked to the end of the bed, to the door when it was opening by itself. The corridor was really dark but there was this thing that was even darker than the darkness. It was the deepest darkness I’ve ever seen and felt. It was also very big. It was filling up the doorway and because it was so much darker than the background I could see the sillouette of the hat and the long coat. He stood there for a while and then began to come towards me. He was gliding or floating. There were no up and downs of his head and body. I couldn’t move my body, I was shouting in fear but my mouth didn;t move and my voice didn;t leave my head. Strangely, I could still roll my eyes(not my head!), so looked down to the side and saw his lower part of him, which means the sillouette of the coat and the darkness inside. The coat was not touching the floor and there were no feet. When he was next to my head, he turned, stood there and looked down on me. Then, he slowely bowed himself closer and closer to my face as if he wanted to scrutinize it. I just screamed, still no voice, as the dark shape came over my face and covered my sight.Then I had a black out. When I opened my eyes, it was next morning and the door was closed. I never doubted that it was real. This happened in Germany and almost 20 years later in Korea, I heard the name Hat Man and of other people having this kind of story all of the world.

11/1/2015 02:57:43 pm

This is just crazy. I had no idea until today that anyone else has had this experience. I saw his when I was 14 or 15 years old (’86 or ’87). I was asleep in the family room on the couch in the middle of the night. I was aroused from sleep because I thought I heard someone say my name. I was really tired and thought it was someone in the family so I ignored it and went back to sleep. A few seconds (minutes?) Later I heard my name again. Irritated, I opened my eyes and looked across the room. There were two chairs sitting along the opposite wall and two dark shadow-type people sitting in them. I remember thinking that the reason I couldn’t see them clearly was because I must have “sleep” in my eyes. I kept rubbing my eyes to get them to focus. I wasn’t scared at this point because I though it was my parents or something. At this point, the 2 figures stood up and started walking slowly toward me. (I am still rubbing my eyes and actually holding my eyelids open, because I thought maybe my eyes were semi-closed and I was seeing my eyelashes or something). One of them was a tall man who wore a trench coat and what I called a top hat. The other was short and round, and seemed to be a woman. Just as the tall man made a move to reach down toward my face, I realized this was not what I thought it was and I was struck with fear. I pulled the blanket over my face, every muscle in my body tightened. I tried to call out for my mom, but my voice was so shakey, I could barely get about a whisper. I stayed like that for hours until the sun peeked through the basement window and I mustered up the courage to run up the stairs to my mother’s room. My whole body was sore for a week after that. I consider myself agnostic, and am very scientifically minded, but this experience has always given me conflict. I know I heard/saw what I did. I was awake and moving. Not until I watched the nightmare documentary today on Netflix did I ever think anyone else had seen this. I did a Google search, and here I am. Creeper the heck out.

12/20/2015 04:11:02 pm

The same exact thing happened to me. It itself was invisible but it’s clothes were not and it was in my doorway come to find out my brother saw the same thing the night my other brother was born it creeps me out to hear more about it

12/21/2015 08:26:58 am

I too have seen this entity, I first saw him 9 years ago standing in the doorway I woke my husband up and asked to check the house everything was locked! I’ve seen him over the years it’s been a while since I’ve seen him! I wonder about ppl like us why do we see him are we damned, or were being marked, or what….. This entity is real trust me!

1/29/2016 06:29:58 pm

I had the exact same experience when I was probably 8 or 9 years old. I`m 36 now and I can remember the exact same thing as you described, I had the same reaction. I live in Brazil by the way so, yes, it`s a worldwide thing.

4/3/2016 07:32:03 am

Leina (21) girl 
I’m not sure if anyone is still posting to this blog…. 
But I’ve seen the hat man while I was just standing in the mirror in my room about to kill myself by taking a large amount of pills. I looked in the mirror , looked at the pills , looked back into the mirror and saw the hat man in my door way watching me . I turned around quickly and he disappeared right in front of my eyes. 
I’m 21 now, this happened when I was 14 (very depressed very suicidal) and I only seen him once that one time but I never did any research about it until I was about 18/19 and found a picture on google of the exact same man I saw. 
I remember it so vividly . 
He was standing there behind me watching me . In broad daylight , and he was a black shadow hat man in my door way. 
No one was home when this happened …. I was alone. 
But I am Christian , and I think the reason why he never visited me again was that I ended up getting help for my depression and stopped feeling suicidal and I prayed all the time and built a relationship with God.

2/4/2017 03:11:58 pm

I had something similar. Just a few days ago, at night I went to go use the bathroom. I always shut the door and turn on the light so I could see and not wake up my family. As soon as I got done w/ what I was doing, I turned off the light and opened the door. Usually I wouldn’t be able to see anything but, I saw a white mane in a white tux and a white hat, walk into my parents room, which is right next to the bathroom. I’ve been researching since then and I still haven’t found out why its here and why its going into my parents room. Now that I think about it, I’ve seen a shadow man in there.

11/17/2014 07:09:53 am

Insane. One of my earliest memories are of seeing a strikingly similar figure in the corner of my bedroom as I tried to sleep. He would just stand there watching me with red eyes, and smoking. I could see the cherry, smoke and all.


4/14/2015 04:41:01 pm

You’re the only other one I saw that mentioned him smoking! I saw the smoke floating from his lit cigarette!

9/18/2015 06:16:41 pm

OMG! I thought I may not have seen the same being until I read your comment.the first time I saw him I was around 9 or 10 years old. It was in the corridor at my school one morning. He appeared as if from out of a portal that was swirling clock wise. He didn’t appear all at once rather piece (of clothing) by piece, starting with his black leather shining shoes. Then his pants and gloves, in one he held a lit cigarette, in the other a walking stick. The glove holding the cigarette moved to where the mouth had not yet appeared and smoke was exhaled as though someone were smoking. His coat and then finally his hat. It wasn’t as though I was terrified like so many other people’s accounts but more curious and amazed. I walked around the portal which was almost 2 dimensional because it was flat when seen from the side although it looked 3 dimensional from the front. I could see through it to the clothing appearing from thin air? It was almost as if the portal was not a portal at all? Yet there was this figure becoming right before my eyes. It was silent. It had flecks of purple through its swirls. When I looked from behind I saw his coat tails. Like they wore to great balls. Once he was fully formed, I don’t know how long it took but it seemed like a fair amount of time, his appearance was not immediate. I stood before this man and looked at him with a clear head. He seemed almost as perplexed as I was. I suspect on account of my lack of fear. He opened his mouth and spoke although I could not understand his words. His voice was deeper than any I’ve ever heard still to this day. I did not run instead I walked away from him. Through to my classroom and then outside to the courtyard. I figured I’d be safer outdoors. He followed me but didn’t chase after menor did he come outside. When I went back on he and the portal were gone and didn’t return.

9/19/2015 10:58:35 am

My sister saw the same guy he was like a demon he disappeared before she could see his face. But every one has a feer

12/21/2015 08:40:54 am

I was shock to see many ppl encounter this demon from hell! He is a demon! He is not your friend, or an angel, or a loved one when you see him pray! My first encounter was 9 years ago. It’s been a while since I seen him! This is a spirit not to be played with I myself USE TO BE scared of it now I rebuke that sucker right out of our home! I also notice the stronger I grew in Christ the less I see him! I also believe he feed off fear and he is a death demon! It seems like he only comes at night! I myself never seen him in the day! My suggestion to all pray and read the bible and be fearless …..

cifer smith
9/16/2017 09:46:19 am


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2/28/2015 01:49:44 pm

Omg! I never really spoke about this to anyone and looking this up I also cant believe other people are describing this guy just as I saw him. But Juan im very shocked that you basically said my story. Though this happened to me only once. Exactly how you described it,it happened to me! I was so scared! I thought i was going to die. I was shaking & crying like a baby. I was 16 then. I am now 26. I hope to never see that person ever again!!


3/19/2015 11:54:42 pm

He has been a part of my life ever since the fourth grade, arriving right after a traumatic experience. He always came to me in my dreams, appearing as we all know him. This is how I know he is real, I first saw him in 1988…long before he became an urban legend. 

I have figured out the shadows feed on the energy that comes from our sadness…our fear. They evoke the feeling with their presence, he often did so by giving me nightmares, and then they feed while we linger on the emotion. 

My encounters with him changed my life… and not always for the better.


3/22/2015 06:21:10 pm

I can so relate to this and am led to believe that traumatic experiences appear to be the common theme. I never linked the nightmares before reading your comment. I saw him in the early 70’s.

3/22/2015 06:46:28 pm

Gwen, the nightmares are the constant for me. You are right, traumatic experiences and the emotions involved draw the shadows to us.

3/23/2015 06:59:43 pm

They are for me too Dylon

michael breeden
7/25/2015 06:56:46 am

Reading all of these different stories have helped me understand this thing. I myself havent had any exsperinces yet with the hatman. But both my nephew and my youngest son told me last night of his experiences. As i said before i have a standing appt.with this thing. It is supposed to be coming for my nephew. It dont matter how i know this,what matters is that i am eady when the day comes. I have always stood up for my family,no matter who or what messed with them, i put a stop to it very quickly. These different stories tell me that since i fight for whats nine,then this thing dont want to meet me. I not afraid of anything,especially dying for whats mine
If fear is its energy, then i feel sorry for him already. Cause he will starve around me. I just cant wait till that day. 

4/26/2015 04:05:55 am

I started seeing the hat man when I was very yoing, around 4 years old. I clearly remember him standing at the end of my bed to the right side, staring at me from underneath the brim of his hat. He had on a trench coat wuth the collar pulled up around his face. I was paralyzed And terrified. I remember wanting to scream but not being able to get any sound out. When he disappeared, I would let out a blood curdling scream. He appeared repeatedly over a period of time. At some point it stopped but I cant say exactly when. I saw him again years later in a different house but during the day. I was reaching on top of the fridge when he apoeared in my right peripheral vision. As quickly as he appeared, he then disappeared. I dont mss him. As a postscript….I have 3 sisters who I have only recently discovered have seen him too. None of us knew until recent years that the others had seen him. I am astonished to read that this has occurred around the world. Who knew?


2/1/2017 12:56:51 pm

My friend is experiencing this now and does not know what to do.The Batman follows her everywhere and now I am seeing him. What do you do?

2/4/2017 02:48:41 am

Rosie, I know this sounds like a cliche from a horror movie, but calling on Jesus for help really works. I am a Christian and believe me – God really exists and these beings fear Him. I know from personal experience that shadow people leave you when you rebuke them in name of Jesus Christ. In their presence you feel depression and fear and it is hard to speak but the very thought of Jesus and when you start to pray for His help in your mind will make them loose their grip on you. As for the demon with the hat, my advice is the same, when you see him ask God for help and also pray regularly for protection. It is always best to become a real follower of Jesus Christ, shadow people like to avoid christians for obvious reasons.

6/22/2017 06:05:50 pm

Straight lined shadow (smudged),no hat,but tall ears like batman’s mask with the pointed ears.
He was standing over a member of my family’s bed.
I was not tired! .
I turned on light and see him move fast behind door.
I don’t believe in anything funky,but I admit,this is a little strange,but I’m sure there is a logical explanation.

7/7/2015 12:24:21 pm

My encounter with hatman was different, I didn’t remember the encounter until today it has been a long time I still don’t remember how old I was, I am 13,now almost 14 all I remember is I was a baby we lived with my Mamaw and Papaw, I was the type of baby that slept during the day and stayed up all night, my dad was asleep next to my crib and didn’t wake up while hatman was there, I saw him standing next to my crib with his cane smoking a cigarette, when I saw his red eyes I got scared, but what really scared me was when he started to reach into my crib, when he did I started crying and he vanished as my dad woke up, I haven’t seen him since, now that I remember I’m afraid that he’ll come back to finish what he started, I’m also afraid that the Rake will come after me as well as hatmans minions the shadow people.


11/24/2015 05:26:44 am

fucking pussy

3/18/2016 06:17:06 am

Shrek I have a pussy, but I’m not one, I was a little baby when it happened, and I’ve recently seen it, so piss off and go to hell with hatman where you belong

Michael b
7/25/2015 06:13:55 am

Something bad did happen. You just havnt put it all togethr yet. My youngest son just told me about his dream of the hatman. Iasked him a certain question and he remembered hearing about an old school mate dying of a drug overdose around that same time


12/24/2015 11:22:34 am

Shrek you’re a fucking pussy, I was a little kid, I’m 14 now, I’m Christian I have fears just like everyone else

8/23/2015 01:23:40 am

I’ve seen him before too. When I was about 8 I had the ability to see ghosts and when I saw this (we were at a hotel) I thought “oh it’s just another one.” When I first saw it at the hotel my family was fighting, anyways the next time I saw him I was at my grandmas with my cousin and we got into an argument then it appeared and made a come here motion with it’s hand, I ran. When my parents were going through there divorce I saw it pretty much every day then after that I didn’t see it until I had a fight with my friend. I have yet to see it since.


11/12/2015 04:14:36 pm

I saw him when i was 4years old.he wanted to take me somewhere and it spooked me.i closed my eyes and we were sitting on the couch but i didnt remember moving so it frightened me very much and i runned to kitchen and under that table.he walked towards kitchen and then he turned away and disappeared.
I have been talking about him for years and today i first hears about this legend from my friend and i really needed to read it and its still making me come everyone else have been seeing him??who is he??
What does he want??
Why do i still see him??…

11/24/2015 05:27:21 am

what a fag

12/27/2015 07:52:48 pm

I seen the Hatman when I was five. He never touched me but, he used to watch me sleep. He sometimes sang (what I heard) to be a song to make me fall asleep. He stopped coming when I got to into video games and payed no attention to the real world. I haven’t seen him since.

7/1/2016 07:05:14 am

Shrek has issues. Son, you need a shrink. Go ahead. Call me a pussy. call me whatever. But, have the courtesy to use your real name. Mine is Geogring Joyce. I live in Cressona, PA. Come see me anytime you have something to say. No more afraid of the likes of you tan I am of that dam hatman

9/17/2015 02:56:20 pm

Hi Juan, and everyone Else. I understand this man in the hat. It is NOT JUST ONE ENTITY… essentially the character made out as this fedora mask coat man look IS apart of a COLLECTIVE Spiritual Darkness that Emanates from the Center of the Earth, within the Dark Matter of the Magnetic Void. In the Center of Our Planet Exists a Realm called “The Void” within this is the Home of a Dark Warrior Goddess that Eats the Ego and Spits out the Soul when it is ready to Transform beyond this realm… WHAT HAPPENS like in ALL Chemical Reactions, is on the other side, so to say, there is always a Byproduct within the result, Like how two chemicals mix and create a NEW chemical but also a side result, OR we can Call it the Shadow, the after-effect, the Negative Mirror Pole, 

Often when our Spirit Travels out of this flesh vehicle, on this Planet Earth, we attempt to go Into Full Spirit Mode… 
What Happens, is, During our course of experience in Day-Light-Life, Flesh-Living-Temple, on Earth’s Surface, We get super-subjected to Egoic beliefs and traits, and they soon consume us, and We Lose Absolute Touch with Our Inner Selves, and Our Inner Hearts, Or We Become Solicited to a Bandwagon of Mind Controllable Circumstances and Truly Lose Our Sense of Spirit-Self, as we allow Our Egoic Self to TAKE COMMAND OF OUR LIFE…. 
So Now, with this Shadow Hat Man, We Often are Visited By the Beings who are Already at our Frequency Level, only we are too un-self-aware AND Blind by Ignorance to Not See Our Self is attracting these beings. 

These beings do indeed Live off of Lower Vibrational Emotional Fields, that give us gut,wrenching,side-swipe, carpet pulled from feet-type-of-feelings, and SO our very own Egoic Super-Nature is what is bringing these beings to Us, when we experience them. 

OR it is Our Own Shadow looking for a place home, but we have long neglected Our Dark Sides, and have thus created a psychological Shadow-Mirrored-Dark-Side capable of True Evil, rather than being naturally-dark, naturally-wild-AND-free-AND-Open…

many on earth came from the light, but we are here to explore dark, 
and I DO mean to Get Very Carl Jung on all of you, Psychologically, we are to face OUR WILD PASSIONATE SIDE, and get up and close with our Greatest Freedom, only to be explored by accepting our dark, 

Otherwise, We Create the Shadow of Dark, 
we create the Ego of our dark side of our Spirit

AND THE EGO Is fed to the Great Center Void 
which Causes us to manifest this experience as Being Attacked as a Dark-Man-In-A-Hat.

In order to overcome this being, you Must take a Conscious Loving Perspective Step BACK into a State of Being where you can see Your Neglected Side of Self, Patternized in such a negative-mirror way that your Shadow is Truly the Source of this Evil being, coming for you, 

because you are running awayfrom your true dark side of the soul,
a wild and free, passionate life within the black smoke of night. 

Face your Demon Shadow, Remove It’s Mask, SEE that it is YOU Scaring yourself Into Darkness, to remember to be a little naturally Wild and Liberated from the Constraints of the Light.

Love Ya All.. 

Wish this Helps. 



9/17/2015 03:15:43 pm

Hello Everyone, It is Annyor Again, 

Furthermore, I have a short deal more to type, creating more reason to how we all can be nearly “attacked” by this force, 

Simply put, as I state again, We are Out of Balance with our selves, and Our Connection to the Spirit Godhead, God, Universe, Great Holy Spirit, Spirit Goddess Mother, Jehovah, WHATEVER You Want to CALL the Mask, It is the Same Spirit You NEGLECT. 

Within The Entire Mass of A Mathematical Equation, We Have a Dark Side and A Light Side, A 2+3=5… 

What is Happening, is We Peoples, Have Stuck Our Heads in the Sand, and Neglected “this Other side” not other as in Evil, but as In Our Self, 
We’ve put all our attention to Light And Love, Light And Love, Light And Love, 

and have thus created a TRUE EVIL DARKNESS that is NOTHING more than the SHADOW SIDE of a Wild And Dark, Wild And Dark, Wild And Dark. 

Like the Way Bats and Owls are Noctural, or How Mushrooms Grow in only Dark Moist Circumstances, OR going as Far as to Say that BABIES, FLESH-Temple-Forms, GESTATE IN A MOIST DARK WOMB, 

we are Neglecting the Dark Wild Feminine Side of Our Experience!

Light is Masculaine, which is Why We always called God a MALE!
But the Source-Head is Intangible, and Indistinguishable from Gender, so with that being said, 
Dark is Feminine, 

I can not understand how Female Flesh-Incarnate beings of Earth are Experiencing This Man, You OF ALL of US show us what it is like to truly be feminine, open, wild, free, explorative of our sensitive emotions… 

BUT it MUST BE BECAUSE you too have Lost the Way to yourself as a True Female, 
Dark, Moist, Wet, Gestating, Internal Creativity, 
Crafting Life from the Very Darkness that Birthed Every Man, and other Woman!



“YOU SAY, HEY BOOGYMAN, YOU ARE ME, and I AM YOU, and I LOVE YOU, BY THE POWER OF “God” – for the bibles “Ali” – for the Karans, or “Buddha” for the Buddhists, 


and you will never Fear, Nor See Evil Shadow Dark side again! 

I mean Seriously… 

Watch the Movie the Babadook.

It’s Theme is Tremendously Liberating of how Neglecting something that is LEFT GESTATING in the dark, creates, TRUE EVIL, and MAD DARKNESS, waiting to “EAT YOU UP” 


Love Ya All. Wish this Helps. 


10/31/2015 05:44:31 am

Hi Annyor,
I agree with you. We are the Hatman and the Hatman is us. I saw the Hatman vividly, round topped, wide brimmed black hat, black cape, gray beard but he had my eyes. Mine was a happy hatman by the way, seemed to be happy that I’d discovered something. He said something like “Well, then” and disappeared.

11/24/2015 05:28:00 am

fucking idiot

11/29/2015 09:33:55 am

Fucking hell how do you suppose a kid does this? When they don’t know why this guy is visiting them ffs.

10/7/2015 03:01:04 pm

To anyone who can help!!! I have lost my hat, i think he took it. If anyone sees the hat man can you see if he has a large yellow hat on? It was my favourite hat and it was in the stable with the horses. Also my horses have gone. come to think of it, i may of been robbed.


10/10/2015 12:34:25 am

I have had the exact same experience with it, though I didn’t try to hit it, instead I his under the blankets and shut my eyes tight. I’ve had about 5 dreams with him in it and I’ve seen him on the street a couple times too. I’m only 14 so I got quite afraid of this shadow figure. I was so surprised when I found out that many people have encounted him too.


11/15/2015 09:24:24 am

Hello, well i haven’t experienced hatman but my friend has she said that she couldn’t realize if it was reality, she told me that he was out side her house just staring at her, i showed her a list of people similar to the hatman once i showed her the hatman she said that was him, she didn’t really get into it really she got kinda scared, well more scared since she woke up scared.

10/13/2015 01:01:37 pm

I saw the same thing. but for some weird reason I wasn’t scared. I just stared at him and somehow I knew he was staring at me even though I couldn’t make out the face. he was just there, just standing there watching me.


10/21/2015 08:23:07 pm

I had the same experience. I wasn’t every afraid. He day on the edge of my bed. I never knew this was “a common thing”. In class tonight, some of my classmates were discussing ” the nightmare ” doc , a documentary about sleep paralysis, and said some people see a shadow man in a hat. My heart dropped! Because I had seen a man in a hat. So I figured I’d come home and look it up. But I wasn’t afraid either. I feel like I was creeped out because I didn’t know who it was, but I didn’t feel like I needed to be afraid. And my dog who used to sleep with me every night growled, which is what made me look (and see him) in the first place.

10/17/2015 08:20:20 pm

One week ago, Sunday October 11, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man standing at the foot of my bed, looking right at me. He was tall and wore the tallest black top hat I have ever seen. The hat was about twice the size of an Abe Lincoln style top hat. It almost touched the ceiling. He had on a black oilskin duster raincoat, like what someone in a Western movie would wear. I thought a real person had broken into our house and I felt terrified and screamed. I did not get a supernatural vibe at all. It just seemed to me like a real intruder. My husband started shaking me and saying “you’re having a bad dream, wake up, wake up.” I knew I was already awake and was shocked that, instead of doing anything about the intruder, my husband was focusing all his attention on telling me to wake up. I pointed to the man and said, “There’s a man standing right there!” 
My husband said “there is no man!”
I was still trying to comprehend why he was not seeing him and yelled, incredulous, “He is right there!”
All this time, the tall man in the tall just stood, silent and motionless, hands at his side, just looking at me. 
Suddenly, he vanished.
I sat up and asked my husband, “You didn’t just see that? You didn’t see anything?”
He kept reassuring me that we were safe and it was all just a nightmare, and I didn’t have to be afraid. My whole body was trembling and I got up to get some water and we sat awake and he comforted me for several hours until it started to get light out and I felt safe enough to go to sleep. 
I felt afraid all day Sunday and Monday, and still shaky on Tues and Weds, and barely slept, and when I did I had bad dreams although I didn’t see the Man in the Tall Hat again. 
Weds I bought some sage and last night I did a sage cleanse, said a lot of prayers for the evil spirits to leave and for good spirits to enter. 
Last night I slept well, although I still am constantly thinking about what I saw.
Just now, I googled “Shadowy man in very tall hat” which led me to this website. 
I am stunned to read that so many people have seen a very similar man and that he behaves pretty much the same, just standing silently by the bed. 
I hope he is gone for good.


10/26/2015 07:31:02 pm

The first time I saw the hat man was age 5. I woke up and he was standing in my doorway. I was frozen all I could do was close my eyes, but he took up my whole door and he looked like black TV static. I fell back asleep but woke up a giant but I was downstairs on our couch in our TV room with a blanket. He was again in the door way watching me. I immediately turned on the TV and then he was gone.


8/12/2016 09:30:01 pm

YES!!…Black TV static….exactly!!

11/26/2015 08:09:15 pm

First let me say i did not know others seen this too. Here is what I’ve experienced. 

I was in first grade when i seem this shadow guy wearing an old top hat and long trench coat. I always wake up at around 2am to go pee. This night was no different. I woke up walked out of the room to cross the hallway to the bathroom. When i stepped into the hallway and standing to my right was this pitch black dark shadow man with an old top hat on. He just stood there up against the wall watching me. I instantly ran into my parents room and hid under their bed whimpering all the while keeping my eyes locked on this stranger standing in the hallway. My mom finally after a few minutes of me whimpering under their bed woke to ask who was in their room. I cold not speak as i was very frightened. Mom got up out of bed to find me scared hiding at the foot of their bed. She asked what i was doing. I was still to scared to say anything right away. I pointed at the man in the hallway and said, “there’s a man in the hallway. ” Mom could tell i was very scared. She looked up to see then turned back to me and said there is no one there. I told her he is right there standing up against the wall. She turned and looked again abs said the same. She then told me she would turn on the hall light to show me no one is there. By this time she convinced me to come out from under the bed. I sat on the edge of my parents bed looking right at him while she went to turn on the hall light. Once she turned the light on the man vanished. This helped me to trust her that no one was really there even though i know what i seen. 

My mother then took me to the bathroom so i could go pee. Afterwards my parents let me sleep in their room for the night. I climbed up into their bed a watched as my mother walked over to turn off the hall light. When she did that man dark with shadow and a long top hat still stood there looking in my direction. I hid my head under there covers and feel asleep between the two of them at some point. Many years later in my thirties i asked my mom of she remembered that night. She said she did. I then asked her if she ever did see him or anything for that matter in the hallway. She said she never seen anything. I then told her that when she turned the lights back out, the man was once again standing there looking at me. This freaked her out. I never seen him again and don’t fully understand why he was there. I know my father had experienced playing around with ungodly things and or acts along with doing drugs.
Maybe me seeing him was do to something my father had done. 

Its true I’ve never seen him since as of today 11/25/2015 however, i have experienced seeing other un-worldly things.


12/20/2015 04:41:25 pm

So I’ve decided to share this… I live in Connecticut and I’m not narrowing it down further due to reasons… Anyways about a year ago I happened to wake up in the middle of the night not sure what time (I wondered if it was around 3 because tahts the Devils hourrrrr but I’m not gonna lie I have no clue as to the time.) so I saw a transparent yet solid floating man in a top hat and trench coat he seemed like a 1800’s Victorian man but he had no other feature not even a face and he seemed to be transparent… He was standing in my doorway behind my poor cat I was terrified and your probably thinking ” probably sleep paralysis” nope I moved very easily so easily I rushed under my coveres (like that’s any protection) but it felt save I was so scared I literally passed out I woke up in the morning still scared. I told my mom and she said tahts so strange because when my brother was younger he saw the same EXACT figure but he was hovering over my then baby brother he was also scared and ran into my parents room… Thinking he was an intruder they rushed into my brothers room… He was gone… He seems to vanish fast .. Any one else have similar experience??


4/30/2016 07:54:17 pm

juan,i had same experience.check anything in common


Kim Zeitler
6/1/2016 09:42:44 pm

I’m 54 now and telling it now. When I was 8-12 hard to say how old. Well I’m asleep and something made me wake up. And at the end of the bed there was a man standing he was wearing a trench coat and top hat, you could not see his face. I was looking at him but wondering if he knew I was watching him. I was so scared hand clenched to my throat with the covers wraped up holding on to protection. I just closed my eyes and went to sleep. The next day was okay. I have never had him visit me again. and never want him back either. I’m a christian and believe in God.


6/8/2016 07:41:11 am

That is creepy though when I see someone thing like that I literally just stay still and freeze but my cousin has a huge thing with slender man but all I say don’t they big of him he’ll feed on your FEAR


The 3 dreams guy
6/18/2016 04:23:48 am

He came to me with a cane with a diamond top handle and always said don’t be afraid for we are watching but sometimes his eyes would be red or gold so is there two or many and I wasnt afraid so y would he say tht it’s just weird he only appeared three yes I have a longer comment about the experience towards the middle of the page called i deemed him three times or something like that it’s not like he couldn’t do anything he just didn’t like waiting for an answer or something but i never spoke to him he just said don’t be afraid we are watching than I’d wake up moments later never really felt nothing like his presence before his creepy smile didn’t help either


7/14/2016 10:27:00 pm

the hat man was peaceful and was in my dream i was little bout 5 he was feeding fish in a pond gave me the fish food sid something i think disappeared then the bridge fell apart and i was devoured by a swarm of either crocs or gators


7/14/2016 10:30:44 pm

then he appeared again killed the devil and was coming toward me but peacefully and he took the devils power from my dream and said now not even the light of the son/sun can stop me now


7/14/2016 10:34:31 pm

last night he came to me again in dream form but was more agressive or hungry for my power but still wasn’t strong enough it seemed to be afraid of me but what if some how it could become human through me if its so more powerful then why does it feel so hungry for my power could i make it cross over to the real world as fleshy form

7/14/2016 10:51:54 pm

since they usually dont talk so much and dont like to be seen why is it that it likes me maybe i may not be human and it senses something well i have seen the whole power of creation and beyond come out of my ring in a dream once so maybe i am God incognito or maybe i am his father or something because my mind i think is closing to submitting to his demands and who knows what will happen if the hat man or hooded man who ever he is has that access to power since he seems to not fear other he is cautious with me at first gains my trust by awakening the power with in me then kills the devil for loyalty like a servant then strengthen my mind and subconsious with fear only to have a white light banish him or atleast get rid of him for now from my dreams he seems to be helping me and i helping him as well he has a massive moredarkness around him from only shape of hat man too assasin with tornado around him to complet widespreading darkness around him so i guess he or she knows something big about me 

9/13/2016 04:58:43 am

I was a young girl and I always felt that he followed me but never saw him until I was 6 or 7. I was wide awake then and the hallway light was on but I saw darkness instead. I looked over to see the hat man walking towards me and of course I panicked and I stood on the bed and waited for him to get close so I could escape the other way. I haven’t seen him since but I can still see flickers of shadows in lights that never flicker and once or twice would I see him in the corner of my eye only for him to dissappear. Thsee all happened at night when I’m awake and everyone else is asleep.


9/24/2016 03:26:57 pm

This is so cool and scary. I just read a book that has a Man in the hat character. It was called The Darkest Tool. He is a guardian demon and narrates in the first person. Interesting.


Tim Moore
10/31/2016 05:40:22 pm

Back in the sixties what I thought was a dream was of a dark shadowy shape coming through the bedroom window. This shape, which appeared big and wearing a derby hat, came to the bed where my younger brother and I were sleeping. The figure seemed to try to pick up my younger brother until my parents came rushing into the room and my mother screaming to put her baby down. My father attributed this incident to a nightmare but told the same story to my hence almost fourty years later. Incidentally my younger brother, only three or four at the time! died in a traffic accident.


11/12/2016 08:10:40 am

I have seen someone running, it was a man in red running by.


11/26/2016 09:43:35 pm

I’m in shock I had this dream when I was like 6 years old I was awake the whole time I couldent move he told me he would be back I never knew anything of it. I Am a lost for words


12/23/2016 09:37:23 am

don’t know what you all think but I know why I saw him. He’s one of my guardians.


1/1/2017 04:21:39 pm

met him as well in broad daylight in a hotel romm.. freaky


1/13/2017 02:11:35 pm

I have posted on here before, I’ve had a recent encounter with the hat man, and the shadow people, they’ve been appearing in different places, as this has happened there have been tragedies such as both of my grandparents falling ill, they’ve been in aand out of the hospital recently do to heart problems. What worries me most is that we are all seeing the same things, loved ones who are now dead then they warp into a completely different shaped type of shadow, then they appear as the hatman. As I’ve been walking around I see these children with pitch black eyes which isn’t abnormal to me, my eyes get like that when somebody gravely upsets me, or in other words pisses me off. But these children have something odd about them….


2/3/2017 09:45:59 pm

I fell asleep on the sofa one night and woke up totally paralyzed. Right behind the recliner in the living room stood the hat man. All I saw was a black shadow, no facial features. My heart was racing and I tried to move or scream for my son but couldn’t do either. I have never been so petrified in my life as I thought it was someone in my house. The strange thing is just when I thought I was going to have a heart attack from fear and knowing I couldn’t get away from it, it said to me telepathically “I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just watching you.” At that point I just closed my eyes because I felt like I couldn’t stop this thing if it was going to do something. Next thing I know it was morning. I have not seen it again. That was my first experience with sleep paralysis or the hat man. Since then I have had other episodes of sleep paralysis and seen other shadows. I have also woke up in the middle of the night to have something literally hold me down when I try to get up. I noticed that when I wake up, and I am going to see a shadow or feel a presence it always starts with everything looking very grainy. Needless to say I have not slept without a light on since the first episode.


Jason L Fox
2/17/2017 09:49:36 am

I was a teen awake I’ve seen single ones in past growing up from 4 what’s it mean when you see multiple hat men when I was a teen I seen ten or more they were running up my stairs and out my windows I’ve been plagued by ghost since I was 4 far as I can remember haven’t had an experience in a few yrs though since I returned from Iraq in fall of 2010 but would like some light on this


3/2/2017 07:35:44 pm

I too just witnessed the hat man for the second time in my life. The first one happened a few years ago where there was a tall dark figure in a trench coat stansinf at at my door, sort of running to me. But i managed to look away before it got any closer. Im the second time it was worse. I was trying to get up from my sleep paralysis bevause it was getting too intense wirh the regular hallucinations, where i felt i was flying out of my room, but then i was back on my bed and this shadow man appear right next to me drom under my bed but for the first time i felt as if i was choking him and i woke up with my hands shaking. I just read how hes the one choking someone but i was actually choking the man. I don’t have any explaination for this.


4/8/2017 05:20:20 pm

I actually have a very terrifying experience with the hat man, he would always come out of my closet and walk around my room,but one night he actually was at my be side. I thought it was my dad at first but then it reached out its hand and touched my throat.His eyes were as black as black could get, and they were glistening. I was very scared , so I started talking to him saying that I was a very kind person and if he wanted my life then he could have it.I felt his had come off of my neck and watched him walk back into my closet. I haven’t seen him sense.


4/16/2017 11:47:28 pm

I have a picture of this guy he has a black pointy hat skeleton face and a black cloak. Kind of like a Halloween costume of a witches hat. He looks like skeletal or dressed as a warlock. It won’t let me post pictures on here


4/17/2017 07:32:24 pm

Hi, I’m producing a documentary on this hat man. Would I’ve to see the photo. Email me: // how many times have you seen him?

4/19/2017 07:25:20 pm

April, please send me the picture, would love to see it. 

Email: I’m producing a documentary on this entity

4/19/2017 07:09:20 pm

hi my brother was little one time and saw the hat man CRAWLING ON THE CEILING yes you heard me crawling on the ceiling he was like three or four now he is twenty he said he will never forget it and how he knows it is the hat man is because he remembered the image of hat man clearly and saw it online.the thing is that ghosts follow my family its like they want us to do something…….


4/19/2017 07:23:50 pm

Wooooow. Bella, that’s scary. I’d love to hear more. Email me :

I’m producing a film on this hat man (documentary)

4/20/2017 12:51:59 pm

Bella, would you and your brother be interested in an interview for my film? I’m producing a documentary on this hat man,

5/8/2017 11:11:36 am

Where you going through a hard time? Contemplating suicide? Did the “Hat Man” talk or say anything to you?


5/9/2017 09:19:20 am

I have seen this figure before but he didn’t have a hat and I have been trying to figure out what I saw… He was by my door i didn’t move in my bed I just stared at him and he didn’t move either… He was tall and all black couldn’t see is face at all…I told my stepdad about it and he searched it up and there was a movie about it but I don’t remember what it was… I think it’s so weird but I only seen him once… But I see a lot of other figures to.


Tashianna Nickles
5/13/2017 08:39:54 pm

Okay I was around 13 or 14 when I seen this man I thought I was tripping because I was high, but I vividly remember him. I was in the backseat of my boyfriends car it was me my sister and my ex boyfriend I was in the backseat while my sister was driving I had a pocket mirror and was checking my makeup it was dark outside so I could see but barely. Then I swear believe me or not I blinked and saw a man he had a trench coat long hair no facial features, a fedora hat, spur boots, and it was tumble weed rolling in my fucking pocket mirror he kept pacing I closed it so quick. I had told my recent boyfriend about this and come to find out when he was younger around 7-8 his grandmother had a sliding glass door and he had looked outside one night when he was getting something to eat from the fridge and he saw him pacing he said he ran in his grandmas and stayed there for the rest of the night. I kid you not! I was so shocked cause I was so frightened I didn’t tell anyone until I told my boyfriend (not the same boyfriend from when I first saw him). To top it off I seen a picture of the same man in Richmond, Virginia it was a picture with lost souls if you saw this man your on the edge of becoming a lost soul I love you all be safe he preys on fear


7/26/2017 05:32:53 am

I had the Hat Man visit me in my sleep, Iremember he wad standing at the foot of my bed on the rights side of me and just looking at me. He knew I could see him even though my eyes were shut, not sure how long he was there but I wasnt scared at all


8/12/2017 09:20:53 pm

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8/18/2017 07:19:58 pm

Never seen this hat man but it sounds like something my brother I saw at the age of 11. I and my brother actually saw a very tall, very dark shadow of a grizzly bear standing up and staring at us. At the time my older brother was causing a lot of chaos in our house, violence, anger and lack of respect for all of the family. He was also into heavy satanic music at the time. I saw this shadow bear stand there and felt this fear like never before. I softly called out to my mom who somehow could hear me. They say mothers have a sense when their children are in danger. She came into the room and the shadow disappeared when she entered. I then went and slept in my parents bed. My brother must have been really tired and never quite saw it like I did because he stayed in his bed. We had a bunk bed so I saw the most of what this shadow figure looked like. The next day my parents anointed the house with oil and commanded any spirits to leave. I never saw the shadow again. I think some people think this figure is some kind of joke and never really saw it. Mentally ill people will make up stories to be included in the group. This was a demon and not a hat man. A shadow figure with a hat sounds fake. I believe the shadow part but a hat and trench coat? It’s a shadow and has no use for clothes. I really think people on here should not be making up stories that they say a hat man figure.


8/18/2017 07:36:02 pm

Think what you will, but the guy I saw standing in my bedroom doorway had something like a top hat and a cape or cloak. I can’t help what he was wearing, but that’s what I saw and I find comfort in realizing that I’m definitely not alone in having such an experience.

Simon F
9/7/2017 07:26:37 am

This is rather creepy, I experienced the silhouette of a man watching me at the foot of my bed in my teens. This was in the 80’s, well before we had the internet to spread urban legends and creepy YouTube stories to ferd into our collective subconscious. 
I’m shocked at how similar all these stories are to mine.
My apparition had an identical silhouette to the illustration at the top of the page, even to the unusually shaped hat.
It just stared until I hid under the covers, although you couldn’t tell it was staring by looking as it was so black that it appeared two dimensional. 
I can remember when I came to leave home to live in my own house I was petrified as I was so scared I couldn’t sleep in the house with my family nearby, how would I cope completely alone.
I didn’t tell anyone as I was ashamed of being scared of unreal things at age 21.
Luckily I never felt fear or struggled to sleep in my new home.
I’m an aetheist with little patience for unscientific explanations, but soon after I left my mum visited a fortune teller.
The woman asked her if there was a forbidding presence in her home and then said she’d guided the spirit of a drowned little boy into the light.
The atmosphere of the house was some much less oppressive afterwards when I visited.
My parents home is a farm from the 1700’s with no pond so I thought it was a silly story, while enjoying the better atmosphere there.
We then got old of an old map from an amateur historian which showed the area un the mid 1800s – there was a pond shown on the farm….
I must confess my blood did run a little cold.
I don’t know if the hat man was related to the atmosphere in the house and the drowned boy but it was all very strange, even to a sceptic like myself.


8/22/2014 01:25:12 pm

I have only very recently discovered this “hat man” and the fact that people from all walks of life, all over the world have reported seeing him.

I too had an experience of seeing a dark shadowy shape of a man standing in my bedroom. He was wearing a hat, and what I can only describe as a suit from a very long time ago. The feelings I sensed from him were terrifying. He emanated what I can only describe as purely sinister.

I had no idea that anyone else had experienced this too, until coming across a post about it in a Facebook group that I belong to.

I began looking this phenomena up and that is when I came across your blog.

You can read about my encounter here;


5/21/2015 07:36:20 am

I saw the hatmam when I was 14, I’m now 39 and through reading these comments I’m shocked and relieved! All these years I can remember that night as though it happened yesterday. I wasn’t sleepy or tired, I literally turned the lights off and got into bed. As my eyes were getting used to the dark, I see a tall, dark shadowy figure. Wearing a long trench coat & fedora type hat. He tipped his hat as though to greet me. I turned over and when I looked back he’d gone. I never saw him again & for years couldn’t work out who ot what he was. I feel reassured that many others have experienced seeing him.


1/16/2016 04:20:27 pm

I had a similar experience. When I was about eight, I saw the Hat-Man in my doorway. He paused for a bit, facing me, then tipped his hat at me. He then preceded to almost “glide” across my bedroom floor around my bed, and into the wall.

8/22/2014 02:37:56 pm

I don’ t know if this has anything to do with me and my friend looking into things like go to the cemetery at night work to try to find where devil worshipers hung out. I have to think that this Was partially the reason why I saw this hat man. maybe he was following us from one of those places we used to go to. funny thing is that my friend also started experiencing strange things. Different things the things he saw at night while he was still awake. used to see shadows of a man crouching not standing like the one I saw. soon after we stopped visiting those places and things are starting to clear up


6/25/2016 09:39:12 pm

Hello juan, that’s really odd as I started dreaming about him after my friends played with a Ouija board in a cemetery at night. Seems to be a cemetery connection?


9/27/2014 12:46:06 pm

Okay so in short, this is going to be a semi-lengthy description of when I myself saw this “man.” First of all, I should probably say how I came across this blog and why. My friend, her fiancee, his family, and I were first watching Mark Plier’s reviews of Five Nights at Freddy’s on youtube since I happen to have the game and play it. After that, we started digging deeper into his horror game reviews and it wasn’t until we watched him play “The Hat Man” that I started to freak out a little. This is all coming from someone who has seen ghosts and experienced spiritual phenomena before, mind you. Basically why I started to get worried is because there is only one account in my life where I was almost “possessed,” or at least I thought I was being possessed because of how close the moment was in how people were “possessed” in the HBO series True Blood. 

Now before I proceed with the actual story-telling, I want to make some points known that relate to what has been mentioned in this blog post that ultimately confirm my suspicion that this was indeed the “Hat Man” that I saw and not someone else, and it terrifies me just thinking back on it. One of the most important points I want to make is that my family happened to be going through a rough time during the time that this phenomena occurred, and it especially involved a spiritual discretion (my Mother fell heavily to believing in the Illuminati). At the time, I was nearing the end of my Junior year of High school and under some serious stress, so it does not surprise me that this “man” came to me and on top of that, I had been experiencing a sort of haunting by a shadow man that would appear to me at night when I was the only one up on the computer (around 2-3am in the morning, again this is NOT unusual considering that 3am is considered a demonic time) and would only appear to me in “shadow-form.” By this I mean that I could only catch him if I looked at the wall in front of me, but adjacent to the computer and behind it. If I looked behind me, however, “he” either wasn’t there or had disappeared at the speed of light or something. Then I would turn back around and continue with whatever work I was doing on the computer, not making much of it and trying to convince myself that I had been “seeing things.” Unfortunately, this could not have been so because the air around me would get stuffy and I could always hear “him” approaching (I am using a male pronoun for the spirit because he liked to take the form of a familiar fictional male character to me from what I could tell by the shadow on the wall whenever I looked at it when he was approaching instead of looking behind me) from behind, and he would leave too quick for me to see him whenever I turned back around. He would not stop this game until I actually went to bed. The spirit did not always stay in my house, though, for he had followed me to the career center I attended once and messed around in the tool-box crib where we kept our tool boxes (I took a machinery course). Other than that, the house was all-in-all somewhat haunted and accepting of demonic spirits, and the place terrified me in general. Thank the Lord we no longer live there, and I also would like to thank Him again for saving me the night that the Hat Man came to me, because it was because of my will to live and prayer to Him during that moment that alone saved me, and of that I am positive.

The only way to survive a spirit like that is usually by sheer will alone, and that will power has to be strong and focused on in order for it to work.

Anyways, time to finally share my story details (I apologize for the long prequel, but I simply had to mention all of those factors before I actually detailed on the story):

It was late at night when I had finally gone to bed and I don’t quite remember the exact date nor day of the week, but it was sometime in the school week and not the weekend. I do not remember if there was anything special about the night other than the fact that I did not dream, which is EXTREMELY rare for me. Instead, I had been abruptly awaken in a sweat and had some kind of adrenaline-spike, breathing hard and scared for some reason. The most horrifying part was that I could NOT move, which absolutely terrified me just as much as the fact that I could see a tall man, dressed in a black trench coat and sharp-rimmed hat just like how everyone has been describing him. Unfortunately, my vision is terrible and I require my glasses if I want to see any facial features from that distance, but of course I had been sleeping so I did not have my glasses to aid me and even if I had, I was completely paralyzed at the time, unable to do anything but think. Not even scream. 

Anyways, so the man’s features were unknown to me and it was pretty blurry, kind of shadowy like people have been saying. However, I could have sworn that he he had long-ish, kind of wet hair that was almost shoulder-length. Here’s where the True Blood possession momen


3/31/2015 09:11:36 pm

I have the unfortunate gift to see through the veil. The hatman is a low level demon who loves your negative feelings and feeds of them . praying and feeling love en light will chase it away. No feeding ground is no energy


7/12/2015 02:22:40 pm

How do you blow you have gifts? I feel like I could have extra intuition than others do but I’m not sure.

6/25/2016 09:47:23 pm

I think you may be on to something Lexa. Please read my story below, I would appreciate your thoughts. 

Now is the “Hat Man” a demon or what my shaman said was a vampire spirit? In my understanding demons are inhuman spirits that want to cause pain and destruction, where as vampire spirits were human who feed on negative emotions and can manipulate us to do so. I think of the movie Insidious as a pretty good example of the difference between the two. Guess they are all kind of the same and it doesn’t matter what we call them. They are both pretty evil. Although I feel the more we understand them the more power we will have to keep them from influencing our lives and the lives of others.

Regardless your answer for the solution is true. The happier, more loving and positive we are gives them nothing to feed on.

12/28/2016 02:18:21 pm

The day I saw the hatman was the day I went to the onocologist with my Mother. The onocologist told my Mother she had stage 4 breast cancer and would likely die. I was distressed while visiting my friends that night I started to have a mini stroke as I was blacking out I was praying to God that I would not faint in front of my friends this is when is when I saw the hatman as I prayed he disappeared.

Lisa Kaufman
7/5/2017 05:34:43 pm

Curiosity is killing me but I have very few resources to ask about these things; Do you know about demon’s? I have seen something (2 somethings) who work together (from what I could tell) They were around and quite unlike anything I had ever seen.My parents were hippies, we lived deep in the country and didn’t have televisions or any sort of stories that would have led to my imagination to make these things up . 2 small boys(?) with old faces, old ugly faces gaps between their teeth monkey like wrinkly human faces. One had dry thick messy dirty red hair and the other had darker hair. Both had unusually large eyes. They would taunt me when I was sick, sleeping, put things off my floor in my mouth, toys, hair. Watch to see if I would swallow and my eyes would tear up trying not to choke on these things. They would tell me to be careful and not to swallow but laugh at me and not let me spit anything out because if I opened my mouth to push anything out they would push something else in. I would hold my mouth shut tight until they would leave and then hold it until I would nearly vomit in case they were hiding watching. I’ve been bit by them several times trying to get me to open my mouth. The bites were obvious for days afterward. Usually my legs and feet but one time it was on the back of one of my arms (I couldn’t see that one after but my mother did) I’ve had them tie an entire ball of orange yarn in tiny knots and try to push it all in my mouth. That was pretty bad. That was in the 70’s. In the 80’s I was a young teen and using drugs. They showed up once when I was huffing and every time I used acid. It was more likely hallucinations but it kept them fresh in my memory. As an adult I have seen them but I am braver now I look directly in their faces the few times I have seen them and they smile confidently but leave almost instantly. I think they are real and see my fear under the facade. OK the only reasons I won’t completely write this off as completely imaginary is because of the bite marks everyone could see and the fact that Mel Gibson incorporated very like creatures into his movie “The Passion of the Christ” when Judas was being chased by children after turning Jesus in. I’m far from religious but I do enjoy history. What do you suppose these things are (were) ? I’ve actually called a random Catholic church after watching that movie to see if they were some sort of regular phenomenon religious people experienced. All he said was that he thought they were simply something added for special effect and if I ever saw them again “turn away and pray” . I don’t actually know how to pray but I found the words to a prayer and memorized it (just in case) . Have you heard of such a thing before? Their look was very distinct. Strangely I found a picture that reminds me of them (only grown) on google images when I was looking up “inbred” to make a meme. 2 young men laughing.In full color. Who else could I ask about this? I wish I knew that Silvia Brown lady. I don’t even believe in this stuff, it shouldn’t be bothering me. I assumed creepy things like that only bothered religious people.

10/23/2014 04:29:30 am

For years I tough this only happened to me, and now just doing some research I found this blog.

I must say, this was the most surreal experience I had in my 30 years of life, I was only 13 years old when I was seating in my kitchen alone, eating a bowl of cereal and watching tv like any normal kid just waiting for my parents to arrive from work. (this was around 3pm)

Suddenly I felt the urge to watch the hall next to the kitchen, and I saw this super tall shadow wearing a trench coat and a hat, not a regular hat, but a really old one, a top hat of the 20s or 30s, he didnt have legs, he was floating across our hall, and went straight to our door and dissapeared.

I never saw his face, I just saw him so clearly, I started screaming and crying, I was so terrorized by this thing, whatever it was, I called my father crying on the phone telling him what just happened, he was so scared he tought a thief was in the house, but I told him that thing vanished in our front door.

This was the most terrifying day of my life, it was so real, I still cant understand what happened, I never saw him again, and I hope Ill never see him ever, Im a really analytical and logical person.

I hope some day I can find an explanation of who is this man that appears around the world, its more scary now that I know Im not the only one.

*Sorry for my english, I dont live in the United States, Im from Panama.


12/26/2014 10:14:55 am

I was amazed coming across this blog,i have been telling my story for years,i was on my way to church one day like any other sunday. And i crossed a small bridge then looked in the side mirror and that’s when i seen him standing there at the bridge,he actually was leaning on the siderail of bridge and when he turned to look my way i seen the bottom of his trench coat move like blowing in the wind,he was just standing there and as i stared at him in my car mirrors i wasnt scared but amazed,i drive that way every day and have never seen hhim again.


12/27/2014 10:19:48 am

Could this be coincidence or another example of the power of suggestion? It’s possible, it’s also possible that this is an Urban Legend and that people had heard the story at one point or another and are simply dreaming.

So what do you guys think the Hat Man is? Do you think this is a real Phenomena?
Well I saw this man when I was a child and don’t ever remember anyone talking about him until I mentioned it to someone and we described different areas of him before we agreed that we saw the same thing. Both in broad daylight, similar location. But years later after not thinking about him a guy I worked with mentioned him. I said nothing until he asked if I was ok, because it looked like I’d seen a ghost! So I believe it is real, not an Urban Legend and was not a dream. All I remember is seeing him and wanting to run for my life. Not sure what my age was but was in the 70’s. I’m starting to see trauma as a common link to this tho.


3/10/2015 03:43:37 am

Emotional trauma and a troubled environment certainly seem to attract this phenomenon. Mine was after my parents separation and before that, when there was domestic problems between them


6/25/2016 09:57:10 pm

Yep. Mine was after a devastating break-up. This indicates its a parasitic/vampire spirit as they feed on emotional pain. But who knows for sure. I think all these separate but similar accounts, certainly indicate clues as to what it is really is.

6/25/2016 09:54:17 pm

Hello G, good question, but my own personal experience is proof its not urban legend, at least for me as I have never even heard of the “Hat Man” until today and what I experienced occurred in 2000. I have a witness to corroborate it too, Not saying I know what kind of entity it is, but we have to accept reality and what we can know for sure is, it is intelligent, it can communicate with us, and its non-physical. 

Beyond that….


12/27/2014 06:19:22 pm

Guys, these stories are amazing, keep them coming. I am going to do another post about Shadow People and more specifically “The Hat Man” very soon.


4/6/2016 08:11:56 pm

I would love more information on this “hat man” I feel as if he comes to the people who are associated with sadness / depression and near death experiences . I’ve only seen him once . But I don’t want to see him again


7/6/2016 04:11:23 am

Yes, I started seeing the hat man around the time that I had a near death experience. I had bled out in recovery after a hysterectomy and it was a miracle that I survived. I really shouldn’t have. I had felt like he was here for a reason but nobody else has ever mentioned this before. Why do you think this?

12/28/2014 05:52:17 pm

Excuse short comment. I accidentally unsubscribed. But I did mention this to someone at work today and they also looked odd, then mentioned something similar in their room, at night. I also have experienced knocking on my window at night with a hooded figure shadow. At the time I thought it was a witch as I was very young. And was spooked to the extent, I needed a light on and would also leap on to my bed, in fear that something was under it.
Looking forward to the next blog 😮


4/25/2015 04:10:00 pm

I felt so terrified of ‘the hooded man’ who seemed to follow and appear at random, i feared to even think of him as i felt he knew somehow..and the very act of allowing of him to enter my thoughts would bring him back. I was always paralysed, as he stood towering over me by my bed. Never did i get the impression of face, arms, legs .. he just seemed to ‘float/hover’. 
Then, every now and then, i would also see ‘the man with the broad brimmed hat’ (as i call him). He too would strike terror into my veins. And the same types of things, paralysis, & the feeling i would die, completely encompassed me. The difference .. he also entered my dreams.
I soon came to realise they were one and the same person/being. I felt the broad brimmed hat was a disguise. 
I never felt i could speak of him to anyone, or it would bring him to them too. So i stayed very silent.
Then, one day, my baby cousin spoke to me about him visiting her at night. I was terrified for her! She was maybe 4 or 5 yrs old. 
I soon found out another cousin and aunt had also seen ‘the hooded man’. Been paralysed, terror stricken.
I still refused to mention him much as i still felt he would find me. I especially refused to ever mention him by name. So sat on the memories…for years…wondering.
Some 12 yrs later, i met a man who had him tattooed on his arm, & that fear tumbled over at the very sight of him. I looked at this guy shocked and asked him about the tattoo. He described the exact same guy ! I couldn’t believe he had had the same experiences and now wore him on his arm! When i asked why, his answer, “so i never forget who he is”. 
We kind of fell into a heavy silence when i decided to broach the hat… i said “be careful, do you know he also appears in another form?” His reply “yes. He disguises himself in a broad brimmed hat.” His next statement blew my mind as he said ” that’s when he can enter your dreams”.
He is the only person i have met who has experienced, & knows the same thing i do. 
Now for some context people, i am from an era before the internet, before any stories of him ever did the rounds. 
My first encounters were almost 40 years ago now.
And no, they are not just stories, he is very real.
How do so many people, so many countries, from such a huge time span, that we are aware of only since information and wealth of experience could be shared like this, all see the same man?? It is not fiction. It is not a dream, or trick of the mind. It is not a sleep paralysis symptom. He is real.
My dog waking me by growling, staring at this man hackles raised, whilst i lay paralysed, attests to that.
My little dog who never barked, whom i had ‘never’ heard growl saw him too.
So there is my experience. Take it or leave it. I don’t care. I know what i know. 
A word of advice on the paralysis, you ‘can’ still move, just not your physical body. In your panic try to remember that. And if you scoff at that idea, think, you have seen this guy, you know he is not of this world/realm/whatever, so what makes it such a hard stretch to realise we can still move ourselves without the restriction of body.
It works.
Take care people.


10/18/2015 08:35:04 pm

Actually even though this is about the hat man i too have seen this hooded death he i was sick in a dream bed riddin trying anything to get off the bed i was also sick in real life i woke up in sleep paralysis and the room got dark darker than the dark that was there and he popped out from the left of me and looked over me as a doctor would a dying patient and grabbed my hand through the comforter and i felt the coldest cold straight to the bone or maybe my astral body? And its was like it was eating my fear and then. He disapeared to the left again.

12/31/2014 04:27:53 am

I have seen the hat man one time. I am just now finding out that this is a common entity people have been seeing. About a year ago my boyfriend and a buddy of mine were at my house. My buddy left around 11 or so. The side door next to my room is hard to shut just right. Basically only myself and my family know how to close this door properly. My mom woke me up in the middle of the night screaming that the door was wide open. She was very angry closed the door and went back in her room. I drifted back off to sleep. I woke up shortly after terrified. I felt something was not right. I tried to nudge my boyfriend without making sudden movements but he would not wake up. At the foot of my bed was the hat man. He just stood there staring at me. I stared back at him unable to move or even blink. He may of stood there for a few minutes. He smiled at me and disappeared… but I could not see his face he was only a silhouette. Somehow I knew he smiled at me and I could see it. Kind of hard to explain. After he left my room I had this feeling that he took something from me. I don’t know what it was but the feeling was extremely over whelming. Not physically but he definitely took something from me. I think that the door being open in the middle of the night may have invited him in. I have not seen him since that night.


12/31/2014 01:00:29 pm

I was for Years old so 1984. We were in a parking garage, my mom left me in the car to go get her check or something. I seen him clear a day. He was about 6’5 long trench coat black lIke Josey Wales type hat. Red eyes and I mean like fire red. I’ve been looking for this guy forever and now all.of a sudden it a pphenomena everyone is talking about. I thought I was the only one who seen this Thing. I remember smelling smoke like electrical smoke really badly. He had long claws and scratch the cars he walked through. Then next thing he was gone. So two years go buy and I see him again in the same parking garage. This time I asked my mom why this guy she works with is so scary and I explained it to her and she said she don’t work with anybody in that description especially with red eyes. She blamed it on movie my sister watched with me to scare me. I researched not one movie or show ever featured this Haman guy I looked for months every twighlight zone every night gallery tales from the crypt, nothing so I know I wasn’t daydreaming and I say that cause it always occurred around like 3 in the afternoon. I’ll never forget him I’ve had nightmare about that apparition for my entire life…..


1/10/2015 11:00:25 pm

There was a ton of turmoil in my household. It was due to my older brother being an average teenager, and my parents fighting about it. I remember during my high schools years when home alone during the evenings, I would watch my TV in my room. My door would be open. Sometimes, I’d think I would see shadows at the corner of my eye. Lights would dim for about 2 seconds and go back to normal……sometimes dishes in the dish rack would just shift. I would just try to explain it to myself. “Someone may have grabbed something from the dish rack earlier. Dad installed those dimmers…maybe it wasn’t a good install….maybe the shadows I thought I saw were just the lights dimming from the possibly bad wiring.” I remember one evening, we were all home…..the glass shower door in the restroom just shattered…..the oddest thing. So all these odd little things just happened for a few years. 

It was approx 1993-4…..I was 16 or 17. I was sleeping on my back. For whatever reason, I woke up at around 2am. Right when I opened my eyes, I saw “The Hat Man” standing at the foot of my bed…..the Gaucho Hat with the wide brim, the long black coat and the glowing red eyes. He stood tall and he had his head tipped with his brim shadowing his face. I did see that his face was a skull……although I did not see his full face, I did see the left side of his jaw bone. I had immediately felt a huge weight on my chest when I opened my eyes… felt like all the air was taken out of lungs. As this was so unexpected, it was suffocating. I was literally paralyzed. I remember clearly trying to move……..nothing. It didn’t allow me to blink. I remember clearly trying desperately trying kick or just bring my arms up, and there was this weight just pinning me down. At this point, this is all within approx 5 seconds. We were staring directly at each other the entire time. As I start to comprehend what’s going on and begin to realize I was honestly awake and coherent, I start to try to scream, ‘Dad!’……my voice sounded like I was getting chocked. I didn’t feel hands or pressure around my throat…..just the greatest pressure on my chest. As me trying to scream and the inability to bang on my wall (my parent’s room was next to mine), I thought I was beginning to die. This was a type of fear I can’t even describe. It’s as if he uses your eyes as the doorway or window into your soul….and once he locks eyes with you, it paralyzes you. What he never paralyzed was my brain. I was thinking for myself the entire time. As I was already 10 seconds in without a single breath, I began to say “The Our Father” prayer. Immediately, the pressure came off. I remember the air just filling back into my lungs very fast……as this was happening, I had the power to close my eyes and move again. As I very quickly placed the the blanket over my head, the coldest chill… a jolt….when right up my spine….like the epitome of “spine-tingling”. I was so frightened. I was massively cold-sweating and shaking. The shaking was from fear that the being was still at the foot of my bed and the sense that there was a drop in temperature in the room. My shirt was covered in sweat. I prayed The Our Father and Hail Mary repeatedly for about an hour….under my blanket. My mind might been playing tricks, but my worst fear was that it was still standing beside me….this time closer. It’s almost like i still felt the bad energy around me, but was protected with prayer. I had decided to take a peek to see if it was there….it was gone. I’ve never seen it again. However, I still feel like that bad energy still follows me to this day. However, I’m very protected in prayer. I don’t think it would be able to surface again. And to this day, I’m still scared to sleep on my back.


10/4/2015 08:13:39 am

Paralysis always happens on my back too.


1/24/2015 09:02:00 am

I was five when I dreamt of the hatman. In my dream I saw a two dimensional black figure with a top hat and cape floating at the entry to my room. He tapped his hat to the side and stretched out his hand as if offering me to accompany him to a dance. In this realistic dream, I stretched out my arm and the nexo thing I knew was that I was floating from room to room and it made me so happy; I only woke up when he laughed out loud while as he went through a wall and I attempt to follow where I would fall to the ground as my head would hit the wall. In reality, I did wake up in a different room with a bruised head because I was actually sleep walking. I continously slept walked for one year as contiously had these dreams, except I always would fall in a different room. If this presence was death, we frankly got along; he always laughed me since I kept bumping my head against walls. The irony is that throughout my life I have had close encounters with Death and I am still here; I guess he likes to dance, tease and laugh at me.


Lisa McCue
1/29/2015 08:15:29 am

I had a visit from the hat man less than a year ago. I woke up suddenly from sleep, as did my dog who was sleeping at the foot of the bed, and we both automatically looked at the bedroom door, which was ajar. The hat man was leaning around the door, peeking in at me and I had an immediate sense of him saying to me, without speaking out loud, that he was just checking to see if I was okay. Then, he left. I felt no fear at all and didn’t sense anything negative from him. I just said back to him mentally, Oh, okay, and then I went back to sleep. My dog did the same thing. So, I don’t understand all the stories about fear and negative emotions and death. My life has actually taken a positive turn since then and, knock on wood, no one in my life, including me, obviously, has died. Anyone else out there had a positive experience?


6/15/2015 08:23:58 pm

I had a positive experience. I know this might sound hard to believe, but my very first memories as a kid (around 8 months old) are of a shadow person similar to the Hat Man. Except mine wasn’t a man, but a woman. She was about 6’5″ish and had a big hat on, like ladies wear in southern baptist churches. She also wore an apron. I know for sure this was a woman as she had boobs.

I was around 8 months old when I had my first memory of her. Anyway, she used to come to my room via walking through the window, come straight to my crib and play with me and my toys. I loved her. Never had a bad experience. 

The last time I ever saw this shadow lady was when my mother barged into the room with a broom. She told the shadow to get away from me and the shadow walked through the window. 

This moment was never mentioned until my 8th birthday when I asked my mother and father about it. When I brought it up my father instantly got angry at my mother and said “goddamit woman, you been telling him that ghost story.” “No!” she replied and I hopped in saying that I had several memories and that my mother never mentioned it (which she didn’t.) Apparently, everyone in my house (me, my mother and my brother) except my father had seen it, each time in my room playing with me. My mother had observed it 3 times and my older brother once. They all said they came to my room when they would hear me laughing in the middle of the night. I have crystal clear memories of some of the visits.

I asked my mother why she chased it away and she said I was crying and that the ghost looked like it was going to hurt me. While I don’t recall crying, I do remember it spreading it’s body over me like a dark cloud as if to envelope me. I don’t know what would have happened.

Never saw her again after this, but I did have future issues with sleep paralysis occasionally and have a dream about a shadow standing in the doorway when I was older (during a sleep paralysis episode).

Anyway, I can’t say I ever had a “bad” experience with it. On the contrary, the shadow lady was my friend. She used to tickle me, and play with my toys. She didn’t have red eyes and there wasn’t anything remotely sinister about her visits. Furthermore, there were no serious problems in my house. We were a pretty average family. I believe my great-grandather was in poor health, but doubt it’s related. My mother claims it resembled her grandmother who had recently passed before I was born.

I swear on my father’s grave and all of my honor that this is a true story. For years we’ve wondered about this thing and what it means that I was visited so frequently by it.


2/12/2015 02:45:38 am

I’ve seen his face. Back when I was 14 or 15 I was in the back bedroom in my house doing my math homework very late at night. My mom had already gone to bed and I was sitting up until 4 am. Everything explained here fits what I saw. He was very tall wearing a hat and a long black trench coat. I remember that I was doing a math problem and everything was silent. The room felt wrong and disturbed. I decided to look behind me. That was when I saw him. His arms were wide and outstretched with thick pale fingers reaching to wrap around me. At that moment, he disappeared. He was very pale and had a large jaw and eyes so wide that it seemed that he did not have eyelids. His eyes were extremely blue. I do not know if anyone else has seen him this way or if he looks different to everyone. It was simply terrifying.


2/20/2015 07:21:42 pm

I’ve been having dreams of the hat man ever since I tried to commit suicide back when I was 19. I am 26 years old now, and I still have dreams with him in it from time to time. The creepy thing is, I always see his face, the blue eyes, but he never wears the fedora top hat. I’m just assuming that he’s the hat man from everyone else’s description of him. He usually wears all black with a tie. He almost always looks like an old man in my dreams with a creepy half smile on his face and he usually never says anything.


11/18/2015 05:56:01 pm

Yep, bluey-grey eyes, not red as reported a lot of times, big, wide eyes, staring in a steely, psychotic way; absolutely, terrible look in them.


2/15/2015 10:30:39 am

I saw two dark shadows recently and one being tall like a woman with spikes in her hair like a Japanese woman wears sticks to hold her hair up. The other was a thin man with a hat on with both hands on his hips confronting the other image and the other image was confronting him with a hand going towards his face like sign language, as if she was an Indian using her one hand towards his chin like she was compromising with him. They were like the blackest silhouettes I’ve ever seen. He would look at my room and back with her constantly. I assumed the other was a woman because of the robe like figure but this figure was taller then the man and seemed to be calm and not peering at me. The man with the hat was standing with both hands on his hips and leaning in far to the other dark silhouette as if he was angry not wanting to compromise. They were not moving lips but more of body language. He looked as if he was wearing a three piece suit but all black standing facing her with his side view to me but it was like a complete black figure which would turn his head to my bedroom peering in but not directly to my eyes. I never in my life looked on a computer for ghosts or black shadows or anything of that nature. I was having signs for three days prior up to my my great niece being killed in a car accident. I was feeling as if my room was cold and the air heavy. I actually felt as if there was a strong being a burst of energy and that this energy was lifting and spinning me until I was drained on the very first night. I had a hand come up beside me in the bed and wiggled its fingers saying la la la la on another night. I’ve tried moving and speaking but couldn’t. I tried so hard to speak that I could hear myself growling, slurring and paralyzed. The following day I had placed some boxes in a plastic storage bag under our stairwell along with Christmas lights. As I placed this bag back on top of the computer box, I heard some childlike voices saying Merry Christmas at least three times. My dog was with me and started barking and scratching at the bag. I emptied the contents and nothing was in the storage bag to make these sounds. The next day I got a call from my Mother that my sisters granddaughter whom was eighteen was killed in a car accident. That night of her death I saw nothing, then the following day is when I saw the shadows. I calked my Mom and she said to get a priest to come and bless the house. I told her that the images were in complete black like we had cut out of construction paper to make silhouettes. I told my Mother that this was something I’ve never encountered and said that I would look on the internet for black shadow people and a man wearing a hat and as soon as I found one I called my Mother and told her that several persons have seen this. A week later I attended the funeral and my niece was buried in her pink scarf that she was wearing during the accident. The following day I headed up towards a bridge and a big crane almost hit my car and I braked to watch it land across the highway. I continued up a bridge and saw a pink scarf in the middle of the road and had a chill come over my body. The same evening I was vacuuming and heard a Big Bang sound and my dogs were barking. I stopped the vacuum just assuming that perhaps something fell upstairs and as I approached the sunroom the duct vent from that floor was up and leaning up against the wall which seemed to be impossible to do. The heater was turned off twenty minutes before I started cleaning. My husband hadn’t seen anything but has heard walking upstairs and our children are grown and moved away. I even got my husband to drive this highway looking for the scarf and we found it against a guardrail. I’ve seen people before whom are dead relatives of mine during childhood and adulthood. That night in bed with the energy being taken felt as if you’re being raped and violated. Been scared ever since. If my husband leaves for work before dark I get up and go downstairs with my dogs. It’s been going on for over two weeks now. Please help and advise. Tina


2/25/2015 12:35:45 pm

I had an experience with this so called “hatman” but the man i saw was super tall had a long top hat he had hair alnost shadowed like dreads n i never saw a face he had a big lobg coat on and i had tried to wake my mother up while she was sleeping ob the bottom bunk with my sister as the hatman was standing across the room by the closet door…i had toldmy momn she sed leave her alone bc she doesnt want it to mess with her… so i was freaking out mind u i was onli 5/6 years old when this occurance had taken place….after she told me to go back to bed the hatman started walkn towards the bed he walked diagnolly from the closet to the conrner of our bunk bed where my head was. I then put the blanket over ny head just asking god to protect me n he went thru the wall but what was even worse was that there were about 6 figures in cloaks with reaper knifes just folowing him three on each side… i havebt seen this man since then but im 19 now n hope to not c this entity any time soon…just wanted to share my experience…


5/4/2015 02:51:46 pm

I saw the man at a young age and the last night I saw him they were on a bridge with different color hats and coats. After that I never saw them again


11/27/2015 01:39:20 am

I have had a similar experience while I was 6-7 ……i was sleeping on a mattress on the ground and woke up in the middle of the night my bed was next to the wall drobe and I looked at the wall drobe and say a coat I thought nothing of it but I kept rubbing my eyes and looking back at the coat I don’t know why I kept trying to get a better look but then I realised it wasn’t a coat it was a tall man in a black suit with no face and fully black I cant remember if he was wearing a hat but I was shit scared I chucked the blanket over my head and every couple of seconds I would sneak a peak because he was standing on my ankles it wasn’t heavy it felt like 4 big pillow’s on my ankles I,ve never been so scared in my LIFE,so as I had my blanket over my head I yelled MUM!!!!! I went from quite to loud then my step dad turned on the lights and the he was gone I was crying lol, I was so scared then my stepdad said I was dreaming but I wasn’t this memory will probably stay with me forever.


2/22/2016 11:17:36 pm

When i was a child the hat man stood in my closet every night he would terrize me and i would have nightmeres of things so grafic that a child my age should have never known about

2/27/2015 06:06:18 pm

At the age of 18, my parents had split and I remained with my father in the family home. One weekend, dad had gone away to stay at a girlfriend’s house and me and my dog Tramp had the house to ourselves. 
Bored, I decided to swap rooms with my dad and spent all Friday evening moving furniture. I slept in my new room to be woken by I don’t know what. I looked at the clock – 3:38am.
The following night I went to bed and was woken, again. The clock displayed 3:38am.
Sunday night I kept Tramp in the room. Again, I awoke and heard the dog growling. I knew what time the clock would say, as I turned. Sure enough: 3:38. I rolled onto my back and saw the blackest shadow at the foot of the bed. It was a man in a trench coat and a wide brimmed hat. His right hand slowly reached towards me, as I pulled the covers over my head. I don’t know how long I stayed there, before peeping over my blankets to see an empty room.


3/4/2015 02:59:46 am

I was the hat man too, I was sleeping when I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt somebody was watching me. When I looked up I saw a long tall man in a long black coat and a hat leaning over me aside my bed and staring at me. I could not see his face, he was entirely black. I felt disturbed and desorientated but not scared. I began to pray, and as I prayed the negative energy started to become weaker and weaker, and eventually he was gone. And then I went back to sleep… I hope he will stay away.


3/6/2015 12:57:21 am

I have been really down when I seen a Man walk through my kitchen area a week ago I didn’t think nothing of it because I thought I was dreaming. Just last night I sleep with my room door opened and I opened my right eye and there he was a vision in my kitchen of a window and a man with a trench coat standing there tilting his hat. I was awake at the time I was not asleep. This morning I advised my niece of what happened & drew a picture of the man I scribbled half of his coat to show her what he looked like and it spelled out Bad Man This has really creep me out. I hope he stays far away from me. I have a lot going on & I really don’t need his vibes


3/6/2015 03:34:21 am

DP, there seems a common theme with some of the sightings. Mine came after my parents had split; I was at a difficult age and the room where it had occured had a less than harmonious recent past. Had there been emotional trauma before the apparition?


3/6/2015 08:01:23 am

Guys I posted a few of your stories on today’s blog post and I also let everyone know that the short story I wrote based on these stories is now available on


Lana Rayphole
3/9/2015 10:16:26 am

This is not a thing to be messed with. It has been following me since I was three years old. The first time I saw it, I saw it in the mirror in the bathroom. I screamed and cried. My Mother seemed to think it was funny and held the doorknob so I couldn’t get out. It continues to follow and bother me. BTW I can not ever be innthe bathroom with the door closed. EVER. It’s kinda weird when you go to someone’s house and you can’t close the door. The thing that follows me gave the name Baul ( ball). Not something you want to mess with. And to the person that said God can’t help you. God can and does help and protect you. It follows you because you have something important to do for God. That’s my story. I really don’t like to talk about it to much because it gives it more power and also there are alot of non believers.


12/21/2015 11:02:51 am

You are so right it wants to keep you from doing the work of the Lord whether you atheist or not!


5/20/2016 12:10:35 pm

Lana, Im so sorry you had to go through that. My heart aches for you. Im so glad its intentions back fired and you have utilized your experience in a constructive, Godly way. From the way you speak, i can tell you are a sensitive soul with gifts and desires to heal the world. That is something we have in common, and i believe that is why certain children and people are targeted. I know it is an attempt to decrease our abilities to heal and love. Im so glad you have realized that too. I have only seen him once, at the age of 8. But the strange thing is, i did not fear him, at all, despite my phobia of things like that as a child, i simply ackowledged his presence and turned my head away from him and fell asleep. I wasnt so much scared as i was annoyed. I do not know why i was annoyed to this day. It was as if i knew him and he seemed to almost love me and exude a caring heartache as though i was his daughter and he missed me?. I still find it so amazing that i gathered all that i formation at the age of 8. Im not sure if we are talking about the same hat man, but the reason i asked you is to get an understanding of its true intention. Also, the entity that visited me was a 2 story tall grey old man with a blurry sad frowning face in a trenchcoat and top hat. I felt sorry for him. Have you ever witnessed a specifically grey entity in a top hat and trench coat? Thank you for responding. 



3/9/2015 11:11:26 pm

I woke up in the middle of the night in a state of sleep paralysis. At the other side of the room, I saw a totally dark tall, slender, caped figure with a wide brimmed hat. I was very perplexed by what I was seeing. I come from a country where such appearance is very uncommon, so it just didn’t feel like a burglar. At first the figure was standing there, apparently indifferent to me. I overcame my fear from my sleep paralysis, became really angry and mentally shouted out to him “who are you? you have no right to be here”. I could hear myself mumbling. Then the figure turned its attention to me. I did not see its face, but felt the power of its intent. I kept shouting mentally, full of righteous anger: “I am a child of God and in God’s name I command you to leave”. Then the figure threw something at me. It looked like someone throwing a CD to someone else, with a frisbee-like move of the arm and wrist. That “CD-like” object hit me on my adam’s apple, I started coughing, got myself out of the sleep paralysis and the figure was gone.


3/14/2015 07:10:47 am

I was in my room and the time on my clock turned to 3:07 and I tried to go back to sleep but I kept on seeing these black shadows all around my room I tried to go to sleep in my moms room but they kept on flashing around my moms room too so I went and used the bathroom and then I seen this hat on my shower pole anyway the next day I went to my friends for the night and I seen her dog barking at the hallway I thought that she was just barking at the rain or something but then I seen this guy he looked so tall and he tipped a hat at me anyway I went screaming only to find my friend choked but still alive the next year or so I never seen anything again but to this day it still scares me


3/17/2015 04:48:34 am

This is something that I have extensively studied, and looked into on various parallels across the world. The black fedora shadow figure is not something that is specific to one country nor is it based on any specific folklore or urban legend. In fact, many people (especially children) have seen these beings while they were young – and even continue to see them later in life. Most people that experience this “phenomenon” and I use that term very loosely, do not come forward with their experiences in fear of personal safety and social standing. Every 1 person that comes forward, accounts for about 1 in 1000 or so unspoken experiences. 

There is a very dark and sinister story behind these beings, and the only reason they appear with human characteristics is so we can associate them to a being that belongs amongst the populous. They have been seen in every culture, at every stage of human advancement. They have been recorded ever since writings and records have been kept – therefore it is also safe to say that they predate those records. Their forms have changed, but not their actions or intentions.

The same fedora hat being, and the “men in black (MiB)” are one in the same. There is no difference between the two other than how and when they present themselves. Both seeking suppression of the truth , through fear and oppression to those that they visit. They are searching, for evidence that the time is at hand, and they are searching for a higher knowledge than they themselves possess. This is also why there is no records which can be found of these individuals. The real “boogyman” was first conceived from this same experience – which later was adopted into many various forms and creatures in hollywood. 

They have no good intent, and are self seeking. Do not kid yourselves into believing they are good in any way.


5/21/2015 01:46:08 pm

So I’ve come to this blog knowing my children have seen this hat man when they too were very young… however it is not the reasoning behind me reaching out,telling my story and seeing if anyone has had an expierence with the thing that haunted me when i was four years of age. Also i may want to add that on my mothers side of the family my grandmother,grandfather, and three uncles all have seen this being if you will. I do also want to point out that my mother doesnt remember seeing him or interacting with him nor has my aunt seen him.So at the age of 4 i was visiting my mum who lived with my grandparents.i remember as if it were yesterday. the pj’s i had on the home the diff rooms all so vivid. i awoke to get something to eat . walked into kitchen pull jiffy peanut butter out of cabnet and laid ontable . looked ahead were the door lead to the outside. now this was the only door on the house and it was two steps dwn from kitchen to go out of it and on either side was a wall. from one of these walls out came a being that floated towards me. i was naturally scared could not scream though. i circled around the kitchen table as it followed and then i stopped. this being i can only describe as looking simular to a grim reaper. he was wearing a long black tattered cloak and his hair was long and thin barley there but white as snow. his skin old,wrinkley and appeared as though it were translucent because i could make out what appeared to be a skeletal frame in his hands. he spoke and asked me to take him to my mother . i cried running into the next room where she was asleep in bed and shook her telling her that i was scared and he wanted to talk to her. she opened her eyes and i will never forget how she gasped in horror at the site of him and pick me up and put me behind her on the bed. he then spoke. i remember a sound that came from him and her reply was no…. then i woke up the next day , too terrified to speak of the event i went on as if nothing happened. I still have no idea who or what it is. it has appeared to my gma and gpa and to uncles though to them only as a hand under the garage door when they were younger and tried to pull them under the door and as a golden snake and went up into a ball of smoke. my mother was diagnoised w Schizophrenia about a yr prior to this. im not sure if that is why she doesnt remember. one of my uncles tells a story of when she was pregnant with me that she was living on the haunted side of town and while he and my mother and father were playing cards one night she was lifted up against the wall by something and a rug was levetated and they saw a large black shadow with red eyes. its kinda talked about in the family about the grim reaper thing being a haunting just associated with us but again im not sure. Ive come here to this blog to [pass along my story and see if any can help.


3/19/2015 06:39:08 am

I believe I had an encounter with the Hat Man several years ago (end of summer 2011). I was living in a very hostile environment, and had turned to meditation to bring in the good, and let out the bad (so to speak). A few weeks before I saw the Hat Man, I was meditating in front of the slide & glass door (my normal spot bc it was warm & inviting), and a series of birds slammed into the door, several minutes apart from each other. I felt terrible! I went outside to see if they were ok. Thankfully I didn’t find any bird bodies, but it really shook me up. But I continued meditating, thinking it was just a crazy thing that happened.
After that, was when I saw him. I was sleeping, facing the wall. I remember rolling over and seeing him. He was very tall with a hat, standing maybe 5 feet from where I was lying. I remember him as more of a solid figure, in that I couldn’t see part my dresser that was behind him. I don’t know how I did it, but told myself I was dreaming and rolled back over, facing the wall, and went back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I jolted up remembering everything that happened. I knew & still know it wasn’t a dream. 

I’ve never told anyone about this. I’m sure they will think it was all in my head or really was just a dream. I can tell you I haven’t meditated again since. I guess I’ve always been afraid that it was because of me opening myself up like that, that he came. Regardless, its just nice to know I’m not the only one.


jordan adams
3/24/2015 10:51:13 pm

I didnt know till today that a horrible experience i had when i was younger was real the hat man shadow appeared to me when i was about seven and for all these years people told me that eyes playing tricks on me but now i know its not it actually happens


Lisa McCue
3/25/2015 01:11:39 am

Am I the only person who had a positive experience with this being?


Seen alot
3/31/2015 05:08:44 am

Not exactly I’ve had both good and bad experiences I just want to know why he comes there must be a reason


Lisa McCue
3/31/2015 08:57:43 am

A short description of my experience: I was sleeping alone around this time last year, because my husband had a night job, and I woke up suddenly at about 2:00 a.m. My dog woke up, too and both of us looked straight at the bedroom door, which was about halfway open. A shadow man, in a fedora and trench coat, was leaning around the door, looking at me. I felt no fear and I sensed him saying, “Just checking to see if you’re okay.” Then, he disappeared. I simply lay down and went back to sleep. I don’t know why I didn’t freak out. Maybe because I felt nothing bad from him, but actually felt that he was a friend of some kind and that I was grateful that he checked in on me. I have no idea why I would think that. He’s not the first shadow person I’ve seen. I’ve been seeing them since I was a small child, but I have never felt threatened by them. I would like to hear from others who have had a good experience.

4/28/2015 07:09:24 am

No, I would also describe my experience with (what I believe to be) the being as a positive one. Or, well maybe not positive, but more not bad? I think I’m just gonna tell the story to save you the confusion.

It started like with most people, waking up in the middle of the night, opening my eyes and voilà! A man in a dark suit with a hat on his head stared down at me. At first I was startled stiff and all I could do was to stare right back at him. Somehow it all changed as I got a feeling of sadness from him, I don’t remember his face clearly but I do remember thinking about how sad his eyes looked- as if he had to leave and was unsure if he would be able to come back. It was as if he was saying sorry for not being there or something. I wanted to say something “Who are you?” I believe it was but he disappeared before I had the chance. It was all so peculiar. I was ten at the time (nine years ago) and my mother died in cancer (in our home) not long after the encounter. I always thought he was some kind of guardian angel that had to leave me or maybe just a figment of my imagination. There has been times when I have believed that it was all just a dream but after coming across this ‘hat man’ my hope got a new spark to cling to at the same time as a spark of fear has been born inside of me. When so few seem to have had a “positive” experience when confronted with these shadow people I cannot help but wonder over why the ones who have them do. As a child I remember seeing these black blurrs quite often before my meeting with the one I believe to be the hat man. After my meeting with him however I did not see them as often. I remember thinking that they were just a figment of my imagination – even as a child. 

Since then I have told people about my experience with the man at my bedside and believe it or not both my mother and grandmother experienced roughly the same thing. My grandmother with a man she described as most people describe the hat man, trench coat, hat, all black, menacing. She was around 20 at the time she first encountered him and he visited her a few times before suddenly stopping.

My mother on the other hand was visited by a chubby lady dancing into her bedroom one night, which if I remember correctly was not long before my grandfather died.

Now I worry about the fact that the number of shadows suddenly appearing in my field of vision has increased. You see, my grandmother has become sick and with her old age she may not have a long time left to live. If these shadow people come before us (at least both me and my mother) to mark a time of major suffering and hurt I fear for the life of my grandmother.

By the way, I am sorry for any grammatical mistakes or the like. I am writing this late at night and English isn’t my mother tongue.


5/20/2015 12:32:26 pm

No. Though I feared it from childhood. Recently, I realized it was warning me of a trial on my spiritual journey. And The fear is mine. That I will fail at what I am asked to do.


4/7/2016 11:36:39 am

Hi Gina, your comment resonated with me and I would like to ask you about this further because I too felt a similar feeling. May I ask you a few questions? 


8/1/2015 01:11:25 am

Very Very positive experience….too long to write about….The man in the Black Cape and Hat, no face was walking next to me when I looked into a store window that I was passing by….but I heard no footsteps….when I turned around, no one was within 500 feet of me….It was very positive though….changed my life….


10/31/2015 06:16:07 am

No, Lisa, I had a positive experience, too. It was after I had recovered from the shock of a layoff and he was very reassuring.


Sue k
1/15/2016 10:48:53 am

I’ve got to say that when the hat man appeared to me when I was between 24 and 26 (in the 1980’s), all I felt was a sense of calmness and well-being.


3/25/2015 08:23:20 pm

I saw the hat man in early mornings. It feels it sucks the life out of you and fills you with agression and anger.
The way I got rid of it was by filling it with Love and Light. 

But I have a question. Anyone ever saw a ghost car? One tried to park in front of my place this week but we saw lights, heard the carsounds but then it disappeared as sudden as it came…


11/1/2015 04:36:43 pm

My mom and her cousin saw a ghost car. She lived in the country and she and her cousin were walking from her cousins house to hers. There was a rarely used thin road that had trees on both sides. They saw a car drive through it and when they reached the actual road it went down, the spider webs were all still attached across the road from tree to tree.


Seen alot
3/31/2015 05:07:13 am

I have seen him my whole life I still wonder why he comes not only have I seen him but the father of my kids and his brother and now my children see him they say he only comes to children but that is not true last time I saw him was just last yr in 2014 I was so scared my bf at the time had to calm me down my heart would stop thumping and I was bawling my eyes out in 27 yrs old and I just want to know the truth about him and why he keeps coming last time there was two the hat man and a shadow person never before has that happened shortly after my bf at the time started to see him at his house and he has never experienced anything supernatural before nor did he believe in it I just want to know the truth and y he comes it’s not an omen of death or a breakdown in the family or anything like that next time he comes I think I may get the balls to finally ask I pray he doesn’t but if he does I think I might try


3/31/2015 10:59:39 am

Hearing that other people then I seeing this hat man or I would call him “trench coat shadow man”, shocked me! It was around 3 years ago since I saw this shadow man and I was struggling with depression at that time. Also, it was a time when my house electricity was shut down for almost a year because we were accused of stealing electricity. I remember two encounters with him. The first encounter I remember I was asleep and awoken by these foot steps, but when I woke up, it felt like I was still asleep but awake at the same time. At first I thought maybe it was my mother walking into my room but when I that door open I saw a tall shadow man with a trenchcoat and a hat walk in my room. I remember feeling horrified and couldn’t move or scream, like someone put the mute button on me. The man approached me and when he began to touch me, I could breathe and I had this vibrating feeling. I was too scared that I prayed to god and the man dissapeared. For a while I was scared to even sleep, and unfortunately I had another encounter with him that I rather not speak of.


8/27/2015 12:16:33 pm

This man terrorized me my whole life. Before the Internet was even remotely close to being in our homes. Your last sentence made me think of a time he dragged my mother out of the bed by her legs. I remember the screams I heard from downstairs and my dad running upstairs. I first saw him when I was 7 or 8 years old. Saw him till I moved out, had followed me around the U.S. In all the places I have been. Things this guy has done to me has scarred me for life.


3/31/2015 04:52:43 pm

I implore anyone reading this to take some simple steps in protecting yourself from this dark imposter. Get a bag, any breathable bag will do – do not use a sealed plastic one. Get a handful of white sage, sweetgrass, and a little bit of your own hair – place it in the bag, and then place this bag close to your person when you sleep whether it’s under your pillow, over your bedpost, or resting on a table beside your bed. Some people go out and purchase a leather medicine bag; but this is just for aesthetic purposes and is not necessary.

These entities are bad


3/31/2015 06:33:20 pm

I have seen this man, all my life, he even sat next to me when I was a child in the garden, when my pet died, he re assured me, all was well, but since then I have seen him off and on al my life, I have loads of stories invovling him, but it would take far to long to write it all down, I found this site, because I was wondering if others had ever seen him, now I know,


Lisa McCue
4/1/2015 01:32:47 pm

So, you’ve had positive experiences, too? I’ve only read a few other posters on other sites who’ve had positive experiences. I think maybe the fear I’m reading about originates from the person, not the Hat Man. And everyone seems to jump to “demon” immediately. Why is everything always a demon on these sites?


5/10/2015 06:10:16 pm

I had two positive experiences with the hat man. First when I was 13. A girlfriend was spending the night. I awoke to someone pulling the covers off my bed. I thought it was my friend and asked her to stop but knew it wasn’t her who had pulled the covers due to her snoring. I pulled the covers back on the bed, looked towards the bedroom door and saw a shadow. I thought it was my dad and asked what he was doing. I felt like he was watching over me then the figure dissapeared. I was not scared and went back to sleep. My second experience was when I had to have emergency surgery and almost died. I looked toward my hospital room and saw this tall dark figure wearing a fedora, leaning against the door jam. I asked “who’s there?”. I immediately felt peace and comfort. I wanted to go with him but he told me it was not my time. After I was released from the hospital and at home recouping I told my friend about my experience. She said she was in my hospital room, sitting in a chair reading a book when she heard me ask “who’s there?”. She said I had set up in the bed and was looking at the door. She thought it was the heavy drugs the doctors had me on. Of course she saw no one in the doorway.

4/4/2015 06:15:41 pm

It’s best not to make any assumptions.


4/4/2015 06:34:53 pm

Over the years since my first encounter, mentioned in an earlier comment, he continued to come to me in dreams…always during times of great turmoil.

The dreams were always different scenerios that pit the good side of me against a darker evil side I never knew was there. The dreams would only end when I would stand up to him while sleeping.

After reading everybody’s comments, I am beginning to think that he comes to some people simply to provoke that feeling of horrible sadness so as to feed. I also believe he comes to some of us for a more personal reason…like their is something he wants. I often wonder if shadow people start off as humans and become shadows when they die…and maybe he sees that in some of us and tries to keep us on that dark path.


7/11/2016 08:51:58 pm

About 8yrs ago i dreamt a tall man dressed in black with a hat stood at foot of bed,i remember the feeling of pure evil and i was terrified ,couldnt move or scream,i was able to breathe out small breath of air which came out as white light then he disappeared.i met young guy soon after who had seen him when awake and he also had friend with same experience also awake.They thaught it was test to see how much you wanted to live. I doubt that,but at time it felt like i was fighting for my life.have no idea why we see him but it was hands down scariest thing ever,and i really cant imagine how terrible iit would be to see him now 57,i dont remember what was going on then but ive had alot of trauma in my life.i watched shadow people movie yesterday and decided to have a look online,up until now had no idea so many had this


4/4/2015 11:38:06 pm

When I was with my ex, and our relationship was coming to an end, I woke up to the hat man just standing in my bedroom doorway. I can remember asking myself if I was dreaming, but I was wide awake. I just looked at him back in disbelief as to what I was seeing. A minute or so passed and he disappeared. I have not seen him since. It makes since though that he appears during times of high stress or trauma. Perhaps praying more often now alleviates any negative energy in my home.


4/8/2015 10:56:06 am

I have seen this shadow hat man as well I was about 6 or 7 when I first saw him and I would continue to see him for 3 years. In my living room there were two sofas, one facing the side of the other (If that makes sense), the smaller couch was a pullout bed and I slept on there with my mom around this time (6,7 years old). One night I woke up it was completely pitch dark, must have been around 2 or 3 am. When my eyes finally focused looking towards the other couch I noticed a tall man sitting there. He had what looked like an Abraham Lincoln hat on and a old fashioned styled coat. He sat there not moving and I couldn’t see his face. The only thing moving was his right hand because he was stirring a glass of wine. Keep i’m mind that it was pitch black in my house, however the glass of wine seemed to shine. Nothing else but that. I could see the red wine (liquid) stir inside the glass as the light shined through it. I saw him multiple times afterwards but I never felt afraid. After a while it was more of a “Oh he’s here again” rather than a freak out and cry feeling. I remember after I told my mom about him he started showing up less and less. One night my cousin slept over and she slept on the couch he usually sits on. He still appeared !! He was sat through her as if not bothered by the fact that she was there. I asked her the next day if she had felt anything and she said no… My mom says when I was younger there was an incident where I was home alone with her and I had walked into the kitchen and began laughing at nothing. This was a different house but my mom says I’ve always been sensitive to these things. Constantly seeing shadows moving in the corner of my eyes and seeing an older man in my last house (age 14-15). I even heard a soft “hey” once when I was rapidly moving around the house. I turned so fast I barely caught it, but it was a faint “hey”.


4/10/2015 03:04:23 pm

I posted a comment earlier about my encounter with the hat man and that I said that I rather not speak about my second encounter. It really hurts me to post this, but I feel like I should let it out. Mostly because people who I told them about this thought it as BS. Well I am not providing details but that night I was raped by the hatman. Scarest experience ever in my life, I can still hear his laughter in my mind. I really don’t care if you don’t believe me but please don’t post any troll comments.


4/10/2015 03:18:19 pm

SS – I commend you for your bravery. I believe you, and I think that most of the people on this blog who have had negative and/or dark experiences with this presence would not reject what you stated. These entities are not good, they are evil – and will do what they can to scare, attack, humiliate, confuse, and disgrace the living.


4/11/2015 01:28:31 pm

I’ve been seeing shadow people my entire life, including the Hat Man, and I’ve never had a negative experience. Mostly neutral, some positive. So, I don’t agree that they’re all evil. Maybe they’re like the human race, some good, some bad.

4/11/2015 02:52:30 pm


Shadow people, and the hat man – are two totally separate things. I have encountered plenty of shadow forms. The Hat Man is something entirely different.

4/11/2015 03:01:24 pm

And to also note. Plenty of people have seen the hat man; some from a very young age – and not had any bad experiences, until they have that bad experience. Then they see the real side of it. For you to suggest that your experiences are good, positive – does not account for the vast majority of people that have already had negative ones. Remember, most people only go looking for answers when something bad occurs. For most people that have these experiences without anything negative, they are brushing them off as imagination, a trick of the eyes, or part of a dream – and they are not looking for answers because they really don’t believe in the paranormal. Then you have psychologists and non believing doctors coming forward and giving their opinions about the whole occurrence, supporting the suggestion that it’s all in the mind, dream or fantasy induced. Most that do have occurrences with the hat man , do not come forward – and do not tell anyone in fear of being looked at as crazy.

12/21/2015 11:12:11 am

Some said they had good experiences well I say watch out its the trick of the enemy anything dark no good thing come from it!

8/27/2015 12:18:15 pm

I believe you 100% he tried that crap with my mother. I’m sorry you had to go through it.


11/1/2015 05:02:55 pm

I believe you. That says alot, because I can barely believe what I saw and heard, myself.


4/12/2015 02:39:14 am

Regardless of what anyone posts here or on other sites, NO ONE knows what Shadow People or the Hat Man really are. No one. There is more than one Hat Man. I’ve read several descriptions of him and there are at least 5 or 6 versions, with different clothing, different hats and different behavior. Also, I have not found the Hat Man that I’ve encountered to be any different than Shadow People, who I’ve been seeing since I was a toddler and I’m in my fifties now. They seem to be the same darker shade of black and are equally illusive. For all we know, they’re all just some other race of beings who appear this way to us when they’re in our reality. So, we’ll just have to agree to disagree about the nature of these beings.


4/12/2015 05:46:59 am

We can definitely agree to disagree. If you do not want to look at all the experiences objectively, and instead want to base those experiences to similarity of your own (subjectively) then that’s your prerogative. I do hope that you never have to go through what many more, including myself, have had to go through. Maybe they like you – its up to you to decide if that’s really a good or bad thing. 

The hat man, and shadow people are different. This is coming from someone that has investigated the paranormal for over 25 years. But don’t take my word for it – this can also be verified with most paranormal investigators who have been in the field for a good deal of time. I will agree with you, to know specifically what they are is impossible – but if there is even a 10:1 ratio , where the experiences are negative over the positive ; the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor – that this is not a positive being, and people reflecting such a being as positive, when many others have been attacked, terrified, raped, hunted, tormented, or violated – is actually subjectively twisted in itself. 

I felt that way from your reply to my original response back to “SS” – commending them for their bravery in sharing the rape experience. You haven’t had any negative experiences, great for you – did you feel that you are going to convince me or “SS” of something otherwise or was that an attempt to diffuse the severity of their experience with your opinions, perhaps to call them wrong or untrue?


4/12/2015 09:48:18 am

You’re over analyzing. I’m not commenting on anyone’s experience, only my own. And I still disagree with you about Shadow People and the Hat Man. I’ve done plenty of investigation and research myself, since I was a teen. I also base my opinion on my own experience, which is not “twisted,” but logical. I think that after experiencing these beings for fifty years, I know what they feel like to me. I do believe that many people tend to ascribe their feelings of fear to the external, without considering internal origins. Try not to take my differing opinion so personally. This is a discussion, not a contest.

4/6/2016 08:17:11 pm

I wonder if these shadow people including the hat man have any association with astral projection ???

7/12/2016 07:16:06 pm

I have to agree with you on the difference between Hat Man and Shadow People. 
I have seen this Hat Man when i was 6 or 7 years old. It was almost the same experience like anyone here. In the middle of the night a shadow was sitting on my bed looking at me, i was trying to scream and move and i couldn’t. He was wearing the hat and the cape i could not see his face but looking at him somehow i could tell he had dark blue eyes, I was somewhere in between sleep and awake. My brain was keep telling me this is real, this is real. This experience lasted maybe 2 minutes the most. I managed to scream after he disappeared and i have told my parents, they simply said it was a dream. it was not a dream. But their reaction made me stay quiet abut this. So i pretended it was a dream for the peace and quiet in the family.
The Shadow People in my opinion, the way i have seen them, they appear as a white shadow, you can tell clearly how they look. I have seen them numerous times, and for some reason it does not scare me. I am actually curious about them but a little apprehensive on trying to search further.
So, to me , Shadow People are not frightening, but the Hat Man yes, it makes you run away as far as possible.
Now after a number of years,i am still wondering if the presence of this Hat Man in that night, influenced my life, my experiences, my choices, my likes and dislikes. It is hard to tell, but one thing i know for sure, all people or most of the people posting here, had some negative experiences in life, i had few on my own but i cannot point that Hat Man appearance would be the cause or…just…destiny.

Please excuse my grammar errors, i am from Eastern Europe.

10/4/2015 04:29:20 pm



4/12/2015 04:52:38 pm

Having experienced this myself and having previously commented and read other comments; I believe that the following applies: the quantum realm I believed to exist just beyond our perception. Therein, exist other lifeforms, which co exist with us, but because they exist on a different frequency, we neither see or hear them. Humans vibrate and perceive frequencies above 20 cycles per second. Animals have a broader range and therefore detect other things we do not. It has been proven that if a frequency of 17 cycles per second is transmitted to a group of people, they feel, edgy, nervous, sad, a pressure on their chest and begin to see strange shadows etc. External occurances such as weather, pylons, air conditioning, tv signals etc can change the frequency around us. Therefore, increasing our openness to see and feel strange things and open our eyes and ears to whatever exists in the quantum realm. Look it up. I’m currently putting the final touches to my book, hat man of Cooper St and strongly believe that the above is a viable reason for this phenomenon


4/13/2015 06:43:50 pm

Colin – it’s interesting to hear someone combining science with pseudoscience. Not that its a bad thing, just interesting to hear that perspective. I have a question regarding your statement about frequencies. While I know that specific frequencies can influence, even affect the natural world around us and has even been used as a weapon of war (WWII Nazis used scalar and directed beam weapons including radio waves), I would be interested in hearing more about the basis of your statement on cycles per second. Are you referring to something other than Hz , because frequency modulation use to be primarily referred to as cycles per second but now hertz is used as this measurement. According to many sources , The human ear can hear vibrations ranging from 15 or 16 cycles a second to 20,000 cycles a second (or Hz). By saying this – I am not saying you are incorrect, I am actually interested in seeing your source.


4/13/2015 03:05:03 am

I have read all these with profound interest. I am a 58 year old woman who since my mother in law passed around 6 years ago experience 4 silhouettes of men one with a fedora hat and trench coat. They are on the right side of my minds eye…I do not see them in a shadowy form. However, they always have appeared before someone I know has died. In that context they can be with me for some weeks before the death occurs and then they fade once it happens. They just stand still in a line…..I really don’t know what to make of it and was thinking of consulting a medium or spiritualist. 
Do people think what have experienced is similar to what is being described in other posts, only that mine appears in my minds eye..


Colin Evans
4/13/2015 05:54:13 pm

Margaret, this certainly falls within the theory that you may be perceiving the quantum realm. This is supposedly a waiting room, where spirits wait to travel over to the other side. There may be numerous reasons why you get glimpses and it could be anything from radio waves, pylons or even a new fridge emitting low frequencies.


11/18/2015 06:37:16 pm

That sounds terrifying Margaret! Almost like the Hat Man is accompanying the newly passed over if we accept Colin’s explanation. Add that to the fact that many, many people report that they have seen this thing just before somebody they know or who are related to has died, maybe this is a tiny piece of the puzzle solved.

My own encounter in1970 or ’71 was long before my nan died at Christmas 1972, my first life experience of death, otherwise i would have been tempted to link it myself.


4/13/2015 07:28:25 pm

Colin, thank you for offering an explanation. My mother in law beleived in life after death. Perhaps she has facilitated this link.
I will further my reading in respect of the ‘Quantum Realm’


4/14/2015 11:50:56 am

i had encounter with the shadow man when i was around 8, im 16 now. i woke up from a nightmare and turned my head to call for my mum and saw him standing at the edge of my bed. i quickly put the covers over my head and after some time fall back to sleep. 
a couple of days ago my family were talking about ghosts and stuff, and i told my mum about the shadow man for the first time and i found out my mum seen him too.


Colin D Evans
4/16/2015 02:06:15 am

Hi Micah,
Having seen and heard several phenomenon, including a spate of hat man, this subject has intrigued me for over 30 years. I cannot say that my theories are correct, but that they satisfy my curiosity.
I am an author; copy writer and employed in law enforcement. My background has been in engineering and therefore my thoughts do combine pseudo science, from my thinking and my research.
It all seems to fit with the thinking that there are 4 realms: physical, quantum, astral and ethereal. After reading the definitions of the first 2, I felt that this may be part way to a theory. I have also looked into infrasound, (sounds lower than 20Hz). Which do lead to aspects of weaponry etc.
I may be completely wrong, but in the absence of any other reasoning, this stands as feasible as anything else. Moreover, it satisfies my concerns an answers the question as to why I was kept awake 3 nights running and always saw shadows in a particular room. There must be more to this and whether the shadows are sentient, free thinking beings with a purpose, may never be known. 
A I said, it satisfies me to a degree; it is fascinating and provides a great basis for my series of short stories. 
The following was of interest and made complete sense when put into context with what I had perceived all those years ago and the 4 realms:

Infrasonic 17 Hz tone experiment[edit]
On 31 May 2003, a group of UK researchers held a mass experiment where they exposed some 700 people to music laced with soft 17 Hz sine wavesplayed at a level described as “near the edge of hearing”, produced by an extra-long-stroke subwoofer mounted two-thirds of the way from the end of a seven-meter-long plastic sewer pipe. The experimental concert (entitled Infrasonic) took place in the Purcell Room over the course of two performances, each consisting of four musical pieces. Two of the pieces in each concert had 17 Hz tones played underneath. In the second concert, the pieces that were to carry a 17 Hz undertone were swapped so that test results would not focus on any specific musical piece. The participants were not told which pieces included the low-level 17 Hz near-infrasonic tone. The presence of the tone resulted in a significant number (22%) of respondents reporting anxiety, uneasiness, extreme sorrow, nervous feelings of revulsion or fear, chills down the spine, and feelings of pressure on the chest.[34][35] In presenting the evidence to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Professor Richard Wiseman said, “These results suggest that low frequency sound can cause people to have unusual experiences even though they cannot consciously detect infrasound. Some scientists have suggested that this level of sound may be present at some allegedly haunted sites and so cause people to have odd sensations that they attribute to a ghost—our findings support these ideas.” 

Keep up the good work.

Regards, Colin


8/18/2015 11:16:37 am

I been seing this man for so long can you help understand wat he want 267/471/6085


4/17/2015 05:44:49 am

My apologies in advance for the length.

I’ve dealt with terrible and extremely vivid nightmares almost my entire life. I can still to this day recall the majority of my nightmares, even back when I must have been only 4-5 years old. I can remember because of how real they seemed at the time. I could see in full color, feel emotions and physical pain, smell, taste, hear, everything. There were a lot of times where I would “wake up” from a dream, over and over, only to find myself still stuck in a dream and not knowing if or when I was really awake or not.

Anyway, when I was about 11-12 years old, I had a recurring dream that progressed each time I had it, and it happened 5 times. Every time it happened, I would never realize I was dreaming until I actually woke up.

I would sleep with my bedroom door open and my room was at the end of the hallway. I would “wake up” and see the very tall, shadowy man wearing a long coat and a tall hat standing in my doorway. He didn’t do anything, just stood there facing me. I covered myself with my blankets, and soon after, woke up terrified.

The second time I had the dream, it was exactly the same. I “woke up”. He was standing in my doorway. I covered myself with my blankets. I uncovered my eyes to see him turn, and he walks away into the hallway.

The third time, I “woke up”. He was there. He walks away. Scared, I stand up next to my bed and start to walk towards the hallway.

The fourth time, I “woke up”. He was there. He walks away. Scared, I stand up next to my bed and start to walk towards the hallway. I look out of my doorway into the hall, but he is gone.

The fifth time, I “woke up”. He was there. He walks away. Scared, I stand up next to my bed and start to walk towards the hallway. I look out of my doorway into the hall, but he is gone. I walk out into the hallway, and turn to my left to look into my little brother’s room. My brother (about 7 at the time) is kneeling on the floor next to his bed, as if he is praying, but seems unconscious. The man with the tall hat is looming over my brother like he’s controlling him, or admiring, or something. I don’t know. He is just standing there. He slowly turns his head to “look” at me and does sort of a nod, or a tip of the hat.

That was the last time I ever saw him. It was like I “finished”, or saw what I was supposed to see, and it was over. It is still so clear and intense to me. I am a little relieved that so many other people have experienced something similar with “The Hat Man” but I am sorry for you at the same time, because the reasoning and intentions behind it are unknown, and that is truly terrifying.


4/20/2015 02:33:38 am

My name is Jessika and i have been seeing the Hat Man since my teen years in the 90’s, when it wasnt even thought of. for some reason my account seems to be a bit different than most, yes he is a shadow man top hat, long coat, red eyes and sucks the life right out of you. i have been told by my tribe that the hat man, this one is specific likes our blood. I believe he is waiting for something from me. i am known to be suicidal and have tried quite a few time, slashing my wrist with brand new razors just to wake up with my wound closed, still hurting and not healed, just closed. This thing has been watching me my entire life. i cant remember a time when i have not seen him. he does not talk to me, just stares at me. from out side of the house and my boyfriend said that he once woke to find him standing over me just watching me sleep. like something about me was curious. i was told that he is a reaper of sorts and he does change shape… odd to the lore i know, but when it goes from a dog to a cat and then a man its just wrong……. at night as a child i would watch a set of glowing red eyes watching me from the doorway, i lived in an abusive household… either he wanted to scare the hell out of me or he was protecting me. i can recall one account when he woke me up just in time to find that someone was out side my window trying to break in. as soon as i called for my dad the hat man was gone. its confusing and my account doesnt seem to match up to some of what others are saying. yes he terrifies me to death with just being there. sucks the life right out of me. but at the same time he just seems to have grown fond of me and my misery. i dont understand why he would wake me up when the intruder could have killed me and the hat man would have had the soul that he so wishes to have.


4/20/2015 06:36:43 am

Jessika – if you are native american, you can look into the lore of your tribe. Its name varies, and so does the description – but is the same being. Nalusa Falaya from the Choctaw, Dark man and Two-Face in Sioux, Skadegamutc in Wabanaki, Skinwalkers in Navajo, spider man spirits in many tribes, among many many others. Europe, Ireland, England, and many other cultures have this same being described – a little variance here and there but the same behavior and intent. 

Regardless of it’s name – it’s a malevolent tormenter and you should honestly seek guidance from the elders of your tribe, that is the best thing you could possibly do.

Still don’t know
4/22/2015 02:43:00 pm

My encounter with Hat Man is burned into my memory. The creepy part is I don’t even remember what happened exactly. 

When I was 11, We lived way out of the city, only a couple houses on our street. Very rural area. I woke up at 2-3am during a thunderstorm, was lying on my back facing my bedroom door. The oven light in the kitchen was on as always, and there he was backlit by it, standing there in the doorway. All I remember is pure darkness, no features at all. Just… blackness. and the fedora, and trenchcoat. It/he was completely still and silent too, just standing there. 

I remember almost immediately pulling my blanket over my head and screaming for my parents who were down the hall, but they never came. The thing is, I don’t remember what happened after that. Next thing I remember is waking up in the morning and explaining this to my parents, being told it was just a bad dream. That’s kind of unnerving.

Years later I googled it and found that tons of people had seen the same thing. Pretty relieving in a way, but still none of us have answers to what this thing is or what it does. Doubt we ever will, either.


Still don’t know another thing
4/22/2015 03:08:04 pm

I had one other extremely bizarre experience once, maybe others have similar stories. Much older this time, I went to pass out one night as usual and had the most intense, inexplicable set of looping dreams. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I kept waking up over and over in the same position I was actually sleeping, facing the same way and everything. I’d get out of bed, walk around the apartment and then shortly afterwards “warp” back to the bed again where I had just ‘woken up’. This would then happen again. 

The first few times it happened I didn’t realize what was going on, it was only about 15-20 seconds of walking around my apartment after getting out of bed in each dream, then it would happen again, but with slight differences, like my roommate was sitting in a different spot, or my girlfriends voice coming from the bathroom in another instance. 

In 3 of these wakeups I experienced (There were 9 in total) I remember seeing shadow figures, but not the hat man himself, in the room. Just hovering there in the corners, smoky and ghostlike. I remember feeling like they were watching me, or like they were somehow responsible for what was happening and lavishing my resulting suffering. This was after I had become lucid, realized I was literally stuck in a looping dream, and trying to figure out how to ACTUALLY wake up from within the dream, as I kept uncontrollably “warping” back to the starting point of each dream: the spot I was really sleeping. If you can imagine, it was disorienting as hell and terrifying. 

I know this probably all sounds fucked up, but I know what I experienced, and this was the only other time I’ve seen shadow figures in my life. I eventually woke myself up by telling myself I had to jerk my shoulder so hard in the dream that it would make my physical shoulder jerk and wake me up for real. It worked. I went and explained what happened to my roommate, and only 45 mins had passed since I went to bed. 

That and seeing Hat Man were easily the top 2 most fucked up experiences of my life. This was 3 years ago, so around 19-20 years after I saw hatman.


Friend’s story
4/23/2015 12:11:14 am

About a year ago, my friends (we’ll call them Josh and Danielle) told me about their encounter with this “Hatman.” We had been watching paranormal TV shows and talking about our own experiences with ghosts, shadow people, etc… Well, Danielle turned to me and asked if I want to hear about something extremely creepy, so naturally I said hell yeah! But I had no idea how disturbing and bone chilling her story was actually going to be…

It was about two years ago. Josh was resting in bed before getting up to go to work and Danielle was doing laundry. Normally, Josh was up and about, either helping Danielle around the house or spending time with their three kids before he went to work, but that day he wasn’t feeling well, so he decided to take a nap. Danielle was a little worried, but just shrugged it off, grabbed the laundry basket, and headed for the patio where their washer and dryer was located. She walked down the hall and barely passed the archway leading to the living room when out of the corner of her eye, she saw a tall, dark figure standing in the corner between the hall and their kitchen. She said she didn’t scream, but gasped and dropped the laundry basket from being startled. The figure seemed to stare at her, she said, not disappearing like you would think an apparition would. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, then opened them. The figure was still there. Closed her eyes again, opened them, and the figure was STILL there, but this time, leaned in toward her, looming over her. She closed her eyes one more time, opened them, and it was gone. She described the figure being very tall, almost to the ceiling, wearing what looked like a long black coat, and a brimmed hat. 

Now if that isn’t creepy enough, what happened next will send chills down your spine like it did mine…

After the figure disappeared, Danielle became worried about Josh all of a sudden and went to go check on him. When she got to the room, he was seizing… She called an ambulance and had Josh rushed to the hospital. That day, they got the worst news any couple could ever receive: the doctors found a rapid-growing, inoperable tumor in the center of Josh’s brain. He was told he might have anywhere from a few years to a few months to live, depending on the effectiveness of treatment and the rate at which the tumor grew.

Josh is still alive and doing as well as someone with a brain tumor could be doing. He makes the most of every moment and lives his life to the fullest with his family and loved ones. But he looks back on that day and thinks about his wife’s story and still feels uneasy…


4/24/2015 08:15:10 am

I to experienced this so called Hatman. Twenty six years later, I finally wrote of this sighting in a book called, 
“You Don’t Have To Die To Meet God”


5/2/2015 07:29:34 am

I was 14 years old when I first saw him. I remember it like it was yesterday, the scene still lingers in my memory. It was dark, about 8, and I went to the upstairs bathroom. I looked into my grandma’s bedroom and there was this tall figure there, standing in the middle of the room. He was dressed in a black trench coat, no face, and wearing a fedora. I stared at him for a couple of heart beats, blinked and then he disappeared. I remember the terror I felt when this happened, but I sold it off as it was just dark. It was the second time, when I no longer could. I was getting ready for school, it was 7 am. My sister was in the dinning room brushing her hair, and I was standing in the doorway about to enter the room to get my stuff together. He then appeared again. Looking exactly the same, looking at me. What caused the most fear was where he was standing. Next to my little sister. He looked solid, but at the same time, he was not. Thoughts went through my head, worry for my little sister, wonder for what he was, why was I seeing him again, and what would I do. He disappeared, and the fear was gone. Was he absorbing my fear? I got to school and told my friend about him. She said it sounded like the shadow people, and I asked he what they were. She told me that is what they sounding like and I did some research at my dad’s. My parent’s were going through a divorce at the time. The picture I saw matched the figure perfect and it matched told me all that I experienced. It was strange.

Rere waz here 🙂 (i dident write the story)


5/7/2015 05:15:11 am

I’ve seen the hat man or what seem to be the hat man from what I can remember me and my friend were walking to my house I was coming from her house I had slept over the night before and was hanging with her and her brother who was also my friend so I decided to go to my house so me and my friend leave her house I lived about 10 mins away so at this point we are approaching my house then we both seen this man in the street dressed in all black head to toe couldn’t really make out his face but he was wearing a top hat he was staring straight at us we were on the pavement he was in the street walking the other way so he keeps staring at us until he was out of sight then we turn around the second we lost sight of him and he wasn’t there I was about 12 years old and my friend was 14 we checked the side street and there was no sight of him he would of had too been flash to get away as fast as he did he did not have a coat on I think but he was dressed in all black with a top hat me and my friend seen him we both told each other to make sure we weren’t crazy .Talking about this bothers me I don’t really know why but when I tell this story I often tear up and get all hot and get the chills I’m not the emotional type at all but for some reason when I tell this story tears shoot out .Well That’s my story I’m just glad other people have seen this thing so I know I’m not crazy .


5/11/2015 06:40:49 pm

on April the 12th 2005 my husband and I were in a terrible car accident my husband almost lost his life. 2 weeks prior to that is the first time I saw this man he was standing on the side of the rode and it look almost like my husband was going to hit him. A few nights later I saw him again well this time I asked my husband if he had seen him because I screamed out and didn’t want my husband to think I was crazy this went on like this for another week until the night before the car accident my husband and I both seen him but this time he was in the middle of the road my husband slammed the breaks and it had felt like we hit something so flipping out we looked all around my blazer there was no damage nothing. I will never forget what he was wearing all black brim hat long trench coat and he didn’t have a face or eyes. But I got a very nervous feeling everytime. Well in the exact same place as the night before an elder lady hit a deer my husband and I were trying to do a good deed we decided to help her we told her to leave we had it under control we were almost done and a drunk driver came out of nowhere hit my car both my husband and I were outside of
The vehicle but the vehicle hit both of us. We almost died that night.i just didn’t know if that figure was warning us or what but I haven’t seen him since


5/16/2015 11:53:23 pm

I seen this guy last night… At exactly 1:05 AM .. And i really am just looking for answers because im pregnant and i was making sure we were safe. 🙁 except this guy hat looked like a baseball cap. I think. Im not sure


5/19/2015 11:40:17 am

5/22/2015 12:21:04 am

Omg! Me and my two children just seen this lastnight so I got on here to see if anyone has experienced the same thing and I am shocked! My daughter has been doing out of the norm things and she is 9, my 6 year old hasn’t seen anything till last night!


5/22/2015 06:23:35 am

My girlfriend has shared with me a few times seeing this man with no face, wearing a hat and trench coat. She has been seeing him since she was a child and usually bad things follow. She also sees a young girl with brunette hair right before encountering the man in the hat. The little girl always informs my girlfriend to stay away from the “digger man” because he only means harm. I personally think this girl was harmed by him but has stayed behind to try to warn others. My girlfriend told me the last time she saw the digger man he actually spoke to her and told her that he was going to take her brother. About two weeks later her brother informed her that he has a tumor that is inoperable. he has been taking some sort of injection for the past few months but refuses to really talk about his progress. 

I believe in this sort of paranoal stuff, have my own stories of seeing this hat man / shadow people, and am trying to find an answer to keep them away, especially for my girlfriend’s sake. The only thing I have found that works as a short term answer for me is asking for the “white light” to help. I either try to picture myself being surrounded by this white light, or even using my imagination to create something out of white light to push/fight them away (usually a weapon of sorts). If anyone else has any other knowledge please share on how to either get rid of them or stop them from feeding off of our fear.


5/24/2015 04:31:35 am

These entities abhor positive energy, and exist at a low vibrational level. Emotions like fear and anger are low vibration, so they feed off these readily. If you raise your vibrational level, they can not touch you, and will eventually give up and stay away. This takes tremendous discipline, and it also helps to surround yourself with high vibrational objects, and clear your home and your body with Tibetan puja incense and white sage and cedar.
Movies and any media that are violent and horrific, like slasher movies and graphically and emotionally violent movies and music are food for the shadow beings. Arguments and strife and violent behavior are food for the shadow beings. They love war and unrest. It is difficult in these times to be a high-vibrational being, because we don’t have much company. This is a difficult world for those who are aware. I request white light also, and if you can let the light of your true self shine out, you will be fine. I suggest reading the entirety of Carlos Castendeda’s book “The Active Side of Infinity” and the rest of his books, perhaps, for an interesting perspective.


5/22/2015 10:19:14 am

The author of this blog Micah Ackerman wrote a really cool book, called “Shadow People” have any of you guys read it? I thought it was pretty entertaining and is based on his own experiences.


5/23/2015 03:07:56 am

Personally, I have only seen the Hat Man one time for certain. My wife grew up with him.

Her first encounter was at the age of 9 when she played a mind game called Doors and Windows (a variant of Doors to the Mind), where the player goes under hypnotic suggestion and explores various rooms they see in their mind. Near the end room, she saw the Hat Man live and in color, looking like a black-garbed Dick Tracy with flesh and skin. She snapped out of it screaming because the Hat Man had killed one of her friends in the trance and her friend’s “ghost” was walking around without a body.
She saw a shadowy Hat Man follow her in waking life for years to come. 

When we had our first child, she went back to work after 6 weeks or so. I had the day off, and it was my first day by myself with the newborn. I was prepared, though, with everything in its place. After a few hours, my newborn started screaming his head off. I’d fed him, burped him, changed him, consoled him, yet he was screaming so hard that his face and chest were turning red. He began chucking like he could barely breathe, yet his screaming didn’t diminish in the least. 
At that point, I realized he was staring at a very specific spot on the wall near the door. I pivoted my hips while holding him, and he actually turned his head as far as it would go in order to maintain his line of sight. He was obviously looking at something, but all I saw was a blank wall.

I know a lot of folks call on White Lights and general happiness and all of that, but as somebody who’s survived NDE’s that went way south, I know the real score. There is one Name above every name, and that is a name I swore to serve. I called on it, speaking mentally in my mind: “Lord, give me my son’s eyes. Show me what he sees.”

In that moment, the blank section of white wall turned black as if a shadow was cast on it–a silhouette in the form of a man with a hat and coat down to his knees. Then, and I swear to God I was clean as a whistle (I drink socially at special events, never had a hit of even marijuana, much less any mind-altering drug), I saw the shadow step off of the wall and turn into a fully-formed 3-D apparition. It was no longer shadow; it was like a hole in the world. . 

I won’t go into childhood experiences, but suffice it to say that I maintain a general awareness of consciousnesses around me, and it was almost as if this Hat Man did not have a standard one. He was no “ghost,” and not like any demonic entity I had encountered in the way of his boldness. Most demons will flee when caught with their pants down. Still, I was unafraid.

I clutched my son tightly to me and turned sideways so he could no longer look regardless of how he cranked his head. I looked that fiend straight where his face was supposed to be and glared at him. In my mind, I said with all my being, I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME, AND YOU KNOW WHO I SERVE. I WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY ONCE, AND YOU WILL OBEY BECAUSE I COMMAND IT IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. Not wanting to upset my newborn any further, I followed that up with a single audible word: “Go.”

It was said in the faintest of whispers, but the Hat Man was carried away as if by gale force winds. I whispered to my baby boy, “Don’t worry, son. The bad man can’t get you now.”

He stopped crying that instant, going from hyperventilating red-in-the-face to calm and peaceful in less than 2 seconds. He breathed deeply for a moment while his lungs calmed down and was asleep on my shoulder before I could cross the room to sit down and rock him. 

I talked to my wife about it when she came home from work an hour or two later. She told me about the last time she had seen the Hat Man. It was a dream where he appeared in the flesh as he had the first time, though this time he was armed with a sword. She had a sword that appeared from nowhere, and fended off his attacks. The battle began in a house and eventually moved outside into a field of flowers. After a long fight, she knocked him to his knees and beheaded him Highlander-style. That had been 9 or 10 years before that day.

At first, my wife was concerned that “he’s back,” but the holy power that removed him from my apartment was so all-consuming that it had filled my son and I with peace. I encouraged my wife to trust in Him, and neither my wife nor myself have seen the Hat Man since. My son is now of a speaking age and still sees people that the rest of us don’t, but he has yet to mention one with a hat.


4/17/2016 05:20:36 am

Thank you for your testimony. God is so faithful.


8/22/2017 06:39:38 pm

God is powerful and he is good. May he continue to protect you and your family.


5/24/2015 04:09:58 am

I saw Fedora Hat Man when I was a small child. After reading the Carlos Castenda book “The Active Side of Infinity” where don Juan talks about the “foreign installation” and the “flyers” toward the end of the book, it made sense to me. These are heavy, completely negative beings that feed on negative energy. So, shadow people could be the parasite that masquerades as the human self?


5/25/2015 02:02:54 am

im really scared I saw this thing in my room and well I don’t know what to do this thing keeps getting closer and closer to me someone please help me I cant take it any more………I cant live like this any more…….HELP ME>>>>>>>>>>


8/18/2015 11:19:17 am

I been seing this man for years I been seing stuff for years if I tell someone thy going to think I am crazy but y could call me I need help too267/471/6085


5/22/2016 08:38:49 am

What you are seeing are Demons! This is demonic! I had similar experiences. One night, I was sleeping and woke up and could not move. I was paralyzed, and I called on Jesus. Then the hat man left as if something pulled it away. When I had my encounter with the Hat Man, I was Maturing/developing spirtually. This is ancient and had been going on for centuries. They are falling Angels! Jesus Christ casted these Demonic Spirits out while he was on earth many times and so did his disciples! THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME Of JESUS. In fact. JESUS Chist sent his out disciples to cast out demonic spirits in his name. In addition, Paul, the apostle, cast out demons as well. We are in a spiritual battle! Tell them to leave in Jesus name! Also, start your spiritual Growth- -give you life to God. It is easy. Tell God that you believe that his son Jesus died for your sins and rose from the died to justify you. And start reading the Bible- you will get a better understanding of these matters and find a church home. I would like to help you and whoever wants help! God gives all of us purpose and this is one task that he has given me. If you still need help, respond to this message. REMEMBER, GOD WITH YOU! BLESSINGS!

4/17/2016 06:06:01 am

Pray and call out the name of Jesus!!


I’m 16 now.
5/26/2015 12:48:47 am

When I was five when I saw the “Hat Man.” I was asleep on the far end of the bed beside my sister, when I randomly woke up. I remember looking at the door and seeing a tall man, with a huge coat, and a hat that makes me think of a cowboy hat. I closed my eyes to see if I was seeing things, but when I reopened them, he was still there. He didn’t move or anything, he just stood there. I woke Daddy up, and crawled over him to lay in front of him. I finally fell asleep. I haven’t seen him since then, but I still have trouble sleeping at night. I’m afraid he’s going to come back. I won’t ever forget that night; also about a year ago I was telling my sister bout it, she told me she has seen him also when she was younger, and that my cousin had told my sister that she had seen the same thing before… I’m not sure what he really is, and I don’t really care. I just don’t want him to come back.


5/28/2015 09:42:50 am

Everyone keeps saying that hes evil, I’ve seen him a few times, and one time I saw three shadow figures who weren’t him holding hands. Anyways, he doesn’t seem to be malicious at all, he just watched me floated above me and stared into my eyes. and another time sat to the left of my bed as I layed there, I saw him in my mirror and as I turned he swirled up and away into nothing. It’s definitely scary but I’ve seen him over years of time, he never seems like he wants to hurt me, he just watches. It is scary while it happens but after the moment passes he doesn’t seem like he wishes any harm at all. anyways that’s just my opinion everyones going on about fear and being strangled and charging him and what not and I just don’t see it that way at all it doesn’t feel like he wants to hurt you, just watch.


7/10/2015 11:06:18 pm

Yes, my thoughts exactly! I had seen him too and we stared at each other for a good few seconds but then I blinked and he disappeared. While he was there he didn’t make me feel scared or anything, just curious. He didn’t move to come towards me, just kept staring at me as if he was studying me curiously too. 

When I was around 6 years old, I was home alone with my brother and grandmother. My grandmother went to sleep early and my brother and I ended up watching tv until late. He fell asleep and I was the only one awake in the house. I still clearly remember it being around 12 at night when it happened. I felt somebody watching me and I turned my head to the right to see a shadowy figure standing at the doorway of the bedroom. It had no face, just pure blackness and it had on a fedora type of hat and a trench coat. For a few seconds, it kept staring at me and I stared back but for some reason I didn’t feel scared. As soon I blinked though, it disappeared. Up until this day, I had thought it was my grandfather who had died recently before I had seen the shadowy figure. Today, I saw a youtube video where a girl described a similar experience and called it the hat man. I was shocked to learn that what I had seen that night was not my grandfather but some other spirit, or possibly a demon.


Hailey Howard
6/7/2016 12:50:44 pm

Same here. As a matter of fact, he has always followed me and my mom and has protected me before from another shadow. He is very tall and wears a top hat. When I was little my mom used to hold me and I would be looking behind her and laughing and at my grandmas house as a baby I would sit in the hallway and talk to somebody how a baby talks. Also up until I was six and started talking more about my encounters to my mom every night before when I got in bed and my mom turned out the lights and left my door all the way open to the hallway I would go into sleep paralysis kind of. All I could do was blink. When I blinked he would appear to walk down the hall towards my brothers room. Then I would blink again and some kind of dingo like creature that stood up on two feet with a long snout would stand at my door and stare at me. Later after a while all of a sudden a shadow gorilla would walk down the hall after the dingo like creature. One night long before I was born my mom had a dream where she saw top hat man and she found out his name is Thomas so that’s what we call him. Anyways I had a dream that there were hundreds of shadow gorillas chasing me and surrounding me with red eyes and Thomas appeared and scared them off with a sword and protected me from them. I’ve had many more encounters with him since.

5/29/2015 12:42:21 pm

I’m 32 years old this happened when i was 14 years old i was visiting at a friend house and it was getting late it was 9:00 p.m. my friend lived in back of me it was a trailer park and i decided to walk the long way around the street block instead of cutting through the yard and right as i came to the point where i would have to cut through the yard i looked back because i felt something watching me and when i looked back i saw the hat man comming towards me so i ran threw my yard and ran into my trailar house and went into my bedroom and decided to look out my bedroom window and the hat man was standing four feet away from my bedroom window staring at me and i call for my mom and told her what was going on and she went to the front door and by the time she looked out he was gone and this happened for real this is not a dream!!!!


5/30/2015 12:06:45 pm

Ok, I’ve never responded to a blog before so here goes….

I’m 43 years old and have never experienced anything like this before…3 years ago i 
was involved in a car accident and hospitalized for a period of 2 months (i flat lined at least 1 time during this period)…during my stay i experienced what i now know is the Hat man….some of the descriptions i’ve read throughout this blog r spot on with my own…he wears an old Top Hat and for me what appeared to be a long cape/jacket….my experience with the “Hat” was horrific, and left an impression that will never be forgotten.
-The hat was accompanied by what i viewed and small shadowy creatures. These creatures removed me from wherever i was (can’t quite recall where i was when they showed) and placed me on what i remember being a spinning globe with tall buildings, ships, piers, and what appeared to be a Ferris Wheel all of which were burning. these small “shadows” preceded to shoot small needles at me as i rotated on the Globe while the Hat watched and laughed…
I’m not sure how this ended but i remember waking in my hospital bed and finding out that i had been sedated since i arrived and this was the first time i had opened my eyes and spoke clearly. 
-I have told this story to everyone who has asked about my accident, while telling a close friend of mines the story he interrupted me during the Black Hat portion and told me his mom had a very similar experience when she was in the hospital, only in her experience the Hat just stood by here and watched her.

Well that’s it…if anyone can help me better understand what happened here i would greatly appreciate it…thx!


6/1/2015 03:23:20 am

I was “visited” in the early- to mid-1970s by what has become known as “Hat Man.” It was during the worst period of my adolescence. I was very different and highly sensitive as a boy, and this led to my being singled out and bullied as odd or effeminate by my peers. Accordingly, I began to reflect back what others projected upon me: I became cold, cynical and isolative. I was drawn to dark subject matter such as books and horror movies dealing with witchcraft, vampires and what was then called “the occult.” As a result of the near-daily abuse I endured, I became severely depressed and suicidal.

What I call the “Dark Man” would make his presence known at bedtime. I could “hear” his approaching footsteps and in my mind’s eye I would “see” him standing in my bedroom doorway: a very tall, black silhouette with a large, broad-brimmed hat and a floor-length coat. He “spoke” to me telepathically and attempted to seduce me into consummating what it was that I had flirted with during daylight hours. He promised me authority and power over my tormentors. 

Instinctively, I knew this was serious and that his origins were completely impure and disingenuous. This all coincided with my developing a red mark in the center of my right palm that the family doctor could not explain (as an adult, I was surprised to read reference to such a mark in “The Book of Revelations”).

The Dark Man came to my bedroom doorway nightly for many weeks, maybe months. Each night he would offer the same opportunity and every night I would resist him until he ultimately stopped coming around. 

In my 30s, I shared this story with a coworker in whom I felt comfortable enough to confide. I had always wondered if the Dark Man was something I imagined during the worst years of my life. I was shocked when my coworker told me that once his two young sons, who shared a bedroom, complained to him about a man who would stare in at them from outside their bedroom window. So terrified were they, that my coworker actually scattered sawdust on the ground to see if he could capture any evidence of footprints (he never did). But more than that — without my saying a word — he reiterated what his sons had seen, a description which was identical to the entity I had seen so many years prior.

Now in my 50s, I am a psychic-medium who works through the grace of the Holy Spirit. In an odd twist, I’m actually grateful to have endured those trying times because it has enabled me to recognize negative, evil and ill-intended presences attached to my clients who are immersed in addiction and abusive circumstances. It is also relieving to know that so many others have experienced similar entities.

Most importantly, we will confuse and disarm them from perpetrating harmful influence against others by illuminating the truth. They are so cowardly as to target those who are vulnerable, such as innocent children, teens who are struggling, adults with mental illness or abuse and addiction issues. As other have noted here, they thrive upon fear, chaos and destruction; and ultimately wish to instigate a murder-suicide scenario. Knowledge is power, and they can have no power over us if we continue to expose them for the charlatans they are. Blessings to all.


10/31/2015 06:49:16 am

Dark energy hates nature and running water, it’s why many in the East put river rocks and running water (fountains) in their houses and yards (and keep them ordered).


6/1/2015 02:23:06 pm

I first saw the Hatman in 1993 when my mom had just died..I was in the shower at my aunt’s house looking out the window about to get out and there he stood..I couldn’t scream but I cried and aunt believed me and covered the window with news paper..but I never saw him again until 1996 I pulled up in my driveway and he stood there while my lights were in just standing and staring I turned my head lights off then on and he was gone I went into my house and began praying and didn’t see him for a while..I saw him in a window at my friends house while standing in her kitchen running a glass looking out the Window ..I told my friend about him and surprisingly she said she had saw him too…I never told any of my children about him fast forward years later 3 of my five children described seeing him one in his home looking out the window and the other was in his car seeing him in his back seat and another time while he was looking out the window…my middle son says he sees him and he tells him to do bad things his whole life and without actually speaking because he had no face.. the doctors diagnosed him as being schizophrenic..i don’t buy that because I know what we’ve seen..last year my grand daughter who was 3 at the time was coming thru my side door as she usually did beating her mom into the house…I could hear her running and crying when i asked her what was wrong she says the man in the basemen with the hat on scared her standing at the bottom of the stairs…She cried for an seems that he comes around when there is anger and fighting depression or great stress around but when I go thru my house and pray I don’t see him around for a while unless something bad happens or there is death in my family…glad I found this site..I’ll be sharing it with my sons..we know he exist but I feel like I know how to make him go away..


6/2/2015 10:24:15 am

Many times I have seen this hat man when o was younger….. He is very tall and he looks like a solid shadow….. I have only gotten attacked once…. It was night time and I was watching a movie, to the side of my eye I seen him standing in the corner looking at me, then all of a sudden my bed started shaking very violently and rose two inches of the bed frame, at first I was to paralyzed to move, then when I was able to I jumped of the bed and started running out the door praying to God that it wouldn’t follow me…. Since then I’ve only seen him a couple times….. I do get pretty dizzy and feel like my soul comes out my body real quick when I’m in a area were it feels very dark….. I stay wayyyy clear from those areas

6/2/2015 11:23:56 am

I never told anyone about my bed shaking. It happened every night, for a year. Thanks, i don’t feel so bad anymore.


6/7/2015 05:28:51 am

I have seen the hatman. We just stared at each other. I thought i was seeing things. But it was him. That same night i seen the stars gather together.


6/10/2015 10:31:05 pm

This is crazy, I stumbled upon this by chance and had no idea so many other people have met hatman too.

The first time I saw hatman was the first time I experienced sleep paralysis. My parents were away for the weekend so I slept in their bed as I usually had to share a room with my brother. I woke up in the middle of the night unable to move and I was really freaking out since I’d never experienced, or even heard about, sleep paralysis. I looked around the room and saw the bedroom door open slowly and saw a really built, tall guy wearing a trench-coat and fedora standing there. He walked over to the side of the bed to where I was lying and just stood right next to me, staring it my face. I could even hear and feel his breath on my face. I tried screaming thinking I was going to get raped or killed but he just stood there for about 30 seconds staring at me. By the time I snapped out of sleep paralysis he vanished and the door was closed again. He didn’t act as threatening as some other people’s stories but I still remember this vividly 10 years on.


6/10/2015 11:35:12 pm

He’s real we need god help


6/15/2015 05:30:06 am

Just recently someone told me oF a nightmare of this entity which reminded me of my early childhood… When I was 5 years old I used To sleep in a large bedroom and my single bed was practically in the middle with a whole heap of open space. I was never afraid of the dark and my parents wouldn’t allow me to be. It was suck it up and deal with it. I j


6/18/2015 05:58:13 am

I started seeing him when I was very young. Now I’m a teen, but I still see him. But throughout the years he advanced. When I see him now he has a gun and a knife. My mom keeps saying it’s “just my imagination”. One time I awoke to him PULLING me out of my bed. Another time I awoke to him pointing the gun at my head.


1/20/2016 03:19:34 pm

Yet another person who has seen him with a gun. I thought the gun thing was peculiar to my sighting, but now, I’ve seen others that have seen him with a gun. The account of my sighting is posted below.


It happened 3 times in a dream
6/18/2016 03:56:34 am

The first I was driving near the beach in an old catalytic or something tht had 2 seats then he just popped up next to me in the passenger and said don’t be afraid we are watching but I felt erey not fear but wonder and concern than the next time I was in a dream by the way I’m the type of person tht can control their dreams to the point of waking up and going back to them the next night or wen I sleep from were it left off but this was different I was hanging out outside smoking with some friends all the sudden we turn around and there’s this place but then my freinds turned around then everything froze like I wasn’t in control which was weird for me then while approaching this palace mansion whatever it wasade of white and gold stones then as everything froze around me I was in awe know wat to think all the sudden a black hole looking thing pops up in front of me with wat looked liked stars inside from a distance like wen you see space at night I btw was still fully functional not frozen but stopped and stared as he walked out but he was not a shadow but a skin and bone looking grey man with black and gold red dot in the center eyes but his mouth was mainly chin as his. chin was pointy he never moved his lips but I heared we are watching do not be afraid so I wasnt then he held out a briefcase with a cane witch he had in his hands wen he came thru the portal with a top hat not like Abe Lincoln but same style not as tall he kind of smiled too it was weird like he had no bad intentions look on his face but than right as he. said we are watching don’t be afraid I woke up the third time I barely remember it was a pitch black room and I couldn’t see a thing then all the sudden he comes near me and says again do not be afraid which I was trying hard not to at tht point but came to senses and made myself numb so I wasnt he then tried to hand me the briefcase and I don’t remember after the I think I woke up but I didn’t have enough time to think so I don’t think i took the briefcase and his presence was a feeling like no other like how could he of stopped my dream in the first place and I always woke up after he said don’t be afraid we are watching anyone else have similar experiences 

Only saw it once
6/19/2015 08:53:06 am

I am laying here watching The Nightmare with my girl an it triggers a memory. Still a memory clear as day. 
I was 13 transitioning between mom an dads. Mom’s for the summer and dad’s for school year. While at mom’s I went to this trippy head shop and got a cheesy poster, immediately coming back to dad’s I hung it up at the end of my bed on the wall. 
That night I woke up thinking my brother was laying on top of me trying to smother me. I pushed an pushed an pushed an was yelling for him to get off of me. I was finally able to push “him” off of me. And there at the end of my bed was sitting a shadowy figure with some sort of spy vs. spy hat on with red beady eyes. I was paralyzed as I watched it watch me as it slithered crawled into the poster. I layed there for the rest of the night waiting/watching for “him” to come back. 
Needless to say as soon as I told my dad the story he took down the poster. I still get goosebumps thinking of this, watching this movie is giving me some serious anxiety.


12/23/2015 11:11:18 pm

This hat man is real
I have been attacked by this demon
Choked jumped on my body
These r demonic 
Spirits evil angels
I never knew this has happened to any one else
I remember the hat
I called out name of Jesus
Ask he was choking me
Only way to get rid of them
I have been attacked by a cobra spirit 
Yes i saw it at night in a partially dark room
I covered my head n it pounced on me n choked me
This is real not made up


6/30/2015 12:26:37 pm

It seems everyone has only seen him. Did he ever talk? His voice is very raspy, much like he was gargling rusty nails. I’m thirteen and see him often. His trench coat is not black, but navy blue. He often likes to mess with my mind, make me see things I’d rater not specify, but he is a nightmare. Some thing hes an angel, but he couldnt be farther. I doubt Satan himself could do a better job at torturing a girl. His hands are clammy, scabbed, wrinkly, and his head rolls off easily. He is old, wrinkled like a raisin, with peircing black pits for eyes. His gnarled hands often hold an aluminum baseball bat, or a revolver pistol. He likes fear, but runs on pain. Emotional pain, physical pain, he doesn’t care. He favors his left foot, but dont think for a moment he isn’t fast. His scent is the most notable thing though. The coppery smell of blood and the sharp distint scent of mountain sage. If you smell that, run. Not out of fear, but out of caution. Sometimes he goes away, but some, like me, aren’t that lucky. He’s no run-of-the-mill ghost, he’s a specter that never leaves. Value everything you’ve been given, lucky escapees. For some are not that fortunate.


1/20/2016 03:16:36 pm

You’re the first person (other than myself) that I’ve seen mention he carries a pistol. I saw him with a pistol. Feel free to read about my sighting, which I posted below.


Idk he’s just there
6/18/2016 04:14:04 am

Read the comments find he came 3 times


7/1/2015 03:37:21 pm

I was around 8 or 10 when this happen to me . I remember it was really late at night and I couldn’t sleep becaus because I kept thinking of scary things. My bed was on gen opposite side of my door so I could see out of the door. I also use to get nightmares around that time. Anyway I remember i tried to sleep but I felt disturbed and as if another presence was there. Then I saw a man like figure in a rim hat and trench coat. He was see through nor solid and he was completely black . Like a shadow. He just ran past my door and then he was gone. can someone tell me why he was there or what it means.


7/6/2015 10:55:07 am

I saw “the man in the hat” as I called him in the 1970’s, when I was 5-10 years old. I saw him several times at various times of the day. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that so many others have had similar experiences. I was always afraid when I would see him, never felt he was anything other than bad.


7/7/2015 02:37:09 pm

When I was a kid, 5 or 6, I remember a man standing over my bed. He was wearing a hat and just felt evil. I hid under my blankets to get away from him. That’s all I remember.

I always thought it was my imagination, whenever I told the story to others, just to tell ghost stories, I’d say he wore a wizards hat, or what I thought was one. 

I got curious and asked my dad about it. He said I’d talk about a man in my room, all black, in a top hat, who’d visit me all the time.

A lot of bad stuff happened that time to me as a kid. I tried jumping off a roof and other things. It was not a happy time for me. I’m a happy person now though.

I vaguely remember other stuff happening in that room, but I won’t post it because I don’t know if it’s true or not.


7/8/2015 05:30:58 am

I am so happy I found this website. I too saw the hat man from 1967 to 1972 (started when I was five). I saw him about five times and each time I saw him I would begin to scream in shear terror. The first time I was five and I woke up to a solid black figure with a fedora and trench coat. My mother would always come running thinking I was being kidnapped. He always disappeared as soon as I began screaming, only once did he stay there until my mom got to the door. I have never been as afraid as I was of this being. There was something so wrong about him but I have never been able to explain why he was so evil. 
I did have one other experience (please post if you have also experienced this, I can’t find anyone else who has written about it) When I was five a man that was completely blue (electrical blue, he lit up the room) came to me and sat at the kitchen table with me for a long time. I felt such love and peace coming from him and I didn’t want him to leave. The only thing I can remember him telling me (as I was going back to bed) was to be a good person, that was most important. I can still see this as clearly as if it was yesterday.


7/12/2015 06:02:36 pm

Electric blue and white are the color of angels. Your experience is not all that uncommon there are many people out there that have had experiences with the hat man which have also had experiences with positive presences too.


7/8/2015 05:54:30 pm

I call him the grey man because he’s always a bit blurry, hard to focus on. I have been seeing him for many years. When I first saw him it scared the hell out of me but now I feel comforted when he’s around, like he’s looking after me. I don’t just see him at night either. Is this the same phenomena if it happens in the day?


Andrea Jolan
7/10/2015 10:49:03 pm

When I was around 6 years old, I was home alone with my brother and grandmother. My grandmother went to sleep early and my brother and I ended up watching tv until late. He fell asleep and I was the only one awake in the house. I still clearly remember it being around 12 at night when it happened. I felt somebody watching me and I turned my head to the right to see a shadowy figure standing at the doorway of the bedroom. It had no face, just pure blackness and it had on a fedora type of hat and a trench coat. For a few seconds, it kept staring at me and I stared back but for some reason I didn’t feel scared. As soon I blinked though, it disappeared. Up until this day, I had thought it was my grandfather who had died recently before I had seen the shadowy figure. Today, I saw a youtube video where a girl described a similar experience and called it the hat man. I was shocked to learn that what I had seen that night was not my grandfather but some other spirit, or possibly a demon.


Dog walker
7/11/2015 11:03:54 pm

I grew up with dogs and have always had dogs in my life. One of the things I love most in life is to gear up ( coat, boots, leash, bags, phone ) and take the dogs for a boot through the fields parks and trails. Back in the time I’m about to tell you about ( around 2002 or 2003 ) I used to wear a long black oilskin overcoat that went down to the tops of my rubber bottomed boots. I would also wear black leather gloves and a wide rimmed black felt cowboy style hat. I would wear this attire when walking the dogs in the fall, winter or early spring when there was wet snow drizzle or rain. I stand six feet tall and at the time I was bodybuilding and working out six days a week with heavy weights. Most days of the year I try to walk the dogs three times a day. When you’re out in the community so often you start to get to know the other good people in the community. I made friends with a very nice retired couple that I would often stop and chat with and at the end of summer I would bring them fresh corn on the cob, zucchini, yellow and green beans from my garden. Their backyard fence had a portion of it lined by a tall hedge and their back gate opened up to a large open field that was part of a electrical power line access corridor. They had a sunroom on the back of their house that overlooked their backyard. I don’t really have nightmares or bad dreams. The last time I can remember having a bad dream was when I was a kid. I remember being attacked by a monster in that dream. The monster threw a knife into my stomach and I got angry and pulled it out and threw it back at him. lol. Since then I haven’t had any real nightmares. During the time in question I had a dream where I saw a figure all dressed in black with a wide rimmed hat like the silhouetted image at the top of this page. This figure in the dream was walking back and fourth along the fence line of the field. It seemed to be concealing its face with the rim of its hat. As I got closer to it in my dream it turned and started to move away from me.. It was then in my dream that I got the feeling this individual was the manifestation of pure rage. I also got the feeling that it was surprised that I had spotted it and it didn’t want anything to do with me. The dream didn’t scare me at all and when I woke up I just thought it was one of those weird dreams and I forgot about it. Some weeks passed before I walked my dogs in the field where my friends lived. I walked past their gate and I heard my friends call my name. They saw me walk pass from their sunroom window and I turned around to go back to talk to them. They asked me if I had been walking back and forth along the fence line a few weeks back without my dogs. They thought the individual they saw might have been me because of the coat and hat that I sometimes wore in those days. They told me that they saw a figure walking back and forth along the fence line all dressed in black with a hat that fit the description of the hat at the top of this page. I could tell by the look on their faces that they had been quite frightened and disturbed by their encounter. I told them that I hadn’t been in the area for a few weeks and that I had been walking the dogs closer to home. I didn’t tell them about my dream because I didn’t remember it at the time… It’s entirely possible that my friends saw a real person that just happened to fit the description of hat man and my dream was just a coincidence. At the time I didn’t know there was such a thing called hat man. This was my first and only encounter with this type of thing.


7/12/2015 05:57:56 pm

I think there is a common and over influenced opinion on here that shadow people and the hat man are the same entity. Unfortunately those that have only encountered the hat man, or a shadow figure would be biased in that direction but it would be wise to look into the experience and determine if this entity is wearing a fedora looking hat or not. Many accurate reports have also identified that he/it is also wearing what appears to be a trench coat or cape of some sort.

Shadow people are not necessarily the “Hat Man” ; if you are looking at a spirit in the dark – or dimly lit room it will appear as a shadow. I have never experienced a spirit that emits a glow that would brighten up their silhouette – although I have heard some stories which suggest they do exist. The majority of spirits will either be seen as mists or shadows depending on their ability to come into form and mass. The greater the mass, the less light will be seen through them. The less mass the more wispy or misty they will appear. I have seen and experienced spirits of varied form and density – and almost always, the darker they appear – the better ability they have to take shape.

The MO for the hat man , is and always will be a fedora looking hat. This is a constant – which is why he/it is called “the hat man”

Those that have experienced the hat man know it was the hat man – fear and dread accompany the experience. So honestly, with all due respect to other’s opinions out there – if you have had a “good” or “positive” experience, you have not had an experience with the same presence that everyone else has had which is a negative and tormenting one. Its honestly a bash, and really boils down to trolling – when everyone is coming on here seeking answers to the terrible or horrific experiences, and all you “good vibes” blowers are telling us how he rubbed you in a good way with butterflies and rainbows and all that crap. Its disgraceful and disrespectful – and equates to about the same as smearing your shit in the face of a family that was victimized by murder or rape. I know, you just want to have your childish moment of scribbling your opinions – but they’re offensive to those that have had terrible and very screwed up experiences with this being.


7/13/2015 02:16:06 am

How dare you try to bully those of us who did have a positive experience with the Hat Man. Who the hell do you think you are? I told the truth about my experience, which WAS POSITIVE. And my telling of that truth was not a comment on anyone else’s experience. You have no business attacking others for telling their stories. If you don’t agree with it, fine. But lay off the nastiness and name-calliing. You don’t own the Hat Man experience, no one does. I’ll talk about my positive experience as much as I damn well want to and YOU have no say in it.


7/13/2015 04:19:29 am

Bully? Ha.. What I am saying is that listening to people such as yourself talking about singing kumbaya around the campfire with a nasty entity whilst choking down a few more magic mushrooms gets real old. Majority rules in the case of the hat man, and it’s people like you that have no problem spitting in the face of the majority which equates to about as much sense as you suggesting you can have a positive experience with a murderer or a rapist. It’s not me that needs to sit down or take my “experiences” elsewhere, its you. I guessed as much that you would rush into a reply defending your view, after all you have already made fun of someone that shared a rape story. I’m not over-analyzing you, I think you’ve made yourself quite clear amongst those that have gotten terrorized by this being.

heather lynch
4/26/2016 01:39:50 am

My experience was semi positive too. I’m not convinced that he is evil. I believe he is an inspector. bringer of karma

7/13/2015 05:43:19 am

you are a jerk. I don’t understand how people can stand you. What we people here are experiencing are things from the other side. The world is not made from black and white. Shades of grey are mixed in all throughout this world in which we are in. People like you make me livid.


7/14/2015 01:48:45 am

Actually; I come on here and try to help people – while you lisa (emily) come on here and talk about how your experience has been positive. Your answer, is to love and welcome the hat man – while my responses are quite the contrary. If you want to sleep in the camp of the enemy – be my guest, your story isn’t helping anyone. Now you have created a secondary name to support yourself, which honestly – shows signs of severe mental illness or a deep level of immaturity. I’m not a psychologist but my experiences with people like you, are the very reason that the organization I represent requires people to have a psychological evaluation before we get involved.

11/18/2015 05:36:52 pm

I have just posted a comment on my experience tonight, it’s further down.

The hat man i saw was wearing a lightish trench coat, and a pinched in, 40’s type hat, 40’s clothes generally, the eyes were awful, bloody scary, that seemed to be alot more clear and defined than the rest of his face, which was in shadow, and i DID have a real feeling of dread. This was around 1970/1.


7/12/2015 08:54:25 pm

I had many experiences with what you are calling the hat man. I have only seen him once but he has visited me countless times from preteen up to my early 20’s. It started when I was spending the night at a friend’s house. I must have been about 11 or 12. She told me about a tall man in an over coat and top hat visiting her. She said he would just stare at her and she couldn’t break the stare. He also had a tall black dog with red eyes. She thought it might have been a doberman. She said there was a noise in part of the house and he looked toward the noise and she was able to pull the covers over her head. She said he has visited her every night since. This all started for her when she was told about him by one of her other girlfriends that has been haunted by him. Once she told me this story a small ball of energy appeared in the corner of the room and flew under the bed and the springs started twanging for the rest of the night. 

After that night this man visited me every night. He would walk around my bed and lean down close to my face and breath on me. I would keep my eyes closed and pull the covers over my head until he left. I did see the dog once as a silhouette on my curtain. The next day I found big dog prints in the snow starting in the middle of the yard leading to my window but never leaving. 

We moved to another state and it took about a year but he found me. He threatened my first boyfriend to leave me alone. He didn’t and his animals started to die mysteriously. He broke up with me and the deaths stopped. 

I moved to another state. Once again took a year or so for him to find me. Plagued me for years. Then I got married. My husband stated he heard a voice telling him to leave me alone or else. The one and only time I saw him my husband and I were in a fight. We went to bed. I looked at the foot of the bed and there is the hat man. I tried to turn on my lamp and it wouldn’t turn on. My husband turned on the over head light and there wasn’t anything there. It was approximately 6 months after that we divorced.

He has not been back. I am in my 40’s now. This is the first I have heard of anyone having similar experiences. 

Has anyone else seen the dog?


7/13/2015 04:56:58 am

You can do a search for “shadow dog red eyes” on the web; there have been lots of reports of shadow people being accompanied by a dog with red eyes. It has gotten the nick name “devil dog” or “hellhound” because they always appear ferocious, non friendly, or in an attack stance. I have seen a devil dog before, it was about the size of a car one moment – then altered it’s form into about the size of a doberman the next. It also had red eyes – and stared at me briefly then disappeared all together. I thought I was seeing things, until someone else asked me if I saw what they saw.

It appears your case, as with the majority of others – the entity was bent on destroying your family and quite clearly focused on ruining your opportunity to have a normal life. Its still around you I’m sure – just not making itself known. Those that have experienced this entity can go many years, without any experiences and then all of a sudden – it’s back, because it never left.


7/25/2015 08:06:36 pm

Well, since I posted this story I have had a few weird things happen. The scariest was when my husband and I were leaving the movie theater two days ago. We were walking down the hallway where they have those posters and big card board addys for movies. I heard a growl come from one of the card board addys. I asked my husband if he heard anything. He didn’t, of course. Maybe talking about him gives him power.

11/1/2015 06:41:01 pm

I replied to a comment closer to the top (I have been reading for some time now) where I talked about seeing him in the family room when I was about 15. He was not alone (was with a short round woman) and he had reached for me. I freaked out and hid under the covers for hours. But as I read the stories, I remember another incident that happened 3 or 4 years prior to that. This time it was during the day and I was not alone. I was in our unfinished basement (at a different house than the later incident) playing detective games with my best friend. We were having a great time, hiding secret messages for future residents to find… I looked up and in this area that I assume was a crawl space that opened up to the deeper basement that we were in were two bright red eyes staring back at me. They lowered closer to its ground level but stayed locked on me. I never took my eyes away, but asked my friend who was standing right next to me if she could see it. She couldn’t. Another fact of importance was that shortly before I saw it, the temperature got markedly colder. She did notice that. Anyway, a few seconds later, the two red eyes went straight up and dissappeared. I was so freaked out and completely agitated that she said she didn’t see it. I thought she was lying. I never connected the two, but the eyes that I saw would have had to be an animal that walked on all fours, as the space that I saw it in was probably 2 or 3 feet in height.


7/13/2015 05:36:15 am

Oasis Founder:
You are an ugly bully and also a liar. I will tell my story as it happened and you can kiss my ass. I hope other posters here see what an ass you truly are and refuse to let you bully them. You are a coward who cannot tolerate other viewpoints and so you try to shut them down with your nastiness. I hope the Hat Man you so fear pays you a visit soon and scares the hell out of you, since it seems to be what you relish.


7/13/2015 05:40:37 am

I agree with you. This guy is a jerk.


7/13/2015 05:43:36 am

Thanks, I appreciate the support.

7/13/2015 05:46:18 am

you’re welcome.


7/2/2016 02:01:25 am

Regardless of his attitude… the gentleman in question is right about one thing (if taken slightly out of context to preserve meaning): the “hat man” is not to be trusted or listened to at all… there are however different degrees and circumstances related to his appearance… none of which have anything to do with “devil dogs” (or unfounded theories regarding the paranormal for that matter)… I have done extensive research on the “hat man” phenomenon over the years and if you wish to share information reply back to this thread and I would be happy to continue correspondence on the subject via email. Thank you all for your time.

7/14/2015 01:30:41 am

You know, you talk about how I am a jerk because you spit in the face of everyone that comes on here talking about terrible experiences. While you laden your story (and I think that’s all that it is at this point) with how great and happy you are with your little fantasy about your experiences. Now you have stooped to the point of wishing harm on someone else.. You are a very sick and demented individual – your true form has been shown , and karma will be coming for you lisa. You could wish something so terrible on another person then poise yourself and act like some caring individual by calling me a bully? I am defending everyone out there, which has had traumatic experiences, while you – are merely defending yourself. Who’s the ass? It’s a very simple and obvious answer.


7/14/2015 01:34:15 am

she is a sick one, and I agree karma will catch up to her. dont even bother with her, shes not worth it.

7/14/2015 02:39:45 am

Ok, can I say one thing? I know this is not my business, but this sounded hypocritical. I can not just sit here and watch you trash her. You said that she was defending herself. The question is why would this need to happen if someone was not pushing her to do this? And telling people that something bad to happen to them is a normal reaction. For a bit of physiology, anger is the brain’s natural defense against pain. I hate you= you hurt me. You come up to her and tell her mean and spiteful things. What do you suspect her to do? As for what she experienced, I have no answers for that one. I really don’t. The world is full of mysteries, and throwing in demons and angels and other worldly stuff doesn’t not make it clearer. The world is not etched in black and white. Grey is everywhere, even in what we call “normal.”

As for me, I have experienced this entity, and I felt fear….but not for myself, it was for my little sister. I saw it twice, and the first time I was more curious than anything else. So you can’t say that I can’t say anything because or this.

7/14/2015 03:23:29 am

In truth, I did not trash her. She jumped into the fray after I posted a defense argument towards seeing people post positive things about a being that, in the majority of those that have encountered or experienced it has been a negative and traumatic experience. If you scroll up higher in the discussion, there was a poster named “SS” who shared a rape experience – I commended his/her bravery; and she posted in the same said discussion that she didn’t agree with the negativity. Despite her intentions, it was blatantly vile and cruel. My critical post regarding people sharing positive experiences towards a being that has shown acts such as violence, intimidation, destruction and rape – did not have her name attached to it. If this does not answer for my intent being non-malicious, I do not know what would.

7/14/2015 07:47:37 am

Ok, I did not see the SS one, the second one. You do raise a good point there. It does change some of my opinion, but not all.If anything, what you said earlier was more out of aggression, and if you truly are one that wants to help people, don’t be harsh. That is a hard thing to do, but each person is different. Though I don’t understand the rape one….but I don’t really want to. I will just say from what I have experience these people are scary and if someone had a different feeling I will not judge. I don’t know all of it, and nor do I know if this is even real, even though I saw him. Though on the harshness…we are all beings that have to share this planet whether we want to or not. Stop thrashing each other(I need to take my own advice…starting now). I do like how you try to inform people on things you know or have experienced, that is much appreciated by me. That is my opinion on this one.

Dog walker
7/14/2015 12:34:08 pm

Do you think that researchers know enough about this phenomenon to date that they could offer any answers or assistance to those being victimized by it? Do you think that it’s possible that in time, unbiased research could find some answers to help those people who claim to be terrorized by it? Is it possible that people who have had a positive or different experience with this phenomenon could hold a piece of the puzzle that could lead to helping those who have had a terrifying one? Do you think that any investigation into such a phenomenon should be open minded enough to consider all the possibilities and not just part of it? If in the fullness of time people from all around the world felt free enough to express their experience on this blog, (good, bad or neutral) is it not possible that clues, commonalities or modus operandi so far unseen could be discovered? If by some action on our part we hinder or discourage those who have had a different experience, is it not possible that we are hindering the very answers we seek?


9/7/2015 11:59:50 am

I agree. It is important to gather all information first, only then can the unrelated information become obvious and thus disregarded. If only similar information is gathered then things are missed. I personally would look to psychological, neurological and scientific studies,quantum or otherwise, along with paranormal investigations for explanations. This I have not researched much and cannot give my opinion on, I have however looked into sleep paralysis as I lived with someone who experienced it regularly and know that there is neurological studies being done into it and that there is information which gives possible explanations for its cause which makes me wonder if there is any connection with this phenomenon. Just my thoughts.


7/14/2015 02:07:39 pm

I have seen the hat man twice but during both times I was experiencing sleep paralysis so I could not move to only stare at him in what I would call sheer panic and fear. The first time he was in the doorway, the second time he was closer to my bed. I had no idea until tonight while watching a documentary on sleep paralysis that other people had seen the same thing. I am so scared and freaked out right now. It has probably been 6 or 7 years since this happened and I was in my late twenties


Dog walker
7/14/2015 02:41:29 pm

Hi Allison. I’m here if you need to talk.


7/22/2015 01:27:46 pm

I saw the “Hatman” around the year 1990, when I was 23. I had been messing around with a Ouija board and doing drugs with my girlfriend, at the time, at her house. Something must’ve followed me home, because I would wake up in the middle of the night and see these animal shadows running across my room for a couple months. I later learned that these shadow animals are like scouts that go before the main entity. Then one night I woke up and saw this large black shadow at the foot of my bed with a wide brimmed hat, big coat, red glowing eyes and a huge smile on his face with large pointy white teeth, reaching to strangle me. I totally freaked out and started kicking, yelling and swinging at it and it disappeared immediately. I never saw it again. I looked on the internet ten years later and couldn’t believe how many people had seen the same thing. I believe it feeds off fear, or just wanted to scare the crap outta me. I also believe that using the Ouija board and doing drugs brought it into my life, as I am a Christian and this was a sad time for me in my life since I wasn’t praying or reading the bible at the time. I still think about it from time to time, only because of how many have seen the creature all over the world. I had some very strange things happen to both me and my girlfriend from using the Ouija board and would hope that anyone reading this will take it as a warning to stay very far away from them, as they only bring evil into your life.


Nicole C
7/26/2015 05:05:18 am

I have had encounters with the hat man mainly in my dreams..very violent ones and it caused me to have severe severe insomnia my entire life I used to keep a dream book. My encounters with the hat man still haunt me till this day. He would Always walk right into my front door. For some reason in my dreams whenever he came my entire family would be sleeping in our living room on cots. He would walk in and stare at me with this haunting look then he would pull a large butcher knife out of his trench coat and proceed to brutality stab each one of my family at a time slowly. And I would always be last. Sometimes i would wake up before he started killing sometimes as he was about to stab me I would wake up.this dream was reoccuring my whole life. Always the same scene. It has caused me to fear going to sleep at night. This started when I was about 7-8 im not 32. They are not as frequent now. But when I was 21 my sister was telling me about a dream she always has of the same man and he’d always be chasing ME in her dreams. I showed her my dream book where I had the same dreams of the same man. Now my daughter dreams of him. It’s really really messed up and I wish I knew how to stop it. Why is this man haunting my family?


8/6/2015 09:51:24 am

I haven’t really known how to talk about this before because I didn’t know how to believe it myself. I have experienced things i can’t explain. I have seen this shadow person wearing a hat – hence how i found this website. I was walking home from a friends one night and because i live in a village and it was late, the street lights were off. i was walking down a road and as dark as it was, I saw this shadow figure of a guy wearing a hat, standing there in the road. Although it was dark, I could perfectly see the darkness of him against the dark night. A perfect shadow of a man wearing this exact hat against the dark night. I shouted out asking who it was and he just stood there, staring at me. I can never get that image out of my head. He was darker than the night itself and i saw him perfectly.


8/9/2015 07:46:18 am

I couldn’t believe that few years ago i found on internet people had seen the same thing as me.

I was 7 years old in the kitchen when I went to walk out and the very tall dark solid figure but no face was starring straight at me the weirdest thing is i don’t remember what happened after that,,, it’s almost as if I’ve blocked it out. The other time i saw it was when i was in my dining room and i saw some very tall black figured man walk past the door and my dog noticed as well me and my sister searched the whole house for a robber, no one was there.


Penny Anderson
8/9/2015 01:22:26 pm

I’ve seen what everyone refers to as the “hat-man”, only I referred to him as the “magic man”. I seen him when I was around 5, or 6 it’s possible I was somewhat older. Regardless I was a child. My childhood was somewhat different then some, my father was tragically killed, in his 18 wheeler, when I was four years old. My mother was born with a birth defect, that sent her to the Shriners Hospital at the age of nine, to have her legs removed, she is a double amputee. My mother was lived a full life, had my older sister and myself. At the age of 27 she found her self widowed raising us two girls alone. There is 6 1/2 years between my sister and I. Having that said, as a child I played mostly by myself with my big imagination. To my story/incident. I was out playing one day, it’s possible it could have been evening. I was out playing as I always did, in the 70’s children actually played! Haha. I was infatuated with our mailbox and had imaginary friends who lived inside… Haha how embarrassing. Obviously I had a feeling, cuz I looked down the road towards the end and I seen this figure of a man, he had a black suit/tux, black top hat, a cane and gloves on his hands… He walked toward me, I didn’t seem frightened of him, until as he got closer he began to remove his gloves, then his hat!! He was invisible. That however scared me, and my feet prob never hit the ground I ran so hard. I told my mother, again I had a huge imagination! So it was hard for my mother to believe me, she did however know me and that I was terrified of something. The next day I went out to play, all was good until I looked over to the next door neighbors land where they had a camper setting (which was right on our property line) there on top of the camper set a black top hat! I panicked and ran into the house… 
I never seen him ever again. I was a terrified child that found it hard to sleep, not knowing why. No child should live in fear. I’m now 43 years old, and not scared of anything. In the world of the smart phone And Google, I decided to research what I seen as a child, then stumbled upon this blog as well as others. I was astonished to find so many have seen this man. With that said, I will share that I now have a better understanding, I’ve always been a spiritual person, and believe this being could have been trying to test me. He never came into my yard, it’s like he kept on the outskirts. I believe people with special talents, good or bad spirits are attracted. This may sound crazy, I can attest I’m totally sane. Everyone has seemed to have dreamed about him, seen him in there homes. I never did, he was outside on the street, never stepping foot on the lawn let alone our home. 
It would interesting to hear of anyone seeing “the hat man”, (I called him “magic man”) similar to my own story. 


8/18/2015 11:14:25 am

I Been seeing this man for so long any one there can help me pleas call me 267/471/6085. I am not crazy


4/17/2016 05:14:36 am

Reach out to me anytime


8/20/2015 02:58:55 am

I am eleven years old and I have dreams about this guy most every night. Even though I do not see him he is always there. Last night I had a dream that he was in. I was running and I looked behind me and there someone was standing. I stopped and I looked at the figure. It looked like my best friend. I started to run torwards him because I missed him so much. I stopped and I Kissed him.I didn’t realize that I missed him so much that I was in love with him. He seemed like he loved me to because he hugged me to hard I could barley breath, I remember I closed My eyes for a second and then opened them, but not to see a handsome red head but to a black figure. I backed away to look at his face but was just blank. He was wearing a long trench coat ad a top hat or a fedora. I started to run but he ran after me and he grabbed the back of my tank top and stopped me and he whispered in my ear. ” You can run from me, I am always here.” I woke up and looked to the right of me and saw a faint top hat shadow. I screamed for my father and he disappeared. My dad came up and calmed me down but in my head I keep seeing him. Can someone explain this because I am terrified… -Lorelei


Nicole c
8/20/2015 04:26:38 am

I wish I could tell you what this thing is but I just don’t know. This “hatman” has haunted my dreams since I was a kid he would come into my home and stab my entire family in front of me and then before stabbing me I would always wake up. It’s a gruesome dream. Then I found out my little sister would have dreams of him chasing me and stabbing me. Now my daughter dreams of him. It’s horryfing. You can email me if you’d like to talk more. It’s a really scary thing I never thought to look it up online till now when my daughter started telling me about him. I suffered insomnia my entire life because of him afraid to go to sleep at night. I’m 32 now. But my daughter is 13 and maybe you guys can compare story’s and we can figure out some more info on this thing. Only if you feel comfortable to email me if not we can communicate on here. Or you can look me up on facebook. “Nicky Marie”
My email is


Jose Cazares
8/20/2015 05:29:03 pm

I am 32 going on 33 this October. I first saw him when I was only 10 years old, that was back in 1992. During the conception of the internet before it was known to the public. So obviously I never saw it on Google since it wasn’t around back then. I have never heard the stories of the hat man or even known of his existence in any shape or form before that night. I was staying the night at my grandma’s house that night and I was sleeping in my uncle’s room by myself. My little brother stayed in my grandma’s room which was in the next room. I just woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed something in the corner of the room next to my grandma’s door. It was pitch black in the room so I couldn’t see my own hand in front of me, but this thing was far darker than the darkest black you could imagine because I could see him clearly. The first thing I noticed was the trench coat and the hat. I will never forget that hat. He was just standing there rocking slowly back and forth what seemed like hours. I couldn’t move or make a sound. It was in the corner furthest from me, not directly in front so I wasn’t sure if he was looking at me or forward. Now, I’m sure he was. I never saw a face. It looked like he had long hair too. The best way to describe him was like if you were looking at the Undertaker in the dark. Nearly the same height almost 7 feet tall. Finally at 5 in the morning my grandma’s light turned on in her room because she worked in a middle school cafeteria as a lunch lady. When I saw the light I figured if he passes the light and that light didn’t get blocked them I was just seeing things. Unfortunately I wasn’t because he blocked it like when a person passes by. Now I was really scared. Finally, the door opened and it disappeared immediately and I flew to her room and told her. Of course she didn’t believe me. 5 years later when I turned 15 I stayed at my aunt’s house and that same night it appeared again at my grandma’s house, only I wasn’t there. My mom told me my grandma felt it when she went to bed, but she swung at it and told it to go away. When my mom told me I knew it was looking for me. My gut just told me that. My parent’s didn’t seem to think that, even though my dad is more like me and open minded about the paranormal. The next night when I went home everything was normal and it was no longer in my mind. By the way, we were living in my grandma’s house and she moved to the new house that was fixed in the back. My room was the exact same room that I stayed when I was 10. This time I had a strange dream and I could feel his presence in my dream. I couldn’t tell, but my aunt was in it and she told me to not be afraid and don’t show it that I was afraid. I tried to yell with no sound. The third time I was able to get a low grunt and finally woke up. It was night and I was facing the window looking outside scared. When I woke up I went straight for the bathroom to lol in the mirror. There was a giant hand print large enough to wrap around my entire neck. That would be like me using both hands. You can see it was only one hand with very long fingers. You can see the index and other fingers wrapping and touching the thumb. I showed my dad and said, “Now do you believe me! ” My mom was still in denial and said I was probably choking myself. She knew the hand was too big to be mine though. The last time I felt it was when I was 18 and a senior in high school. I was listening to Metallica on my headphones, falling asleep on my stomach when all of a sudden both my arms went numb instantly without the tingly feeling. I felt his presence again, only this time I felt stronger than before. It never affected my legs which I still had control over and used my legs to swing my body over and in an upright sitting position and jumped towards the light switch and swung my lifeless arms to try and get the switch to on to turn on the lights. Somehow I took control of my hand and got it to turn on the light. As soon as the light turned on I had complete control of both arms again as if nothing happened. I’m talking about from shoulders to fingers. After that I haven’t seen or felt him ever again. I have felt things afterward. It may have been him, but feels much weaker than before. It could be that my spirit has gotten much stronger since then and my faith in God and his Angels sent to protect us. This is all true and it was only a few days ago that I actually Googled Hat Man for the first time ever. That’s how I know him by now.


8/21/2015 01:44:50 am

i am 15 now i have been looking at all the things about the hat man i seen him when i was about 6 he was standing there with a hat long coat all black except his eye they were red just recently my sister and my brother told me that they have seen him to what does he want i hear people say he comes back later on in life i haven’t seen him so far again but i still worry


Dog walker
8/21/2015 10:19:43 am

These are just general questions looking for commonalities.
1# Do you see the numbers 111 or 222 – 333 etc, or any other combination of numbers repeatedly throughout your day? 2# Have you had a history of sleepwalking? 3# Have you in your life ever come across an animal mutilation or heard of one in your area? 4# Have you ever come across the remains of half a cat? 5# Do you suffer from allergies? 6# Have you or do you live near high voltage power lines? 7# Have you ever seen anything in the sky that you could not identify that seemed strange to you? 8# Do you have nightmares where you find yourself in a large grassy field? 9# Do you live near a large open field? 10# Do you frequently wake up coughing? 11# Do you have vision problems or do you wear glasses? 12# Do you have any marks or scars on your body that you don’t remember how you got them? 13# Do you snore? 14# Do you have asthma? 15# When you’ve had an experience with the hatman has there always been someone else sleeping in the house? 16# Do you think it’s possible that the hatman might be caused by another sleeper? 17# has anyone ever tried sleeping with a magnetic anomaly detector, vibration alarm or motion sensor in their room? 18# Do you sleep with a large mirror in your room? 19# Have you ever had the air quality tested in your house for toxins like mold or naturally occurring radon gas? 20# Have you confided with a medical professional or sleep specialist? 21# Do your family and friends also experience this phenomenon?


10/17/2015 10:10:57 pm

Hi Dog walker, 
Your questions interest me and I am curious how others will reply. 
#1, no, I haven’t noticed any repeated number combos.
#2, yes, as a child I sleepwalked often. Only a couple times as an adult.
#3, No animal mutilations that I can think of
#4, Yes! There was half a cat corpse outside the laudromat. Creepy!
#5, Yes, seasonal allergies.
#6, No, not near power lines.
#7, No, haven’t seen anything in strange in the sky.
#8, Yes! Regular recurring nightmares that have me in a meadow.
#9, No, I don’t live by a field.
#10, No, I don’t wake up coughing frequently. Only a few times a year when I have a cold or cough.
#11, Yes, I’ve worn glasses since 3rd grade.
#12, No
#13, Sometimes
#14, No
#15, Yes
#16, NO
#17, no
#18, Yes
#19, yes
#20, yes
#21, not that I know of
Hope that helps in your research!


Dog walker
10/18/2015 06:35:54 am

Hi Kirsten. I read your experience and it sounds to me like you’ve had a pretty terrible time of it over the last little while. I wish I had an instant answer for you and others to put your mind at ease but I don’t. All I can say to you is that my experience really happened and like yourself I am looking for answers. It doesn’t escape me that there may be more than one experience happening to people here and more than one possible cause. Whether some people are experiencing a real paranormal manifestation or being tricked by the greatest trickster of them all our own minds doesn’t really matter. No matter what is causing this terrifying phenomenon the terror and suffering is real. That to my mind means there will be more young children and people in the future suffering this unwelcome and terrifying intrusion into their lives. For me finding those answers would be a worthy endeavor if it brings peace to suffering. I think when your dealing with any unknown or seemingly impossible problem, one of the best places to start is by asking a lot of questions. Perhaps if a lot of people honestly participate it will show us some commonalities or synchronicities that could lead us to answers and truths. Maybe we will uncover something that was right in front of us that we may have missed. And by all means if you think of some questions you would like to add to the list please do. Thanks for answering the questions Kirsten. I will do the same. Oh, and one other thing. On the first question you answered you said, ” no, I haven’t noticed any repeating number combos.” I find it curious that your comment in answer to my questions was the 222 comment on this page. 
1# In the days of my experience I would frequently see the numbers 333. Now I see the combinations 111 222 333 444 555 1111 1212. 
2# Once when I was a kid. It consisted of walking back and forth in a hallway and I apparently said I was just going for a walk. That was the only time. 
3# Yes. I found a cat in a field when walking my dogs. It was the front half and it was cleanly cut in half. I reported it to the authorities at the time. 
4# Yes.
5# No I didn’t at the time of my experience but I do now. 
6# Yes.
7# Yes. Twice when I was young.
8# Except in the dream I talked about in my experience, no. I don’t suffer nightmares. 
9# Yes.
10# No.
11# At the time of my experience no. 
12# No.
13# Sometimes. I don’t suffer from sleep apnea. 
14# No.
15# The one time I did yes.
16# I don’t Know.
17# Yes. I made a magnetic anomaly detector when I was a kid. I didn’t at the time of my dream or do I now. 
18# No.
19# No.
20# No.
21# No.

In the future I will explain my thinking behind my questions in a little better detail.

10/18/2015 06:56:56 am

1# Do you see the numbers 111 or 222 – 333 etc, or any other combination of numbers repeatedly throughout your day?

Definitely. For some reason, I also like 1112, or 1212.

2# Have you had a history of sleepwalking?

I’ve never sleepwalked, as far as I know. I don’t talk in my sleep either.

3# Have you in your life ever come across an animal mutilation or heard of one in your area?

No. I hope I never do.

4# Have you ever come across the remains of half a cat?

What? No.

5# Do you suffer from allergies?


6# Have you or do you live near high voltage power lines?

There are some right behind my current house, but not before this one and not when I had my experience.

7# Have you ever seen anything in the sky that you could not identify that seemed strange to you?

Just once. When we were kids, my brother, sister and I saw a round object dancing around and hovering near a communications tower. The incident turned up in the papers the next day. Apparently a lot of people saw it. 

8# Do you have nightmares where you find yourself in a large grassy field

No. I don’t have nightmares.

9# Do you live near a large open field?

There’s one right behind my house, but this is the first house I’ve lived in where that is the case.

10# Do you frequently wake up coughing?

Sometimes, as I’ve gotten older. Not to be gross, but the phlem gets a little thicker as you get older. But not when I was a child.

11# Do you have vision problems or do you wear glasses?

I do now, but not at the time I had my experience, when I was 16. This was 40 years ago.

12# Do you have any marks or scars on your body that you don’t remember how you got them?

No. I think I remember them all.

13# Do you snore?

As I’ve gotten older, yes. When I was younger, no.

14# Do you have asthma?

Mildly, yes. But they’ve never medicated me for it. It doesn’t seem to bother me. It was more of a problem when I was an infant. My mother smoked throughout her pregnancy. In those days, they didn’t tell you not to do that.

15# When you’ve had an experience with the hatman has there always been someone else sleeping in the house?

Yes, at first I thought it was my Dad, but it turned out not to be.

16# Do you think it’s possible that the hatman might be caused by another sleeper?

Another sleeper? Do you mean like a sleepwalker? Not in my family. Or some sort of mental projection? Uh, I guess, but for me that would have to be proven possible by science.

17# has anyone ever tried sleeping with a magnetic anomaly detector, vibration alarm or motion sensor in their room?


18# Do you sleep with a large mirror in your room?

There was one on the back of the door when the incident happened to me, but the door was open, so I wouldn’t have been able to see into it at the time.

19# Have you ever had the air quality tested in your house for toxins like mold or naturally occurring radon gas?


20# Have you confided with a medical professional or sleep specialist?

Had a sleep study recently, but that’s just in the past few months.

21# Do your family and friends also experience this phenomenon?

No. I only experienced it once, 40 years ago. I know that it wasn’t a dream, because I was awake and talking to it, although it didn’t answer me. I also stared at it for several minutes while it stared at me, before it finally turned and walked towards my sister’s room.

I watched the door for quite a long time, expecting it to walk back again, but it never did. (My sister was 10 at the time). I finally fell back to sleep a few hours later.


10/29/2015 09:46:24 am

1# Do you see the numbers 111 or 222 – 333 etc, or any other combination of numbers repeatedly throughout your day? I’m honestly not sure
2# Have you had a history of sleepwalking? never
3# Have you in your life ever come across an animal mutilation or heard of one in your area? no
4# Have you ever come across the remains of half a cat? Not a half cat, but my childhood cat I was the one to find dead in a stroller I would push her around in. 
5# Do you suffer from allergies? no
6# Have you or do you live near high voltage power lines? no
7# Have you ever seen anything in the sky that you could not identify that seemed strange to you? yes
8# Do you have nightmares where you find yourself in a large grassy field? no 
9# Do you live near a large open field? yes
10# Do you frequently wake up coughing? yes, as if I couldn’t get air.
11# Do you have vision problems or do you wear glasses? no
12# Do you have any marks or scars on your body that you don’t remember how you got them? no
13# Do you snore? yes, ever since I was born
14# Do you have asthma? athletic asthma
15# When you’ve had an experience with the hatman has there always been someone else sleeping in the house? no 
16# Do you think it’s possible that the hatman might be caused by another sleeper? no
17# has anyone ever tried sleeping with a magnetic anomaly detector, vibration alarm or motion sensor in their room? no
18# Do you sleep with a large mirror in your room? no
19# Have you ever had the air quality tested in your house for toxins like mold or naturally occurring radon gas? no
20# Have you confided with a medical professional or sleep specialist? no
21# Do your family and friends also experience this phenomenon? no
When I was young, not sure of the age but I was either in early elementary or before. My sister and I slept in the same bed, I woke up one night and there was a man in all in black with the long trench coat and hat was standing in the far corner of our room. Looking down, when I sat up he looked up and raised his arm and was pointing straight towards me. He started taking a step and I started to scream. My parents came running in and turned on the light and nothing was there. I haven’t seen him again but I will experience the feeling of a heavy presence in the dark. I have been afraid of the dark ever since then.


7/6/2016 02:30:26 pm

Your #4 question is very interesting. I have seen a back half of a cat run across the livingroom at my cousins house. This was about 38 years ago.


7/6/2016 02:59:54 pm

I have also seen cats. Not always half, but when it is just half it’s the back. I had a shadow cat that was a regular frequenter at any home I’ve ever lived in. I’ve not seen it in a few years however. As far as seeing half of an actual dead cat, I don’t believe I ever have.

7/6/2016 03:16:50 pm

I have never seen an actual dead half a cat either. The back half that I saw was like a black shadowy and it appeared out of nowhere, ran for about 10 ft’, then disappeared. I remember jumping as it scared me. I was about 12 or 13 years old.

10/23/2016 10:11:02 am

What a lot of people don’t know … is that the 3 D material world overlaps with the 4 D lower spirit world. Dimensions overlap … the higher the dimensions are … the less menacing the entities are that traverse into the lower dimensions. But there is a lot of bad entities in that 4 D spirit world.

A lot of the 4 D entities are negative and do really bad stuff to people in the 3 D realm. Murders …. the mutilation of animals for no reason at all. Some people have a dark side that seems to invite the entities that are negative and then they create mischief together. These are the kind of people to stay away from. If you an see their aura … usually grey or black is emanating off of them. 

Humans can have a dark soul when they come into this life … they can also make pre-birth agreements to behave and allow for an entity to take over. Some of this can be good and a lot of it can be bad. It really depends on the duality issues for both the host and the parasitic being. Sometimes you can never get rid of them and sometimes the human is not aware … But others can see and feel a presence in a person that is not natural and very negative … And you just want to turn and walk away from that individual that gleans with ugliness in their demeanor. 

Some good questions above … 

hehe … Had to laugh at this one … Snoring has a lot to do with an entity over-souling your body for the night … like you are a hotel. This happens to everyone … Until you learn how to Zapp.


Tall man
8/21/2015 04:18:28 pm

I remember the first night i saw him. Me and my friends we’re standing in the street in front of the small forest that was next to our school. It was about 2 in the morning and we had snuck out. I was looking into the woods when I figure that was the same height as the trees quickly moved forward and when I pointed it out to my friends, it moved quickly back into the forest as if trying to hide. We all saw it. We all ran away. And It’s followed us ever since. We can feel him when he’s coming. When he’s watching. It’s been 5 years since that night, and all three of us have seen him on and off since then. We used to look it up and all we found was slender man creepy pasta before it became so popular, but it is nothing like the slenderman. It is pure evil. Stay away from him.


8/22/2015 08:43:35 pm

I had this figure tell me to wake up and watch last night at 2.55am. I felt terrified at there being something I had no explanation for. However this was just the start . I walked to bathroom and my dog was on the stairs to scared to come up. I went to get a drink downstairs in kitchen and went back to bed. My girlfriend was semi awake and asked what time it was. Then she said she got a bad feeling about a plane/airport. We gave up trying to sleep after this and went downstairs to watch television and see if there was anything about this bad feeling. We seen that some of her friends had been hearing planes aswel. Then I see that my cousin who going on her honeymoon airport been closed all night due to a bomb scare. Thankfully that was all it was a scare but why have this ‘man’ visited me? Help would be appreciated.


8/24/2015 09:30:21 pm

Me and my friend saw this shadow man when we were in our early teens, it still freaks me out and I have thought about it every day since. We were running away from my little sister because at that age no one wants their younger siblings hanging around with them. It was the summer holidays and it was just getting dark. We were going down the back lanes of our village and we both noticed at the same time a man stood behind the hedge. Roughly 6ft tall and completely solid black. What struck me is how solid and sharp his outline was. We could only see down to his waist as he was behind the bushes but he was wearing (what looked like) a tailored suit and top hat. We were both so scared we didn’t say anything just ran back to my house. We both drew on a piece of paper what we had seen and it was exactly the same thing. I thought it was important for me to post my experience on here because it seems to appear to a lot of people when they are sleeping or have just woken up. This happened to us roughly about 8pm on a summers evening and we both saw it which rules out hallucinations or dreaming. We did the ouija board quite a lot back then and we have always both had a keen interest in the paranormal. This has certainly made me respect it a whole lot more. You just never know what you will be opening yourself up to. I haven’t seen him since and I hope to god I never do again!


8/31/2015 09:00:14 pm

I saw him once. He was standing next to my bed looking down at me. I spoke to him, thinking it was my sister messing around. He turned and walked out the room. I followed but he was gone. Never felt fear then. Then many years later I saw a hooded figure who came at me one night when I walked to the kitchen in the dark. I was terrified and couldn’t get the light on quick enough. I managed to turn it on just as it reached me but the figure was gone.


9/7/2015 02:39:51 pm

Well he’s not a hoax for me, because he’s something that I experienced 40 years ago, in 1975. There were no stories about him back them, so it certainly wasn’t anything I’d heard about beforehand. I was 16 at the time.

I awoke one night to find a man standing in my bedroom doorway, watching me. I thought it was my Dad, so I called out, “Dad? …. Dad?” There was no reply.

Then I realized that my Dad would not be standing in my doorway in the middle of the night, fully dressed. He seemed to have on a long coat or cloak and a tall black hat. In those days, many men still wore hats, including my Dad, so that wasn’t so unusual. It was the fact that he was dressed at 3:00 a.m. which got my attention.

I thought maybe something was wrong and that he was leaving for the hospital and wanted to check on us kids first. But he just stood there, silently staring at me.

I began to feel a little frightened and I sort of slunk down into my covers, just peeking over the edge of my blanket, watching him, watch me. After a few minutes, he turned and silently walked towards my sister’s room.

Not long after that, my grandmother died of stomach cancer. A few weeks later, I lost my 16-year-old best friend to a brain aneurysm. Her funeral was on Christmas Eve, but I didn’t get to attend it because of a bad snow storm.

That was my one and only encounter with this being and it will be 40 years ago come this December. I hope not to see him again.


9/8/2015 12:13:16 pm

4/12/2017 10:40:17 pm

Woooow very intetesting. Would you be interested in an interview ? I’m producing a full documentary just in this hat man. Email me:


8/13/2017 02:35:29 am

Yes my friend and I saw the hat man, he was tall, glowing green, transparent. Prolonged apparation… So here is the story…I was always curious about ghost’s, if real or not. It was a hot summer night, my friend and I were having an ice cream at Friendlys, when we ran into a group of Gothic chicks. So… I said to one of them, my friend and I want to see some real shit for once…. So she told me to go to the tennis courts in Hawthorne, NJ…. So off we went. We parked the car, got out… We sat on a giant rock, closed our eyes and stilled our minds…. meditating basically… When we opened our eyes appeared the hat man glowing green, it was faint…but glowing just enough to be certain… He walked down the hill of the quarry above the tennis courts, but there was also a black shadow figure simultaneously walking by the apartments, that could have been a deer but the way it approached us slowly and cautiously was very… creepy… Now the hat man like a straw hat… He was maybe 50 yards away and the shadow figure which could have been a deer was maybe 25 yards away.. we left… But my experience was like Barry’s experience. The quarry now has newer condos built over the site which the hat man apparition occurred perhaps 10 to 15 years ago. But yes, The Hat Man Apparition is the real deal…No bullshit, I wouldn’t have wasted my time writing all this. Anyone else see the hat man as Green and glowing??

9/8/2015 01:01:28 pm

i just found out that the whole world has experienced this “hat man” phenom. Ive had the same experience my senior year in high school 6 years ago. i remember it vividly. i was dating a girl that at the time i realy thought i loved. her famly balived in buddhism a nontheistic religion, my famly balives in christ. I never let religious baliefs get in the way of my relationships i would just keep a open mind about how other people balive and worship a person with a philosophy “buhda” instead of god. This is my experience. One late night around 12:30 am i was waitng for the season finale off “fresh prince of bell air” to come on, the show starts at 12:35 early in the morning on b.e.t i think the chanel was. Once it came on i was super tired at that point, i was trying to fight my sleep to stay up in between commercial breaks, to see how the season fanale was gonna end. during the 3rd commercial break i started to doze off, but my conscious was telling me stay up to finish the show. I then fell in a deep sleep, like my body was alseep and my mind was awake, i could not move, i could not speak, but i can still here the tv. Every time will smith said a joke “punch line” i could here the studieo audience laughing. I was petrified, i felt like i was paralyzed. I tried with all my mite to move my foot to kick my little brother who was next to me sleeping, to wake him up to try and wake me up. I couldent move it hard enuff to nudge him. It felt like i could barley open my eye lids, just enuff to peak, but not fully open my eye’s. I could bareley move my neck, i went to turn my head towards my tv, wich was on my left side, and the that’s when i seen this “hat man” just a dark silhouette crouched over by my bed side looking up at me, like he was nealing or somthing, but as soon as i seen that, i just closed my eye’s and said a prayer and called out to jesus, when i said jesus name in my prayer, the figure fleed fast, and all of a sudden im fully awake and i could move again, i jumped out of bed & turned on the lights and looked under my bed, and opend the closet. Nothing was there. And the “fresh prince of bell air” finale was still on, not evan close to being over. I felt like that experience was lasting for hours. But it was just minutes. I felt like i was forgeting to communicate with god, i was starting to grow apart from him, and more close to the girl i was dating that, he allowed these fallen angels to mess with me , but i learned to always put god first. And these fallen angels are weak compared to the power of god. They cant harm you if your mind is rite and you truley balive in god. Never had another experence since then. They only come around people who have faith in god. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowels around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. God bless you all. & pray every day to keep god in your presence.


9/8/2015 01:12:35 pm

They only come around people who* dont have faith in god


5/18/2017 11:47:30 pm

My faith is strong but so is he 🎩 😞

9/8/2015 01:08:06 pm

I have seen this being once, when I was about 24. My wife and I both witnessed the Hat Man. We were sitting in the living room around 6PM reading the Bible (I was particularly religious at the time… More of a deist these days). Anyhow, the Hat Man came across, from the right side of the room, passed in front of us and walked outside through the wall on the left. I could see his cloak/cape moving through the air, as he was walking quickly; he was tall. It wasn’t dark and we were completely awake; was still relatively early. I looked at my wife and we both said “Did you see that!” Didn’t see any red eyes though. The reason I’m a deist and not agnostic is because of what we saw and experienced. I had never heard of the Hat Man or shadow people before so it took a couple of years to realize what I saw. I came across shadow people online after googling the description of the figure we saw. Later, I learned of the Hat Man and am quite sure this is the entity that visited us. I don’t know why… Could be because we lived 100 yards from a cemetery. It could also be because my wife had gone through a miscarriage a few months before. Or maybe he was just in the neighborhood… Who knows.


9/9/2015 03:57:02 am

……………………………………………………………………..QUINCIDENCE OR NO???????????????/


9/11/2015 03:43:49 pm

I saw this thing at work about a week ago. I am a housekeeper at a department store so why he would show up there is beyond me. It was about 7:15 am and the store opens at 10 am so I know it wasn’t a customer or a fellow employee. Over my left shoulder and if I remember correctly his reflection was in the mirror. Brief and then it was gone. I told my husband about it and he said it was the hat man. I brushed him off and didn’t think twice about shadow people. I just thought I was still tired. So, this evening my husband asked again…”describe what you saw last week,” so I told him that it was just all black with a hat kinda like Lincoln’s. Didn’t see facial features and it was only from about the waist up and it didn’t make any movements. I didn’t feel threatened just maybe an eerie feeling for a split second. I could read more into it but speculation is not my strong point when it comes to things like this. I always try to rule out what it could be..but this one threw me off. But I can say that it appeared very clear but only for a few seconds. Eh, who knows….


9/11/2015 08:49:21 pm

I have not seen this man. I hope I never do. However, my boyfriend often tells his story when we are on the subject. Years before we met, he was living in Louisville Ky, and he saw a figure in his apartment. Tall man, trench coat, fedora. He had just recently started dating this woman, she moved in, and weird negative things started to happen. They broke up, and everything went back to normal. We think she might have brought these negative this with her. Anyway… It is September 11,2015. I literally just heard about the hat man on a podcast. I looked him up. Sure enough, the exact description my bf has been telling me. I told him about it, he didn’t believe me at first untill I read to him: the description and the circumstances on why he might appear. Weird.


9/14/2015 10:00:12 pm

actually feels good that others have seen The Hat Man — in my early 30’s i seen him once. I was awakened at around 2-3 am with that feeling someone was watching me, well my husband and my bed faced the door way where we can see down the hall, so when i woke i seen him just standing there staring at me i remember i was scared to death was even to scared to wake my husband i thought if i moved to quick or said anything he would charge us. now i know i was awake because i slowly reached down to my thigh and pinched it to make sure i wasn’t dreaming, well i just laid there quietly staring back at him after about probably 3 or 4 minutes he just disappeared now i dont think i was frightened of him but more i was frightened there was a intruder in my home. im not sure what it means but i am sure of what i seen and beings others have seen him in a weird way is comforting


9/15/2015 12:37:28 am

I have seen him but with a crow on his shoulder this was when I was2 I’m now 33. I wake up every night at 320am and feel a presseance I know it’s him. The past few years I have been getting angry and mad at things I would never be mad about. This year I woke up being choked and had marks on my neck. I feel like I’m losing myself and want to die .


Dog walker
9/15/2015 08:21:05 am

There was an interview on September 13 2015 on Coast to Coast AM radio that was very interesting. It was the second part of the show called unexplained sleep deaths.


9/15/2015 05:01:22 pm

I’m impressed by the number of people who had shared the same experience. It was very late at night when I heard weird noises coming from the kitchen, of someone turning the door knob frantically, which was impossible, for the passage to the kitchen is severely locked. Hearing it, you can presume that I was absolutely scared, I think I was 13, I runned to my parent’s room to sleep between them. Then I saw, while I was laid on the bed, a dark figure, darker than the darkness of the room, staring at me and my parents, who slept peacefully. While the figure was standing at the end of the bed, its shadow on the wall moved and advanced. It was distinctly the shape of a tall man wearing a hat, and it was no vision, product of dreams, for I kept staring at it to certificate myself. I tried to touch such mysterious figure to see what would happen, because firstly I thought that it could be some sort of robber who had invaded the house, but, of course, it wasn’t. I tried to move, but it was impossible, my father was sleeping near me, I could have touched him by just moving a single finger, but it was absolutely impossible. I tried to scream many times but no sound came from my throat. I tried to organize my thoughts and conceive the nature of that being, but fast as the bullet of a gun, some sort of external thought reached me, warning that it was no benevolent being. As the figure’s shadow advanced on the wall I panicked and in a ignorant move, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep again. And it worked, and in the morning everything was normal as if never had happened.


9/15/2015 05:13:17 pm

I’m so glad I have found these reports, also, that night, the same way someone was saying here, I didn’t have dreams. I never told my parents, because they usually don’t pay attention to it, saying that I need to go to church, they’re never interested in elucidate facts.


9/16/2015 09:34:35 pm

I’ve seen this figure, and I had no idea it was something that others had experienced until coming across this page *just now*. 

I have never forgotten it, and I think of it often even though it happened nearly 30 years ago. I was about 4 years old and I was sleeping in bed with my parents. It was early in the morning and they were still asleep, and I sat up in bed and saw him in the window across the room. The man was standing there, looking in at me from outside––a black shadow of a man with a wide brimmed hat. Then he walked away. I remember thinking that it was my uncle coming over for a visit, so I woke up my parents to show them and they dismissed it. Then, I became terrified when I realized that a stranger had been watching me. I’ve since brought it up to my mom and she doesn’t remember it at all.

Seeing this black figure in a wide brimmed hat has aways been one of my most vivid childhood memories. The fact that other people have experienced this too is crazy.


Kim Alexander
9/18/2015 03:28:26 pm

I was telling my mom tonight about my sleep paralysis I had 7 months ago here is the exact wording I used to describe what I saw “But it felt real as day the man choking me I didn’t see his face but he wore a hat and a long black cloke but was like darkness like someone cut him out of black paper he stood away from me pacing and repeating himself you will follow me like a brother like a goat” I know this sounds strange and to the tee literally my mom jumped straight onto Google and looked it up, up until today I have never heard of the shadow people or the hat man yes I see stuff from time to time but I don’t give it the power to control me and rather turn a blind eye to strange phenomena but I can’t deny I had a weird dream people all over the world have seen too. It’s like my brain was Conscious like I was dreaming but awake he was real in my dream I don’t know how to exactly to explain it the fear was real I was choking I was struggling for my life but I was seeing something strange I actually thought it was a dream at first I consulted a dream expert that said it was sleep paralysis with a night mare. This happened 2 weeks after my move back to my father’s house he was going through a devorce I was never part of the fighting or aggression in the house and my father had helped me to move so our relationship was good I don’t understand why he came to me. Why he kept repeating himself telling me to repeat after him “you will follow me like a brother like a goat” if somebody could help me understand this I am really freaked out that other people have seen this. I feel like I was made to forget him he didn’t want me to remember like the sleep paralysis was a cover for his presence i forgot what he looked like and regarded it as a night mare. I must add people say it normally happens before your rem cycle I had been sleeping for an hour and 30 minutes. Unrelated in the dream awake state I dreamt my dad came to help me up and saved me and I jumped out of the bed and turned the light on. Well thanks for reading my experience.


4/17/2016 05:11:40 am

Hello Kim,

If you profess and plead the blood of Jesus then this thing will flee. Jesus will deliver you everytime. 

God bless you,


9/22/2015 01:45:14 am

I saw the Hat Man in my childhood, from 3 to 9 years old. Mostly in my dreams or when I was about to fall asleep. I was more curious about him than affraid. He didn’t do anything. Later, I could not see him, but I could sense him in my dreams, it was a presence and I knew it was him. I saw him in my dreams just before nine eleven, he was in one of the buildings just before the explosion. 
One of the explanations i found of his identity is that he is Odin who, after Ragnarok, managed to escape and he walks incognito in a interdimension trying to find a way to regain Asgard, 
One thing i am almost sure of, is that he is not a grim reaper.


Dog walker
9/22/2015 09:52:22 am

It’s curious that this blog seems to become active before major world events. It became active before the major drop in the stock markets and before the quake in Chile. Probably just a coincidence but something to look out for.


9/22/2015 01:44:53 pm

My grandmother’s father told her stories of the tall man in the top hat. my dad saw it about twenty years ago late at night when he went for a cigarette, in the forest behind the house he saw a tall man in a black long coat, a top hat, and burning eyes staring directly at him. He always thought he was seeing things until he got a computer and found out that he wasn’t alone


11/12/2015 07:57:51 pm

It’s quite active now?


Dog walker
11/12/2015 09:00:50 pm

Yes it is. And this is one of those times where I’d be very happy to be wrong.

11/14/2015 05:05:14 pm

Just as I mentioned to you that this blog has became more active recently, a major world event happens! Paris yesterday! This is crazy..


Dog walker
11/14/2015 07:44:05 pm

I think that one has to keep in mind that it’s still very possible that this is just coincidence. The subject matter that we are discussing here can be very dark on any given day. At the same time one can turn on ones local news on any given day and hear about bad things both locally and internationally. After all, tragic events in our world have kept or news agencies going everyday for a very long time. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here? Of all the unimaginable possibilities tomorrow might bring, ( both good and bad ) I for one will always try to be optimistic. With all the conflict, hatred and darkness we’ve seen in our world in recent times, it’s very easy to have a depressing outlook for what tomorrow might bring. So perhaps we need to inspire those around us to how wonderful the future of our world could and can be. After all we still have an absolutely beautiful world. Then maybe, just maybe, instead of a predictive harbinger of death, we will get the gentle feeling that something beautiful is going to happen…. I would like to offer my sincere heartfelt condolences to all those families and friends who had a loved one stolen from them in the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. May we one day find an everlasting peace in our world.

Dog walker
11/15/2015 11:47:39 pm

Hi Micah Ackerman. I hope all is well with you. I would like to ask you a question about the time stamps assigned to the comments on your blog. The comment made by Chris above,” It’s quite active now?” Was made just before midnight on 11/12/2015 and now it’s 11/13/2015 05:57:51 My comment in response was made on 11/13/2015 00:00:50 When I look at both comments on a different device the time stamps are different again. Could you explain this to me? 
Thanks for your time. Take care.

Dog walker
11/15/2015 11:52:59 pm

That’s strange. It’s now back to the way it was originally. Curious.

9/22/2015 01:27:05 pm

My dad told me this story and he tells it the same constantly saying he’d never forget the experience about 16 years ago. 
Late at night he went outside to have a smoke, and he noticed in the forest behind the house where he was was, he has seen a tall black figure, with a black long cloak, a long top hat and he said it looked right at him with red eyes. He said he couldn’t see his face but it was so frightening to him he had trouble moving and he finally had the ability to run back inside. After my dad told the story, my grandmother couldn’t believe it, and freaked out! my grandmother’s father (has been dead for a while now) used to tell her the story of the same man in the exact same description, and to warn her of him when she was a little girl. Apparently the apparition was commonly seen outside of someone’s window or driving at night by the woods.


9/25/2015 05:34:26 pm

Why is it that most people on here are only remembering seeing this thing from childhood? In my previous home I used to see it quite often. It would stand in the hallway turned toward me and just stand there. All in black but not like a suit….it was more like a long black mens dress coat or possibly a cloak and an amish style black hat with its head slightly tilted downward. No visible face or any flesh exposed anywhere. Never was able to make out legs or feet just that it was a solid black form. The shoulders were very straight/boxy and it was very wide shoulders. It gives me a great uneasy feeling…very negative. I started seeing this thing in my late 20’s and saw up until 1 1/2 years ago. The home that I’m speaking of burned on March 17th 2014. Although the home that burned is on the same property as our current home, thankfully i have not seen it in our new home. The burned home is still standing and I still to this day have a very erie feeling when i go inside.


9/27/2015 10:11:37 am

After reading more than 200 posts about this I decided to post my experience so I don’t really remember how long ago it was recent like a few years ago bit it occurred during sleep paralysis I woke to see a shadow in my doorway fear erased through me as I watched it approach it then disappeared and left never too be seen again


Dog walker
9/27/2015 03:31:13 pm

Tonight there is a rare astronomical event called a super moon or blood moon. There will also be a total lunar eclipse that will be seen in many parts of the world at the same time. Try to remember your dreams tonight if you can. If you dreams are interesting and possibly significant, please share them if you are so inclined. It would be interesting to see if there are any sychronicities.


9/29/2015 05:44:52 pm

I am here to reply again with some significance to the multiple situations involving the man in the hat. 

YOU ALL; Must become Very Honest with yourselves, to the Core of Possibility as You CAN. 
You must dig deep into yourself, upon the feelings you have of the Dark… And I do not mean Evil Dark, darkness in it’s shadow state— as that shadow of darkness is where these beings LIVE-if you will, RESIDE, they are Filiments of The Shadow Dark side and ARE NOT TRULY ALIGNED TO ANY ORGANIC LIGHT OR DARK PATH; 
they are the ANTI-MATTER Artificial Energy of Universal Experience; truly I do understand their purpose of existence, other than they are here to REMIND US, of what it takes to CLAIM yourself, ALIGNED AS A CHILD OF GOD, to full Organic Balance of Your Masculinity (light, and Femininity (dark) to IGNORE either side would be foolish; and WILL CAST A SHADOW OF FEAR onto EITHER THE LIGHT OR DARK within yourselves, and then you create Evil Dark Vampires (as in the Hat Man) for neglecting your dark
OR ZANY SELF-RIGHTEOUS LIGHT ZEALOUS personality (like an over-devoted Bible Puppet) for neglecting your light

AND these SHADOW versions of the Original Organic Sources, 
until you FACE YOUR SELF- Honestly, and Consider what part of yourself, you are Neglecting Ignorantly (literally ignoring a piece of yourself) 

ARE YOU TOO RIGID, UNFLEXIBLE, AND ASSERTIVE? (someone who accepts their Light more than Their Dark– and neglects their dark wild side) This case accepts their Masculinity naturally, but neglects their female side of their body, creating Imbalance! 


(someone who neglects their Light Side, and embraces their female side) 




IF YOU DO NOT FEEL examples like the above text for balance female and male energy, 

you are creating Evil Shadow Versions of Light or Dark beings, 

(in everyones’ case here, they are stuck in the dark side acceptance, and creating shadowy dark evil to creep into their lives at day and night) AND i recommend YOU now RESPOND to this, with FULL HONESTY in YOURSELF, 


they will never stop coming until you Feel Balanced, Commanding, and Honest with your Emotions… 

UNTIL then, Be Prepared to Continue being Haunted. 

with Love, 



10/7/2015 01:41:02 am

Hello everyone, 

I am currently doing research into sightings of the hat man, the old hag and shadow men.
I would love to hear from anyone who has had/ has experienced these phenomena. What did you see, what did you do, how often has it happened? Please share any details and I would also love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the topic. 
email me at and I will respond to you. 



Brandi Cowing
10/8/2015 12:05:23 pm

Hello all!

I’ve always remembered my experience with the Hat Man and it was actually a positive one. Though I was afraid, I wasn’t really afraid of him. I was mostly afraid because I was under sleep paralysis. I watched him come through my wall, walk next to my bed, then he bent down and kissed the top of my head. The cold shock of it brought me out of my paralysis and when I touched my head, it was still cold. Hat Man was gone. That happened when I was about 10 or 11 (I am 31 now). Though I have experienced other paranormal events, I have never seen the Hat Man again.

I was surprised to learn so many others have experienced this type of figure. I was also surprised to learn that my mother and her sister both witnessed the Hat Man when they were children.


10/9/2015 08:43:58 pm

10/10/2015 04:14:40 am

[Quote] 8< 8< 8< snip: 
“I watched him come through my wall, walk next to my bed, then he bent down and kissed the top of my head. The cold shock of it brought me out of my paralysis and when I touched my head, it was still cold. Hat Man was gone.” 
snip >8 >8 [end quote]
That is so frigging cool. I get so annoyed with people saying nonsense like, “they’re demons, call out for geezus” or, “they feed on fear”, I partly pity them but I also get quite angry because such silliness does nothing to further our understanding of what these fascinating entities are, where they come from and what their purpose is.


R A U N ~ 2 0 1 5
10/11/2015 07:17:58 am

reflecting 20 years on it’s obvious why we were visited //

In the 90s my grandmother was dying of bowel cancer
i lived with her and my pop from 6 months of age.
my mum died when i was 6 months 
my Nan got diagnosed with cancer on my pops birthday (of all days) then 4 weeks later i was hit by a motor bike (3 days after my 16th) 
i had my right temple removed lost smell and taste as you know it. 
3 weeks later i got out of hospital, i saw it for the1st time.. 
always outside, EXACTLY as the pic shows 
was like soon as you felt it watching and when you noticed it, it moved , it moved so fast was gone in a blink of an eye ..
it moved so fast.
i felt was like it was waiting around for something and it wasn’t good… 
i don’t recall it ever being inside the house but scared the S**t out of me from or night.
i used to describe him it as the black SPY VS SPY character.. 
it was a mans figure tall and skinny,,
my Nan died just over 6 months from the time she was diagnosed, it was such a dark period, then when she passed away i never saw that thing again, hope i never do.. they were dark times .He was a distinctive dark shadow , it possibly had a briefcase or closed umbrella on occasions but it moved so quick once you noticed it moved sometimes i felt it was there but couldn’t see it after the initial sighting.. .. eh shivers as i type .. bad memories… 
a couple of times in that 6 month period i woke up not being able to move my body or even speak, that has NEVER happened since then. 
when i told my Nan of this thing, i will never forget this till the day i die.. she said it’s okay don’t tell pop cause he is worried enough with both of us sick …,she was laying in the middle of a double bed, said mums the word & taped her nose.. as she did, both touch lamps came on either side of her bed.. 
after she passed away at the end of that year i never saw it again..
sad freaky times & powerful memories


10/16/2015 09:08:13 pm

I saw the hat man about 7 years ago. I was 36 years old at the time. He was standing at the foot of my bed. He wasn’t alone there were 2 other shadow men with him, one on each side of him. He was extremely tall. I wasn’t afraid of him. I do remember that I had had almost no sleep for at least 4 or 5 days prior to this. My husband was in bed beside me half asleep and I told him that there were shadow men at the foot of the bed but he just thought I was crazy I suppose. He didn’t see anything. I just remember thinking wow who are these shadow men in the room and even chuckled about it. They seem to stay there for a little while, maybe 10 minutes or so and then dissapated. I had never seen them before, or since. I also had no idea that anyone else had had similar experiences. I would love to one day know exactly what the hat man is or why we see him, but im guessing like a lot of questions that will only be answered when we die.


10/20/2015 01:13:36 pm

Why is everyone so scared of him?

I’m pretty sure he has saved my life once.

First time I saw him it didn’t scare me.
He was just standing there observing,
seemed a bit nervous,
and sad.
Not that I could see his face.
But it was just the body language and the feeling I got from him. 
Made me feel sorry for him for some weird reason.

He or the shadow people don’t make me scared.
They make me feel comfortable for some strange reason.

I think they are just as scared as you are if not more sometimes.


1/18/2016 01:10:13 pm

hi sandra, yes you are right, 
the hat man is not evil in any way; 

these beings are the projections of the people’s fears, broadcasted outwardly (usually created from the unconscious level of their brain, unrecognized by the experiencer that it is THEMSELF who Create these beings) 

in your case, it Seems you Have Delt with the “light and dark” sides of life, to where you perfectly understand what a perfect union of harmony is, meaning that you understand the dual nature of gender, 

you see that light is male, is inspiration and joy, 
you see that dark is female, is potent, and raw, 

anything outside of these truths are Shadows of truth, thus people experience shadow versions to where 

light now becomes a Self Force of Domination (male unbalanced) 
and Dark becomes a manipulative emotional evil (female unbalance)

YOU feel Comfort, because you KNOW your Female Energy within, AND YOU have Wisdom to share your Comfort, because YOU KNOW of your Male Energy within, 

AND OVERALL, you are Perfectly Balanced with Wisdom of the Universe. 

enough to see through the fear, illusion, and deceit. 

LOVE YA LOTS! take care,



3/20/2016 01:26:33 am

Thank you. I felt comfortable with him around as well. Although I don’t know why. I felt like he was watching over me. Like just checking t the place out because he knew that I would end up with the man I’m married to now and he was just keeping tabs so to speak. He started showing up the month we met (met but didn’t date till months later) and only went away after we dated for a few months and I moved it and we got married.


10/26/2015 06:54:22 am

First I warning you, because my English is very very bad.. Hope so you understand something! (I come from Finland)
I have to write to you about my experience with hat man. I met him three times… First time when I saw hat man I was five years old. I was in the kindergarten and waited that my mother comes get me and we go to home. I played with my one friend. It was evening. Then I saw something strange. I saw dark human shape with big black hat on the roof. Shape was only dark, he didn’t had face.. He was only black shape. He walked back and forth. Then he stopped and waved to me. My friend saw him too. We ran up to our nannies and told what we saw. Then all of us looked to roof and hat man was disappearing. I remember that day like it was yesterday.
Second time when I saw hat man I was 13 years old. I was jogging with my dog. My dog stopped because she wanted made what she had to. Then I of course waited my dog and looked around. I saw hat man on the old fire station’s roof. It just standing there, about ten seconds and then disappearing. 
Third time when I saw hat man I was 15 years old. Me and my family moved to new house and first time when I had to be alone at home at evening I saw hat man. I watched tv at the living room. Then I feeling very strange and heard some strange voice and my dog goes to kitchen and barked. I go to kitchen too and I saw him. It just standing in front of fridge and looked me. I was very scared… Then it was disappearing. 
Year or two later I started thinking that hat man more and more. I made a google search and found something horrible. I found pictures of hat man and some interpretations of hat man. Hat man forecast death. Death to person how saw hat man or to person’s family. Then I thought and realized that after one year when I saw hat man first time, my grandfather and grandmother’s mother both of died at the same week. After one year when I saw hat man second time, my very good friend died. And after third time when I saw hat man, my grandmother’s mother and my grandmother’s brother both of died at the same month… 
Actually I saw very often some paranormal and strange things… Maybe I am just crazy?


10/27/2015 01:16:52 pm

I had an encounter with this thing. I am currently 44yrs old and this happened when I was around 4 or 5 years old. My story is similar to many that I have read above. I had a traumatic childhood. My Mother had been engaged in a affair and I was the product of it. I was nearly three years old before her husband, the man I thought was my dad, found out about it. Once he knew I wasn’t his child he rejected me so my Mother took me to live with my real Father. 
He was abusive to me and my Mom when I was young. I use to have nightmares about him killing her, or other nightmares where she would simply vanish. I was scared of the dark, always afraid to go to sleep.
To my knowledge I only saw this being once. I never spoke of it until recently when an employee of mine started talking about seeing a “dark figure with a hat and a long trench coat”. I felt a chill come over my being and the hair on my arms stood up. I shared my story as I am about to share it with all of you.

It was around 9pm and I was in bed. I used a barricade of stuffed animals on the open side of my mattress and the other side was pressed firmly to the wall. The stuffed animals were to serve as a decoy in case any monsters tried to get me. I had either just fallen asleep that night or was about to when, for some unknown reason I peered over the covers from the wall side of my bed to see a tall, dark figure standing in my room. He had a large hat, appeared faceless with a long flowing trench coat. I slid the covers gently back up over my face. To my left I could feel the covers being slowly pulled down exposing my wall of stuffed animals. It then returned the covers to their original position. Then I felt the covers slowly being raised from the foot of the bed. I pulled my knees slowly towards my chest into a fetal position. The covers stopped moving just before my feet were shown then returned to their original placement. I remember that I thought the encounter was over. That my stuffed animal wall had protected me. That was until the bed sheets were wrenched from the mattress! I lept from the bed and raced out of the room. I could see my mother’s silhouette from the light emitting from the TV in the living room. As I went to scream for her…silence. My mouth moved, no sound. My body went limp and I hit the floor. It had me by the ankle and drug me back into my bedroom. All the while I remember clawing at the carpet and crying for my Mom to save me. Yet I could not utter one sound.
Then darkness. I awoke the next morning under my Mom and Dad’s bed. My Dad was angry that I had came into their room. My Mom couldn’t understand why I was under the bed instead of on it. As I recall this never happened again. Shortly afterwards my Dad had a massive heart attack and came out of the ordeal a much changed man. I don’t know if this being is demonic, it didn’t harm me or possibly some entity that does feed off fear. It all seems and sounds a bit crazy. But there is no denying it’s existence.


4/12/2017 10:34:07 pm

Woooooow that’s scary as hell. Would love to do an interview , I’m producing a full documentary on this entity. Email me :


10/27/2015 11:30:10 pm

When I was about 10 or 11 years old I was sent to church summer camp. Over all it was a pretty fun week up untill the last night i was there. I was in a cabin with about 8 or 9 other boys and my camp counseler anound just before dawn. We had two doors a screen door and a regular door which we kept closed at night. All of a sudden i felt an overwhelming fear like some one was choking me i couldnt move or scream out for help all i could do was look at the thing standing out side the screen door. It was a dark figure with a wide brim hat and coat all black. He had a white collar like a priest or it could have been a ribbon. His eyes were black as night and had a thin goatie that pionted down. He stared at me with the most sinaster smile, and i felt hopeless. All i could think of is close my eyes and prey, then i counted to ten and opened them. The entity was no longer there but the door was left open. I had blocked this memory for years before i told any one. I told my cousin about this preist looking creature, and she said she has seen him too during the day at a secluded tourest camp you had to fly into by plane wich only came once a week. Well her story is pretty creepy as well because there was no one else besides her husband and the tourists within 100 km from the camp. what ever this thing is its not afraid of showing its face.


10/28/2015 08:00:45 pm

I saw this dude with my own 2 eyes. Even if those two eyes were bloodshot because I was stoned out of my mind on some colorodo medical bud. It as such a weird night though. I had my LIGHTS ON and I was just laying on my bed and I was tripping cause I thought I was Aladdin and my bed comforter was the magic carpet. I’m just vibing and I have music on through my Bluetooth speaker. I was bumping Tame Impala not to loud though and I hear something bang on my door! I knew I was high so I ignore it and say it’s all in my head but it sounded so real! So I sat up and just started at some painting for a bit and I heard the bang again and it was a violent bang! And this time I knew it wasn’t fake cause I was staring at my door and saw it move! I jumped to my feet and opened the door my lights where on but my living room lights where off and when I opened the door there was a guy there….trench coat and fidora hat type. I don’t think he was expecting me to open the door though cause when I opened it I noticed he started to distance himself like saying, “oh shit ok I won’t mess with you anymore.”
What I’m trying to say is I guess he saw I wasnt scared and fled. After I saw that I was like…damn this is good bud.


11/1/2015 12:29:37 pm

I was 6 when I saw the hat man. My cousin, younger brother (5) and myself were playing in our backyard bouncing a ball. He appeared behind my little brother, and my cousin and I ran into the house. We kept yelling for my brother to run that “it” was behind him. He turned around and when he looked that the hat man, it disappeared. To this day, my cousin refuses to speak of it, because it scared him so much. Since we were kids, we called him the “Hamburgler” from the Mc Donald’s commercials.Three years later we moved 150 miles away my baby brother was born. When he was six, he and his friend ran screaming through the house to the kitchen where my mom was. She said they were terrified. They told her a man in a hat was in the corner staring at them and then he disappeared. Twenty years later, my baby brother was pulling up the linoleum in my parents’ house. When he did, on the plywood was a child-like drawing of the “Hamburgler”It scared the crap out of him. Back then, before cellphone cameras, we had a Polaroid camera. It took 8 photos before one was come out correctly. The first seven pictures all looked like cloud of dark gray smoke with an evil face on it.


11/2/2015 01:54:16 pm

I don’t believe that this is a case of power of suggestion. I was 7 years old when I saw him and that was in the year of 1997. I didn’t even have a computer back at that time, so I obviously wasn’t under effect of any kind of suggestion. I was never able to forget that encounter.
I was alone in my home with my grandmother, and she had just walked into bathroom to take a bath when the phone in the bedroom started to rang. I went to pick it, but as I was getting close to the bedroom’s door, the phone suddenly started to ring very oddly, in some low, deep way. It was weird but I thought none of it and reached for the doorknob. Then, the phone suddenly stopped ringing – but I openned the door anyway, and that was when I saw him. This man made of shadows (well, I suppose he was made of shadows, because he was all dark and I couldn’t see his skin, face or eyes, it was like everything in him was shadows). He has a old styled hat and matching clothes and he was standing in front of me, staring at me (I don’t know how I know that, since he didn’t have eyes, but I remember very crearly feeling his stare on me). This encounter didn’t last more then a few seconds, and then he magically vanished in the air, as if he was dissolving in the shadows of the room (I must say that the room was dark because it was closed). I was scared, I thought that he was a robber and ran to call my grandmother, but when she went out of the bathroom and got to the bedroom, there was no one there. I didn’t believe in supernatural thing, so I just thought that the man was a thing made by my mind. Even so, I never was able to forget that man with a hat. 
Then one day, when I was almost 20, my brother went to got me in the bus station since I was living in another town and was coming home for the weekend. We were talking about our grandfather who had Alzheimer and had had an hallucination the other day, when my brother tolde me something like “Although I thought to had seem someting the other night” and I asked him what he meant by “thought he had seem something” and he simply answered that he saw a man in the his room yesterday night but he wasn’t sure of who he saw, that at first he thought it was dad but when he asked dad if it was him he told him that it wasn’t him. Then I asked how the man he saw looked like, and for some unknowed reason, I thought “If he saw it was a dark man with a hat, I’ll scream!”, like I don’t why but that moment I just remembered that man I saw so many years ago. For my utter horror, he said he saw a shadow-like mand with a hat stading in his room, looking to him despite having no eyes. Yeah, I screamed really loud when he said that, he asked me why I had screamed because he clearly didn’t remember that I had saw something really similar when I was a kid (afterall, that man wasn’t a thing I used to talk about), but I just told to him “keep talking” and he kept talking, describing a man exactly like the one I had saw, that this man stared him for a few seconds before dissipating in the air. I was shocked, every detail matched with the man I saw when I was younger. When I told him about my experience, my brother got super scared too. I didn’t believe those things, but after my brother’s experience, I started doubting my beliefs and that’s when I go check supernatural forums, asking people about this man with the hat. That was when I found about shadow man and, posteriorly, about the hat man. 
I was shocked because a lot of peolple claim to had seem the Shadow Man/ Hat man and even if I was an unbeliever… Now, all I can say is that I feel very inclined to believe that this man, this man made by shadows is a very real thing.
PS: I’m sorry for my poorly English, I’m from South America.


11/2/2015 02:01:22 pm

On top of my gramatical mistakes, I just realized that I typed a lot of words wrong, I’m sorry.


Dog walker
11/2/2015 04:56:57 pm

Hi Mell. I read your experience and even though there are some mistakes, I understood perfectly well what you are saying. I just wanted to say that I find it impressive when somebody who’s first language is not English is able to tell us their story here. What it says to me is that you were smart enough to learn another language. That to me is admirable. Thank you for sharing your story. Perhaps together we can all find some answers. P.S. I’m very sorry to hear that your family was touched by the terrible disease Alzheimer’s.

11/4/2015 06:41:47 pm

I was about 4-6 years old when I seen the hat man. All I can remember was the dark figure wide brim hat and dark cloak. I was sitting at the top of our stairs and he kept motioning me to come down to him. My parents bedroom was at the bottom of the stairs, my dad must of heard me talking to him cuz he came out and asked who I was talking too. I told my dad he was standing right there. Of course my dad didn’t see him and I went back to bed. I don’t recall being terrified or afraid. But I knew I didn’t want to go to him. I don’t know if the hat man or dark shadow has anything to do with this, but I would have out of body experiences as a child. I remember flying above the house and tall trees next to the house. I can see all of these experiences in my mind as if it just happened. I wish someone could explain it.


11/8/2015 01:16:08 am

My encounter was about 20 years ago. I was living in Alaska and had been using cocaine pretty heavily for a few months. Cocaine had been a drug I had previously stayed away from because I had an uncle who’s name was Brad that lost his life to cocaine addiction when I was about ten years old. But ten years later I had found myself following in his footsteps, when I met the dark man in the hat. 
I was in the middle of a dream, I think, in which I was in my bedroom where nothing was out of the ordinary except for the scenery outside my window was moving by as if my house was moving down a road at about 30mph. I turned away from my window to lay on my side in which Id be facing my open closet which was about five feet from my bed, and there he was. He had a long dark trench coat, and an old brimmed hat tilted down over his eyes. He had long wavey hair and a beard and mustache. His coat was open, and I remember vividly that he had a very feminine curvey hourglass figure. He was definitely more masculine than feminine, but there definitely was some female physical attributes. I wasnt scared at first. He was just chillin in my closet facing me. But then he motioned me to follow him and said “Come on, it’s time to go.” To which I replied “Where are we going?” He tilted his hat up just enough to make eye contact as his lips began to form a dark sinister grin. “We’re going Brad’s way” he announced as he began to chuckle and turned away from me. I was instantly scared shitless and woke up to see him slowly vanish into my closet.


11/9/2015 07:29:16 pm

for many many years my father has seen this man, he says, he’s been able to see it since he was a child, but according to dad, the hat man has never hurt him or anyone he knows, is just right there always following. He says that this man is just so dark he can see it in the darkest night. And in some twisted way he just lives with it, like my dad dosen’t even care about him


11/11/2015 04:04:39 am

Ok….. this is just astonishing I’m so shocked this trench coat man is known worldwide me and my cousins call him the trench coat man because we all had seen this demon…. he in fact is definitely a demon I’m 31 years old now and just being reminded of this demon is tearjerking….I grew up in Queens N.Y. in my grandmother house I slept upstairs and at the age of 5-11 I had a few experiences with this demon but reading everybody personal accounts with this demon it’s strange because I’ve never seen him in my room standing over my bed he was always downstairs in my living room sitting on the couch in the dark with his leg crossed like a woman and his arm up on the couch…. when I would go to the bathroom I had to pass the living room and that’s the only place I seen him I believe…. now I did have this sleep paralysis also but to my knowledge the trench coat man wasn’t a part of my sleep paralysis….it actually did feel like I dreaming but I don’t think so I would try to yell for my mom or try to move and I just couldn’t… I also use to hear something whispering my name at night while I was in my bed but I don’t know if that was the trench coat man…. I haven’t seen him in years but my little cousin that still lives in my grandmother house seen him a few years ago in the same living room on the same couch and it just bought back all the memories now I’m a father of 3 I live with my wife and kids in Brooklyn N.Y. and for some reason this trench coat man still terrifies me…. as for the sleep paralysis I had that experience recently around 3 years ago I would always wake up screaming JESUS and then I can move….. my wife would get scared and ask what’s wrong and I told her but she never experienced it or my kids thank God… but I know all about this demon and he’s real…… my aunt also seen him when she was a little girl and she’s 50 years old now so just keep JESUS Christ in your heart and mind and he will protect you


11/12/2015 02:58:32 pm

THIS IS CRAZY! I experienced this when I was about 8/9 (I’m 22 now) in an previous house me and my mum lived in, I was in mums bedroom playing video games when I looked over to the corner of the room and it was standing there, 8/9″ft tall, wearing a black, low brimmed hat that covered half his face, and a long black /dark brown 18th century style trench coat to his feet – almost exactly as everyone describes…

However, under the shadow of his hat I could see his face, larger than human, glowing yellow snake like eyes (with a slit) and a menacing grin with sharp, yellow glowing needle like teeth.

I only seen him for a brief second, I screamed for my mum and it disappeared as quickly as it appeared, to this day the image is as clear in my mind and it still scares me. From what I remember it was extremely evil and malevolant in nature.

As well as seeing him, the following tenants in the house also approached us and described the exact same man, they also reported their children being lifted high from their bed and dropped on the floor

Lots of strange things happened in that house, unexplained rattling noises at night, doors opening, clothes piles being scattered. I’d also dream of him all the time, me and my mum both sleep walked (we never did in previous or following houses) one night I even slept walked and jumped / was pushed down the stairs. The energy in the house was draining as soon as you walked through the door.
A clear memory I have of the time was that I was too afraid to sleep in my own room so I slept in my mums, and every night she’d do her usual nighttime ritual of bolting all the bolts on the door, and moving cabinets and heavy furniture to block the door, she was obviously scared living there too. 

I always assumed it was a ghost / demon / entity trapped in that particular house / area and was the remaining spirit of a Quaker (because of his clothing style and they are common in the areas history)

I’ve never been able to find information on the internet of anyone else seeing this same demon like figure until I found this blog when a friend mentioned that it could of been a ‘shadow man’, this is mind blowing.

I will keep updated with this blog, 

*Note – I live in Northern Ireland.


11/16/2015 08:17:45 pm

I would dream and see a shadow figure here and there. I always thought it was strange, but not enough to look up what it was/meant, until one day I was sleeping and something woke me up. I was 31 or 32 at the time and a strong vibe disrupted my sleep. I wake up to see these bodies of shadows standing in at my best side. Fortunately, I was so annoyed to be woken up that I did not other to lift my head, so I only saw the figures in the trench coats from the knees down, as I remained laying on my side. I guess one of the shadow people was perturbed by my attitude and leaned down and got in my face. If it had eyes, we would of been eyeball to eyeball. I blinked at “it”, mumbled my grandmother and ancestors will protect me and I proceeded to turn my back to “it” by rolling over to my other side. And went back to sleep! The shadow mob didn’t like that tho, because I woke up the next day with a pain in my ribs. It felt like a long needle belonging to a syringe had pierced my ribs as if something was extracted. Anyway, I refused to look at the spot of the ache. I think it was because if I looked at it and SAW with my OWN eyes a bruise or mark there, it would mean this was real and not a dream, thus freaking me the fuck out. I haven’t seen them since. The pain went away after several days and I have since moved from that place.


11/18/2015 04:45:48 pm

When i was around eight or nine in 1970/71, i came in one early evening from roller skating on the balcony in my block, this was in London, England; we had a stairway to the immediate right as it was a maisonette, at the top of the stairs was a man dressed in 1940’s clothes, trench coat, (although it was light brown, not black), and a hat. The figure was staring at me in the semi darkness, horrible, horrible eyes, i will never forget.

I rushed into the living room and shouted to my parents that there was a strange figure upstairs, my dad looked but they both dismissed it as imagination, and years later so did i, as a lot of American gangster films were shown on British TV in the early 70’s. But now i hear of these sightings, and i saw mine well before the internet and long before i even knew of this phenomenon. 

Also i obviously was not in bed, quite awake and alert, having just come home from hard physical play for most of the late afternoon.

It was darkish outside so it must have been winter because at that age i would have been nearly bedtime had it been full summer.


11/20/2015 10:40:01 am

What were the eyes like? When I seen it he had large, yellow snake like eyes with slits in them


11/20/2015 03:10:53 pm

Chris he had large bluey/grey eyes, they were human eyes but the expression in them was terrible to see, staring, and as mentioned by me further up the page, psychotic. 

The Mac was brown like yours, not even sure if it was a trench coat, but it was long, and a suit, 1940’s style; now, here’s the curious part, even though i could only see his hat, eyes and shape clearly, nothing else was that visible, but i KNEW he was wearing that style of clothing immediately. 

I used to get hit as a child, not all the time, and not just one swipe either, but if i was late coming home from playing or answering back, it went in cycles, so it may have been then. Although i will say this was considered normal when i was growing up.

4/12/2017 04:58:24 pm

How did you see this hat man? You saw him with slit eyes? That’s actually common

11/20/2015 10:41:36 am

Also the coat was brown when I seen it too


11/19/2015 02:06:02 pm


I was on a day trip with my wife on a coach travelling up to the Grossglockner mountains Austria.
We entered the mountain cafe at the top and sat down on a table and ordered two coffee’s.
I pulled a cigarette from my Benson &Hedges packet and began to chat and smoke,drink coffee with my wife and all was going well.
I looked up suddenly a man with a black hat and long trenchcoat was stood in front of us.Just like Rutger Hauer the actor from the Hitcher.
The man then undone his trenchcoat and just the top of his trousers and we were a little taken back at this moment speechless.
He then pointed to his body from the top of his chest to the inside of his leg and then he said “Smoking,Smoking” In English.
He then buttoned up his trousers and trenchcoat and turned to walk away.
I then turned to Sandra and said what was that all about and looked up again and there was no trace of him.
Was that a what you call a Hat man or a guardian angel.

He was trying to warn me about the danger of smoking,hence him showing me his Bypass operation.

After that I gave up smoking and now call him my Guardian angel

I must admit he did look rather odd dressed in a matrix type outfit and that was 30 years ago.

I am not saying It was a ghost or Hat man,but the way he disappeared so quickly makes you think.
To this day I take my Hat off to him and thank the Lord he came Into my life as smoking may have got me In the end.


11/24/2015 06:31:30 am

John that made me laugh for some reason, i imagined him saying it in a firm Austrian accent, ‘Smoking, smoking’, lol!

Thanks for a light hearted moment in an otherwise disturbing thread!


11/30/2015 02:53:51 pm

My father in law dieing of cancer and has seen a man with a hat, a cowboy hat and he was not afriad, however his youngest son is very negative and is getting more mean by the day oddly enough saying really cruel things to his mom and dad of whom like i said is dieing. who’s this hat man?


12/12/2015 11:31:14 am

I have also encountered this demonic entity. I was seeing shadow people and he appeared. All of a sudden I was overcome with fear. So I started praying. While I was praying he started mocking me and laughing. The thing is I could only hear it in my head. I thought that I had been obsessed by a demon! Did I really started to cry out for God to help me. My eyes were closed bc I was praying and all of a sudden a bright white orb flew into my room, and by the time it registered and I opened my eyes, it was gone. The Harman was gone, the shadow people were gone, and so was the orb.God is your only defense against this demonic force. I will never forget the pure terror I felt. I will also remember how God sent an angel down to clear the air. When I opened my eyes and everything was gone The air in the room even felt lighter and I was at peace. If you see this monster pray for God to send angels to protect you. Don’t be surprised if you hear a demonic laugh they just keep praying until God removes that satanic being from your presence. I was also 2 months pregnant at the time! May God be with everyone of you.


4/17/2016 05:27:19 am

Amen!! Thank you


4/12/2017 05:08:09 pm

Hi, that’s terrifying, I’m producing a full documentary only on his hat man. Would you be interested in an interview? Or just to talk about your story? My email is


12/12/2015 07:41:14 pm

I saw the hat man several times when I was a girl probably 5 to seven or eight. I would be sleeping on my side with my back to the door, but through my mind’s eye, I could see a sillouette of a tall thin man wearing a trench coat and I fedora. He would come towards me and I would be paralyzed with fear. I could see in my mind his gloved hand reaching to me. I world physically feel him tap my shoulder and all of a sudden I wake up, look behind me and no one was there. It was awful. I thought maybe it was the ghost of my grampa, because I saw he used to dress that way in pictures. It never made sense to me why I was so scared though if it was him. I recently watched the documentary about sleep paralysis and the “hat man” looked exactly like what I “saw.” 

I feel so shocked! I read all of these posts and realize it wa’s something or someone many people have seen. ..freaking creepy!


1/20/2016 02:25:02 pm

Our sighting were quite similar. I described mine recently if you look below.


12/14/2015 10:47:28 pm

when i saw the hat man i was bout 13 i am 23 years old now. 
he was just standing at the bottom of my bed just staring at me. i dont really remember if anything bad happen back then or not but i didnt really feel anything when i saw him as far as i can remember i just went back to. sleep and forgot about him i have always had trouble sleep since then never seen to dream anymore not that i can remember so i can’t tell u if had any dreams bout a field or not.what i want to know is why we are seeing him in the first place is he warning us or what.


12/15/2015 08:24:51 pm



Annee White
12/17/2015 05:51:07 pm

I have personally see this Hat Man…. It started one night when I was laying in my bed and I saw him staring at me from the corner of my room. I told my wife what I had seen. The next morning I woke up with a hand print on the inner thigh of my right leg. Things then started disappearing in my room and he appeared once more in my room and this time i wasn’t afraid I simply just asked what he wanted. He just stared at me. An he did not say anything. The next day my wife had hand prints on her legs and her arms.


4/12/2017 10:22:18 pm

Wooooow. That’s heavy duty. Would you be interested in an interview ?im producing a feature length documentary on this hat man. Email me; , there’s more to this than you know


12/21/2015 12:50:54 pm

I saw the hat man about 8 years ago. I was going through a very stressful time following a divorce.
The hat man came to me three times when I was sleeping in my bed.
The first time he just stood next to the door and as if watched me. I got scared, but didn’the feel threatened.
The second time he came close to me. I was in really bad emotional state and felt that he almost came near to calm me down. He didn’the touch me, but has shaken my bed a bit to make me aware of him. I didn’the feel threatened. I felt that he was trying to help me get over the terrible emotional state I was in.
The last time I saw him was after I moved to a new home. Again he came and stood by the door when I was sleeping.
My life filled up with positive things very quickly and I never saw him again.

I was shocked to see that many people see this when I tried to Google ‘man with hat and cape standing at the door’.


12/22/2015 06:51:17 pm

12/30/2015 08:16:08 pm

I saw “hat man” before ever hearing anything about him. I saw him on three different occasions, at three different apartments over a period of three or four years. We live in the eastern part of Quebec in Canada. Hat man was a tallish guy, maybe a lil over 6ft, wearing a fedora, trench coat and for some reason I feel strongly that he was wearing gloves. 

I know we were having a hard time when I saw him (financially) but I grew up in an abusive household and had never seen him in my childhood so I don’t know if he really feeds off of negativity. 

Every time I saw him, he was standing at one of our windows staring in at me for several min. The first time I slowly called out to my then boyfriend (we had shared balcony and I thought it was a lurker), but by the time my boyfriend arrived, hat man had gone. 

In all cases, after a time of staring in, he would somewhat turn sideways while still staring in and “walk” off, but it seemed more like he zipped. One min there, the next gone making you doubt if you had really seen it. But while he was staring it was quite long. At one point after seeing him I was able to finish typing something on the computer (while not looking away from him), get up slowly from the computer, stand staring back for about two min, then walking towards him perhaps about five steps or more before he would leave. Another time I saw him in the kitchen window while I was playing with my baby on the living room floor, perhaps about 11 feet away. I was able to walk almost right up to the door beside the window he was looking into before he left. 

In all cases he left in the direction of the balcony that didn’t have any exit (to the left in our first and second apartments, to the right in our last). 

Each of those three apartments had “activity” of some sort, which is something I at first attributed to seeing him. When we moved into our current place the activity continued for several years, but Hat man has never been by. Thank goodness, I’d move if I saw him again. He fills me with fear and for a long time I was angry because no one else saw him. The last time he appeared I called for my former boyfriend/now husband and he finally was able to catch a quick glimpse so I know its not in my head. 


Dog walker
1/3/2016 06:12:01 pm

There’s an interesting documentary out called The Nightmare. 
I thought that some of you might be interested in watching it. 
Check it out if you’re so inclined.


Markie Munoz
1/11/2016 06:28:04 am

I saw this shadow in Memphis Tennessee he was touching my shoulder till my cousin called me he then disappeared


1/13/2016 06:40:15 am

I have had 3 dreams of the hat man. Similar to what is described, but, I could see his full face, older man, white beard, but silver eyes with like a crack pattern in them. The first 2 dreams I looked out the window in my room and upstairs in my nans house down the road, he was just standing there, looking up from across the road. The third one, I was dreaming about actually talking about him to a kid while walking down to my nans house. He appeared infront if me and I told the kid to run. The hat man came upto me, the first time I saw his face, and said ” I see you”. Then the dream jumped, I was the other side of him, running, he followed me, not running but gliding actross the floor with his trenchcoat flapping in the wind. He kept shouting, ” I see you “. I got to my nans and closed the porch and he was pulling the handoe trying to get in, but I must have been too strong for him as I manage to keep it closed. All I couod remember thinking when I saw his face. He gives me the vibe of the moon.


1/20/2016 02:16:27 pm

I saw the hat man when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I am 32 now. I am generally skeptical of alleged paranormal experiences when described by others, but I also accept that i certainly don’t know everything there is to know about the world. 

My sighting occurred, like I said earlier, when I was 5 or 6. I was in my bedroom at night, either trying to go to sleep or waking from a sleep, when I saw the shadow of a man in a fedora and what appeared to be a trench coat (of course, I did not know what a fedora or trench coat were at the time, but I’ve always remembered what I saw). The big difference from my sighting and others I’ve read about is that when I saw him, the hat man was carrying a pistol; he was holding it up in one hand, pointing out ahead of himself. Another difference is that I only ever saw what I believed to be his shadow on the wall. As I lay in my bed, his shadow appeared on the wall to the left of me, and I perceived that the actual man was to the right of me (but I never turned to look at first; it’s hard to describe why, but from what I remember, I was basically dumbstruck as I observed him). I saw his side profile moving slowly from left to right across my wall (only moving the distance of a few feet maybe, a step or two), holding the pistol out in front of himself. Then, he stopped, remained motionless for a second, and then it appeared that he turned so that the gun would now be pointing in my direction. At this point, I screamed very loudly and my mother came in my room to wee what was wrong. Like I said, when I first saw him, I wasn’t exactly terrified, but maybe more dumbstruck, and it wasn’t until he turned that I felt terror. I don’t remember exactly when/how he vanished, nor do I remember if I turned to my right to try to actually see him (and not just his shadow) when I saw him turn, or if I just started screaming and never turned to look at him, but during the time I began screaming until my mother entered the room and turned on the light, he vanished. 

I think I told my mother that I saw the shadow of a man in a hat with a gun, and we had always chalked it up to a little boy having a vivid nightmare (on account of the fact that I insisted I was awake, not sleeping, when I saw it). I never really thought much more of it until several years back when I heard about shadow people and the hat man, and when I began hearing multiple descriptions of what he looked like, I realized, I’ve seen something exactly like that. I’ve since discussed descriptions of the hat man seen by others with my mother, and she also has to admit that my description of him that night is eerily similar to what countless others have seen.


1/21/2016 09:14:25 pm

i didnt know until i saw this post on what i saw. he is only one of the many that i have seen in my dreams. i only looked up at this article because i saw a movie called “he never died” and i wanted to the man in the hat and goatee was. 
It was years ago when i started encountering shadow people in my dreams. also known as “sleep paralysis” i was a teen and i started cutting myself and started doing dark magic as well. i saw several shadow people. It always happened like it was real every detail in the room i happened to be sleeping in at the time would be as if i were awake, up to the clothing that would be on the floor and the poster on the wall. But one dream happened at my grandmothers house. I stayed in my cousins room and decided to take a nap. I “awoke” in the dream to what seemed to be a man shaking me and holding me down as i struggled to release myself from his grip. it was a little blurry as these shadow figures are not outlined and perfectly seen. however, i seen his mouth and eyes were shadows and he was wearing a hat in my perspective it looked like a regular ball cap i assumed. i was too frightened to want to get a good look at who he was. I assume he is a demon who likes to watch suffering and anger. which i was drawn to and myself at the time enjoyed its company as well. the misery not the demons. The first time i got saved and starting going to church i had one last dream of them all in a empty house all standing by and me praying and shouting to them that i was with god now. and they all descended down to the ground. I havent had a dream since. Although i havent been going to church honestly and not quite living the life god would want me. I may be confused on religion but in my point of view there is something out there good and a bad. I dont live the life i used to when i was younger though.


4/17/2016 05:05:01 am

I thank God for your salvation. Please never forget the one who delivered you.


2/3/2016 02:59:00 pm

By taking steps which I will tell You, the shadows should disappear from Your life. Buy Yourself a King James Bible, start reading the New Testament. The Lord will open Your eyes – those shadow people/hat man are satan with his fellow fallen angels! Jesus Christ himself has cast out these vile creatures out of people. Born again Christians have the power to destroy these evil spirits aswell. They dissapear and are terrified by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible describes satan as the father of lies roaming around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may bevour. This earth is his kingdom and because he knows his end (lake of fire) he wants to take as many people with him as he can. Appearing as ufo’s, ghosts, shadow people or marian apparitions, he wants to take you out of your body, he wants your soul.
“Everyone who hears the Truth, hears my voice” please look for the truth and God will grant You everlasting life and give You peace.


4/17/2016 05:02:17 am



2/3/2016 03:04:49 pm

Helpful Website


Michael John Hawkins
2/5/2016 04:07:57 am

Hi. I experienced sleep paralysis (only time i experienced it, at least i think that is what it was) when i was about 22 years old. I seemed to wake up and found myself completely and utterly paralysed at night in my bed lying on my stomach. Straddling my back/sitting on my back was a slim man with a STRAW HAT on. I tried my best to move but could not. The only other details i could make out was that he was pale in complexion and felt malevolent in his intent. Shortly after ‘his’ visit’ my mother tried to commit suicide (overdose with pills) in the bedroom beside me. She wandered into my bedroom and collapsed on the floor. She was later saved in the ambulance from certain death.


4/12/2017 06:42:33 pm

4/12/2017 06:47:11 pm

Woooow. He is associated with suicide and depression in my research. I’m producing a documentary just on the hat man. Here’s my email: . Would love to hear your story and a possible interview?


2/5/2016 01:51:50 pm

My daughter saw the Hatman 2 years ago when she was 10. It was broad daylight. I was in adjacent room when she called for me. She was in the kitchen, eating her snack. She said that she looked up from her plate and a there was a solid black (she insisted you couldnt see through it) figure of a man wearing a trench coat and a fedora. No eyes. It looked at her and then “walked away quickly, like he was late for something”. She also said she saw shadow people on our front lawn. No episodes since then, but it got my attention and made me look up the phenomenon!


2/10/2016 05:07:16 pm

I’ve seen the hat man several times since moving into the house I’ve lived in since i was 4 or 5. It’s shown no signs of hurting anyone and we are a very close family that hardly argue or anything of the sort. He mostly appears in the stair ways just looming and watching, I’ve never felt any kind of bad vibes from it or been really afraid of it. There are worse things in the world to be afraid of than it.


2/12/2016 06:12:09 am

I also saw a hatman when i was around 7 years old just stood at the foot of my bed staring although i couldn’t make out any features his head was tilted downwards i shouted of my dad and as my dad came in the entity disappeared. There was negative energy in our household and i am rh negative blood group being more spiritually in tune which is strange seen as the rest of the family are positive blood group Ive always felt like a spirit is looking after me and have been in many near miss accidents and always seen to come out of problems in a positive way. I definitely feel that our spirits live on and there is something else out there…….


2/14/2016 12:19:22 pm

I used to think people were making up stories because I had never witnessed anything paranormal. And to the point where I would have dismissed something I saw 18 years ago as a figment of my imagination or confused state associated with mistaken identity, the “thing” that I saw in my hotel room became horrifyingly real after sitting down to breakfast the following morning with a coworker. Not sure how many characters I can use in this field, so I’ll just stop here. If anyone is interested in hearing more, let me know. I’ve never shared this publicly, and the only reason I do so now is because I just learned an hour ago that what I saw was something much larger and experienced by many.


2/24/2016 12:34:00 pm

I would like to know more. My family has had run ins off and on with the hat man. My daughter, who’s in college, told me just today that she saw him again in her room yesterday


4/17/2017 02:36:12 pm

Would love to hear more of your story on this hat man. Email me: // I’m producing it

2/14/2016 02:33:18 pm

Its more terrifing to know that other people have seen this man in a hat. Ive had this even during the day hearing my name being called and walking sounds but at night in my closet I would see a man and you could see the outline of the hat like a dark shadow, sometimes id see hand grap my feet. It got to the point were when i felt the paraylasis coming i knew to not try to move because if i did that i would ne hard to breath and even a few times i felt i was dieing. Ive been hauntrd by this my whole life


Kevin T
2/17/2016 01:13:13 pm

I saw him in 2013. I was out for a walk just after sunset. There was still some light in the western sky but the street lights were on. He approached me on the street as I was walking back to my house. I stopped at my driveway and watched him walk nearer because he looked so bizarre, dressed like somebody from a Sherlock Holmes movie, moly all black. He stopped about about 60 feet from me and just stood there. That’s when I realized he had no real facial features only the shape of a head. I couldn’t see his eyes. It was too dark. I decided to get closer. I said a quick prayer, telling God that trusted him to have my back. I took about three steps toward him and he ran. He went from zero to about 30 mph in a second and disappeared past a neighbors house. I’ve never seen him again and don’t want unless I have witnesses.


4/12/2017 06:50:57 pm

Wooooow that’s pretty freaky, would you be interested in an interview in my film? I’m producing a full length documentary on this entity. Email:


2/21/2016 12:22:44 am

I first seen the man in black (black hat man) when I was about 9 or 10. It was around the last weekend in February 1980 and I was at my good friends birthday party. It was a unseasonable gorgeous day and all us girls at the party were playing kick the can. Normally this game is played in the spring and summer in Canada, but it was slushy and sunny and warm so all us girls decided to play this game… I hid in an alleyway and jumped inside a garbage bin…garbage bins back in those days were constructed like a fence around 2 bins with mesh or chicken wire or lattice around it. So anyway, I hid inside one of these garbage bins and waited and waited and that is when I spotted “him” down at the end of the alley. He was leaning up against a power pole with his leg crossed over his other, just looking my way… He had on a suit no overcoat but had on a black hat (European fedora like) but I could not make out a face. I froze in my hiding spot for so long that my friends that were at this birthday party gave up looking for me. I must have been in that bin for an hour, and it was only when all my friends came shouting in towards that alleyway looking for me did he step away from the pole and disappear from view. Of course I told everyone, including my friends mother (I was very upset, and she could see this), but I don’t think they believed me or they may have believed I saw something, but just thought it was just some old man that lived in the area… I seen him another time in broad daylight about 5 months after that, in a park when I was roller skating through on a path. That was the last time I have seen him, thank God!


2/26/2016 12:13:39 am

I saw him when I was 15 back in 1994 , he was exactly 8 foot tall scary looking always with his hands in his coat pockets, legs folded leaning towards the right side of the door of any room in the house, he’s deadly not just dangerous, whenever he’s done with his victims they either live in fear or die ,but he’s immortal nothing can get rid of him, always gives nightmares, wounds,scars,scratches, blood marks, etc, the reason why I know all of this is because the experience I had with him was nearly deadly, it all started on a cold night the night was too quiet because usually in the city you would hear car horns but this night I didn’t hear nothing and yes poor stupid me had to go outside not only did I saw him outside in streets he chasing me my body began getting weaker and weaker that’s when he corned me his skinny body, his long black coat , and his hat I knew what was his intentions but I made it worser the more I tried to fight the more he sucking the life out of me, I woke up the next day on the street where I was attacked by “Hatman” I saw the scratches and brushes he left on me I couldn’t even walk because of how badly “Hatman” attacked I was laying there while I was rushed to the hospital, Hatman’s attack wasn’t over yet he waited for me to feel better then he came back but before he could’ve touched me I said a prayer then he disappeared he never came back to haunt me , so my advice would be this keep praying as long as you have God there’s nothing he can do.


4/12/2017 06:56:27 pm

Wooooow that’s heavy, would you be interested in an interview? I’m producing a documentary on his hat man , email:


7/1/2017 03:32:03 am

I love horror movies and ghosts and I’m the type of person to believe none of it is real, but it is now actually happening to me and I’m currently experiencing incounters with the “Hatman”. I’m 15 years old and around 7 months ago I was waking up around 2:30 – 3:00 in the morning feeling a unexpected presence and after a couple minutes of my eyes adjusting to the darkness in my room I would notice a tall male figure wearing a big hat and coat, right behind my door, he would just stand there and look at me. I believe it happened around 5-7 times, I went to my parents and they slept in my room one night but didn’t see anything and told me that I was making it up. But a while after it stopped happening my house was broken into and the offender hurt my mother really badly. 

An I have just found this page because it has started happening again.. 
Yesterday night I was woken randomly by my broken alarm clock at 3 am and I kept tossing and turning for an hour straight because something was just bothering me and after I finally got to motivation to open my eyes, I saw him standing in the same spot and when I finally got back to sleep I had the most violent dream. 
Since this has happened I have not only been able to sleep in my room but to stay in my house. However I’m now not the only one who sees the “hatman” now. Last night I convinced my mum to sleep in my room and if he wasn’t there I said I’d come home. But of course early in the morning she was woken up and saw him standing in the middle of my room. She thought she was dreaming and was shocked at the reality of the situation. 

So I’m currently in need of help in what I should do to fix the situation? 

3/1/2016 08:01:56 pm

I witnessed this hat man when I was about 10. I had episodes of delirium and each time the hat man would be standing there. My family told me that when I was in these states I would scream and tell them he’s there. His presence scared me but he never did anything but stand there.


Isaac Stevens
3/3/2016 01:53:26 pm

I feel people are mistaking this being. I would see him for around 4 years I would see him everyday. And this was a time when my family was going through a very hard time and i felt like he was protecting me. He had a very safe feel to him.I was never afraid I would wait for him in my room because he was the only safe feeling i would get all day. People aren’t dying around this man they are living. he is protecting. Convince me I’m wrong.


3/6/2016 01:20:26 am

Damn! it – I am hatman. want to get in touch – I will leave my no.


3/13/2016 11:42:34 am

I saw one of them when I was 16 (so 8 years ago). I came home after school, and it was still very sunny outside. I saw him standing in the corner of my mom’s bedroom. And I was not imagining things because the curtains were open and nowhere was it dark in the room. I stood still, I was freaked out bad and couldn’t move. I could see him as a clear tall man shape with a hat. When I dropped my backpack on the floor, it turned towards me, it felt aggressive. And then it walked straight through my mom’s bed and toward the window and disappeared. I ran into the bathroom, locked myself in and kept crying till I had the courage to open the door and run outside and wait for my mother to come home. She never believed me. I do not believe in God but now I do believe that something else exist behind our reality. That experience has scarred me for life. I am scared of being alone at home because of that. – Gen


3/15/2016 12:08:52 pm

Narcolepsy w/Cataplexy since 5-6; seen these ‘beings’ in great detail since then. Hat man was my first friend; shows reality to those open to it. Shadow people encounters often, but Hat Man has only shows up to bear light; make of that what you will


3/15/2016 10:30:45 pm

This apperition is all over longview wa right now my old landlord said he saw him once in at pud then at schucks auto supply he told the guy working counter hey get a load of that guys outfit the guy behind counter said what guy he turned around and he was gone he died a month after telling us the story then thiers a few homeless people we help out with food water money sometimes told us they saw him then right after maybe 6months or so they had died in crazy ways one drowned one hit by train other hit by hit and run driver its pretty crazy shit and i dont bealive anything or anyone but this story is crazy real!! Like coincidence maybe once but twice three times four hell no its not a coincidence anymore its crazy shit….


4/12/2017 10:16:34 pm

I’m producing a full length documentary on this hat Man. Would love to hear More of this story . Email me :

Teaser trailer YouTube: “The Hat Man Files Documentary”


jeremy ambrose
3/16/2016 06:03:42 am

i seen a fedora hat with a 4inch feather in it clean cut buttons and all suit wearing shadow moving towards a lamp almost touching it when i was 4-5yrs old in p.a. u.s.a. playing a saxophone the shadow came out of a open closet door in a 2d form slowly moving towards the light 4 feet from me.i mean this wasnt a shadow this was the darkest shadow ive ever seen literally 2 inches from a light bulb at the time i was sad that no one was interacting with me i felt unloved. a party going on in the living roomwith neoighbors. i was sitting in the doorway of my bedroom sulking seen this shadow completely caught my full attention sat there for a few seconds jaw dropped stood up i ran into the living room cause i never seen nothing like it didnt understand i said there’s a ghost in the room no one believed me no one cared no one even checked..completely ignored me where ever i go occasionally strange things happen a following shadow sometimes sometimes it is in other peoples homes and they run out side saying someones inside and its in the closet the 3 kids were at home alone neighbor was keeping a eye on them. i was walking to a friends home. names places people not lying.. playing man hunt in the woods me and my friend seen the shadow behind a tree right before sundown watching us. that was different experience. we walked up to it it went behind the tree and vanished
we got a little spooked and walked out the woods back to friend kevin scared me more then the shadow. craig and i were walking besides the woods moonless night total darkness he is in the military not easily spooked. same woods passing by carol ave on the trail bout to walk up the street huge branch in the tree 20 feet up fresh branch not dead at all just snaps as if something was up there scare’s the shit outta him he starts running i said dont run man thats the worse thing you could do near the woods what if its a animal you look like prey. me mr no fear i said lets check it out he wanted no part of it i could see the fear in his eyes. so i walked him out were talking bout it he constantly looking back. i make a joke or to to make him laugh to get his mind off it. i think its funny half the time i find complete darkness invigorating ever since like a test of courage. been happening for almost 25 years now.


4/12/2017 07:01:05 pm

Woooolw you saw the hat man in 2-d form, very interesting, would you be interested in an interview? I’m producing a documentary just on this hat man . Email me :


3/18/2016 09:21:46 am

This happened to me about a week ago I was sleeping and I woke up but couldn’t move and I knew I was having sleep paralysis but then I realized my fan wasn’t on. I knew it was on then I saw a shadow of a man with a hat I tried to look at it but I couldn’t move my eyes around then I fell back asleep and woke up late the next morning and my fan was back on. I didn’t know about the hat man so I decided to look it up and I’m scared I’m so to see him again.


3/18/2016 10:09:52 am

I have just recently seen the hat man. I was going to sleep and I’m not sure weather I was asleep yet or laying with my eyes closed thinking. It was 12:08 and I saw a man in a trench coat with a fedora and red eyes. I wasn’t really scared of him I was more interested because I have an interest in the paranormal but anyway I sketches him out that night so I could research a bit (this was actually last night and that’s why I’m here) I looked up stuff and found pictures of the exact thing I saw on Google. Now that I’ve been reading and its said that he chokes you I did feel a hand on my neck, I chose to ignore it and try to sleep but it wouldn’t go away so I rubbed my neck and turned a different way that night there was a persistent feeling of being watched, like everything else I ignored it. I’ve been taught to ignore these things from a young age( my moms side of the family is sensitive to paranormal activity) and I’m pretty used to seeing and hearing things because the house I live in has some activity as it is.


4/12/2017 10:13:05 pm

I’m producing a documentary, only on this hat man, can you send me the hat man painting . Would love to see it and talk about your experience, email me :


3/20/2016 01:08:15 am

I have never heard of this guy or that other people see him until tonight. We stayed in my house for close to six months. My step daughter(17) said she saw him and was scared of him since her, her siblings, and father moved into this home. This house was built in 1930 and when my husband and I met an do moved in a could tell it was way more than meets the eye. However, my stepdaughter never went into detail about this man. Actually never referred to him as a he only “demon” or “devil” she said he has “bright red eyes”. But I saw him one day standing in my bathroom doorway behind my husband. It was out of the corner of my eye but when I would look directly at him, he would disappear. I’d look back at my husband and he would be there. Plain as day. Mind you, this door way was less than 10 ft away from me. He stood every bit of 6′ 8″. Maybe even taller. Broad shoulders, huge wide brimmed hat. But no features. Only black. And not a transparent black. It was like incredibly thick smoke. I was startled by him at first of course. But I became used to him. He would twirl my hair while I slept. Or just laid on the bed. He would wake me up at night but at separate times, wake my husband abruptly yet my husband wouldn’t be able to move or sit up. My step daughter is still terrified of him even though he has been long gone. Yet he never made me feel uncomfortable after that first meeting. He almost felt protective of me. What does that mean? My husband and I met in October 2014 and we didn’t start dating until January 2015. His children didn’t know about me or anything and yet October if when my step daughter started having night terrors about this man and seeing him. And we only told the children about me seeing him here weeks after his first appearance because I didn’t want to startle her and I asked her to tell me what he looked like in every detail she can remember before I told her what I saw. And she simply said, “he’s really tall. Wears a big, wide hat. Like an old farmer would wear. And he’s terrifying. ” so sense k just heard that other people have seen him, what does this mean? Why was she so scared of him yet I was almost comfortable with having him around? Why did he seem protective over me? 

I know someone said he can signify death. My father in law past in Febuary this year. Connection? 

Thank you.


3/31/2016 09:29:39 am

My three friends have experienced this same thing except outside they all suffer from insomnia they seem to all see a black figure wearing a drench coat outside with a fedora or some kind of hat on but they also said they saw some kind of figure there as well it was a black cloud of smoke that had a ragged cloak or cloth over it (black as well) One of my friends even has told me that the hat one has tried walking up to them and grabbing them if anyone has any info please tell me !


4/6/2016 11:06:49 am

I’ve seen this creature when i was little i want to know if he every visit you


4/7/2016 12:29:05 pm

I commented earlier that I hadn’t seen it in a long time and that my daughter now sees him (she’s 20). She said, in fact, that she just recently saw him in her dorm in Manhattan. Nothing bad has happened. Don’t know what he is signifying.


4/15/2016 12:13:37 pm

I want to mention … I wrote an essay down below on who these “Black Hats” that have been around for many years, who really are. They are Dead Businessmen. 

They cannot incarnate because of their ruthless and nefarious behavior(s) and the Karma they created was so negative extreme. They look for people to work with here on the earth plane while they are permanently stuck in the 4 D etheric plane. They are despicable men with no integrity, but they seem to want to be around people who are majoring in business degrees or who are already in business careers like banking, stock trades, and politics. 

If your daughter sees one, it might not be the same one or it could be because sometimes they are a dead family member of your family- not immediate family but rather someone who wants to be a nefarious mentor. Meaning they are not nice but rather evil minded and have agendas besides helping people come into great wealth. There is a price to be paid for having one of these helping you become rich and famous or just wealthy at someone else’s expense. 

Read the


frank mccaskill
4/9/2016 05:19:25 am

My wife and I both saw him at the end of our bed . l woke and he was standing at the bottom just watchn us. I woke my wife to see if I was imagining it. And she saw him too hr didnt scare us really. We shouted who are you and he turned and walked out room we followed to top stairs seen him go into sittimg room we rushed down but he was gone .. never saw him again.


4/12/2016 08:48:33 am

I have a female friend (16) in London. She started seeing this man at the age of 7 and she still does see him to this day. There are also 2 girl with him but they stay at a distance. She sais it’s the most scary thing she ever saw and after all those years she still finds him scary. The man hurts her physically (scratches) and manipulates her dreams (she even sees him in her dreams when he is there). He also gets super close to her when she wakes up from the nightmare. She made a drawing for me, she couldn’t bring up to draw his eyes and mouth since those were the things that scares her the most but she said he has a wide mouth and very sharp teeth. . The other 2 girls don’t do anything but they do follow her out of the house, the man doesn’t follow her out of the house. I really want to help her out and get rid of this thing. Is there anyone out there who can help her out? also i met another person who also had a friend like mine in the same situation, also this person made a drawing of this man but this time eyes and mouth included. pls give me advice on how i can help her.


4/12/2016 01:48:19 pm

What can you do to Keep the Black Hat Away from You?

Food Alchemy: Eat regularly: Garlic (Garlic Bread) YUM, Sautéed` Onions, Turmeric (A spice added to food via sauces), And you do not have to eat these all together but rather mixed in with something it would go with. Look for recipe’s ! 

What the Black Hats like about humans … FEAR … They like to feed off your fear or negative actions or reactions. Fear is a negative response they love. They love that energy. Try eating the above mixed into your foods on a regular basis. 


4/12/2016 02:39:27 pm

Ok i will tell my friend, Also thanks for explaining what they actually are. But do you know why this hat man stays so long with my friend, do you have a clue what he wants from her?

4/13/2016 10:12:20 am

Your friend is a seer or one that can see entities in the 4th dimension. She also has lots of FEAR and that fear is what the Black Hat is feeding off of. If she can let the fear go and consume the food alchemy … he may possibly go away for good. You see right now he is enjoying his ability to vampire off her energies of FEAR. Most Dark Entities like the smell of FEAR and are energy vampires to take the life force of unsuspecting humans. 


4/17/2016 04:59:19 am

She needs to plead the blood of Jesus!!!! He will protect her


4/12/2016 01:13:49 pm

The Black Hats

Well for years I knew about them. More recently I became a remote viewer and started interfacing with them in a bad way. Because I am a Spiritual Warrior, I am able to Zapp them with a Spark that literally makes them blow up into Star Dust. Because I am spiritual, I have been able to see them and know what they are up too. I seem to wake up immediately from my OBE and take care of them if they touch me. They come around if I interfere with their plans, that has something to do with business or politics.

The one thing I need to say here is when I have an “Out of Body” segment happen during dreamstate for which I am sleeping, I usually run into these kinds of “Entities” in the etheric and they try to find my human body asleep in bed. We all cord when we OBE. Meaning there is a line that leads back to where we are in the 3D – 5D realm for which we humans are physically located. 

Who are the Black Hats?? 

I believe they are dead business men bad karma who cannot incarnate ever again. They roam the 4 D abyss which is a space whereby entities are sometimes trapped. These kinds of Souls cannot incarnate because of the negative and even evil karma they had created previously as a human. The Black Hats do however work with Elitist kinds of people to do etheric business by over-soul-ing human(s) who are well aware they are actively interfering with the stock markets around the world and even banking. Some people would even say that is why they are seen with their Black Hat’s … It represents who they used to be and their importance to controlling lives in the physical world that you and I live in from the other side.

Yes there are many Black Hat’s and don’t be surprised if they were once rich and perhaps famous entrepreneur(s) who once in the past century wheeled their great prominence by being shrewd business men with ruthless tactics to take everything of wealth and material at others expense. We call this ruthless business men who created several stock market crashes when they were alive and who are known as the wealthiest men in America and elsewhere at that time in history. 

If these business men of great fortunes gather their wealth with Karmic implications of the negative kind, they were not allowed to incarnate as a human being and they will remain as a soul energetic seen wearing a Black Hat. Many times their faces are not seen or visible to recognize who they are. Maybe that’s a way for them to keep their identity a secret, but they can’t seem to hide their mean spirited behavior. They are used regularly in 3 D world business to take advantage of insider information and they seem to behave like Djinn by providing their minions whom has strategic access to big business and banking not seen by the human eye. They are insiders to hidden agendas and ideologies of the wealthiest men in the world current- right now. They provide enormous amounts of information to making millions in stock trades and other ambiguous business dealings, just to be part of this world. The return for the Black Hats is a slave in the making- A slave for the Devil, when they help Elites obtained in an evil manner or by dishonest means: ill-gotten gains. I am sure the Freemason’s totally get what I am saying here since they think they are extremely useful as an means to and end. They are not called Black Hats for nothing!


4/15/2016 02:15:53 am

Wow! Really


4/15/2016 05:41:55 am

I had a experience with ” hat man” when I was around 7. I was trying to sleep in my dark room when a rock wall appeared at the end of my wall and then some people were jumping the wall and running. When everyone was gone the hat man walked through the wall very slowly and he walked up to me, I was terrified as I would look into this bottomless abiss of darkness. Then he dissapeared and then the same thing happened over and over again until it stopped around the 3rd time. That next day we heard that our nabor had just died of old age.


4/16/2016 07:06:46 am

Future Black Hats in the Making …

The article talks about Grover calling the people greedy. If any of you people are interested in reading more about Grover Norquist and Jack Abramoff (Wearing the notorious Black Hat and Trench Coat) in this article pictured- It’s a real eye opener. 

Now here is the interesting part … both these men have dubious reputations in Washington D.C. I am not going to mention what it is they have done, but rather you read how “Evil” penetrates government and also lives of many people who seem to get caught up in Big Business and politics.

These to men are destined to become “Black Hat’s” because neither one of then will be able to incarnate back onto the earth plane. They will be stuck in the 4 D abyss and the only way they will get noticed is by bullying people that can see them and some that can hear them. 

The reason why I put Jack Abrams in the Dark Light is he lives the part in the real world … wearing the Black Trench Coat and the fedora Hat. He in the past had a very Dark Agenda in Washington … and well Grover too as well has a Dark Agenda kind of idealisms slated for people in the United States. He is one of those 1% people who does not care about you and I … but he is slated for “Black Hat” territory after he leaves the earth plane. 

Who are the one’s you see now wearing Black Hats” … probably Rockefeller and Carnegie … I would not be surprised at all.


4/16/2016 07:39:57 am

Black Hats … “Robber-Barons” of American History

I am pleased to share this information with all of you, because I accidently came upon at least 3 or 4 “Black Hat’s” in my bedroom some 5 years ago. 

The “Black Hats” shadow men definitely had blurry faces and they wore the “Bowler Hat” or otherwise called the Derby Hat. The significance of this particular hat … was that it was worn during the time of 1901 onward period.

What happened to me, is that I started to do Remote Viewing on a regular basis and I was able to remember what I was seeing in dreamstate. then once in a while, I would wake up and my room was full of people and not so pretty entities of the many kinds. But this one night these Shadow Men showed up in their Black Bowler Hats after I woke up from the Remote View Dreamstate. They were standing all around my bed. Two to right side, one to left side and at the foot of my bed. And they said nothing. So usually I have FEAR when something shows up, but this time I was like being challenged by a group of Shadow Entities that I had no fear of them being there … like they were giving me a warning by having all 5 of them show up at once. This was directly related to a Remote View I had about insider trading over in Europe that was all over the news. 

I found myself in a large building in the late hours of the night when everyone else was asleep. There was a room full of high speed trading stand alone computers on desktops and many stock traders wearing white shirts (no jackets) were busy making transactions to the whims of a very tall man (Reptilian) standing at the back of the room. Everyone had their backs being watched by this Man/Reptilian, Who was calling the shots. The building was in Monte Carlo on the top floor because when I looked out the sun was about to come up and I could see the small city state ocean water glistening in the sun in the foreground. I had gone to this small city or place in 1999 on vacation, so I knew where I was. 

Now these men working at their stations saw the Tall man as a “Man” but I saw him in his Reptilian state … His head sticking out of a suit and he was calling out all of the transactions for these stock traders to make. Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what was going on here. Before I knew it he, the reptilian turned around and saw me … he saw my imprint or energy field up against the wall not far from him. That is when I made my exit and at that time back at my bed … This is the time I woke up to see the 5 “Black Hats” standing around my bed.

Spiritual Warrior is the terminology I use for myself. and it is who I have become. It’s what I had been trained to do. 


4/16/2016 08:48:46 am

The continuation of the “Black Hat” interlude takes many turns. 

The “Black Hats” came at me because I got information of how trades are made in Europe is based on a “model” … the Monte Carlo Model or “The Monte Carlo simulation”. I suppose it’s not illegal but from which is came is a little unsettling. 

“The Monte Carlo Framework, Examples from Finance and Generating Correlated Random Variables” 

Click to access MCS_framework_FEegs.pdf

Europe is using this model to make most of their stock trades in producing Major Wealth for wealthy peoples financial portfolios.

History tells a story of how this formula was created when and where, but in actuality it was brought forward by the Reptilian influences on people in the Banking and Trade businesses to hoard all the worlds wealth into the hands of the few Elite 1% that will gain substantially from a metrics based algorithm … It works best with Metric’s system.

So that is what I found out back then about what was going on in this place called Monte Carlo on the French Riviera- Monaco.

Now we have a problem … The world’s Elite have too much wealth and there are too many of us how have much less. Quite the inequity imbalance. 


4/16/2016 09:05:04 am

For your reading enjoyment and education …Excellent!

Click to access 2014114pap.pdf

4/17/2016 05:45:39 am

Jesus is the answer. If you call on Him He is just and faithful to deliver you!! These demons flee from Him.


4/17/2016 08:01:57 am

Jesus is not God … rather he is an Ascended Master. 

Not all of us are Christians … because we were born free of religious slavery … but many of us believe in the creator who is the creator of all things in the universe. 

Faithful to deliver you from what? We can only save ourselves if we subscribe to saving one’s self. Not everyone is born free of sin(s) … Some people are born into a family of siner(s) … It is the wise (wo)man that can see outside of the matrix box of predefined religious beliefs and persecutions for which rules the heart and the mind until one wakes up to an obvious truth. Only YOU can save yourself. 

Fear is a Genome that every human has coded into their DNA. When the DNA is activated beyond the two-strands .. it will regenerate to it’s origins of the 12 strands integration… but until that time … FEAR remains an active ingredient of an religious slave to Elites who wish to remain in control of the populations on this planet. 


jessica wilcox
4/23/2016 11:08:25 am

i have seen the hat man once,it was at my home in my bedroom right before going to bed just got into bed and on my wall to the right of me was a dark shadow man with a brim hat he was big shoulderd and just watch me ,i felt very afraid and started to sing jesus loves me and i just keeped singing it and closed my eyes,finally went to sleep and never had it happen again,at the time i was very depressed so not sure if the feed off that or not but seems like it.


4/12/2017 07:08:33 pm

Wooooow. That’s very interesting. I’m actually producing a full documentary on this hat man. Interested in an interview? Email me;


4/26/2016 01:09:27 pm

My daughter and my wife both witnessed this at the same time. I was furious with my wife for a few things. In fact, I’ve never been so mad before. 
Anyways, this “visitation” seem to come right at the height of anger in our household.
The anger was justified, but how mad I got probably scared the kids.
I believe that this came as a sort of warning to us all, a warning to stop before it goes too far.
I don’t like to talk about it much for fear of giving it any power whatsoever.


5/4/2016 06:34:58 pm

Wow i thought i was the only 1 untill now when i seaeched it up, When i Was 13 me an my brother Was Playing in the Room an When We Walked Out We Saw Some Back Shadow Figure with red eyes an a hat Standing at the door of the other room at the end of the hallway at first we thort we were seeing things but then we looked at each other then looked back an it Was Still there So As kids We Ran away Screaming, an about a week later Or So i Was in the shower An Randomly had a weird cold feeling behind me then all of a sudden i felt this cold feeling step through me ,Was A Odd thing to happen while being under a hot water , later that night i had randomly felt sick an light headed an had the Crazyest Things going on in my head like some1 was talking to me telling me to do things with my own voice in my head, i had never told anyone this but it was like fightn with myself to Stop myself From getn up an grabn the knife an stabing my mother, til this day i never knew why or How i Had that Crazy Feeling. An About Two Years Later When I Was 15 an Locked up At a Caregivers House somthing weird happend I Woke up Half a sleep An Say My Room mate Standing At the edge of the bed an could jus see him by the light from my radio an as a turned Around i Remember Seeing Him on his bed b4 falling back to sleep, an when i asked him in the Morning Why He Was Standing Over My Bed,He ddnt believe me . What i Learned Was To never Fear Them An They Will leave You Alone. 
I Am Now 19 an had never seen Anything Since.


5/6/2016 07:41:42 pm

I know exactly who he is I know why he wears the hat and trench coat I’ve seen him in detail and he didn’t harm me but when I figured out who he was the second time I seen him and and said thats who he is he shook his head yes and everyone would be extremely shocked but I’ve been through 2 months of alot not by him but the others to just freely throw out information that people seem to write books about all I can say is I 100% know who he is for sure.


4/12/2017 07:09:53 pm

Who is he? How do you know? I’m producing a documentary on this hat man . Email me :


5/7/2016 06:54:21 am

Have any of you noticed some strange characters in “Real Life” ???

One upon a time there was a man in the news called “Disgraced Lobbyist Jack Abramoff”. 

All photo’s seen of Jack is that of wearing a Black Fedora Hat. It’s an image he wanted everyone to see … That Hat and a Trench Coat. If you don’t believe me … go to Google and type his name in along with some other details. 

Several years ago he was working in Washington as a Lobbyist but he was also linked with murder and intrigue. I found his story fascinating because every time a Black Hat story comes up I think about him … what he will become after he passes. I mean after all he fit’s a comic book creation of a “Thug” wearing a Black Hat. 

The other part of Why we see people wear Black Hats and Trench coats enter our bedrooms or our homes and they make such a grand entrance leaving a very fearful strong impression has a lot to do with YOU. Yes people many of you carry the FEAR genome and anytime a ghost or a scary figure enters your room or life as you know it … You go into FEAR mode. 

Part of it is your fault and conditioning to respond in a negative way to something you don’t understand and you are fearful of something that walks into your life. I know that some of these beings are dreadful to deal with but perhaps not all of them are bad but rather revealing themselves to you because they have a connection to you or maybe that you out of many people who can’t see them … You do see them. 

Most importantly is that you need to understand what is taking place in the moment and even months leading up to and during the contact or exchange of your FEAR and the Black Hat feeding off of it. 

There are many of these Black Hats around … But there is also many other kinds of Entities not tied to the Black Hats who are also around doing the same thing. Inter-dimensional Beings. A person who can see them is considered a Seer … And the fact that you can see them is a Gift. You may not like the Gift … so you try to bury your head into a Cell phone or computer to turn the world off around you to climb into some kind of Cyber reality that is pretty much the same thing. 

This time in your world is moving closer to the 4D and the 5 D reality. Once you cross over to the other dimensions of inter-dimensional realities all kinds of abnormal or supernatural things seems to come out of the woodwork all around you. Instead of being in FEAR …. Try understanding what it is that is happening to you or your friends going through this unusual experience of seeing things like “Black Hats” … and Ghost … shadow People and Shadow entities. These realms or dimensions overlap the 3 D realm you live in. Your space is overlapping their space and so is your ability to see and hear them. 

Don’t run for the hills, take the time to understand what it is your seeing and hearing. FEAR is a reaction to something you do not understand or have not taken the time to understand. 

Also people when you write a small un-engaging repertoire of mis-mash of words to describe a Black Hat … Try and write down some of the visions you have had and how they make you feel or how you make yourself feel when they are in your space at the foot of your bed. How you feel can be unintelligible when writing about the subject of the Black Hat. Write exactly what happened to you or what you think came to you … Did he come after you or was he just there staring you down. Some of you might not even know that you might be living in the home they once occupied. And the Black Hat might feel you have crossed into their territory … You know like going into an Indian Burial Ground and building a home on the property. (This kind of stuff really happens) and so strange things occur at these places or sites that were once sacred lands. 

Well that’s a lot to think about but I wanted you all to know many of you, including myself have had experiences that we need to understand on a deeper level. 


5/8/2016 02:26:33 am

I saw him when I was five. My mother was in the shower and I had been sitting on the couch coloring. Both the door and the screen door were locked. They suddenly swung open, both doors and he was standing in the doorway. No face. No eyes. Just a black shadow with a brimmed hat. I screamed and my mom came running out in a towel and he disappeared. Then the second time I was 20 and walking home from work when I noticed I had multiple shadows casting from the street lights…the hat man, same shadow from when I was 5 was following. I just got off the phone with my mom and for the first time since that night, we talked about it. As a child when I had told her a man had been in the doorway she thought it was a real man, but when I described to her the shadow, she got really scared because she experienced that when she was a child. If what you are saying about the hatman is true (that he is an omen for broken families or death) I have to add… my mom’s dad burned to death a year after she saw the hatman. And after I saw hatman my life turned into a nightmare with my father almost killing us several times. So, is hatman an omen? Is he trying to warn or scare? All I know is I experienced it and so did my Mom. And here isany people saying they have too. I didn’t think I would find anything. This makes me feel so much better.


5/8/2016 02:20:24 pm

I really had to think about this … about what you wrote. Say for instance you never saw the Hat Man but all those things happened to you. Those things happen to many people who have not seen a Hat Man. I am just saying search for the truth. Why did he show up and when did he show up? Did he show up before something was going to get you? Or did he follow you so you could get someplace safely. Obviously you are safe, because you wrote here and now. 

I never saw things as a child myself. Only until I got older and spiritual did this ability to “See” things unnatural or supernatural had become common place for me. It’s like one day the “Light” Switch turned on and I was able to comprehend what was going on around me and understand what I was hearing and then eventually seeing. 

Some Entities are really bad and some are good or okay. Some actually help us get away from what is targeting us. And this is the part that is really interesting … Is getting help from an entity that refused to show me what he looked like until I understood he was benevolent and kind. The Entity was a Reptilian. Yes people, he was not a Hat Man or a Black Hat but rather not of this world. And for a long time I knew his name because I could hear him talk to me in plain English … Like the entity might be humanoid or something like that. So as the years of being a pupil of learning how to write essays and stories … T’Sca’Dn (3 syllable name pronunciation) was the Reptilians name. 

All I want to say is, … do not always think these entities are bad. Sometimes they come around to do good. Even give you a warning something is coming at you. 

Really try and understand what it was they did or didn’t do. Did he save you from being murdered or beaten by your father? Was he there to warn you … so you could get away. Or did the Hat Man do something to your father to stop him from killing you? 

You just have to think why was he there several different times of your life. You see it was about YOU and not everyone else in your family. He was protecting YOU.


4/12/2017 07:12:18 pm

Woooow I’m making a documentary on this hat man. Would you be interested in an interview? Email me:


5/8/2016 02:43:33 pm

It has been very interesting for me to read the replies which have come in to this thread since I posted my story on 9/7/2015 and to the stories which were posted long before mine.

One thing which has really fascinated me are the people who think that they can explain what it is and what it means. I know what I saw, but I’ve no idea what it was that I saw. I wouldn’t even try to explain it, because I have no way of testing it out and it would only be a guess.

Some people could just be messing with us. But with the number of people who have seen it, the only thing that I do feel confident about is that even if only half of the people here really experienced what they say they did, then something genuine is going on. What it is though, I’ve no idea.

I do know that I lost my best friend and my Nana shortly after I saw the ghost/Hat Man/shadow person, whatever it was, standing and watching me from my bedroom doorway. Was it connected though? I’ve no idea.

The only things I’m certain of is that we are experiencing it and that we can have no way of knowing what it is or what it wants.

It is definitely comforting though, to know that you’re not alone.


Dog walker
5/8/2016 10:12:20 pm

7# Have you ever seen anything in the sky that you could not identify that seemed strange to you? 
Just once. When we were kids, my brother, sister and I saw a round object dancing around and hovering near a communications tower. The incident turned up in the papers the next day. Apparently a lot of people saw it.
I’d like to ask you a few more question Leslie. When you encountered this object, was it before or after your experience with the hatman? 
Was it the same year as your experience with hatman?


6/1/2016 06:55:13 pm

4th of July, 2015. Triangular object. Hovered above the baseball field I was at. Officials said it was a drone, but I’ve never believed them about it, not to this day.

4/15/2017 12:08:33 pm

My brother and I were just talking about the UFO we saw at the house we grew up in. It was actually reported on the news the next day. This would have been in the 1960s or early 70s.

I used to think that this Hat Man being was maybe some sort of messenger, letting me know about the losses I was about to experience. But then I realized that he never said anything, so where is the warning in that?

I still have no idea what it was, but now I think that it was some sort of being that was just attracted to the emotions I was going through at the time. Maybe he feeds on those emotions, or maybe he was simply curious. But I was 16, losing my grandmother from stomach cancer and we had just moved to a new home. It was an extremely eventful year for me.

I do know that it wasn’t sleep paralysis, because I was never paralyzed. I have never experienced that in my life. But I was moving around and I was talking to the guy, thinking at first that it was my Dad.

It’s something that you don’t forget, but I will never try to explain what it was, because I have no idea.

Dog walker
5/10/2017 09:36:20 am

Leslie, in 1976 when I was young I saw an object on Christmas night through my bedroom window.
It was a bright white ball of light traveling at high rate of speed from north to south. It had a diameter of around five feet across. 
It went through some high tension power lines behind our house and then over our house. 
It lit up the bedroom as it passed over the house. 
It wasn’t a meteor because it passed through the power lines and had no smoke trail. 
I don’t know if this has any relevance other than coincidence.

5/19/2016 12:23:52 pm

I have seen the man in the black hat and trench coat since I was three years old. When I was three, I was in the bathroom. I looked up at the mirror. There he was. I started screaming. My abusive Mother was on the other side of the bathroom door. She was holding it so I couldn’t get out, all the while laughing. To this day no matter what, I can not have the bathroom closed. The light has to be off so I can’t see in the mirror. This diety has attached himself to me. I can see and talk to spirits. I help the lost souls to the light of Christ. This pisses him off and he trys to do things to scare me. It doesn’t work anymore. I’m not afraid of him anymore. DO NOT BE FOOLED. He is not a fallen angel. He’s straight from hell, trying to take lost souls with him. Lately when I see him there has been a death in the family or someone close to me. He’s nothing to be messed with. Unless you know how to deal with demons, I suggest if you see him. Try to show no fear. He feeds off of it. Second pray your ass off for Jesus to help you.


6/25/2016 09:35:56 pm

Hello Lana, I’m sorry for the experiences you’ve had. Maybe mine could help you. My story is below, From what I’ve gathered the “Hat Man” is a vampire spirit not a demon, which is actually worse as they use trickery and deception to conceal what they really are. It wants you to believe it is a demon because it feeds off of your fear. They are parasites and have the power to influence families, cause fights, and worse to those who are vulnerable or under any drugs alcohol etc.. They also feed on anger, sorrow, strife, and other negative feelings. They probably influenced your mother to act the way she did. Try to be as loving, happy, and positive as you can be also, seek cleansing and protection. A shaman worked for me.


5/21/2016 04:47:06 am

Okay so I’ve had 3 experiences of this entity my whole life and I’m not even in my twenties. The first experience happened around October in 2008. I was only 4 when this happened. I was walking around saying goodnight to my family. I was walking past my room and I feel like something is watching me. I turn around and I see to glowing red I eyes. I tried not to show fear so I turned around and walked away. That night I remember I woke up because I could feel a dark presence from the entity. I ran all the way to my moms bed and slept there for about a week. The second one happened when I was in third grade. I remember I was sleeping with my dad that night because my brother was sleeping with my mom because he was sick. So my dad bunked with my since our couches are the dirtiest thing in the world. (We got rid of them.) I woke up 100% because the light turned on and it was really bright. I told my dad to turn off the light and I nudged him. He made a sound. I them realized he was asleep. I looked up and the hat man was standing in my door way. I got up and he ran and disappeared at the end of my hallway. I turned off the light and went to bed. This last one is the most recent. It happened in July of 2015. I woke up because I had to pee so I woke up and my grandma was staying and whenever my grandparents stay I sleep with them. I woke up and I focus my eyes. My recliner faces the doorway which we had closed because of my experiences. I see the hat man. I pinched myself and I felt terror flood though my body. I prayed and shut my eyes tight. I opened them when I was done praying and he was gone. I cried and one thing I noticed was my eyes were like a static tv screen. And the door was closed like before. I told some of my friends about these and they have had experiences with the hat man throwing their young kittens or puppies down stairs, the hat man walking in their room and standing over them and the hat man touching them being cold as ice. I also have a theory the hat man could be Dr.Seuss.


My experience was different (JacobE)
6/1/2016 06:49:11 pm

I’ve had an encounter with the Hat Man, but it’s different from comments I’ve read. It happened about a year ago, in sleep paralysis. What I saw was two blackish-reddish and one blackish-greenish figures over me, close to me. I heard a faint sound coming from them, and I don’t think they had good intentions. The Hat Man then entered the room and the three hostile figures…I don’t know, ran? All I know is they left with extreme anticipation and fear. The Hat Man and I then alone in my room, it proceeded to stand over me and move to the foot of the bed. The sleep paralysis wore off and I was able to stand and face it. It showed absolutely no hostility and I felt maybe what I’d call a friendliness, a niceness, a guardianship (I don’t know which). I’ve seen other comments talk about death and hostility, but my experience was different. I feel my experience with the Hat Man very possibly saved me.


6/1/2016 06:56:46 pm

Hey sorry but I want to be notified of replies and I never enabled it. Submit any replies to my post to this comment, please. Thanks.


6/2/2016 07:42:43 am

Seriously … people … They are not all bad. Sometimes I think FEAR in a human is worse than understanding just what happened. I notice this a lot in this group and finally here is a person who seems to feel “Energy” … in a positive light … FEAR is negative energy that is programmed into the human genome. Once you get past that fear … You can realize what kind of energy is being transmitted off the Entity … FEAR is very powerful and overshadowing a reality because the response in FEAR is negative and that is all one feels when they are “Scared Shitless”.


6/7/2016 05:59:03 pm

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

6/2/2016 07:56:58 am


I am with you … and again people who have Great FEAR … react in a negative Fearful way. FEAR is a negative energy. It creates a hostile reaction within the human to respond negatively and the results or reaction is FEAR driven. When you talk about something like this as a group … Most of the time a FEAR driven human will respond negatively even if the entity didn’t do anything to them. The entity is blamed for deaths … I throw my hands up (?) Why is this the reaction of someone who calls it a negative encounter … Someone you know dies right after or within a year of the encounter??? Really people … people die all the time for various reasons … Health … old age and here you are alive and telling your stories of your “Horror adventure” that had nothing to do with a death in your family. 

Jacob, Thanks for being honest … I can track or smell good energies in etheric entities myself … But I can also track it in humans as well. Humans and Entities of other dimensions come in good, bad or otherwise. 

I rather like a good ghost story but they are not all evil and darkness related. Many are just there connecting to a consciousness of an awakened human. These entities are just as amazed as we are in encounters. And the encounters are not all good … and they are not all bad. Understanding the encounters … Now that is the rare opportunity if you want the challenge. Taking the time to understand what really happened in your bedroom while your trying to sleep. 

Many encounters happen during dreamstate. You wake up and your part of the encounter. Is it lucky … I would say so. I have been fortunate to have many different kinds of entites show up … including Reptilians … Serpents … snakes … Archons … the list goes on. Mostly after I have gone to bed. Dreamstate is a good medium for connection. Sleeping with one eye open is part of this connection … You can read more about it on the net … 


6/7/2016 06:01:57 pm


I couldn’t have said it better myself. You seem to know a good portion of the whole spiritual fear thing. Have you had any encounters with anything before?

6/8/2016 07:45:27 am

Well Jacob,

If you really want to know …. I am a Spiritual Warrior that can Remote View … OBE … whatever you want to call it and I remember things that went on. So doing battle with the baddies is part of being a Spiritual Warrior but their are Good Entities also and you have to reserve your stance until an entity becomes aggressive and then and only then do you take it out. Well your probably wondering what that means …”Take them out?” … You make them follow you back to your bed for which your physical body lies in a deep sleep. Well that is what you want the entity(s) to think … but once they touch your body a Spark of a Zapp (Flash) goes off and it disintegrates the energetic into star dust. Is it fair … Well yes … because many of these negative entities have been feeding or humans FEAR for eons of existence of humanity. There are quite a few of us that can do this kind of etheric work. We are given assignments via a greater power than what exists here on earth. But to do battle with the baddies, It can only be done by a human that exorcises his or her rights to “Free Will” … and that is the MagiK of getting rid of the evil ones … they have to be aggressive towards you or a human first as in violation of “Free Will”. Some people … humans don’t know this is a “Free Will” planet. 

Loosing the FEAR is part of the concept of not going into action with a FEAR Reaction. You deal with every Dreamstate OBE and Remote differently … We are never the aggressor but we will defend ourselves when the moment arises. 

It’s called Chess Game in the etheric … You can jump in and out of the etheric even if your hanging off a cliff. And they will follow you home back to your bed … But in the end you can get them as soon as they hit your turf or safe place.

But I think Jacob, you know what I am talking about here … You have experienced this many times. That is the chase …

6/8/2016 10:07:05 am


The Spiritual Warrior thing seems really interesting. I’m pretty sure I know what you’re talking about. Maybe we could chat some more via email? I haven’t met many people who talk about this kind of thing.

6/6/2016 01:56:40 pm

June 01, 2016 about sunset, my wife was checking grave after memorial day and near her parents grave a tall dark man carrying
a bag sttod over her. He turned and walk north, she went around 
one of the roads to my parent and family site and check their’graves
and he was walking accross the cemetery, she drove to
the enterance of the cemetery and its an arched entery, where he stood under and look directly at her, his face was pale and empty. cold and no expression. She told me the next day and my son found
this site and forwarded it to us. She discribe him perfectly. She’s very religious and I would never doubt her.This is a very large area and the ordeal was more than 20 minutes!


6/7/2016 05:08:09 am

I have seen the “hat man” many times in my dreams. Although I feel disrespectful calling him that. The slender man I see is over 12ft tall with a hat and arms that almost reach the ground. He is not black as such but almost like a black hole of nothing, no face, no features, just a shape of anti matter. He moves slowly, gracefully, but can take large strides and throughout my dreams of when I become aware, he is behind me or chasing me. I can’t run in my dreams but when I’m about to be caught by him I become aware and realise I’m in a dream and I can fly. For example I fly from roof top to rooftop and he strides along them behind me. He never catches me. Sometimes in other dreams I know he is shadowing me, behind me. It’s almost like he’s watching my back like an ally. I used to be terrified of him when I was really young but then got used to him showing up every now and then. Always behind me. I used to think he was chasing me but I think I just started running overtime I was him. So now I’m not so sure. After a long while I wasn’t scared of him, I enjoyed him being around.
In one dream I was walking through a tunnel/roadway underpass and as I got near the end he stepped into the tunnel facing me. For the first time he was in front of me and not behind. It was like I had to face him and acknowledge him for the first time. I was so frightened I thought I would wake up but I knew I could not turn back. I ran at him with everything I had and ran up around the wall, to his left, over his head, upside down and kept running. His arms were so slow he could not catch me, could not sweep me up as I ran past. I got to the end of the tunnel, a few feet from daylight and turned around. He just stood there, unmoved. I knew if I walked outside the tunnel I would never ever see him again. I stepped back. Out into the daylight. I woke up bawling my eyes out. I sometimes think I catch glimpses of him in my dreams, going around corners or have the same old feeling that he is watching me but I have never seen him properly since. I cried for almost a month after that dream but obviously couldn’t tell anyone why (I was about 30 at the time). I have tears streaming down my cheeks now as I write this (I am now 45). I can’t help it.
I miss my dark, tall, slender, silent, long armed, hatted companion… I have had countless vivid and dramatic dreams throughout my life, but none of them as vivid and none of them in any way compare to those I had with him.


6/7/2016 06:13:16 pm


I can relate and I may have some advice if you want to see your apparition once again. On multiple accounts, I have had a dream that was, I guess you could say, an alternate “life”. The time before the last time I had the dream (about 4 years ago) I was left with a cliffhanger. I had tried things and nothing worked, until one night. I tried something and, when I went to sleep that night, I had the dream’s second part, or ending. What I did, here’s the advice, is actually surprisingly simple. For a few days I had remembered as many details about every little part of the dream possible, wrote them down in a story-like structure and read it before I went to bed. (Note: There were an extremely high amount of details I had remembered, so the more, the better.) So try to remember AS MANY DETAILS as possible, write/type them down, and read them from then to until you have that dream you’re looking for. NOTE: I’ll leave you with this; you have the opportunity to try my advice but I also advise you not to, keeping in mind it may not end well (from personal experience). But it also may end well.


6/9/2016 09:24:46 am

A few years ago, I had a gal write to me online. I met her in a group of spiritual people that were talking about entities. She wrote me and asked if I could help her but she didn’t say with what … and then I said yes …

She sent me a photo of her and her mother taken before her mother had died rather suddenly a few years before the gal even contacting me. She ask, “Do you see something in the picture with me sitting with my mother in the photograph”? … I said yes I see a Grim Reaper looking in the window at the back of the room. She then wrote back that she thought that thing took her mother about a week later- Her mother had died. She said, “It was stalking my mother.” “And now it is stalking me”. She also said, “I am very afraid because I have seen it a few times looking in my windows most recently” … “Can you do something about it?” 

I said yes. After a few days … I went into dreamstate and OBEd or had an Out of Body for which I went to Oregon to this gals home and waited to see if it would show up. Now I just didn’t go there that night in particular … It was set up … The gal’s spirit guide told my spirit guide … it had showed up … so that’s where I ended up … I created mischief and the thing followed me home after I left what I call “Cosmic Bread Crumbs” … and when it got here … I took it out with a Zapp. So it didn’t end there.

A week or so later … Something showed up in my bedroom and I could see it in the corner where the entrance to my bedroom standing there watching me. I could see it … It didn’t move. It was a Reaper holding a scythe in it’s right hand … And it was like a Head Honcho Grim Reaper … He looked different from the one I took out … and he looked like he wanted to know where or what happened to the one that went missing. He didn’t dare come near me … He was there for about an hour because I could not sleep until I knew he was gone.

I am pretty sure he knew I had something to do with the Grim Reaper that went missing. Anyway I wrote the Gal that morning about … “Are things okay?” and she said, “Nothing has showed up here for about a week. I think you got him.” I never heard from her again but she knew to contact me when it first started happening to her. 

This kind of entity stuff started happening on a regular basis. I started keeping a notebook on the different entity characters showing up. 



6/9/2016 09:40:47 am

Not long after the “Grim Reaper” events … I was told by my spirit guide that sometimes “Grim Reapers” force situations to happen. I needed to know what that meant … those words. So I went into meditation state and focused on the subject and I got a download of info about some entities trying to create death by stalking people they should not be bothering. Some of this has to do with Karma … like if someone murders a person and then gets away with it … And then a few years later … they are stalked themselves by a Grim Reaper who takes the pleasure of disposing of a life in an unnatural way. 

The movie Ghost is a perfect example of that … You need to watch it closely and there is no Reaper but there are Black Shadows who come to collect bad people very bad people with very Dark Karma they create throughout their lives. Any way it’s a really good movie.


No one…
6/15/2016 01:35:40 pm

This is happening to me right now. I didnt know what he was, but now i know. Thank you. 


6/19/2016 10:59:15 am

I have never known of anyone else to have seen the hat man or as I’ve called him, the man in black, except for myself until stumbling upon this page 20 yrs after my encounter. I’m so grateful. He was in my home on and off for about a month. I felt a definite presence near me and passing me when I would leave or enter my bedroom. I finally saw him and it scared the shit out of me, so much so that I prayed to go unconscious, and I did. I passed out cold and had the worst nightmare that I remember to this day. I was in bed not yet asleep, my infant son in a crib near the foot of my bed. The man, who I knew was not flesh and blood, entered my room, profile to my position as I lay on my back with my vision towards the door which was directly in line with the crib. He was tall, six ft or a little more. Trench coat, wide brimmed hat. He went to the crib and stood there, still in profile to me. I was so scared. I couldn’t move, I wanted to protect my son, but I couldn’t move and I was too afraid to speak. I just KNEW that if he turned and looked at me, I would die of fright. I closed my eyes and silently begged God to let me go to sleep or pass out because my terror was more than I could even comprehend. I passed out praise the Lord and had a terrible nightmare where the same events happened, only in the dream I wasn’t paralyzed, and I ran out of the house, realizing too late that I forgot the kids. Still dreaming, I turned to go back inside when the door slammed shut, and the house with the children in it, zoomed away from me getting smaller and smaller, and it was gone. I woke up, the man was gone, but I turned on every light in the house and didn’t turn them off for at least a week. My kids and I slept in the living room for a while. I even brought the bed out there. All these yrs I thought I had seen a ghost. Now I know. Thank you!!!!!!!


Melissa Hysmith
6/24/2016 08:17:10 am

The hat man is not a demon. He is a guide between realms. 19 months ago I was in ICU dying. I was unresponsive and in a coma like state. Not an actual coma but unable to be awake. I was in another realm, my soul that is. There were several cave like door ways to different realms. Some heaven like, some hell like. I was so desperate to get out of my broken pain ridden body that I was willing to walk through any of the doors. Even the really scary ones. The shadowy hat man kept me from going through the doors telling me I was choosing wrong. My stubbornness and frustration gave way to me saying “fine! I’ll live” he nodded and I woke up in ICU able to sit up, talk, drink, eat, breathing on my own. The nurses were shocked as the doctor just told my parents to make arrangements…as in funeral arrangements. It was still a month long recovery process and I had to learn to walk again but I’m healthier than I have ever been. I don’t believe it was a demon. He was a guide. It didn’t tell me what to do but he also didn’t let me go in the wrong direction but not by force. He just guided me…saying “you’re choosing wrong” causing me to step back and think. Please reconsider your stance on this presence. There are dark entities but this is not one of them.


6/25/2016 08:02:16 pm

From my experience he isn’t a demon he is worse. He certainly isn’t a guide, but he will pretend to be. Please be very careful parasitic spirits are very deceptive. Read my post and hopefully you might get some insight.


6/25/2016 08:55:12 pm

I do want to add, as I just recalled this as I posted my story, that my friend Mike said “Seth” was some kind of ‘keeper of doors’ and in your experience you saw many doors? I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Does anyone have any idea what is really going here? This is getting really wild.


7/2/2016 08:23:21 am

There are many “Keepers of Doors and Doorways” into other realms- mostly in the etheric planes and dimensional realms. And there are many … many realms. 

There are also KEYS to those various realms. They come in many forms, such as … visual symbols, and sometimes they are crystals, stones and rocks. There are other ways such as dreamstate or a near death experience for which an opportunity good or bad arises. 

You are sometimes invited to various realms by beings and or they come to you. They summon you or help you to make better choices and even worse choices. You also need to understand that your deeds, like that of good vs. bad has a lot to do with these beings from the other realms whom summon you to their realm or they come to you. 

More on this later …. 

6/25/2016 08:51:34 pm

Hello everyone! Not sure how I ended up on this website, just doing some research about an encounter I had many years ago. This is all pretty wild and there are so many different opinions and theories about the ‘Hat man’ and who or what he is. I don’t know, I didn’t even know this thing had a name until today. Not sure what I believe, I was an Atheist and actually became agnostic after my encounter with him, because as you will see my experience is living proof that this entity exists and its pretty irrefutable. To be honest I wish it wasn’t true or that I was crazy or something but denying reality just because it frightens us is delusional. 

My story is 100% real, I promise on my soul or honor and all that. Also I’m quite sane, and objective, like I said I’ve never even heard of the ‘Hat Man’ until today. I have physical evidence and eyewitness testimony to corroborate my account. I have no vested interest one way or the other. In fact I wish this wasn’t true but it is. Its not my subjective perception, or any other theoretical idea to explain away for those who don’t believe such things exist. It is a fact this thing is real. Fact. Now what it is, I don’t know.

So this is what happened. When I was 19 in 1997 I started dreaming about a man who wore a dark trench coat and a hat just like the ones in the pictures of the hat man. I dreamed about him repeatedly he had no face and yet a thousand faces seemed to flash in and out all at once and it was nauseating to look him in the face for too long. Almost like TV static and a swarm of bees. Looking back I thought it was just my subconscious processing some imagery from the movie Candyman or something. I didn’t feel an evil presence from him but nothing good either, more neutral.

When I told my recurring dream to my best friend Mike, he said right away and nonchalantly “oh it was Seth”. Asking who Seth was he said it was a spirit they encountered a few months ago. They being my other friends in our circle. As it turned out they thought it would be fun to use a ouija board in a graveyard at night, and this was the spirit they encountered. Mike said he was some kind of “keeper of Doors” and he was some knowledge keeper or guide or something. I thought he just had an overactive imagination we did play D&D occasionally, so I only half-believed. I thought it was an interesting concept though and actually drew “Seth”. I’m artist and often did art for my friends. I still have this art piece and it eerily match’s other depiction’s of the “Hat Man”.

Fast forward a few years, now this is where it gets really eerie. I had moved to Marietta, GA and just after a very bad breakup I was crying on my couch in my apartment experiencing the most painful heartache I had ever felt. I caught my fiancée cheating on me some days prior. It was late at night and a vision of Seth appeared in my imagination, not a physical apparition. I thought I was just delirious from the emotional pain I was in. Now I have never been suicidal before and to be clear this was not a suicide suggestion, please don’t misread this. However I was knowledgeable on Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and meridians. And Seth told me to visualize a psychic knife and thrust it into my heart chakra to relieve my heartache and emotional pain. Believing I was receiving some kind of higher guidance I did so and felt the energetic knife pierce my heart. I know this sounds crazy. Its about to get bizarre.

Not more then two days pass and guess who “coincidently” shows up at my apartment? Mike. Now get this I had lived there for several months and he had only come by once before. He lived in Athens, GA so it was a long way to travel. Further we hadn’t talked since then which was about 2-3 months ago. He always called before he came over, it was very unusual for him just to show up randomly, much less drive so far away to do so. 

He had no idea about my own personal visualization with “Seth”, I had told no one… when I opened the door I asked why he came over…

He pulls out a dark steel dagger and said “Seth told me to give this to you.”

I am in no way lying, this is exactly what happened and what he said. You can ask him. I have no reason to make this up. This is my story, can anyone tell me what the hell “Seth” is? I have a few ideas. Need a break though.


6/25/2016 09:17:55 pm

That proves this spirit or whatever it is exists. How else could Mike have known? And to bring a dagger, having no knowledge of my personal experience, not to mention the timing. To say this was a coincidence is insane. It defies probability and logic. We have to accept entities of some kind in fact exist and they can communicate with us. Time and space are not barriers to them. What they are, where they come from, that we may never know. 

Faith says one thing, personal experiences another. Many possibilities. Not sure what I believe, open to ideas though.

Is the ‘Seth’ I encountered the same being as the ‘Hat Man’?

Is he a demon or a guide?

That encounter occurred in 2000 I did not have any encounters with him again, except for a strange experience in 2012 which I may relate another time if relevant. In 2010 I did see a shaman, and when I explained my experience to him at that point I thought he was a guide as Melissa did, the shaman said “Seth” was no guide, but a ‘vampire spirit’ a parasitic spirit that was feeding off of my emotional pain. And that piercing my heart chakra was like an emotional bleeding that it fed on. He said “No benevolent spirit will ever ask you to pierce, cut, or harm yourself in any way.” It deceived me, which makes these being very dangerous.

Anyone ever seen the movie Insidious? From my experience “Seth/Hat Man” is quite similar to the women who lured Josh with the false light at the end of the movie. 

Now having the same name as the lead actor in the movie is a coincidence. Albeit a creepy one though. lol

Would love to hear thoughts, ideas, and similar experiences.


6/28/2016 06:32:56 pm

He was definitely a Demon. 

Now how they show you who or what they are is sort of like a Magic Trick. They can say they are around to help you … but why would they ask you to “Hurt Yourself?” … You need to be more spiritually assertive and “Don’t jump off the cliff because he asked you to!” … 

Some people are depressed because of entities that won’t leave them alone. They will even consider suicide and not know why … Just the suggestion from a Demonic entity would be enough … but if you are Strong and not weak in the mind … you can figure it all out. Maybe not that moment … but “You did figure it out” … with a little help.

We are now in the 5 D and the veil is lifted. So many of you here are able to see and hear in the mind- telepathy what they are saying to you. If it seems bad … It’s because they are Dark and Evil and you need to find a way to get rid of the entity(s). Most of them are parasites feeding off fear … but if you have no fear … their is no lunch and they will go away and leave you alone. 

Don’t Feed the Monster!

4/12/2017 07:29:08 pm

Woooooow. Very interesting story. Would love to talk more about your story. I’m producing a documentary on this entity. Email me:


6/26/2016 01:07:45 am

Hello guys i normally dont blog but i am 27 years old almost 28 in a few weeks i see this exact same man i really cant make his face out but im not seeing him in my dreams im seeing him in real every day activities for maybe a glimpse and then he disappears…. People that i have told this too have looked at me like i was crazy i dont know what too do. Also everytime i see him he gets a little bit closer someone please help me with what to do or what this means i cant sleep anymore because i fear that he is not a good sign. If anyone can please help or explain i will definitely appreciate it… May god be wit us


6/26/2016 03:09:31 am

Hey Chris, first off your not crazy for seeing what you see as there have been many sightings. If what your seeing is the same or similar to what I encountered know that it is a real spirit, and likely a parasitic spirit of some kind, although who really knows. From what I’ve researched about them however they feed on your fear. So don’t be afraid. Also don’t tell anyone who doesn’t believe such things are possible as ignorant people always think people are crazy who speak of things that contradict their beliefs rather then realize they don’t know everything. Also this entity wants them to misjudge you as crazy as it isolates you and creates even more negative emotion that it feeds on. It also gets you to doubt your own sanity which further creates even more negative emotion and rather then acknowledge the spirit is real think its all in your head, and you can’t fight what you don’t acknowledge. So you have to calm down, be happy, and positive as if its not there yet know it is. Is will hopefully dissipate like a bad dream once you stop feeding it. 

Hope that helps.


7/3/2016 06:13:39 pm

I dunno Chris, I’m so sorry that’s happening to you. So scary. All I can think of, is pray to God when you see him and command that he be gone in the name of Jesus Christ.


Rick Harris
6/26/2016 01:39:17 am

My name is rick I’m 26 now live in tx. My first experience with this thing was 15 yrs old in Odessa fl. Just sleeping man n I turned around n saw this tall man wit a hat n black cape. Couldn’t move n it lurched on top me pinning me dwn then pulling me up n bak dwn. My dog was on the bed but diddidn’t react. When I could move I ran to my parents room to find they had the experience as well. At the time my dad lost he’s job n later died of codeine overdose when I was 17. I believe this demon helped n even plagues me now. When I was 18 I moved bk to FL. My mom came to visit n we went to Korea my dad was white n met her in the military. We went to jeju where I had a shamanistic ritual performed. When they where doin the ceremony I saw terror on their faces. Flys where all over me. She knew of my father’s death even other relatives which I never told her. She dressed as the demon n said I killed ur father n ur next. She said it was a powerful demon and american. It came to me through my family’s sins. If I wanted it gone she said to put my faith in God n step away from my comp lol, she said it loved the computer n the images it gave me. After I was empty but she said she sent it sway. But would come bk soon as I did my old routines. Well I came bk n did my mom has dreams of him talking with me. Now more creepy is I think I know who he is. In that new remake of animi villa horror where the father kills he’s family. They show him. If u look up the movie they give he’s name. But a real dude they dipict him murdering native American children even molestation. Long dark haired white man with brimmed hat n coat. It’s a real guy I know from like colonial days he was the butcher of children. Jus look up animal horror the one wit dance cook r sum thin like the newest one, I couldn’t believe it when they showed him. It’s they know the occult n teased with the movie. Tht spirit is a family destroyer n life ruiner . Keep your faith in jesus Christmas and ask for repentance for your sins. Ask for protection from this man he will come for ur children n destroy them with addictions of lust praise be to our Lord God jess christ.


4/12/2017 07:32:21 pm

Woooooow. That’s very scary that you encountered it and your parents at the same time. I’m producing a documentary on this hat man, would you be interested in an interview? Email me:


rick harris
6/26/2016 01:59:17 am

Ok sorry guys, it’s the amitvill horror 2005, can’t spell for shit but actor is ryan reynolds guy who plays dead pool. Towards the end b4 he starts wackiness his family the hat man is starring at the little boy, then ryan sees him later in the basement like chopping up kids n shit in his torture shack. It’s hard to find on Internet idk why but u can watch it. I know it’s based off a real guy who killed native American children colonial times


rick harris
6/26/2016 02:19:23 am

Ahhhhh found he’s name John ketchum. John ketchum escaped the Salem witch trials. Convicted mass murderer n sadist. Performed with black brimmed hat n coat. Feeding he’s black magic with the terror he asorbed from victims. John ketchum. John ketchum. That mother fucker why would he’s spirit b so powerful to haunt millions?


6/26/2016 03:58:48 am

Hi josh thanks so much im going through a lot i recently left my home in Atlanta and the new place is where i started to experience him every time he gets closer. This is the 2nd time i seen him and its for a split sec. Im not afraid well i will admit a little and what does it want. Im 2nd guessing myself but deep down i know i saw him he is a average man can’t really say age but the hat everything else is accurate i havent slept in 2 days i know if i go to sleep he is going to be in my dreams …dude like i know anyone i tell this too won’t truly believe me. And i also noticed i been zoning out lately like i just space out then i snap back ….what do i do


7/2/2016 08:05:28 am

On the Subject about Doorways.

I shall begin by stating, that I am a Crystal and Rock aficionado of the higher dimensions. I speak not of the level of a 3 dimensional standpoint but rather from the 5 D and beyond. You know we all have fascination with something, for me it is rocks, stones and crystals. I am not a collector but rather an alchemist with only a few specimen’s for which I create MagiK for the good of all. 

Many years ago, my spirit guide ask for me to find a specimen of a rock in the shape of a Pyramid … approximately 2” x 2” … looking a lot like that of the Egyptian pyramids but in a less smaller scale made of an identical object made of “Shungite” rock from Russia. I then placed it on a tile that was 3” x3” x 1/4” of the same rock material. I set it out in the sun to charge up with energies of protons and ions. Frankly at the time I did not know what the healing power of the rock entailed but I did also use crushed Shungite in my drinking water canister that is replenished with artesian water locally in San Louis Obispo. And after a few weeks of observing the Pyramid sitting on my coffee table bench, I was invited someplace in the etheric planes.

The first time I encountered Doorways that I could really remember into other dimensions, It was during a Dreamstate. My guide an I showed up at some kind of Castle late at night and there was no moon. It was completely dark and all I could see was a burning torch mounted on the side of a very massive castle type wooden door of a manmade rock wall of a castle tower that was slightly rounded. It appeared to me to be a round Drum Tower.

My guide and I looked at each other and he bowed his head for me to knock on the door. And I did … and a small speakeasy door opened up and a face unrecognizable looked back at us and said nothing. I said, “We are here.” … I mean we were invited and we showed up. The little trap door on the giant wooden slab of planks … The door shut immediately and the larger door did not open. I turned and looked at my guide and he then said, “We will wait”. I swear we must have stood there for 4 hours. It seemed like an eternity. 

Finally the large door opened and were summoned to follow the velvet purple robed being with his hood up over his head … We followed the being around along corridor that seemingly was shaped in an circle until we got to a very large open area that had many purple robed beings called the Melchizedeks. The finery of their robes made them look like wizards. It was at this time that I knew I was being offered an initiation level one into the Melchizedek Mystery School. But know this … One must prove themselves loyal to the brotherhood and you do not have to be a man to be part of the brotherhood. Just understand that the entire dogma of the 3 D world that all of you live in is consequently overwhelmed that everything is set up for the masculine species of man but in all other realms beyond the 4th Dimension is set up for both male and female balance of power. No one in these dimensions are treated any lesser because of their gender. 

I understood that when something is worth waiting for, there will be an opportunity arise. And that one must persist in the wait because nothing will happen unless you’re ready for it to happen. You see I stood out in front of the very large door for many hours waiting for it to open up to something I didn’t expect. I did not have expectations of anything and I had no fear. I put my hands and my heart in my guides trust. I did not know why I was there in the first place but like all other students of the Mystery Schools, opportunities present themselves in the most strangest of ways. One cannot expect to be given the opportunity unless one does the work to get to that pivotal point. 

I wanted to share this “Doorway of Opportunity” because the symbolism behind what a doorway represents … “Prospect” to something new …. Something exciting … Something altogether different in my life, but more important the opportunity to be in “Service to Others” in the time of need for Humanity. We get nothing with exception to the joy and love of getting humanity to the next step in evolution of the species. The time is now. 


7/2/2016 09:28:35 am

The Hat Man experience in a “Door Way” 

Sometime in late October and or early November 2015, I had an OBE about a would be Pres. Candidate in the GOP. And it went like this:

Dreamstate OBE: A man dressed in a dark trench coat and Fedora hat was standing in an alcove of a brownstone building in NYC somewhere. I was on the other side of the street and it was very late at night. There was no one out there to be seen. Then all of a sudden I saw a shape of a shadow of a man. It’s like I was supposed to be there … He invited me into this OBE of a Dreamstate. It was set up that way. He called me over to his side of the street where there was a red lighted sign in a store window blinking off and on … A glaring neon RED Light with the word “WARNING” … so I caution myself across the street by looking both ways … I was inquisitive and had no fear … So the man was standing in a front entry alcove of the brownstone for which he said nothing but put out his left arm with his hand in a cautionary stop right there- position. … Like don’t come any further. He held his gloved left hand out and gave me a handwritten note with the words: “Something in the very near future is going to happen to “So and So’s” private plane at the airport. Blah …. Blah …. Blah” … So then he reach out and took the note back from me … He looked down the street both sides … And then shouted at me in a low guttural growl “Now do something about it!” The entire time I never saw his face but he smelled of the SEE-I-AYE … 

So I remembered the entire dreamstate. My spirit guide told me to send an email of the OBE information I retrieved from the dreamstate …Send it over to “The Man” who runs the “Informal” catchall “Remote Viewing” program here in the United States. So I did and I explained what transpired in the OBE. I am sorry I cannot give out the name of the GOP candidate for “Obvious” reasons.

It is not unusual to run into other Remote Viewers out there in the etheric planes. A lot of information is passed through this type of medium called “Remote Viewing” and or OBEing in Dreamstate. Yes people can connect to each other and you can get their signature resonance and even who they represent but when they want to hide who they are … they can hide. They can also contact you and drag you into a dreamstate etheric plane and even show up at your house in the middle of the night while you are REM state or Lucid Dreaming. Well it’s real people.

About the Man in the Trench Coat and Fedora Hat: He wanted me to know he was SEE-I-AYE and that he does not work in the US but rather overseas. And he didn’t want anyone to know where he got this information from or his source of the information, only that it was supposed to happen a few days after I received the information and he wanted me to pass it onto the correct people. I delivered the information to the correct contact and as you well know…nothing happened in regards to the said plane belonging to the unsaid person. We didn’t hear about it in the news. It didn’t happen and like so many things in our 3 D world … It was hidden from the US people like so many other things going on currently.

The informal Remote Viewing program is an involuntary and indispensable “Medium” for information gathering “MAILBOX” of possible and or real life threatening situations in the planning stages of ill goings on. And that is put through a hidden external “Government Resource” which pans out the information to the many military and industrial multiplexes to help stop situations before they happen all over the world. Believe me it is a good thing and it is really happening like a Spy Thriller that you want to believe that it is real and most of the time it is based on real situations that had happened. 


7/4/2016 12:21:44 am

I had an encounter with the Hat Man in around 2014. I don’t recall the circumstances surrounding my life at the time but I can only speculate that it was a time of some degree of emotional unrest such as I’m feeling at the moment which is probably why I feel compelled to write about this at this time. He came to me in a dream. I entered a dark space that I was conscious of being in. I recall it being a frustrating and unnerving experience. Then suddenly I was approached by what my eyes were able to perceive as a dark silhouette of a man with a fedora hat and long dark coat. I began kicking at this figure in my sleep. I was awakened by all of the tussling and kick motions against the covers on me. Fortunately, my body was pointing this time towards the edge of the bed away from my wife. I’ve had night terrors in the past triggered by encounters with “hostile” people in my dreams that caused me to physically assault my wife while we were in bed and I was in a dream state. It had caused me to consider leaving the bedroom for a time.


7/4/2016 07:22:44 am


Many people have out of body experiences while the body lays in rest in the bed. I also have had things show up in my bed that came back with me from the etheric. We do battle in the etheric. You just need to understand that dreamstate in not just a “Void” but another realm for which we can access if we have the “Keys”. Many of us have expanded our consciousness to the point we can travel or traverse into other realms beyond our 3 D material world life. You just happened to be one of these people. 

I suggest trying not to have fear or project fear … Sometimes you are going places where they don’t want you to see or remember. Lucid dreaming allows for remembering such things. These entities do not like humans to access their realms. Once you have a key … you tend to use it and sometimes situations like the one in this dreamstate happens, 

Investigate what it is you are doing. Understand what you are doing. There is a lot on the net on this subject. Google the correct words or sting of words. 

When you wake up that’s the end of it … until you go there again. It sounds like this has happened a few times before. You do not even know that you are a spiritual warrior in the etheric planes. 

Well anyway … Its very interesting what you wrote.


7/5/2016 02:18:26 am

About 15 years ago early on in what became a very abusive relationship I encountered this hat man. There were a few. Was driving one night down a road I was accustomed to driving down and started to see a few black figures cross the road and almost slammed on breaks cuz I thought they were people. Never heard of shadow type figures til that night. Only way I could describe it was it looked like some people dressed in blacked out period clothes. Including a female. After some research I thought was lost spirits looking for their resting place cuz a cemetery where I saw them crossing was moved from one side to the other. So never really thought much of it except why would they be blacked out. Even more strange was while later I saw a black shadow of what looked like a lion. It’s really strange too cuz what followed over the next few years was a lot of death and trauma in my family and things are still quite hectic in my life. I wonder how my experience fits in with this hat man since I saw more than just this “fallen angel”. Curious to see if anyone else has had experienced beyond just the hat man himself.


7/7/2016 03:22:21 am

well its not like when this figure appears in my dreams it doesnt scare me but its more like your emotions are amplified by the figure being there tell you the truth i never seen it with a hat its almost always wearing a black hooded trench coat and its face is like a marble with the colors white and black mixing around like when you put 2 substances like water and vegetable oil together strangest thing is when i don’t dream very often but when i do dream i have 100% control over every aspect of my dreams except for this black hooded figure when it appears… if anything its more annoying then is is scary cause i enjoy when i dream and this butt-nugget wakes me up…


7/7/2016 07:47:13 am

The Butt-nugget is your higher self … so don’t be so annoyed … That’s what you look like on a soul level. And you do not have 100% control over your dreams … your soul does … take a closer look at him when he appears … because it’s you and he is the one that has control as a “Higher Self” aspect of your lower physical self.

“That’s Right” … something to think about …


7/10/2016 08:47:59 am

I wanted to share something with all of you. Last night while I was sleeping, I was confronted by 2 Black Hats but not in Trench Coats but rather Bowler Hats. They were interrupting my Dreamstate and I was kind of mad because they just walked into my dreams and were trying to instill “Great Fear” within me. But I no longer have those FEAR codes embedded in my DNA. And I told them they should leave or I was going to do something drastic to them. Before I knew it … I woke up remembering them being there … threatening me with some kind of Mind Bending FEAR control mechanism that just did not work. It was annoying more than anything else. 

So it all began yesterday when I visited a psychic friend who once belonged to the Eastern Star women’s group that is part of the Freemasons. I knew I was to visit this friend and ask her questions about the Freemasons. Personally I know a lot about the Masonic lodges and their members, but I never knew anyone person personally that was this close to the organization. And I never knew a woman that was in the upper echelons of this organization until yesterday. So we had this rather long conversation for which I learned there is both good and bad in all clubs, organizations, and secret societies.

It was during this conversation that I became privy to a large amount of information about how these men members in the Masonic lodges protect one another even in the advent of crimes committed. They will do anything to keep a pledge they made on protecting others of the same Masonic code of secrets. So when I spoke to her about how judges and lawyers are in cahoots to try and protect men of their organization from being prosecuted for crimes in which they committed, she said her husband quit the Freemasons because of hypocrite type behaviors by some of the members for which he could not associate with any longer because of their despised behaviors within the organization. His morals were too high of a standard to rub elbows with such men of bad character. But understand that not all Freemasons have character flaws that stretch beyond the front doors of the Masonic Temple. 

I was fascinated with what I heard. She spoke of secrets and that her husband would never discuss any elements of the secret portion of the meetings. But she did say he refused to continue as a Freemason because of some of the other members behavior did not hold moral value that he held as important in his obligation as a Masonic member. They had tried unsuccessfully to bring him back into the organization but he flatly refused. 

So I will keep it at that, but I do believe when we spoke in private at her home, we had company in the etheric planes that did not like the fact we were discussing issues of being in an organization that was not democratic in its structure but rather elitist because if you didn’t vote for long standing members to be in high places in that organization, you were pushed out of the way if you voted against them. My friend said her career in this organization abruptly came to an end because she did not think that the couple that ran the California group of the Eastern Star Sisters organization really did anything to promote good values and they did not do any significant work in the chapter. In other words they held onto a title and position in name only but did nothing of any good, recognized by other members who felt a change of the guard was needed. Out with the old and in with the new.

So my point is when you speak of anything like Secret Cults and organizations … it seems to bring entities toward you who have an interest in what you are talking about. They just show up and perhaps your so busy talking you don’t notice them hiding behind a chair or listening to everything you are saying. 

Well I wanted to share what could possibly bring these entities to you and why ??? 


7/16/2016 10:58:00 pm

I have seen the hat man few times during a pretty terrible time of my life. I was going through a painful divorce and have never felt so lost, confused and full of emotional pain.
The first time was the following:
I believe my body was sleeping, but somehow my consciousness saw him standing at the door of my bedroom. I think I might have had kind of out of body experience, because I saw him, but not with my physical eyes. I saw the room, the bed from where I was sleeping and the hat man standing at the door. It was a black figure wearing a long trench coat and hat. I didn’t see any facial features or eyes. I got the feeling he was watching, observing, almost maybe curious… 
At some point my body woke up terrified from this. I didn’t experience any sleep paralysis, because I wasn’t aware of my body at all when seeing him. After I woke up terrified, I thought it was a bad dream, as my emotional state was very fragile and week. I turned around on my right side, facing the edge of the bed and fell asleep again. The moment I fell a sleep, my conscientious saw the figure again. He almost immediately appeared next to the edge of my bed, the side I was facing. He didn’t walk, he almost floated with high speed and was near me. Then , he leaned or kneeled (not sure) and was very close to me. I felt he wanted me to be aware of him or his message to me, so he shook my mattress under me, as if saying ‘ snap out of this’ . Again, I was in the most serious state of stress, depression and emotional pain that I have never felt before. I woke up thinking it was a bad dream again and fell asleep again immediately.
I didn’t feel he wanted to bring me harm or hurt me, even though I was extremely terrified. I almost felt he wanted to help me snap out of that horrible state.
Couple months later I moved to a new place and still was very lonely and scared of what’s the future holds for me. I was sleeping in a new home, bedroom and new bed and my consciousness saw him standing at the bedroom door again. Once again, I woke up terrified and fell right back to sleep. My feeling of the last time I saw him, was that he was a bit more distant, still watching and observing.

About a month after that, I met my soulmate. We fell in love and married about a year later. My dream of finding great love and have a family, came true.
I don’t really know who that man was and have no idea why he came. For the longest I thought those were dreams, until only years later I decided to google ‘black shadow in coat and hat’ and I found so much information about this phenomenon. I was shocked. I realized it might have not been a dream. Since I researched a lot about out body experiences, shadows, hat man, even NDEs. 
I am very surprised that majority of stories describe a scarry, degative and demonic figure. 
I am really curious if anyone else had a positive perception and positive following events after the encounter?


7/30/2016 01:49:27 pm

I don’t believe this is a bad entity, but I do believe there are two of them. One would be the real one that you encountered and another one that looks like it but demonic. I’ve encountered both, that’s why I say there is two. One (the real one) when I was really young when I wake and the other in my dreams. It’s sad to say that there hasn’t been a moment in my life that I haven’t came in contact with a ghost but most have been evil. I was dreaming and I have this thing that if there is a ghost near I”ll have a nightmare. Well this particular night I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of the night and was heading for my mothers room (like I usually do when I actually wake up in the of the night), which was across the hallway. Well in between our rooms there is the door to the bathroom, which also has a door in my moms room. Then at the end of the hallway there where the stairs leading to the bottom hallway. In my dream I was walking to my moms room and as always the bathroom door was closed. My mom and I have this superstition that all doors must be closed in order to sleep but she always left my door and her door open because I always came to her room in the middle in the of night. When I stepped in the threshold of my door something whispered my name in the hallway and told me not to step in front of the bathroom and to slowly and quietly make my way to them. Me, being very young and always being around ghost thought that it was another one after me.So instead of coming towards it I tried to sprint to my moms room. The minute I stepped in front of the bathroom the door slung open and there was these glowing red eyes and a figure darker than black. He looked like a tall man in a trench coat. At this time in my life I didn’t know what he was, I had never seen him before then. Whoever it was in the hallway screamed no at it but it picked me up by leg and started dragging me through the bathroom. Screaming and reaching for help something caught my hand and to my surprise it was another man in a trench coat and hat. I thought I was going to die for sure, but he when grabbed my hand the other let my leg go and disappeared. I woke up from the dream in the middle of the night and found the man in the trench coat standing in my room. I never forgot that moment and later when I was around 12 or 13 I woke up to him standing over me in my room. By this time we had moved and the room I was in was haunted and always freezing cold. But when I woke that night it was warm. I was terrified but at the same time I didn’t feel anything evil coming from him. The next time he appeared was last when my uncle was dying and after that I haven’t seen him since.


7/18/2016 11:09:04 am

I’ve had maney replies to my wife’s experience, please let me explain again. She was in a cemetery, not sleeping or under stress.

She was very specfic and detailed in the discription and never even
knew this object exisited, until brought forward by our son and only
after I explained what happen.

Since the location and time of day was completely different than
all of the replies, we cannot explain how and why she seen this
and experience it several time that evening at the graveyard.


7/25/2016 06:42:24 pm

I only went to this website because I see this shadow man by my side every day now. I see him in the day at the end of blocks just staring at me, and I see him at night. He is always there, he was always haunting my dreams but in the background; however recently he’s started visiting me in real life and by my bedside, he just stares and until two nights ago he started moving things.


4/12/2017 07:35:41 pm

Woooooow definitely haunting you. Would love to speak to you further. I’m producing a documentary on this entity, email me :


7/25/2016 07:49:43 pm

I was first to post, and wow this thread has gotten really long. Good stories hope every one find closure or help.


7/30/2016 01:50:53 pm

I’m finding that a lot of people are encountering this entity at a young age and around the age of 13.


8/7/2016 11:07:14 am

The age of consent or “Free Will” begins at age 13. Before that age, parents make decisions for their children in regards to Free Will. 

And the reason for this is important, The mental state of a child has a lot to do with what they personally have learned through their childhood years. Meaning you can walk the line between Light and Dark … Ying/Yang. What side you hang out on is your own decision after your 13th birthday. 

Parents may still make decisions for their children but children are no longer obligated to their parents whims. Good, Bad, or Otherwise … when it comes to the spirit world beyo0nd the 3 D realm of the material world, Evil lurks. 

There are good guides and their are evil guides and that at such a tender young age of 13, These entities know full well what Free Will is all about. Some of the guides will lie to a young human and make big promises to be in their lives but the reality is many young people are not mature enough or lived enough to know any better. They can be sucked into something “Evil” and bad things can happen to them and their family members. 

Age 13 is the “Free Will” timeline that many entities feel free to come after anyone who is of age. Young people need to be more aware about the other realms beyond the 3 D.


7/30/2016 07:47:54 pm

Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica. Ergo, omnis legio diabolica, adjuramus te…cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque æternæ perditionìs venenum propinare…Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciæ, hostis humanæ salutis…Humiliare sub potenti manu Dei; contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine…quem inferi tremunt…Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine. Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos.


8/19/2016 07:09:49 am

I am an ex soldier , I’m now a police officer so normally the stern faced chap who only deals with fact and not fiction

I never had any family issues or anything a the time but specifically the hatman only came when I was home on leave and only to this house and bedroom in my dads place in cornwall.

The first time I was paralysed I had a feeling of deep terror or dread and was heavy on my bed , I managed to reach up and switch on the light stopping the illusion.

The second time it came I was pinned to my bed but I could see the black smoke in the corner of my room an I was aware of a set of pin prick eyes staring at me , I managed to launch myself off my bed to end it.

The third and final time again whilst on leave I knew what was coming I didn’t have the strength to get out of it and I was actually in bed with a lady but couldn’t raise her , I drifted back into sleep and woke knowing he would be near , this time I could fully see the hatman and his eyes only a metre or so away , luckily I woke and woke the lady up dispelling the illusion.

Well my dad since passed away and I lost all reason to go to that house R.I.P hatman.

I feel that these may be in another dimension that we are not supposed to see , I feel the human brain cannot cope with them that is why we have been switched off to their presence and only make mistakes in our sleep. When we discover them then they terrorise.


8/19/2016 12:33:39 pm

Hi Rich,

Yes they are in another dimension. There are many different entities in other dimensions as well … the higher the dimension they are they can traverse down to our 3 D / 4 D / 5 D … etc. 

One of the abilities some of us humans have is the ability to see into other dimensions … That is when those entities get surprised knowing you and me and others can see them. 

They are really surprised when you can over power them. Most of the time they are overpowering us but when we sleep … it is the Beta Theta state … Where I have found to be here and there at the same time. It’s like I am sleeping but awake and entities come into my bedroom … many harass me but I have no ore fear … none at all. I can also Zapp them. A Zapp is an electrical shock of a Positive charge, when mixed with a negative charge entity … they get hurt very badly or they disintegrate. The bigger they are the more energy you have to expel with a Zapp. 

REM sleep is the best time to visually make contact with these entities from other dimensions. Normally I can tell it they are benevolent or malevolent … and the aliens are the ones you have to really watch out for … Reptilians mostly. Earth bound entities … those who reside in the 4th are easier to see and know they are around. Some of these are Ghosts, Djinn, Hatmen humanoid like (those who cannot incarnate) … many animal like those you see as Gargoyles on the top of those European buildings … Well they exist outside of those rock bodies that sit and stare down at everyone … frightening as they look … It’s to keep you in a state of fear by the establishments of the old world elites. I can’t even begin to tell you what I have come across in my car and in my bed … LOL


8/23/2016 01:58:31 am

Hmm maybe it’s similar to Hawkins theory they are stuck in the old incarnations of the universe pre our Big Bang technically they could be us but more advanced . As everything we know will be destroyed and re built again due to the Big Bang and its ostillascope (can’t spell that word) effect , each time this occurs it leaves a mirror or imprint and another dimension. Both myself and my wife got visited days apart a year ago when she gave birth , my wife didn’t tell me till a few days ago it terrified me luckily we moved house. My wife was paralyzed and she saw a dead hand holding her down it said “we just came to see the baby” she then saw a floating half shadow person coming at her but she woke. A day or so later I was in the spare room due to baby crying I was paralysed I thought crap the hat man but this was far worse it was half a hooded body floating towards me arms outstretched , I managed to shrug it off but spent next week sleeping downstairs on the sofa. I’m a tough guy do many martial arts but these guys terrify me. My wife has caught me when I’m drunk talking to “a little man” and a group of people that are not there it’s creepy. I was in the Iraq war in 2003 I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD however all sightings were pre this , point I’m getting to is one day she looked in my eyes and told me I looked possessed and she couldn’t recognize me , I fear these things want you to kill or kill yourself as the end result I’m not sure. I’m strong at the moment but the hauntings are 100% location defendant it might be a weak point in our dimension maybe? Anyhow I do feel slightly blessed in a bad way that they chose me or I see them. I wouldn’t mind learning more. I have one time I was a kid and I had a fever , I must have been 8 I saw a brightly colored golly shining with gold like a Phoenix , he danced on an invisible tightrope taunting me , he told me my parents would split the house would get sold and it all came true , crazy stuff

8/23/2016 02:04:32 am

I’m going to get a Hatman tattoo just to say I know you and I’m not scared , however the floaty thing that was worse

Vincent Farringer
8/20/2016 02:10:59 am

I saw him…..he was white not black. Long story. But Old Lincoln style top hat, long trench coat.


8/23/2016 02:00:54 am

Why the hat? That’s the big I don’t get. And none of my growing up was around cartoons or film with a fedora in it , I hated westerns too


8/23/2016 05:45:31 am

“Why the Hat?”

This is a good question … and I think I have the answer. The Hat represents “Power”, “Wealth”, and the FEAR aspect of the Hat comes from “Intimidation” 

I think if some of you would do some reading you might find that during the 1900’s forward … this was the time of big expansion of industrial or technology inventions. A time when Elite men ruled the world through banking and corporations … powerful men became Rich and “Greedy” and they did it off the backs of human labor force, … including child labor. It was a time of the JP Morgan’s and the Rockefella family …. many others … owned most of the wealth and power. 

These families Patriarchs wore big hats made of the finest materials but the hats also represent a sort of “Crown” to who they were. They never went out without their hat and their wooden staff. 

Today we see what is left in the shadows of who they were and they were not nice people. Incarnation is a funny thing, Not everyone can come back …. there has to be a body to slip into and that usually happens when a “Baby” is born. Newborns have to have the right DNA genomes for this to take place. Usually these entities or souls look for someone they can groom … “Mostly likely a baby boy” … 

This is another subject some people are not aware of …

8/23/2016 11:39:44 pm

Jolie , you raised the point of possessing a baby , I was 21 – 24 when this guy came and kept coming back . Interestingly we grew up in a Victorian house (not same house as hatman) and my parents got it cheap because a lady slashed her wrists in the bath I didn’t know this at the time ofc but my youth was plagued with sleep walking , dreams of haunting and a visit from a golden / flame coloured thing that taunted me during sleep parylisis , maybe the fever left me weak to these things

4/12/2017 07:37:15 pm

Woooow. Interesting. Would love to hear your story. I’m producing a documentary on this hat man , email me;


8/25/2016 05:48:32 am

Back to what Rich revealed … about possessing a baby … Well they possess human adults too as well. Dimensional space overlaps …. think of it like walking through dense fog. You can feel it on your body when the moisture hits you … some people can actually feel something walk into their body … and envelop it and then the entity works through your body. Someone with a strong “Will” can defend themselves from the intrusion much like when many here on the site talk about being paralyzed for a few minutes in their bedroom via sleep paralysis but more is going on than you being held back. 

Some people are in a sleep paralysis because an entity does not want them entering the ethers of other dimensions available while one is able to connect to the Beta-Theta state for which a human can see and articulate what is going on in that other plane(s) of existence … Yes you can have conversations telepathically or even they talk to you … but your not the only one. Others in your household are being intimidated and talked to as well while they sleep and perhaps they don’t even remember but their subconscious absorbs everything that is being said like a controlled sponge. 

As for you Rich, the house was sold and mother and father got divorced ???? I would say you were shown and told to get out of that house … and others as well who moved into that house after your family split … The same might have happened to them. 

I will say this … humans can develop their power so that these entities cannot raise havoc around you … but if your married and have children … They end up suffering because the entities want to get back at you. There is a lot to know. There is a lot of training to work in the ethers or dimensions … There is a lot to know. It has taken me twelve years currently to know what I know … and I don’t know the half of it. 

So any conclusions you came to Rich … Well they are pretty accurate to what happened … from what you wrote and then there is the stuff you haven’t revealed. 



9/2/2016 04:32:10 am

19 year ago a was 7 dont no why a woke up it was at ma bedroom door a shit maself that much a ran straight through it jumped in ma mams bed held her hand the rest of the night av always remembered n its unsettling but its true no1 really seems to no what it is with all the different stories a need truth not conspiracy


9/18/2016 07:34:01 pm

Last winter I was with my friend on my way home in Durham ct and while I was pulling up to a stop sign I saw a man in a black trench suit with a large fedora on standing right next to it. when i pulled up to the stop sign he started walking towards my truck and my best friend was in the passenger seat. So I quickly sped off and asked my friend if he saw him he said no I didn’t so I turned right around to go look for him and he was gone! I told my friends about the experience I had and we quickly looked it up and found this blog I didn’t think anything of it really i just was thinking it was just some guy walking or something. In the back of my head I always thought it was creepy. Recently my friend who was in the truck with me when it happened died in a freak Dirtbike accident he hit a pole head on. He was going about 40-50 the pole was clearly across the road and very visible there’s no way you can’t see it. He never hit his breaks when he hit the pole and he never bailed nor did he try to avoid it he hit it head on. Today I was driving home from the place that I saw the hat man and it is creeping me out how he was going towards my friends door and now my friend is gone.


9/24/2016 03:29:09 pm

The Darkest Tool on Amazon has this character. The man in that hat. Not sure it was intentional though. He is a guardian demon. Interesting. I wonder if the author was inspired by a similar experience.


10/1/2016 06:28:39 am

I saw him today in my dreams. I remember falling asleep on someone’s lap (in my dream ) and then I started to heel being swung to the sides. Opening my eyes (still in my dream ) I was confused to find myself in my room. Feeling that something was not right i tried to look up yet all I could see was a giant round hat with no face. When I looked at the wall I was shocked to discover that only my shadow was to be seen. As soon as I realized this I felt a hand covering my mouth (Altough I couldn’t see his hands. And screaming through closed mouth as I felt myself being lifted up ) I woke up feeling all my fear being released and shaking terribly. I’m scared to near my bedroom.


10/1/2016 01:54:00 pm

Hi all there’s too many comments for me to be scanning through so I was wanting to ask if anyone has ever witnessed the hat man with a creature of such.

My boyfriend has suffered with bouts of sleep paralysis and has witnessed the hat man a few times, he had no idea so many people had witnessed it until I looked him up.
The one that had the biggest effect on him was one night the hat man came with an animal on a chain, he didn’t know what the animal was because it had already pounced on him and it’s jaws were snapping right against his face.

We’re trying to find out if others have had a similar experience?


4/12/2017 07:41:48 pm

Email me your story: // I’m producing a documentary on this entity, would love to hear more. Also heard similar stories you’d might want to hear regarding different creatures with him


10/2/2016 09:35:34 am

Well I see some interesting parallels in people who came looking for answers. One thing that stands out is the Fear that you exhibit is considered an energy that some of these entities feed off of. And the second thing I noticed is as many people move up in their frequency vibration, they are able to Astral Travel or get stuck in Paralysis. Now sometimes the paralysis happens when you encounter an entity that is not particularly friendly … and your soul essence will then return to the body abruptly. If this happens you freeze into a paralysis state for a few seconds/minutes. But the “Entity”(s) can follow you back here to your 3 D or 5 D location of your bed and terrorize you until you sort of move from the Beta Theta state … which is light sleeping but conscious on some level to recognize something is going on around you to the point of seeing things in your face or in the corner of the room.

When people move into higher consciousness and the raising of the vibrational frequency of the human body …allows for Astral Travel … psychic abilities … etc. … This is the gradual enlightenment state that many spiritual humans come into. Understanding it has a lot to do with “Finding” answers on the internet of all places. This place being one of them. 

Just know that most of the time if you allow fear to take over with what you see in your face or from a distance … Try ti keep the fear under control . I mean your still alive to talk about it, so it was not that bad. Just try and keep an open mind … These situations can happen over and over again. Write them down. Do some research on Astral Travel … and Entity(s) that wait at the “Doorway” of the etheric plane to jump you. If you all read the “Emerald Tablets” … Each chapter one by one over a period of time … Not all at once … You can consume the secrets written in code on the pages. 

One such Secret is when Astral Traveling … is to move in a CURVE and not a straight line. The Entity(s) waiting on the other side of the etheric plane or etheric curtain … they cannot touch you because they cannot see in a Curve Refraction (bending) of Light … They can only see in a straight Line of Light. This is KEY to all Astral Traveling. If you want to learn about Astral Travel … Check the info on line and or buy a book on Astral Travel. Some of the info is correct but you would not know that until you do a lot of Astral Traveling for yourself. Remote Viewing is a similar experience … But Astral Traveling is done while you sleep and you can control when you go and or when you stay home. Right now most people have no control on where they go. But many of you are experiencing things beyond your 3 D Bed. You’re going out there into an “UNKNOWN” realm of happenings and there is good stuff and scry perhaps even bad stuff awaiting you. Travel in Curved or Bending or Refraction of Light. When you can do this … You control where you go and what follows you back to your bed from Dreamstate Astral Travel. 

I hope it helps all of you … A little more than what you thought. 


Faleasha frayser
10/5/2016 07:23:21 pm

I’ve been visited by him since oil was a child. I will not go into detail for I feel it makes him stronger. How do I stop him, I’ve resorted to drugs to keep myself distracted. Its taking over my life,


10/6/2016 06:53:17 am

“I’ve resorted to drugs to keep myself distracted.”

Well you might as well leave out the “Welcome Mat” and leave the door unlocked with a sign on the door “Please Enter”. I am not trying to poke fun at your situation but taking Drugs and or consuming Alcohol is a Doorway for them to enter YOU. They can take over and you don’t have a chance in hell to fend them off. It’s like giving up your Free Will. 

Anyway you need to seek out help to get rid of him permanently. And that does not mean something won’t replace him because as soon as you let your guard down with Drugs and or Alcohol other Entities will follow. They are not always good one’s that come and bother you. 

If you really want help, contact me at www. 2013 chronicles . info … 



10/6/2016 06:59:48 am

I can help you with your problem, if you really want to get rid of the Entity permanently.


Faleasha frayser
10/7/2016 01:44:34 am

Thank you I’m gonna be doing some reading. I also have sleep paralliss . its every night. My child and boyfriend both wake me numerous times a night. Its a horrible way to live. I stay exhausted.

10/13/2016 05:26:12 am

The Halloween … Thinning of the veil has begun. 

This is a time when all of you should be careful when driving and even walking or running … or biking on the road. Daytime hours are just as bad as the dark night when Halloween comes around. 

Personally I have noticed people with entities on them. These I avoid in stores and even in public. I was kind of surprised when I needed to go across town yesterday on how bad people were driving. I even realized after I got to a store and inside there was a person … A woman who acted like she was being controlled by something. She would cut me off and act like I was not there buying … looking at things. It’s like I was invisible to her. She did it a few times ???? So I started to think that it was related to some of the drivers I had avoided out on the street whom seemed to pull out in front of me and just tried to cut me off when I had the right of way. 

I guess I realized that the Halloween entities that jump people during this time of year try and control people to create “Chaos”. Every year I get emails from people telling me they almost got killed driving because they left work (around Halloween) and they almost fell asleep as they were driving. I myself felt something in the car with me one day early in the morning driving to work. I began to panic and pulled over and turned my car around and went back home. Stay for a half hour and then went back out to drive to work. 

All of you should be extra careful during this time of the year … It’s over Nov. 1st … like some shut the Door of the 4th dimensional field and the access is once again locked out for the entity creatures to cross over to our side. 

This is a heads up about Halloween … It’s a time when you give your kids Free Will rights up. Yes you give those Free Will Rights away and then the creatures come for them … 

I want you to all think about it. Any form of willing behavior to practice Halloween is an invitation to giving up your Free Will to something you know nothing about. Take the time to educate yourself on what this practice of Occult Halloween is all about …

Don’t sign up to something you don’t understand … look for answers on the internet … Google Halloween origins.


10/13/2016 12:43:30 pm

When I was 5 or so I saw a man standing by my Grandma’s garden. I couldn’t see his face. He had all black on and like I said, his face was a shadow pretty much…. Anyway, I thought he was wearing a suit, but I guess I could of been a trench coat… he pointed at me. Naturally, I hauled ass inside!

Years later, my mother told me a story about a man in a black hat pointing at her… 

Even later in life I was at a barn fire and an old guy was telling stories and one was his encounter with the man in the black hat…

Also, I have a cousin who lived in the same area all of his life and he saw it just standing there when he was a child… He also remembers someone else running to his home, scared about a man in all black with no face following her…


10/15/2016 06:51:08 am

Your world is embraced by so much more than you know. If you ant to know more … you have to take the RED Pill and go down the Rabbit Hole … this is a good start here … 


10/15/2016 07:11:15 am

The Universal Law “Free Will” is defined here for those of you who see the “Hat Man” among other entities that seem to appear in your bedroom uninvited .. take a listen to this:


10/15/2016 08:36:58 am

A reality that some of you and not all of you are seeing “Creatures” … one being the “Hat Man”, a Shadow being for which not much is understood about such a creature but many of you here are aware of the phenomena. So many of you write here and show up on the sight … saying My brother … or my sister … or my mother …. or my father … friend … and then some of them died unexpectedly. …. and it not about YOU per say but rather something you cannot possibly understand but you do want to share … but that is where it stops. Because you are afraid or scared to go forward with an unnatural explanation …. one that is not perceived as a possibility or conceivable in your thinking. The point is … to understand is to “Think Outside of the Box”. 

Now with this said … you probably want to know where they come from- these creatures or shadow people. From what I know because I do Astral Travel in the other Realms beyond our 3-D realm. We live in a material world realm. Many of us humans- people are becoming spiritual by way of psychic abilities. Let me just say we are born with these abilities but our religion and our parents, government(s) … and so on … Do not accept this ability as normal behavior. Parents want to undermine the ability by telling their psychic child to not pursue this behavior because it is bad and it’s against religious upbringing. So a psychic child may be subdued until a later time … in their adult life when they moved out and live on their own. 

When someone moves into the Astral Travel capability … They are plugged into the other Realms. The best way to get there is in Dreamstate of Sleeping … Now going into a parallel realm other than here in the 3 D … you as a Astral Traveler open doorways into another realm … the unknown place … and there are many. When you cross over … your higher self of your consciousness is doing all of this without your knowledge. There will be a time when you can connect to the higher self and become quite aware of where your going in Dreamstate. I know this because I am doing this now. There was a time … I was like you … going and running into creatures and seeing them in my realm … but the point is … the Hat Man and other creatures are “Here and There” … just like you are Here and There. And at that one moment of connection … You can see them and they can see you. And that is the reality of going beyond the 3 D Material World realm. Some people can see the 4 Dimensional Ghosts or humans who have passed on but hang around. Sometimes you can’t see them but your camera picks them up in a photo you have just taken. All of a sudden something is there visual that you can see on the picture image you had just taken. Some cameras can pick up the “Unseen by the naked eye- creatures” which appear on film or recordings. It takes a trained eye to see creatures that are sort of hazy or shadowy … and sometimes a person just wakes up one day being different … like being psychically developed enough to see these creatures or entities. 

So those of you who say … my sister or my brother … friend … etc. … Take the time to understand what it is that these people are going through. And for those of you who are actually waking up to this phenomena … You should know that you are Astral Traveling and at that moment of returning to your bed … you can see what is in your space and in the other Realm(s) which is parallel to our own 3 D realm. 



10/23/2016 09:43:28 am


Well I got messages that have been put in LIMBO … from some of you here. So today Oct. 23 2016 … The messages started showing up in my mailbox at the site …. www.2013chronicles .info

So I guess this was by design … I have been plagued with entities coming around before Halloween. Like all of us this time of year …. We have to deal with it. 

Now I want all of you to know if you are being bothered by the Hat Man or anything else … other entities, I will help you. There will be no charge for this help but most of it will be by internet or if you are in the USA I can call you … and talk about fixing your problem(s). 

Now if you are Hoaxing me … Leading me on … I will tell you … because I would know. And the KARMA attached to the Hoax will be Instant Karma! No playing games people. If you have an issue with the Hat Man or something else … It can be fixed. 




10/31/2016 08:14:11 am

You can see ghost when your kid, but when you grow up you start to lose seeing it because you’re not as open-minded as you are now. If you give attention to something you cannot see, people or you will think that you’ve gone crazy. I can tell the difference between my imagination or my eyes opening up to something that is evil. I always saw things that I couldn’t explain to others. Like the time when I was seven years old I was walking in a cemetery playing hide and go seek with my dad when I couldn’t find him, I felt from head to toe a shiver of plain fear behind me I look to see what it was: “It looked like a child hiding behind a gravestone it was mid day when I saw her”. My mother has always seen spirits, they walk with us everywhere trying to find someone that can see them: it’s like freshman year I’ll over again being invisible is not fun. But playing the Ouija is like opening another World that we can’t even handle, it’s like inviting the devil to dinner how is that going to turn out for you and your family. Being a witch it’s not so easy as you think it is you’re basically selling your soul to the devil and doing his work, Satan is watching and he is tempting putting things in front of us. It’s like playing a game of chess seeing if the white side might win or the black side which do you choose? 
I can go all day telling you what I know what I’ve seen it’s not all rainbows and unicorns but it is a nightmare when you find out trust me I’ve seen some nasty things that I wish I can take back, Cold shivers from head to toe seeing things feeling things that you never know you can actually see. 
So here I am reply if you want to chat.


10/31/2016 06:01:15 pm

A few years back … Maybe Ten years ago … a psychic woman contacted me about her sister who was a police woman in New York City. The woman told me that her sister was seeing Reptilians Zip down a wall like a real Zipper and look at her from behind the etheric wall which scared the hell out of her a few times. Then they would Zip the wall back up. Laughing … I thought it interesting but I knew how to fix it. I cut her sight back so she could not see it anymore. And she said whatever I did to her worked! I did it long distance “Healing” … Astral Travel. 

Well anyway, I was developing my skills as a Spiritual Warrior and I had this one Guide that was Reptilian. His name was T’Scad-in. I was never afraid of him but what he taught me was not all Reptilians were bad or evil. He wanted me to understand the species of the Draco Reptilians. What the colors of their scales revealed and some Reptilians were Dragon’s with wings and others were very light in color with NO wings … And the Lighter one’s were of Royalty. Some of my friends thought it strange that I had a Reptilian for a Guide for a few years. What I knew was that no one messed with me. laughing. I could barely see what he looked like. I knew he was very old 1050 or so years old. He was a well known Philosopher from the Draco Star System.

The most important aspect of his teachings for me was that … there are good Reptilians as well as bad ones even here on the planet Earth for which many visit quite easily and often. T’Scad-in always stayed in his dimension and talked to me regularly. I always knew when he was around … He taught me how to write books and articles for which I shared on the NET for many years.

He did not come to me via Ouija board and I was told early on … Never use a Ouija board … It’s evil and when you use it …. YOU give up your Free Will. Many of you might not know that this is a Free Will planet but most of us do not have Free Will like you might imagine. Humans are TRICKED into giving up their Free Will at an early age … for kids … It’s Halloween and giving in to something many people do not understand. It starts at a very early age of stealing via tricks your Freedoms. “Enough of this”.

Not much scares me anymore. I lost all the fear or the fear mechanisms that every human has shackled to their consciousness. But once you release the shackles that bind your mind … everything becomes more clear. You see the 4th dimension and the 3rd physical dimension overlap each other … and the thinnest veil is the month of October … right up to Halloween …and then it’s over … the veil is still there but most kids, and adults are not aware of the tentacles of evil perpetrating all around them. 

I from an early age was protected from something off planet. ??? I didn’t know until later in my life that … that something was Galactic and from the future. It was a female humanoid that protected me at an early age … and I knew she was always there … She gave me strength of the mind. I could Mind Bend at an early age. I did not abuse this gift. But when I felt I needed something … It seemed to be there for me. I live a simple life without a lot of material things. I like the psychic gifts that I had developed to combat evil that lurks around people and affect a lot of others in a negative way. Those who need help to get rid of the entities … sometimes I have to do cleanouts of infested human(s) just to clear people who come into contact with the infested people. 

Basically humans come in varieties … People of the Light (In service to others) … People in Duality (Walk the Line of Light and Darkness) …. and people of the Darkness who enrich themselves (In Service to Self)

What is a Witch … … Black Witch is in Service to Self … White Witch is in Service to Others. It all depends on what your focus is … Is life all about YOU or do you care about Others more than yourself?? And this is easy to answer ….. Just look at your past … 

I know a lot of people who are Witches for which I burned their BROOM. I took their Magic away because they abused it. I am not a hunter … I do have a few GUIDEs of other people come to me and ask for help … and then I meet the Bitch-Witch and I have to Switch her on Off. Not something I like to do but if YOU mess around the wrong person … And you don’t know their skill set at playing CHESS … It might be wise to walk away from the game … 

Spiritual Warrior that I am … I think I spelled out a few interesting tid-bits … for you.

2/23/2017 10:12:02 pm

I would love some insight as this has just started happening to me yet, I’ve also had some serious illnesses come out of nowhere. I’m not scare just want to know more and what I can do. I would love communication from you .


2/24/2017 04:34:04 am

April – write me … jstephansen @

Tell me in a few paragraphs what is going on …

4/17/2017 02:33:30 pm

You have a picture of this entity? I’m producing a documentary about them this hat man . Please send it here: . Would love to see it .

10/31/2016 06:49:40 pm

Helping People who have been attacked in the Etheric.

I wanted to share a story about what happened to this young kid who was about 18 years old. He would Astral Travel regularly and he would immediately run into a Antagonizing Reptilian that would sexually molest him. anyway that is what he told me… this was quite a few years ago. 

Before I go any further … I would like to say that there are Astral Codes before going into the etheric fields. These are qualified as being dimensions and planes of existence with in dimensions. 

The codes are given several ways to you as an Astral Traveler. Their is the Basic … Go jump in feet first not knowing what is on the other side waiting. The young kid I was trying to help was one of these … “Jump in Feet First”. So every time he would do the Astral Travel … trouble was on the other side. 

Now there are CODES to use safely to enter the etheric planes. You can get them from your Guide(s) or you can read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. There is a section in there for which it states … to enter in a CURVE … meaning they can’t see you nor the angle for which you enter they cannot access because it is CODED. 

Some people are not aware that the Emerald Tablets are pages of words that are CODED with Triggers. Your lower self would not pick up the Triggers but the higher self would.

Now since I have a Galactic Guide I usually Travel by way Astral Travel through a Wormhole and I have Two keys that open a gateway of Red and Green … When I come back from Astral Traveling at the end of the dreamstate session … I see the Gate open up and close to let me back into my body. I love that part!! I have my own set of CODES. Unique to me.

Now if you Astral Travel in a straight line … that is the basic Jump in first kind of entrance. But when you go through that gateway … you might not know there is something bad waiting for you on the other side. Well this young kid said to me … It always waits for him to pass through … and he told me of the stuff this Reptilian was doing to him … And I said well … It’s going to cost you 25.00 for me to fix this. And he said he would pay. Well I shut the kid down for 2 days … meaning no Astral Travel. Yes I locked him out of being able to do this … And then I went through the gateway the kid normally goes through … and just like the kid said, The Reptilian was standing there waiting … And I did battle on it. It’s gone and then I wrote to the kid about the payment and he poo-pooed me. I said that’s fine … But I didn’t tell him that I didn’t turn his 
Astral Travel ability back on. so he wrote me and said he wanted to be able to Travel again … and I said no problem … pay me my 25.00 you agreed to pay for the service. It wasn’t that I wanted the twenty five dollars I wanted him to be in his integrity and not use me and then push me aside. I learned from the entire episode and he learned to keep his word. He ended up paying me and I switched him back on … I also gave him Codes to enter the gateway in a Curve … This way it would keep him out of trouble. 

Now we come to what I call the lesson … Integrity is really important when dealing with people. Trust is part of the Integrity. It’s hard to work with people when they don’t tell you the truth but it gets easier when you know right from the start when they are lying or telling a half truth. The point is using people to fix your problem is okay as long as you are honest about it right from the start. Many times people are in “Duality” and they walk the line and it’s not pretty. So when any of you need help, just be honest about it … Be upfront. There is no reason to lie and behave untrustworthy over something like this I wrote about. I only told you part of it …

I will save the second part … and write about it tomorrow.


11/2/2016 09:55:56 am

Ive had a few incidents with the hat man this summer… Ive seen him all my life since i was about 6. He was always beside me in the woods. Everytime I ran he ran. On the 4th of July 2016 I was on cagle mtn in tennessee. I was with my christain friend and my two little brothers. My lil sister threw up earlier that day so my dad took her home. We was single gospel music. Which is two things that attracts demons (Bodily fluids and gospel singing) I told lindsey the air didnt fell right he told me ” I know, lets get in the car and get my bible now. My 15 year old self didnt know what was going on. I got in the car and something just hit me. I just started crying asking it to leave me alone and i was screming fro my dad to get back. Then after that night till now I fell it just watching me in my room. It just sits there in the corning by my windows just staring. IDK what to do. IT doesnt scare me as much as it did. But i fell it just beside me everwheres i go. Ive tried talking to it but it wont talk back he just tips his hat.


11/3/2016 05:16:28 am

“Things Happen when you least Expect It” … IK what to do.


11/13/2016 09:13:01 am

SECTION: Sightings

Grim Reaper

One evening after Halloween, I felt it time to resume my evening walks. I had been a month whereby I knew that I had to stay in because the veil was very thin to evil and many kinds of entities which were about. But as Nov. 1st made way to the Harvest season, the doorway was shut tight and the entities no longer a threat to us humans, I knew I was able to be out and about. The air was cool, crisp, and fresh for an evening walk, but before I started my evening walk, I need to put the garbage out. I have to walk about 50 yards to place the refuse in a container used by many in the community. 

Awake-State Nov. 2nd, 2016

Central Coast California

I was really driven to take my walk as usual every evening. I had put warm running pants and a long warm jacket to commence my walk of about 2 miles. The sky was full of darkness and absence of moonlight made the stars seem brilliant but all around me seemed menacing. When I went out the door I could hear two women making laughter in or nearby the pool. I knew one had a high pitched voice and the other older and deeper tones of speech … She was my neighbor- intuitively I knew this. As I passed by one of the several cars parked adjacent to the pool and hot tub area, I felt an ominous presence nearby. I quickly walked to behind the building and dumped the garbage and knew I was to return home immediately- No walking tonight. To say the least I felt something was very wrong in the air. 

As I stepped through the doorway in the house I knew there was something in between two cars parked from where I passed. I could see something dark there but it was like it was there and it wasn’t there. Is it possible that a dark shadow lurking was not human but rather evil cloaked waiting in the wings to strike? I could still hear the two women laughing and talking as they went about their recreational business. I just knew I had to get back to my house. 

As I reached the steps I took a look across to the pool and the two cars were there barely seen from the angle of my view. I walked in and shut the door immediately turned the deadbolt latch. I felt relieved but then again- Not! I went and sat on the couch for a few moments hyperventilating in my breath, I felt I was still not safe even in my own house. My guide spoke, “You need to go to bed immediately”!

So I got up and went and got ready to bed and as soon as I het that pillow I was out cold. I slept pretty much all night. 

The next morning, I got up and made coffee, still thinking about the evening before had not left my mind. I asked within myself, what kind of entity was that I saw lurking between the two cars? … I just could not let it go. I have seen things before and never got distraught like that. 

My guide then shot an image of a Grim Reaper into my mind. I thought, Holy Crap! We have dealt with those before haven’t we? And she said yes, but this was different. This one was not in your home for which you could defend or fend off. This was outside lurking around to locate someone who is about to be taken just by a touch. I knew what she was saying to me. But she also said they sometimes are “Rogue Grim Reaper’s” and they will take anyone before their time. I then thought was it there for me? The Spirit Guide told me it was after one of the women in the pool. She showed me where the woman lived. The image was next door to me. 

The woman next door just moved in a week before and I have not yet met her. So even though I have seen the woman a few of times, but not permitting a greeting by either of us. 

This Grim Reaper situation leaves a lot to the imagination, but my Spirit Guide did speak to him that night outside and told me that he was about to make good on his claim. I don’t feel either way about these entities with exception to the fact that some of them have “Rogue Behavior” and that he was in his integrity, so my spirit guide said … In which time we can intervene, but this was an actual sighting and we just happened upon it. 


Something that is valuable in paranormal education is having a degree of knowledge of Earthly Elemental embodiments. I did proceed to the internet to grasp every aspect of known knowledge of Grim Reapers … Although some sites were hopelessly wrong there were a few enriching sites of wondrous information that I felt was very unique and usable. Since I am able to see and feel energies around me and decipher 


We cannot change the inevitable. We cannot change fate of another human being under natural and unnatural occurrences. We can however intervene in rogue or untimely sequences of misbehaving entities that seem to ignore “Free Will”. There are many people who see many thing and goings on around them that do not take the time to research and understand what it is that they have “Enter


11/13/2016 09:21:21 am

The Finale: Continued:


We cannot change the inevitable. We cannot change fate of another human being under natural and unnatural occurrences. We can however intervene in rogue or untimely sequences of misbehaving entities that seem to ignore “Free Will”. There are many people who see many thing and goings on around them that do not take the time to research and understand what it is that they have “Entered the Paranormal Zone”. I can only say if you really want to understand- Seek out what it is you want to know and learn. 



Everyone has the ability to grasp understanding. It is up to an individual to find the answers to their questions about what they saw or what they see all the time. Not everyone has the answers but there are a few adepts that can decipher happenings, entities, unanswered things or happenings that humans are inundated with from a paranormal standpoint. This is not just in our times, but throughout humankind’s history, that things of strange character defy the rules of possibility and natural occurrences- We call un-Godly! Just understand they have always been with us, we just never could see them there and anyone who could see them were considered crazy or illusional. 

We are moving into a 5 D reality realm whereby things in the 4 D are either seen or apparently seen by the naked eye or on film after taking a picture. The camera can pick up the image even if the average human eye cannot. Gift of the “Sight” is sometimes not a blessing but rather a scary view of what all around everyone all of the time. 


11/17/2016 01:26:13 am

My experience with the ‘Hat Man’ happened in 1993 when I was 15 years old. I was a runaway due to a horrible home life and was living on the streets with several other kids around my age. We found an old condemned building in the downtown area of Bakersfield California and we stayed there a few nights. 

We broke into a locked room that was filled with really old furniture and boxes filled with death certificates. This is when we discovered that this building had actually been a mortuary for at least 70 years (built in 1910). I won’t go into all the details about everything that occurred during our stay there but will discuss further if anyone desires a full account. 

The ‘Hat Man’ appeared to me and one other person who was there (didn’t know this until 20 yrs later) on the second night of our stay in the very early morning hours, 5-6 am. I was laying flat on my back with my hands under my head nearest to the wall. My boyfriend was propped up on his elbow facing toward me and we were talking. All of a sudden I heard men’s dress shoes sort of scuffing on the floor coming from the southwest corner of the room and I asked my boyfriend “who is walking toward us?” he said “what do you mean?” so I explained what I was hearing and he claimed to still hear nothing. So, I laid my head back down and went back to our conversation. A minute or so passed until I noticed the glowing end of a cigarette and a human male figure in a long trench coat, with a very large brimmed, old priest style hat. This “shadowy” figure was completely devoid of light, almost like a hole instead of merely a shadow. He was standing in front of a pillar that was southeast in the middle of the room from where we were laying and he just stood there for what seemed like 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile I was sitting up asking my boyfriend “how is that guy?”, he said “what guy, who are you talking about?” I said “the guy RIGHT THERE, in front the the pillar thing, smoking a cigarette?!” He claimed to still see nothing and then touched my forehead and asked “um… are you feeling OK?” I ignored him and watched the ‘Hat Man’ slowly walk into the next room where the other person who saw him was sleeping with another friend whom was actually asleep when all of this occurred. 

During this experience I didn’t at all feel fear, my mind was exploding with confusion because it was so incredibly weird. It wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to look into it one night after having told the story to a friend and saw that this was actually a thing that had occurred all over the world. I was utterly shocked because 99% of everything I think happened I can find a way to discredit it, all expect everything that occurred during my stay at the mortuary.

Anyway, if you would like to know more about it or the full story I’d be more than happy to tell. I have pictures, and video footage (not taken by me) of this mortuary.


Sam C.
11/18/2016 10:44:50 am

I have seen the hat man before, he seems to follow my brother around. 
This is unsurprising as he has had his fair share of misfortune and this was right after he almost died. I was passing by a doorway as he slept and noticed a shadow figure wearing a brimmed hat standing over him. I went up to the front of the house and a short while later, my sister came into the room and told me that she had seen the same figure as I had. We decided to investigate further by walking past the doorway again and since the door was cracked open, we glanced over to see him right there as he stared at us with red, glowing eyes. We were frightened, and told our Mom who assumed it was his deceased father. A few years later, I was watching a documentary on shadow people and they talked about the hat man and it all made sense. My mom was watching with me and I told her that he was the figure I had seen standing over Devon. She then said that the hat man had been following Devon since he was little. Spooky stuff mate.


11/18/2016 01:08:02 pm

I found out yesterday after seeing a link at the bottom of an article I was reading that I was not alone in experiencing the Hat Man! The link had a picture of the Hat Man and an article about the phenomenon. I was really taken back by this and the fact that it was not just a strange experiece I had in my youth. I am now 37 and my story takes place in Florida when I was 23. I was working 8-5 and going to police academy after work from 6-10pm. The only time I had to spend with my girlfriend (now my wife) was after 10:00pm. She would usually come over long enough to watch a movie then go home. One night she came over and we were both too exhausted to stay awake for a movie so she wanted to lay in bed with me until her curfew. She overslept and woke up sometime around 2:30 or 3:00am and said “Oh no I overslept! I’m going to get in trouble I need to leave!” So she jumped out of bed and left. I quickly dozed back off but was awaken by the front door opening and what sounded like her shoes walking across the foyer tile. I assumed she must have left so fast she forgot her purse or phone. Half asleep waiting for her to walking backing into the bedroom I nodded off for what seemed like a minute or so before I was awaken by what felt like her sitting down at the foot of my bed. It felt like she was lightly bouncing up and down while sitting on the bed. 
Tired and annoyed I opened my eyes to see what was going on. Before I even had a chance to look at the foot of my bed I saw the outline of a dark shadowy man in a jacket and boonie standing on my side of the bed looking down at me. His face was indistinguishable and he seemed darker than what he should be give the amount ambient light from the moon shining through the windows. I was a little startled to see him but was so tired it felt like I was drugged and had a hard time moving, as if I was underwater. What makes my story different from others is I did not recognize this man a being a stranger. My best friend fit his description exactly! So much so I assumed it was him. He also wears a heavy coat, boonie hat and is about 6’5″. I stared at him for a few seconds waiting on him to tell me about some emergecy that would warrant him barging into my home in the middle of the night. He said nothing and stood still so I said “Hey, So what are you doing here?” I found it very difficult to speak. I waited for a reply with no answer. Annoyed that he would not answer I gathered what little strength I had and kick the side of his right thigh. My kick passed right through him and as it did he simply disappeared. Expecting my kick to make contact I recall that I amost fell out of bed since my kick dis not connect but kept going. This obviously was not my friend and left me puzzled. I quickly fell back asleep and had no further strange occourances that evening. I asked my girl friend the next day if she left anything and came back to the house. She did not and then became concerned about my question and probed me further as to why I would ask her such a thing. I told my best friend about the experience as well and it became a running joke about him sneeking over to watch me sleep. I had multiple unexpained occourances in that home but that was the only time I saw the “Hat Man”. 


11/20/2016 10:39:45 am

Geez James,

It sounds like your friend had an “out of Body” experience … Astral Travel … And the unique thing is you happened to be in on that … wow!


12/7/2016 10:52:44 pm

This was 30 years ago when I use to see him 
I was talking with a friend today about how I use to see a man standing in the corner of my hallway he was just a black shadow with a wide brimmed hat, she suggested to goggle it and guess what !!! This page popped up !! 
OMG it all rings true I lived in a house of domestic violence and aggression and every night he would be standing in the corner of the hallway I used to always think I was going to die in that house 
I have told many people about it over the years and today I find that it is a thing he is real


Julie carter
12/9/2016 05:44:42 am

I also had a visit from the hat man when I was around 10 years old I’m 43 now but can’t forget it. He was stood at the foot of my bed staring at me but didn’t move I sat up and eliminated the fact it could have been curtains etc was I imagining it? No he was still there then I shouted for my Dad “Daaaaaaad” I shouted my dad came in and the shadowman disappeared. I never saw him again but at the time I was suffering with anxiety and having trouble sleeping I thought there were ghosts in my room. I saw dead faces rotating in a circle in front of me there was negative energy at the house and I used to have outer body experiences. I didnt really talk about it at the time as people just assumed you were crazy but now we have Internet and social media it’s amazing we can share these experiences. I do believe in spirits and another dimension out there but I’d love to know who what why if this shadow thing is ourselves then why do they look the same and why the hat n coat??


12/9/2016 10:22:56 am

I’ve seen him for many years I feel like I’m crazy when I tell the stories I have of him it started about when I was about 13. Was in a graveyard that night I remember seeing a house with one window one door, the door was slightly open an it was red inside like the house on fire. I remember asking my friends if they see him the house an dog but no one saw it. When we finally figured out how to get out of the cemetery an drove away I told one of my friends in the car something bad was going to happen to them next morning I awoke at my friends house I ask her how she got all those scratches on her back she turn to me an showed me her jacket also an ask if I remember anything I told what I remember she said yes but some how I did that to her. About a few weeks later I get a phone call from my friends the line was kinda of weird sounding we talk an I hung up. My girlfriend calls me to tell me our friends died last night I said impossible I just got off the phone with him. I have seen him over the years I have a lot of stories of him, but they always end in someone’s death an him always wanting me to hold his hand. I’ve meet a few people in my life who has seen him.


12/10/2016 08:32:23 am

I have seen this figure probably 40-50 times from 1999-2012 in my home standing in the corner of my bedroom. Always frightening but always went away. My husband passed away in 2012 and I have never seen him since.


4/19/2017 07:12:46 pm

Wooooow. I would love to hear your stories. I’m producing a documentary on this entity, email me :


12/10/2016 08:48:55 am

My little sister and I both seen him as little girls standing outside our grandparents bedroom. But, it wasn’t till we was adults that we spoke of him. As a child I thought that I was the only one that had seen him, until my sister my sister brought him in conversation one day we both had thought we were alone in seeing him. Then a few months ago I was helping a friend clean her house and some how the conversation came up and found out that her older sister had seen him and that multiple people have seen him. I Google hat man and when his picture pulled up I could not breath the only difference from the picture is that he had red eyes. I wish I could go back to thinking he was just in my grandparents old house or that he was just a nightmare from my childhood. Oh and I agree that he feeds off of fear.


12/16/2016 02:58:13 pm

I’m 45 years old now and it is until now that I’ve ever heard of this global incident that I myself witnessed many times long ago when I was a child (and have forgotten since). In my case, during my early years as a kid, I was always sick, with asthma and sleep disorders. Our house back then was a typical 3 bedroom 1 story house, but my bedroom (and my bed) was all the way in the back, with the main hallway right in front of my door and into the front door of the house. Almost every night, this shadow tall old man, about 5-7 feet tall, dark long coat and what I call a ‘Winston Churchill’ top hat look would walk from the front door, thru the hallway, all the way into the doorway of my bedroom and just stay there watching. He never spoke, never did any harm, never attempted to enter the room; greyish tones in his face, all I could make up was a smirk smile. Terrified, I would force myself awake, would literally jump off the bed and actually run past through him as he was standing in the only exit/entrance of the room. This happened from very early on until my teen years, about 14, 15 years old, when I began feeling a lot better and not scared of the dark anymore. I’ve never seen him ever since. And now more than 40 years later I find out I wasn’t the only one who has seen this.


12/18/2016 06:06:32 am

You guys are nuts. 
Stay off the drugs!!! 
Where is the hard evidence/ proof???


12/18/2016 07:02:43 am

Weebly – I have noticed your playing a game with all of us. We have excused it, but you have been “Outed!”


12/19/2016 04:07:57 pm


Could you give general advice how to get rid off these entities? My nextdoor neighbor has been seeing these shadows at her apartment (quite while ago) but yesterday during a visit she saw one in my apartment at midday. I did not see it. Are these entities attached to a person or to a location? Thanks

12/20/2016 05:27:26 am

“Get rid of the entities” is no easy matter. Currently the vibration of the earth is going higher. We went from 3 D material world earth and moved into a 3D-4D-5D overlap. The overlap of these three dimensions has created unwanted pests that are much like “Bed Bugs” … How do you get rid of them. 

I make it a point to spray my bed with “Lavender Water” … I make myself. I take Lavender oil and add tiny crystals of Amethyst and water. I make a spray mix concoction for spraying my sheets and the air in the room. The other thing you all can do is use Black Obsidian in the room. Entities hate Black obsidian because it sucks up all the negative energies in the room or space for which they sit. 

Black Obsidian has to be cleared after using it. I suggest putting it outside on the pavement of your driveway or in the garden. If you live in the city a flower pot with dirt will do. This clears the stone. It works best if it is raw and it is inexpensive compared to Sage. 

I have entities and Shadows … Hatman … Reptilians …. snakes and Serpents … the list goes on … many entities all the time. I can ignore them and I can also ZAPP them with an electrical charge that emanates off my being … or my body. 

I can also see them … smell them and hear them … feel them … 

What do I do … mostly ignore them. But one thing all of you have to know they can “Over-soul” your body and your family. This will not only cause a problem but also change your personality if they can get under your skin and make you have negative thoughts and do bad things. This can also happen to a family member or friend. Dead Sea Salt baths are good for getting rid of them and taking the negative energies off you skin. 

They come to us because they feed off “Negative” energies. And where do you think negative energies come from?? Well these energies are manifested through FEAR, ANGER, HATE, and the list goes on. You may only have a fraction of negative energies on your skin or being but it is enough for them to feed off of. 

My suggestion is do meditation and release the energies via thoughts and do dead sea salt baths weekly and consistently think positively as a mindset. Now you can’t force your family or friends to think positively but you can do this yourself. It’s a mind cleanse of clearing anything that comes to you via media- like TV viewing, reading negative words and sad bad stuff. Negativity even exists in people who have “Depression” or those people who are not happy in their everyday lives. Angry bosses who treat everyone with unkindness on a daily basis. There are more of these people out there than you know. Try and stay away from them.

The point is you have to clear you, your space, and your mind thoughts all the time. You have to do diligence in living your life positively. 

Some of you have gifts of seeing these Shadow people or entities around you. sometimes they are hanging around you or your family members … The reason has to do with Energy … most likely “Negative” energies. We humans are expressing with Negative and Positive energies which is “Food for them to consume in an ENERGETIC Way. That is why they are around.

Those of you who like Horror movies are more susceptible and Shadow entities come to you after you engage in the viewing of these Scary films. Children are the ones that you have to keep an eye on. Their bad dreams are a culmination of their exposure to Bad Horror flicks. And also when people die, going to a funeral has a lot of negative energies floating around. It’s best to keep children home and let the adults deal with the process because viewing at a funeral is loaded with entities and shadow people waiting for a negative opportunity to jump you. 

When you go to a bar or a place where people drink their sorrows away … well this place too is full of entities of the negative variety. Don’t get me wrong not all these Shadow people are bad or negative but why do they come to you and or your family?? And that is what you all have to sort out in your minds. Why do they come to you or one of your family members over and over again?

There is all kinds of information on the NET to get rid of them. Black Obsidian is the best way along with Dead Sea Salt Baths to clear your body of your own negative energies … You need to clear yourself!

Food for Thought. 


12/21/2016 12:24:38 am

Thank you Joelle, I really appreciate it.


12/30/2016 08:57:38 pm

I have had an encounter with the Hat Man, and his cre the Dark Shadow People, and I state for the record that he is a good man of respectable status, and he is the leader of The Shadow Poeple. Like any group or association, stereotypes,generalizations and scandal are not supported by substantiated fact, but by7 gossip. When he visited me, he was intersted in my software engineering books . He was polite, courteous and cause no problems or trouble. The same goes for the Dark Shadow People generally. They never caused me any harm, they were not rude, and they behaved in a decent and respectable way. I do not concur with the bad press they receive, I think it is xenophobia.


12/31/2016 09:30:14 am


You bring up a good point … and then there is this one I want to make: There is good and bad seen in people. Those who are alive and well here on the earth plane. 

With that said, some of the people here in this group, either are not fully aware of the complexity of what they are dealing with. Anyone who has fear … Can look at any situation such as the Hat Man and Shadow people in a negative way or view. Because FEAR is a negative energetic response – called negative energy that is programmed into every human that walks the earth. To what level of fear ??? Good question. Once a person is able to disconnect the fear they will have rationale to understand just what took place instead of blaming the Hat Man for a death in the family. Really what is going on is a paranormal experience but for some of us … it’s happens all the time and considered normal. I myself have been faced with good and bad when it comes to Hat Men and Shadow people. I do take the time to understand it when it happens. 



1/5/2017 01:15:33 am

Im posting this here to hopefully get it off my chest as its been creeping me out since it happened a few days ago. 
We were in the hospital because I was 42weeks and 3 days overdue preggers, trying to induce me to have my baby girl safely. Long story short there, she was born healthy and happy(came out cooing rather than crying, which really surprised me!) the morning after this sighting. 
So we were just settling in. My other half was asleep in the chair next to me and I was sitting in the hospital bed watching tv as I couldn’t sleep because of the discomfort of our induction method of choice. I’m about to doze off a little, eyes closed and mostly sleepy but being kept awake from the discomfort, and I feel this eerie presence watching over me. I open my eyes to look in the direction that it was strongest, and there’s this shadow of a figure that has a wide brimmed hat looking at me. Just watching and i want to say it felt like he was assessing me. His eyes are what really struck me, as they were a glowing yellowish orange with red streaks, wide like a cougar, stalking and assessing its prey. I stared it down for what felt like an eternity before it turned its gaze away from me and headed out the door that it was standing near. I remember thinking to it, “well aren’t you creepy” as we stared at each other. I thought it was a figment of my imagination until my other half confirmed the existence of the hat man so I started to look him up. I know its probably not the most creepy or exciting story about him, but I wanted to put it out there somewhere. If I could, I would also attatch the craptactular paint picture I put together to get the eyes out of my head on here too, but for now, I guess this will have to do.


Eath Oblivion
1/5/2017 02:05:07 pm

I’m going by Eath but im Female (Just letting you know)

So something similar has happened to me too, but The Hat Man comes to me in a different way.

So i was 6 when this started. Its always a dream, but it continues and continues to repeat the same exact way, but i see more detail each time about this man.

The dream goes like this.

I’m always running away from him, like in the dreams, i’m scared to death of this guy. He’s always around 6’0″, has a wide brimmed hat, blackish brown coat, jeans, hiking boots, holding a shotgun, and has two dogs that always show up as Dalmatians.

So im running away from this guy. Usually timing of the day is either early morning (When the sun is just about to come over the mountain) or just before it gets really dark, so the sky’s light is dimmed.

Unlike some people here, i have never stopped seeing him. I have this dream off and on ever since i was 6 years old, and im 19 now. He has blue eyes, clean shaven and ALWAYS has a blank expression on his face, like hunting down someone is a normal thing for him. He shots me in the same place every time. The left lower side of my back. The place NEVER changes and neither does his appearance. 

Im only able to recall all this detail because i had the dream last night and i wanted to finally see if anyone else has had this experience.

I also see him outside of the dreams on occasion even if im not home. He follows me around, showing the same expression but sometimes, he speaks.

Its either “Help us.” OR when i confront him, he says “Leave it alone” whenever i try to speak back to him, and disappears.

I usually look crazy trying to speak to this guy in a public place if he doesn’t leave me alone, and the confrontation in other places except my dreams only last from 30 seconds to 3 minutes before he leaves.

SO IF ANYONE else having an experience like this, contact me. I think i only see him outside of my dreams because im a sensitive to this stuff and i see more than just a glare of black or something like some. SO let me know!!!


1/13/2017 01:41:57 pm

I saw him I year ago, around this time. I woke up to go to the bathroom, and he was standing at the end of the hall. It was if I both saw him, and that he was appearing in my mind’s eye. I wasn’t scared, however. I went back to bed, baffled by what I had seen. Shortly thereafter, my husband and I had months of terrible arguments, and my husband of 20 years, who would never hit me, got violent and pushed me during a heated exchange. We’ve since spoken about it, and he said it was as if he lost control. I’ve since cleansed my house, using sage, and prayers. Hope it works.


1/14/2017 11:32:51 am

About 2 nights ago I think I saw the hat man. I woke up around 3:45 am and saw a black figure reaching over my bead. My reaction was omg what the heck. I stared for like 5 seconds and he disappeared. I thought it was just my eyes playing a trick on me. Then I looked up “demon with hat” and read. The one I saw had a hat on and was just all black. The thing is I didn’t even know about this before and you dream about things you’ve heard about or known about.


1/21/2017 05:10:20 am

I experienced Hat Man when I was 17 in 1989. I am 44 now and still remember it and it still fills me with a sense of dread. I told people about it at the time and I think one of my friends was also experiencing this. I was taking a lot of LSD at the time and Hat man was turning up in my trips. This was a very dark time of my life, my family relationships had broken down and I had just lost my first born child. I had a long protracted period of depression afterwards. It was very frightening and I didnt want to be alone afterwards. I hadnt thought about it for many years but I saw someone on a forum talking about it and then wondered if it was something other people had experienced. 
It seems that that is the case. It had a very malevolent vibe and It hung around for a long time. Many weeks.


Natalie Bore
1/25/2017 01:19:31 pm

Hi, I’m using a fake name and a new email for privacy reasons and to prove that I am not doing this for attention. I am 13 years old and I have have witnessed this “Hat Man”. 10 minutes ago, I didn’t know anyone else had seen him or that he even had a “name”, let alone a website devoted to him. I have seen him only few times. And never from sleep paralysis like most. The first time I saw it, I had hit my head and gotten a concussion. I hallucinated him standing on my porch laughing. He was wearing a sun hat and a long trench coat. At first I thought it was an actual person but I couldn’t see his face. And I thought it was odd for a stranger to be wearing a large heavy trench coat in the summer. But I thought nothing of it since I had hallucinated in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Then, about a week later I woke up in the middle of the night. And I know it wasn’t in sleep paralysis because I could move. Unfortunately I couldn’t stand up or run because i had sprained my ankle falling, but I sat up and I saw my closet door open and it walked out to the end of my bed. I called fr my mom and she came in and opened the door and as soon as she turned the light on it was gone and she didn’t see it. They same thing happened a few nights in a row. 
Then everything was okay for about a month, then I fell down a flight of stairs and hit my head. Then things changed. I could hear him walk to the top of the stairs. I swear to god I hear him walking from my room to the top of the stairs. This time he just stood there. Then for about 6 months everything was fine I still made my mom smudge my room w/ Sage every other night. But eventually, I was 7 months w/ nothing. Until last night when I saw him again in a dream last night. He was at the end of a hallway made out of doors. The floor and the walls were made from doors and the ceiling was a window. 
If anyone has any solutions beside smudging because that doesn’t seem to be working, please let me know by emailing me


1/31/2017 02:35:03 pm

I don’t know if you were serious or not about your story but I saw that you posted this recently and asked for help. I’ve concluded from my many years of dreaming that making a plan to fight back will help. If you know how to lucid dream that will help. I’m not very good at it when I’m scared so I hope I can practice on the fedora dude. My dad once told me when I was little that if I asked for him to help me in a dream he would be there. When I tried it worked and so I can lucid dream a lot easier now. To lucid dream I usually speak into the dream that I wish for something to happen and it usually does. When it doesn’t work im usually in a nightmare or I don’t speak confidently. Other times when I know I’m doing it right I have to (dream physically) move my hands and craft what I want. I’m not good at making tools but I can make people in my dreams to help. Hope it helps and you weren’t making up a story. Btw my story is just below yours if you want to read it.


Bob Washington
1/31/2017 02:19:16 pm

So I had this dream last night about me and my family getting ready for bed in the upstairs bathroom. My dad was in bed and it was my mom, 2 sisters, and I who were brushing our teeth and whatnot. For some reason the bathroom light had been flickering and at some points just turning off completely until we turned it back on. We have two light switches in the bathroom( we just redid our second floor last year so we have a big bathroom). When the lights turned off my sister would turn them on because she was right next to one of the light switches. Eventually, her light switch wasn’t working anymore so I used the one that was by the other side of the bathroom . The light was turning off more often now, and I began to realize I was dreaming, because I’ve had dreams kinda like this before. My mom and youngest sister go to bed, my sister was sick so she went to her bed. This meant that it was me and my other sister. The lights turned completely off again( for like the 20th time) so I went to turn on the light and I see a shadow walking down the hall. We have windows in every room so we have light even without the lights on. The light wasn’t working and I was mashing the light switch as much as I could until the shadow was right outside the door. My sister screamed and ran through the closet to my moms room and jumped into the blankets. I was too scared to look through the door any longer and ran as fast as I could through the closet door. I jumped into the bed but there wasn’t enough blanket to cover my whole family(especially since my youngest sister was laying on most of them and both my mom and her were asleep). At this point I cover up as much as I can and I know that if I look at the monster I will be attacked, it’s what usually happens in my nightmares. Out the corner of my eye I can see a very tall figure wearing a fedora and trench coat. I can somewhat make out that he has the face of a goat. Many more monsters of the same height and clothing walk into the room, but I can’t tell if they have the same heads. The goat dude gets very close to me, really creepy type of close. He touches my stomach and arm with really long creepy fingers. I stay silent the whole time because I know that if I make a noise he will jumps scare into my face like a creepy videogame( kinda like slender man, except I’ve had nightmares about slender man and they were less vivid but more happened). No monster in any of my past dreams has ever just touched me. They usually just try to kill me or trick me. He stared at me a moment, when he did so I closed my eyes. Then when I felt his watch over me was gone I opened my eyes and saw him and his buddies walking out the main bedroom door in somewhat of a single file line. It’s finals week at school so maybe I was stressed. Looking at the other stories I saw that he is a bad omen for death or bad happenings at home. I’m a guy so this wasn’t a rape type of thing but it was creepy. In my nightmares I can usually take on a monster if I’ve seen him in a past dream, but there were like 5 of them so I don’t think I’ll win unless I can lucid dream an army or weapon. Wish me luck. -Bob (this was actually my dream and I did not exaggerate the details, writing out my story just seems therapeutic)


2/20/2017 04:27:38 am

It’s now 10 years ago I saw what I now understand could have been the hat man. I was in my twenties, and this was a very cold winter day in Oslo, Norway. Me and my partner at the time went passed a waterfall that never freeze because of the amount of water and it’s speed. We heard somebody shouting for help. It took us a while to find the source of the yelling but in the ice cold water we saw a woman. She was almost blue and her jumper was stuck in one of the ice blocks. She had decided that this day was going to be her last in life. We interrupted her in this plan, and since she was stuck I believe this was not here plan anyway. My partner jumped down on the ice block, on the other side of the waterfall was a big old building and some young guys that were doing sports together had seen us through the windows and run over a bridge to help us. Some guys turned back for towels and whatever warm an dry material they could find and three other guys were helping my partner to get the woman up from the water, even they were struggling very much. By our calculation more people couldn’t join on the ice block any way. While they were down on the ice block and the other guys were back in the building I saw a man standing in the middle of the bridge. Tall, long coat, wide hat, all in black. We didn’t at all have the situation under control yet so I screamed to the man, that might have been on 30 meters distance: “Come down here and help for fuck sake!” I remember being frustrated, and thinking that he’s passivity was weird, and so against how the majority of people would have reacted. I looked down to the ice block again, and looked over to the big building were I saw the guys coming running out again. After that I looked up on the bridge again, and the man was gone. My first reaction was to look at the path from the bridge to where we were, because I expected that he must have been running very fast to help us, but he was nowhere to be seen. In the same seconds the guys on the ice block had released the woman and got her pup on the ice block. Ambulance, fire fighters were soon on the scene and could help the woman further. I remember telling my partner about this man I’ve seen afterwards, how irritated I was that he didn’t help, and in the same time recalling that the time lapse was from where he was standing still as an observer tip he was gone was not right. I’ve sometimes mentioned this experience to friends and I always thought and I still think that I saw “death”.


Jake C
2/22/2017 04:56:02 pm

First and only time I saw him was lllllllll when I was little, maybe around 
8-10 years old. 
I was walking the dog with my mum in this woods and I wonderd off and blget lost. I llell


Jake C
2/22/2017 05:08:21 pm

I was about 8-9 maybe and my mum and I went to take to dog for a walk in some woods. Somehow i wondered off and go lost and started to panic and get scared then all of a sudden this dark shadow formed out of nowhere. It stood still and wore the long, brimmed hat with a long coat coat or cape. It’s then started moving to the right and i started at it for about 3 second and just run.


2/23/2017 10:08:16 pm

As I have read these accounts, mine seems to be very different. It started exactly a week ago tonight. My family was asleep and I was in the living room watching television at a very low sound when suddenly I heard two men arguing but could only make out the phrase of the 1st man. I heard the other man’s voice but not his words. I immediately got up thinking my son had his radio on but upon further inspection, everyone in the house was asleep with no noises iminating throughout the home. I brushed it off, finished my program. Shut the television off and in my dark home went to the restroom. I had left the door open, as it was next to my room and everyone was sleeping , when I once again heard two men arguing. The prominent voice repeated the same phrase and backlash from the second voice but I could not make out words from him. As I looked towards the middle of the hallway from where the voices were heard, I saw a tall, 6 foot or more, slender build, wearing a fedora hat just staring straight at me. He’s voice sounded that of a 30s to 40s gangster, very stern to this other man. I just looked at him. He stared at me. He stood his ground but I did as well for a few moments. Dismissed him and went to bed. No bad dreams that night. The next morning, my husband at work, children at school, I am sitting on my sofa and out of nowhere there was a very loud bang on my wall, in the hallway where the night before, I had heard the arguments. It startled me so I got up to see what fell…nothing. It happened again after I sat back down only louder. Frustrated I jumped up screaming who are you, what is your name, what do you want, where are you hiding but nothing. As I told my husband about these events, 2 days later I had become extremely ill and was taking to the hospital to be told with all test they performed, they could find nothing wrong. I am not scared because I am protected by God but what could this be leading up to or mean. I have experienced ghosts, but never heard of a hat man that is also a shadow person. Nor have I ever seen a shadow person. As I type this I am hearing noises in the hallway again but not arguing. Mind u it is 1 am. Can anyone help me to understand this and why I’m not scared but want to know why me and why now?


2/24/2017 04:37:42 am

If you want help understanding … write to me … 

jstephansen @ earthlink .net

Write what the man was saying and what you think they were there for … 


3/1/2017 06:22:40 am

I believe you are about to have a spiritual awakening. It will continue to happen. Hold on to God and Jesus. Close of up your hedge of protection and know the word of God.


2/25/2017 06:02:05 am

Years ago, my step daughter was at an age where she’d party and we wouldn’t of her for weeks at a time. I told her one day if she ever was stranded and didn’t know who to call, to call me no matter the time of day. 
So, sure enough one night she called and I went to look for her. After driving an hr to the address she gave me I waited another 45 mins. I was ready to leave when she suddenly jumped out in front of our van.
She got in,buckled up,we drove down a foggy road, and a tall thin mam wearing a top hat and a long black trench coat was standing on the edge of the road under a Street light. He looked as if he was from another time, he also had a huge old luggage next to him. And the creapiest part of this is that he was holding open a BIG THICK book out in front of him. Using the light to read it. I stepped on the gas pedal as hard as I could and felt chills when I passed him. I could still remember not wanting to look at his face. 
I’ve always thought of him to have been a fallen angel, or even the Devil. Reading if our names were next in his book so he could have taken us to hell!!!!!
I couldn’t believe that this man has been seen before. I truly believe that he’s like the green-reapper!


2/25/2017 01:52:34 pm

Some of you need to know how these Hat Men and other entities get her … Enjoy the article:


2/27/2017 06:41:56 pm

There’s a documentary coming out soley on this hat man. Called
“The Hat Man Files” google or YouTube it.


3/1/2017 06:15:37 am

One night, while sleeping I found myself spiritually at my job. I worked and lived at an apartment community. I believe this felt like an out of body experience or that I was traveling in the spirit realm somehow. The air felt think and dark. It was very foggy. I began floating and I could see our Community Service Officer in his room. He was sleeping and so was his girlfriend and she appeared pregnant. He had his hand over his belly. In real life, I didn’t know this man even had a girlfriend. So I remember in this spirit realm I was like oh cool I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. Well, all of the sudden I could feel a super super dark and negative energy outside of their apartment. In spirit world you can see beyond walls. So I did, and there I saw the hat man. He had the hat, he was tall, he had the long coat, his clothes felt very old like he was from a different time zone. In my energy I could feel he wanted the baby. He was glaring at the baby and I knew he wanted it bad. That experience shook me to the core. It didn’t feel like a dream it felt very real. I was so taken back that I told the three other girls that work with me. Three days later Matt the community service officer came into the office to talk to the Community Manager. When he left she called me into her office and told me Matts girlfriend had a miscarriage. We all looked at each other in disbelief. 

In the same community This was around the years of 2006-2009 ish. I lived and worked in an apartment complex where many unusual things happened. I’ve been writing down the stories of the things that’s happened to share with others. Spirit world does to talk to me and I haven’t been comfortable sharing these stories until recently where I feel God has given me a sense of urgency to share these stories with others and not to worry about who receives them or not. This one is called Mr. Wilson. or the Hat man in flesh
Quick Backstory: At this point of my life I was the exact opposite of a Christian. I was not even close. In fact I wanted to try to not believe God existed. I worked with three women who were devout Christians. Let me tell you, I thought they were so weird and I wanted to be nothing like them. 
One day I was sitting at my leasing desk when out of nowhere the words “something evil this way comes” I remember thinking to myself… where on earth did that come from. I looked out the window and my eyes went directly to the man riding a bicycle. He was wearing a big black hat, a jump suit, it appeared as if he had a bandana on his face, gloves, a book bag. (I have a picture of him) I had a huge unnerving feeling. I immediately thought “oh please don’t come in here”. He turned into our Apartment Complex. Our apartment complex was owned by the Wilson Company. You need to know this before I go on. When the man got off of his bicycle. I noticed he did have gloves on, he did have a bandana around his neck but it was pulled down so you could see his entire face. The most unnerving thing was he had HUGE shears on his belt buckle. Ok, he can be a gardener maybe? Either way, I didn’t feel comfortable showing him an apartment. I went to my boss and told her I don’t feel comfortable showing him an apartment. She said “If he has his ID, by law you have to show him an apartment” I said “ok, well alert the guys (maintenance) tell them to follow us closely and you are coming with me” She said “ok” So I go back to greet the man. He tells me his name is Mr. Wilson. I tried to ask him the normal questions leasing agents ask prospects like “what size apartment are you looking for?” He never answered my questions. He babbled and talked about The Wilson Company and how he owned them all. Even Wilson Sporting Company. Something was so off. But then he said, “I would like to see an apartment.” I said “do you have an ID?” (And saying please don’t please don’t in my head over and over) and the man pulls out a proper ID and his last name is Wilson. So, I fill out a guest card. My boss and my coworkers were attentive to what was happening. It just so happen there were no other prospects or residents in the office at the time. So, here I am about to take this man with gloves, a hat, huge shears, a book bag and a fanny back up to see an apartment. And Guess what… the ONLY apartment that was available to view and was available happen to be the apartment right next door to my apartment. My boss walked ahead of him and I walked behind him watching him like a hawk. We showed him the apartment. We went back to the leasing office nothing terrible happened. But still all I wanted was this man to leave and never come back. I was talking to myself in my head while he was babbling in the leasing office. He made ABSOLUTELY no sense. He was talking like


3/3/2017 04:44:50 am

You need to finish this essay above …. And then think consciously before you speak your mind. Everyone need to consciously think before they speak because everything has consequences related to karma and the ability to not make bad karma. The ability to not “Create” bad Karma situations. There is so much in the message above … I almost fell off the couch. Wow


3/1/2017 07:19:46 am

Look up “The Hat Man Files” documentary on this entity. Teaser on YouTube


4/18/2017 03:43:33 pm

I hope you’re getting the positive experiences, too. Not everyone had a frightening experience with this entity.


3/1/2017 12:02:01 pm

I have run into my version of the “hatman” plenty of times throughout the years. The biggest memory I have of him is when I was in 9th grade I was sleeping in my living room. I was having a dream that I was walking through the house and when I got to the kitchen I saw a man in all black, a top hat and he had his head down. After I slowly approached him he lifted his head, pulled the lit Cigarette out of his mouth and started laughing. I awoke to a burning sensation on my chest. I had a shirt on and when I took it off I had a long red scratch going diagonally down my chest. Freaked me out but I have learned to get used to randomly seeing it. I’ve had people come up to me during my bands shows thinking they saw a man behind me and I had complete strangers who were friends of friends come to my house seeing a man in a top hat at night I can rule out people making it up due to the fact that this is not something I tell people about. Its really crazy but Ive grown to just deal with it.


4/12/2017 07:57:47 pm

Woooow that’s heavy duty. Would you be interested in an interview? I’m producing a full documentary on this hat man. Email me:


3/2/2017 07:42:09 am

I have seen the hat man in dream when i was little , he didn´t try to hurt me or anything . I think he wanted to save me . It was a really bad nightmare with people and animals that wanted to hurt me but a shadow of a man with a hat kinda saved me by coming up to me and just ending my dream like he pulled a plug or something


3/3/2017 11:16:56 am

I’ve seen 2 kinds of ‘hat man’. The first was when I started meditate, which was in 2013-2014, I entered a weird state that I can’t enter again, where I stood approximately 100 meters away from him, a brown coat, an old-man face and a fedora hat of some sort. I froze and he came closer, and then I woke up from the state. I never walk on the path, always around it.
Later on (Idk, a month or so), I kept seeing a big nasty smile, while meditating, just a few meters behind where the hat-man were. But what was strange, there aren’t any documentation for this smile.
Like, take a “:)”, and just pull the sides of the mouth up to the nose.
I stopped meditating for some time at that point.
In 2015, I achieved the so called “third-eye” which may seem bullsh.. to a lot of people, and I agree. But seeing the past, present and future, but in pictures. A few months after that, I began seeing the full-black entity hat-man, a hat, a head, the coat, but no arms or legs visible. I knew that would be problems, so every time I passed the area, when walking to college, I felt a cold stare, since it was the only way towards it, and I saw a shadow for less than a second. That kept happen for some weeks, and then a saturday or sunday, blue lights kept shining through my windows at night, and I was right, some fire where he was around.

I really hope that I never come across that entity.


Little Blue eyed one
3/5/2017 01:13:40 am

I have seen the hat many at night mostly for as long as i remember. Somedays he is well dressed in a suit with a trenchcoat and fedora, others his clothes seem tattered and aged as if he is exhausted and his clothing is emphasizing it. I have seen him mostly when i am afraid or under spiritual attack and he will pat my head to wake me from night terrors then stand at the foot of my bed as ig watching over me. Once i heard him speak in my head as i woke to get ready he gently put his hand on my chest and said “sleep… Its ok…you will be late…just sleep and take your time” i did and when i got to school(college) late i found out. If id been on time if have been at the center of an accident involving 8 cars and three semi trucks… He is not always nice. He has bad days but he has helped me more that he has scared me.


3/9/2017 04:17:48 am

I truly believe that the Hat Man is EVIL!!! I have seen him, I also have people that I know that have seen him, one of which was my mother. One day she sat down with me after I told her of my experience with The Hat Man and told me about hers. She woke up one night and couldn’t move anything except her eyes, she looked over toward the doorway and seen a tall shadow standing there in overalls wearing a wide brimmed hat with glowing red eyes. He slowly walked over to the bed and stood over her watching her for a few. She said that after what seemed like forever he leaned over her and started choking her. She was at the brink of passing out when she woke up. When she looked in the mirror of her bathroom she still had the red marks on her neck the size of a man’s hands.


4/12/2017 08:04:04 pm

Woooooow that’s crazy! She had the marks after. Please email me: I’m producing a full documentary on this entity, would love to hear from you for a possible interview ?


3/11/2017 09:44:51 am

It’s real. I experienced it over a year ago. I felt it’s hate ut for some reason it was also afraid of me. It called me a demon which was like the pot calling the kettle black. I didn’t know til half a year later that other people had experienced the same being or similar being


3/12/2017 05:04:11 am

I’ve never forgotten this scenario, so real and frightening. I was around 6 yrs old and a tall hatted man w red eyes, a long hooked nose and long fingers just stood over my bed watching while i slept. May have happened a couple times. I have always wondered what that was ever since.


4/12/2017 08:05:34 pm

Long fingers? That’s scary. I’m producing a documentary on this entity. Would you be interested in an interview? Email me:


Malia Opsahl
3/20/2017 07:35:16 am

I Had seen this figure to kept following me since age 14 saw it inside the light in a hall way i got scared one morning woke up with a scratch. next i saw him again at my husband sisters hows waving at me then i got a call saying demon demon. woke up never went back to sleep i woke up with the phone in my was warning me he wasnt bad back then now i see him in my dreams last night i got to the figure skin color and hair color it had dark hair and he looked white and skinny. he is in his mids 40s. he looked like he was 6″0. hes not signal anything hes trying to make us scared.


3/24/2017 06:19:54 am

My experience wasn’t frightening. I was about 37 I had been through a divorce. I had made mistakes and felt defeated. He looked just like the picture at the top of this page. A black shadow with a wide brimmed hat. I woke up around 3am and he was standing in the corner of my bedroom in front of my closet door. He was so tall he filled the corner. He never spoke but didn’t disappear when he realized I could see him. I wasn’t scared, like he rid me of fear. He was just watching. I remember feeling calmed. I felt like he was a spirit guide watching over me not there to hurt me at all. I haven’t seen him since.


4/18/2017 03:42:20 pm

Thank God there’s someone else who had a positive experience with the Hat Man. I’m completely puzzled by how terrified everyone says they are and by all the claims of demons and darkness. When I saw him, my family was in turmoil and he communicated to me that he was there to check on me, to make sure I was okay. I felt no fear, but more like comforted, as if an old friend had popped in for a visit. I wonder why so many say they were terrified?


4/18/2017 04:44:29 pm

Maybe if he had communicated something like that to me, it would have been a completely different experience. But to be a young person with a big black entity standing in your bedroom doorway, in the middle of the night, just staring at you, it’s not such a positive experience. It didn’t hurt me. I can’t say it was terrifying. But it was certainly unnerving, to say the least.

Nicole juliano
3/31/2017 08:25:10 am

So I had read about the hat man a long time ago but I had no idea he had played a part in my life. Many years ago my parents used to fight a lot. There was sometimes physical violence. Which I believe attracted the black hat man in the first place. Well my mom had a mental break down during this time. She was hearing things and she changed. She was admitted to a hospital after trying to kill me. I had unfortunately been her main target of abuse. I was 10 at the time. She had this look in her eyes I can recall and it didn’t seem like it was her now thinking back. It was really frightening. It was almost like she was possesssed. I suppose mental insanity could cause this. However a year ago my grandma decided to tell me how my aunt had foreseen in a dream of a demon looking at my mom with the word “insanity” accross it’s head. My aunt had called my dad to warn him. None of my family at the time knew what was happening. So when my dad was told this, he freaked out because my mom wasn’t herself. I proceeded to call my aunt immediately since at the time I was 23 and just hearing this story for the first time. My worst fear was that it was the hat man. I had her tell me the story and she said he was wearing a black trench coat, with a top hat. I went pale and looked at my grandma in shock….. my mother has not been right since and has increasingly gotten worse over the years…. 
if anyone has had the same encounter please let me know.


tall black cape figure
4/2/2017 10:11:30 pm

One night about 1 month ago i had dream , i was in my birth village in backyard of my home and i saw unusual movement with my side vision it was just for split of second so i turned around and i saw this tall dark figure with black cape moving very fast in backyard of my neighbors ,he stop and begin to dig i one place , i dont know if he saw me or not but i knew this was evil so i begin to pray to Jesus Christ to help me , suddenly i woke up ! If someone know what that means pls respond thanks!


Micah Ackerman
4/8/2017 08:55:31 am

Guys, I plan on returning from my hiatus soon, Divorce and a publishing change upended my life.

I am putting together another Hat Man post and plan on delving into this amazing thread. This thread certainly proves something…. That this phenomenon is occurring all over the world with eye-witness accounts from people who are from all walks of life.

If you guys have subjects that you’d like to see researched and reported on this blog please let me know. You guys know the topics… Paranormal, Horror, Strange Occurrences, UFO’s, Cryptids and anything Bizarre… etc. etc.


A very lucky person
4/10/2017 06:15:07 am

My experience is very true and terrifying. When I was 9 the hat man would always come out of my closet and walk along the walls of my room. He would get to my bed and then turn back.I would walk to my parents bedroom and tell them about him(the hat man) but they never believed me. This happened for a year or two. One night in particular was really scary. He was sitting at my bed side with these dark black eyes. At first I thought it was my dad but then I felt a hand as cold as ice on my neck slowly getting tighter. I started screaming let go. Then I calmed down and said that I was not scared anymore and he went back into my closet never to be seen again. I moved a year later and I had a repetitive dream that I was in a corn maze being chased by the hat man.


4/12/2017 08:16:13 pm

Wooooow. That’s intense; I’m producing a documentary on this hat man. Would you be interested in an interview? Email me :

YouTube: “The Hat Man Files Teaser”


4/20/2017 12:57:54 pm


4/11/2017 06:53:01 am

I’ve seen the Hat-Man twice in a week now. Once he was in another room, when I saw him he vanished. Last night he was standing in my doorway, he was either pointing, or pointing what looked like a gun because I reacted to it by tossing my blanket up in the air (so he would have no target). Once I jumped out of bed he fled down the stairs and was gone. I don’t think he’s an “evil” entity although, his energy says otherwise. Myself, it seems like he’s a bad entity trying to fix his karma by giving people a warning. The reason I say this is, the Hat-Man usually appears for me around the time an ex fiancée starts getting friendly again. I’ve woken up in the past shouting “I won’t take her back, don’t worry”. So I believe, as evil as he feels, he’s there as a warning. Just wish when he’d come, he didn’t appear so sinister, but he probably can’t help it.


4/12/2017 09:18:26 pm

Hello everyone, I’m producing a feature length documentary on this hat man. If you’ve encountered him please email me your story(for advice or a potential interview) :


Crystal hansen
4/15/2017 08:11:54 am

This all makes sense. Why he was at the foot of my bed when my parents were always fighting. My father was the evil he was feeding from and Man would come to my room because I was always awake. He left after my father went to prison and is still there for 12 more years. This is crazy.


4/15/2017 11:21:36 am

All the jokes and religious perspectives aside, I think for those who have had an encounter with this entity, it’s an experience that’s quite frightening.
I was just a little girl. I was laying in my bed, trying to go to sleep. I turned over in bed and looked out my bedroom door towards the bathroom. There was a guy standing there. He had a hat and some kind of old looking coat on. 
And I screamed bloody murder for what must’ve been a good 15 seconds. My dad came running. I told him I saw a ghost. I was crying and scared, but he insisted on leaving me to check the bathroom and doors. He even did the “boogeyman” check in my closet and under my bed.
Overactive imagination.
I know what I saw.


4/15/2017 03:49:41 pm

How many times have you seen him? I’m producing a documentary on this hat man. Email me your story :


4/15/2017 03:47:29 pm

Hello people, I’m producing a full length documentary on this hat man, if you’ve seen him email me at :


4/17/2017 06:50:41 pm

When I was young around three I can still remember me my older brother an sister use to see this figure at the end of are hall leaning on the fridge 3 of use should have not been able to see the same thing at the same time we use to all go to the bathroom at the same time because of fear but he never moved just stayed there leaning


4/24/2017 05:09:19 pm

I have had seen this tall hat man whilst i was 7 years old for the first time .couldnt see anything except for the grin on his face and i shouted out so loud .she was in the corner of the room and she asked, what happened? I said there is someone at the door and grinning at me ,tall black man. Then she was so scared that she came about a min late to check out but it faded away .then after some few days, neighbour passed away,and after a year of that my parents got divorced leaving me into depression .then i used to see the shadow man after we were kept in hostel that terrrified me so bad that i almost went insane but he wasnt a hat man.i saw the shadowman repeatedly .everyone thought i started to lose my consciousness due to divorce thing but my sister who started sleeping me also saw h one night when i pinched her off her sleep. They had to take me to so many places to get those fears out .then again whilst cycling i saw another one in a hole made in ground near a small river .he was hiding and looking at me as if in fear or aggression as i passed by .i thought it was hallucination and came back again for one more time and no. It wasnt.then i rode as quick as possible back home.i had thought all these werent real until now when i discovered there really is something called shadow man .i 30 now and knowing these 3 days earlier has made me go into insomnia with fears.i am from nepal and i am more scared than ever .i dont want to believe these but i cant even deny those sightings .it gives me chills evern to this date coz the memories of encounters with them has not faded away .infact, it is as fresh as it was years ago.i am getting to insomnic state after realizing it actually has been seen around the world.what should i do?


Random emo girl
5/8/2017 09:21:41 am

I honestly had a strange encounter, but nothing harmful or freighting. I am 16 but this happened when I was around 12 or 13 tops. I remember it so vividly. My parents were out one night, and I was home alone. I was getting tired so I decided to go to bed. I made sure all my windows and doors were locked. After that I went up to my room and went to sleep. But around 2 am, I was woken up, I remember seeing a shadow with hat of some kind, and a long trench cloak. The shadow started to walk up to me, I was slightly frightened but more confused and fascinated by it more than anything. Once it was at my bedside it pointed to my closet, I didn’t know why, but then I heard him say with a deep scratchy voice, he said hide. I don’t know why, I think it was its intimidating demeanor. I did as it said, it turned out someone had broken into my home and was armed. I had a house phone in my room, my parents wouldn’t get me a cellphone. Once the person left my room, I ran out and grabbed it, then running back into my closet. I called 911, and they caught the man before he left. I told them about the figure, most of them didn’t believe me, but there was one cop that said it must have been a guardian angel. I believed that to be true. But I didn’t think about very much, I had one more encounter around 14, when I woke up it was there, I was still extremely tired, I had a volleyball tournament that day, but I said thank you even though it didn’t clearly sound like that’s what I said, I clearly remember it nodding, and I could have sworn there was something like a smile on it, before it completely disappeared and I fell back asleep. The only reason I am thinking about this now, is because my friend said she had saw something similar, but said it just watched her, and did nothing, and it happened again for about 5 nights, on the fifth night she said that it stalked towards her, but twitched its head in the process, she said that when it was at the bottom of her bed it said death in the same deep scratchy voice, then disappeared. That’s when I decided to look this thing up and find out why it helped me, but scared the shit out of my friend. Some websites said that it was an angel casted out of heaven, some say it was a demon casted out of hell. I honestly don’t know which to believe. But I know I can never forget my experience.


5/12/2017 10:01:00 am

I read your story and you said that you heard him say with a (deep scratchy voice)
my own story is below yours and i havent finnished it yet, 

This is important becouse one night i put my phone on the floor and let it record while i was sleeping and on it you can hear some realy old music from the radio and bangings.

But the similar thing to yours is that i recorded a voice that is so deep tone you cant imagine it! 
the words was (From Dust) atleast what i think it says

but the thing is, it was like the recording isn’t meant to be in my hand because i had 2 phones with the audio and one computer, and the other day after the recording my dad apparently wiped the computer so everything where lost. and one of my phones with the audio was lost, so 2 of the same audios where lost and my other phone with the audio, the screen is broken so the touch does not work and the battery is unusable.

The audio is still in the phone, sadly it wasn’t in a memory card.
but the proof is still in the phone and i have no idea what to do with it.

IF ANYONE have any ideas for me what to do with the phone, reply here plz, and when i get the audio i will for sure give it to anyone who wants it

/Emil Sweden


5/12/2017 10:06:44 am

Hi Emil, I’d love to somehow pull the audio from the phone and give it a litsen. I’m producing a documentary on this hat man. Would you be interested in a possible interview and we’ll see if we can regain that audio footage? 

Email me:

Random emo girl
5/31/2017 07:27:53 am

I honestly think you should find someone who you can trust and show them the audio, see what they think.

emil from blekinge
5/11/2017 01:55:32 pm

The Hat man. i have seen him 3 times in my life and the time was always 23:40
(With Different Witness Each Time)
first encounter started when i was 13 when my buddy anton and i was about to go to sleep, we had an balcony and It was pitch black and then we saw like a flash and an blue white orb in stomach height and the hat man BEHIND the orb but the shadow from him was still on the wall EVEN if he was on the OPPOSITE SIDE.

he stayed in 2 short seconds and then disappeared.

Second Encounter was with robin.
i told him about what happend and he wanted proof, but this time there was no orb and there was those 2 seconds again. In the morning after he had a cable around his throath from a lamp i have on the floor beside my bed so i quickly wake him up.

I thought he was joking with me when he was freaked out and i laughed little at him because i thought he was joking but he was deadly serious.

third Encounter was with pontus, and nothing different there, same time same encounter spot at the balcony for 2 seconds, but nothing more not even on the morning.

Done.. thats my story but… i have a whole other side of paranormal activity that is freaking me out more than the hat man.

Something i dont know what it is or Why it haunted me for years.
It started 3 years before the hat man when i moved to a new place on Hasslö GOOGLE EARTH CORDINATES 56°06’18.2″N 15°26’51″E look it up. i have to go now, work tomorow, i continue tomorow. my email


Tommy Sissell
5/12/2017 01:50:14 pm

I live in Houston, Texas. I am a 42 year old Male who has been sensitive to spirits since I was a kid. Lately I have been seeing the Hat man and it is extremely frightening to me. I am someone who has gotten use to “feeling” the presence of spirits and nothing can compare to the amount of fear I feel with the hat man. The one I see seems to be wearing a black long coat and has a large brimmed hat on. I always see him from far away at first, but as soon as I see him it’s like he knows I can and he starts walking toward me. Now, let me tell you about his walk. This is the most identifying thing to tell me that it is not a human being. This thing walks kind of hunched with a bizarre type limp almost like some kind of creature. Even though he walks like this, he walks extremely fast. I always can do nothing but turn away and either run or walk very fast to where I am going. Can someone who has seen the Hat Man tell me if this is similar to their experience?


Charles Savage
5/13/2017 11:16:25 pm

I have. I knew he saw my eyes as he then approached me and my friend. His pale face, no nose, black infinite darkness for eyes, long stringy white hair and GIANT hands. Harming of children, or the future action of, are my hopes for this being. I believe ZPE is his tether and route of travel.


5/12/2017 02:37:34 pm

I am currently experiencing this, thanks for the tips so that I am aware of the next steps to this situation. If you have any tips or info please comment to help me out please .


Tommy Sissell
5/15/2017 08:54:08 am

Alicia, I am currently experiencing this as well. (See my above post.) All I can tell you is that you are not crazy. I though I was losing my mind at first but this is a real phenomenon. At first I was seeing him outside at night but now he seems to be in my house occasionally. I also told my girlfriend about him, who in turn had nightmares about the hat man the very night I told her and has been seeing things in our hallway at night. I do not think this is a good entity. My advice to you is to pray if you believe in anything and to remove negative emotion and stress from your life. There are articles about him that says he is attracted to these things. If you would like to exchange email addresses and talk sometime, let me know.


Charles Savage
5/15/2017 10:20:00 am

Agreed. You don’t want to see him, his presence is to intimidate, fearful intimidation. That said, he is necessary and I empathize. I myself would die to trade places with any who are currently seeing him. I pity the “hat man” which I’m sure sounds odd and just not understandable. But I do. Judge me, idc, I’ve communicated with him and I know it was real. I hope it’s presence serves its purpose, swiftly, without harm needed.

7/24/2017 01:27:05 pm

Alicia, This entity is from a lower dimension, is very curious about us and does feed (as in energy) off of our fear. It is very important to not be afraid of it. If you feel afraid before you of to sleep, say a prayer to your God (Mine is Jesus) and ask for protection. The name of Jesus is very powerful. 
Several years ago I ‘found’ a pack of tarot cards at a thrift store. I started reading the instructions and trying to use them. Each time I was in my room on my bed. I am almost certain I opened up a ‘portal’ or way for these very scary episodes to occur. I got rid of the cards. 
The idea that the hatman is attracted to violence etc is probably true however I think it is attracted to US because we are alive and loved by God. We still have the opportunity to be in Gods’ presence. Hatman is doomed forever.


Charles Savage
5/13/2017 11:08:32 pm

I like so many, encountered this “hat man” when I was young. Unlike others, I pursued him. Found him in a red room. I’ve learned much of his origin through hypnosis and dream work. He is timeless. He is good. Really no way to not fear it but trust he is there for a good reason that be thankful, if you encounter him, the horrific latter, you will never know.


Charles Savage
5/13/2017 11:23:47 pm

Additionally i was told by another in relation to this realm, ” we are the makers of heaven and hell. We are the makers of sad and unhappy. We are Terror konin.” 
I believe the “hat man”, is here to battle this… tar


5/18/2017 03:01:06 am

Wow this has sort of blown my mind. When I was very young, I used to see a tall dark robed figure with what looked like a wide black brim hat and a round white faceless face. I used to draw him a lot and I used to call him the Quaker-Man. I sort of thought of him as a guardian demon of sort :). Strangely many years later someone I knew had a near death experience and stopped breathing, when they where revived they talked of seeing a similar entity standing infront of them (I had never mentioned my childhood visions to him before). He later died a few years later of brain tumour. Freaky stuff, guess he must be real or some sort of integral part of humans subconcious?


5/18/2017 11:52:36 pm

My eyes tremble in tears as I type recalling my first encounter with him he is just something you’ll never forget and I am terrified he hasn’t forgotten me either 🎩😞💤


Amy Shah
5/20/2017 06:05:23 am

I’ve seen him. One time. I asked over and over who he is. He said. “You already know my name” …but he put me under his cloak. I thought so hard after this about how do I know him?…ive never figured it out. I was a bit afraid. But I’m not so sure that I needed to be….ive been search for years to know who he is. I feel a bit sad that I should know but I don’t.


5/25/2017 11:21:20 am

I remember my one and only encounter with the “Hat Man’ quite vividly…I must have been around 3-4. There was conflict in the household of which I cannot remember the specifics, but my parents did separate shortly afterwards….I was busy trying to fall asleep when suddenly there was wind and curtains blowing in my bedroom. My bedroom seemed different and also looked very different. The “Hat Man’ was standing by the curtains with the curtains blowing past him. I distinctly remember the large wide rimmed hat and that he was quite tall, but I did not see his face / don’t remember seeing it. I was very afraid and tried to scream, but my voice was gone and I also could not move. I was petrified. I then started hearing singing, liking a chanting choir, first it was very distant, like it was only in my mind and then it became louder and louder and the singing filled my bedroom. I remember being in disbelief and listening very carefully, I was convinced that the singing was happening in my bedroom. I became completely ‘entranced’ by the singing and don’t remember anything about the ‘Hat Man’ after that…


5/25/2017 07:41:17 pm

Ok I think some of the comments here some people are just being jerks. Anyway onto my comment. I’m in my 40’s now so when I was a little kid we didn’t have internet until my teens, so I didn’t read up on stories or just daydream it up. I called the thing I saw “The Shadow man or the dark man” The first time I remember seeing him I was 7 years old I was not asleep I have never been asleep when I have seen this figure. I saw it standing in our kitchen at the door, but he was only there for a few seconds then was gone. Next day my Uncle that I was very close to died suddenly. At that time I never said anything to my parents or anybody. 2 years later my Grandfather had a stroke and had been in the hospital for about a week. My parents were at the hospital still and I saw the Shadow man again the same way. It was like I knew when my parents arrived home they were going to tell me my Grandfather had died, which he had probably about the time I was seeing the Shadow man. Again, I didn’t tell anybody and about a month later same thing happened a few hours before the our neighbor died. She was a sweet old lady like a 2nd Grandmother to me. I really didn’t understand about the Shadow man I just knew it was like I would see him before someone very close to me died. Only my Grandfather was sick for sometime before passing away . I got very depressed after the 3 closest people to me died and began to think that anyone I loved too much would die. My parents took me to a child shrink and said I was depressed. I remember telling the Dr. about what I saw each time and of course she told my parents and said it was just part of the depression I would get over it. So from then on even until this day I always see the Shadow man the day before or day of someone passing away or something else bad… like for example the day our house caught on fire I was home alone and I saw him again… this time it spooked me a little since I was a teenager and have been seeing this thing since I was 7! So I took our dogs out for a walk during that time our house burned to the ground. So I don’t always see the “Shadow man as bad or evil, Most likely if I didn’t see him the day our house caught on fire I would have stayed home and been in my bedroom and would have burned up.Besides seeing him when I’m fully awake I have had dreams about things that are happening but not of him. Like at the age of 5 I woke up screaming and crying that my Aunt and Uncles house was on fire and my cousins were burning. I would not settle down until my Parents called to check on them ( it was 2:00 Am! My mom called and woke them up and at first they said they were all fine. My Aunt went downstairs to check on the dryer since she had been drying clothes and she found a fire had just started in the laundry room. After that my older sister would call me a witch. I could go on and on with the true things like this from my life and the Shadow man. Last part I will say about is that 7 years ago I had very large heart attack that I almost died from … I still have heart failure and other issues from it but anyway the first night in the hospital after my heart attack I saw the shadow man standing in the doorway of my room. That was the first time I ever spoke to him and I just kept saying to him.. NO I’m not going with you now.. I’m not going to leave my kids and family now….he vanished and well I’m still here.


5/27/2017 05:13:02 pm

I am in TOTAL SHOCK, after stumbling across this site. I was just flicking through, looking something else up, and I noticed THE HAT MAN…I used to see a tall man wearing a long trench coat, Every night, when I was a Really small child,below the age of 5, and I’m now 54…I have Never talked about this with anyone other than relatives before, so you can imagine just how stunned I am right now! I was the youngest child of 3, and so was always the one who got put to bed first…It was a room at the back of the house, so no street lights shining in…
Every night, without fail, the dark shape of the man would come from where the doorway was, although I only realised, as an adult, that I never saw the door open…he’d move along the side of the big bed, along the bottom,Sometimes I was aware of an orange glow, which I thought might be a cigarette, (Neither of my Parents smoked) and then just vanish. But oddly enough, I was never afraid…I became So used to seeing him, it was just normal to me…My Father had stopped Living with us, so my Mother was bringing us up on her own at the time, and I assumed that it was either my Father visiting, or my Mother trying to get me to go to sleep ! Many years later, I said to her about “The times she’d dress up as a man and try to make me go to sleep..” And she was Horrified ! She was shocked to think I actually thought she would do such a thing. So now I know the Truth, after reading these accounts. I am SO intrigued to know more about The Man in The Hat.


5/28/2017 06:55:43 pm

I saw him but i wasnt sleeping i was outside and he was walking towards me and i ran inside and i see him every where i go but i got use to him


Tommy Sissell
5/31/2017 08:17:09 am


This is the same experience I am having. Always outside, and he walks towards me. I believe your story is the real deal.


6/21/2017 10:29:12 pm

Please email me at


Carmen Nichols
5/29/2017 07:23:41 pm

In 2014 I met my best friends Sophie, Piper, Lily, and Hana. Sophie and Piper were twin sisters and were Jewish, Lily didn’t really have a religion, and Hana was Muslim. I had grown up Christian. We all (being total hippies at the time) decided to try ‘witchcraft’ and we thought it was super fun. We all ended up converting to doing a form of Wiccan religion and to this day we still have little gatherings and such. 
A few months after we started having gatherings we started seeing a very creepy man. We nicknamed him “The Shadowy Figure” because he wore all black and would walk like a shadow on the wall. He would be everywhere and no one seemed to see him except us. Sophie did not see “The Shadowy Figure” and also did not participate in our rituals or Wiccan spells. To this day we still see him. I am kinda convinced that our shadowy figure guy is The hat Man.


5/29/2017 07:27:24 pm

Yeah I’m Hana and this is all true if you have experienced anything similar with magic reply to us leaving and we’ll talk.


5/29/2017 07:29:39 pm

Wow. That is very crazy that you girls are going through the same thing. I am almost 67 and when I was younger (late 1950’s) me and my friends would do the same things and see THe hAT MAN. He stopped watching us after I had my first child. Hope this helps.


6/21/2017 10:22:35 pm


Melanie dillions
5/31/2017 02:04:00 pm

Me and my friends had element powers? Does that ring a bell?


6/21/2017 10:21:34 pm

What?? Lol what do you mean by that

6/21/2017 10:22:39 pm

Of course. I had that too

8/3/2017 07:33:20 pm

Btw we never converted to wiccan religion idk what carmen is talking about I’m still muslim and she is still christian


Random emo girl
5/31/2017 08:08:04 am

Okay, so what I’m about to tell you is a bit different than before (look above for my first post)(I’m also 17 now and this happened last month, we were at my girlfriends place, her parents were out for their anniversary, and she didn’t wan to be alone) I was sleeping the night at my girlfriends house, her name is Leah. We were both getting ready for bed, after that we turned on the TV and watched some show cuddling (I honestly can’t remember the show) but we then turned it off and took the popcorn bowl to the kitchen, I heard her scream and instantly ran to her. I asked what was wrong she said there was a shadow in the corner, but when I looked and didn’t see anything. Knowing we watched the conjuring 2 earlier today, and it was about 2 am so I just told her nothing was there and she was being paranoid. We then ended sleeping, but then she shook me awake around 3:15 I think, I looked at her confused and she pointed to a figure with wide brimmed hat and a long black trench coat, I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why, but then again I heard his deep scratchy voice again he said hide, but he also said one death. And my girlfriend got scared and she wanted us to leave, but he said hide, and remembering back to when I was 13 or 14, I told her to get in the closet, while I hide in the supply closet (her house was a one story house) I then regretted leaving her because when I walked out of her room ad into the supply I heard a pair of light female footsteps running to her room. I was scared when I heard something and then Leah screaming. I grabbed the closest thing (a broom) and ran into the room and bashed it against the women’s head, and it must of been a hard hit, ( I was on a mixed baseball team) and she was knocked out, she luckily stabbed Leah in the shoulder instead of the heart where the women wanted to stab her. It turned out that the women had escaped an asylum and was very homicidal. Once the police, her parents didn’t want it to become public, and begged the police to not let the news know. But I never understood why the hat man said death because no one died. it was about two weeks later when she was out of the hospital I didn’t want to leave her side scared something would happen again. After awhile we fell asleep, but this time I woke up at exactly 3am , and saw the Hat man standing on my side of her bed, I for some reason couldn’t move or scream or anything like that. But I remember him bending down, and his mouth was right by my ear, he whispered in my ear, with that same voice he said something but I couldn’t hear it all, and it’s hard for me to remember exactly what he said but it sounded something like ‘death, escape, no, running.’ and then disappeared, can anyone explain what exactly he said? or decode it somehow. Anyway that’s what happened to me. if anyone has something like this happen to them or something like this. Pleas email so I know I’m not going crazy.



6/3/2017 06:01:45 am

Help! i’m seeing this man in my dreams and when i’m awake!I don’t think it was the hat man,but it reminded me of that, I have had at least 2 dreams of this white man wearing all black, a black fedora, a black suit and tie, black sun glasses and black shoes. AND I’ve seen him in real life… One day me, my sister and my cousin where on the trampoline, My sister and my cousin went inside to get drinks, so there I was, alone on the trampoline, I had a weird feeling so i began to look around, I looked under my porch and there he was, wearing exactly what he was wearing in my dreams years later??? He dissapeared a few seconds later. I ran inside and told my mom, of course, she didn’t believe it. And for some reason I keep having dreams that he’s going into schools and murdering everyone? does anyone know what this is?


8/23/2017 11:15:17 am

Hello, it sounds as if your getting to see the darkness and it’s showing you an evil plan. Approach with absolutely no fear and take his hat slowly. Key is you’ll have to overcome all your feelings and let your spirit do the walk with you. The revelation to your vision will come once that hat has been removed and is in your possession. Note; this revelation may seem like senses throughout your body. Whatever you do, make sure you do not fail or it will enter you and become you and no one knows for how long. Most likely forever until your spirit is used up and he moves to another. This is called a possession in which his will gets done while you take the blame for whatever comes of it.


6/7/2017 04:52:30 pm

Okay so i know this is old but i saw something like this in my room. I woke up at around 3 am a few months ago ( I know it is 3 am because I looked at my phone to see if my alarm had gone off because I had to wake up early the next morning, and it hadnt) and i sat up but then I layed back down, then a few moments later I saw this kind of see-through shadow figure of a man in a trench coat with a farmer’s hat on standing by my door. I couldn’t move, maybe from fear but I dont remember being very scared. I felt more bothered, and i didnt feel like i was in danger but i couldn’t move. I only got scared when i saw the man float across my room and disapear. That is when i got really scared and i didnt fall back asleep until about 2-3 hours later. But i didnt fully fall asleep i was still kind of awake and then i heard the sound of something running in my room and then i heard a loud woman scream in my ear that was on my pillow. That is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me, and luckily this hasn’t happened since.


6/8/2017 04:25:41 pm

I’m sure mine will be lost among these hundreds of testimonies.. But the memory of seeing this entity still lingers, as if it just happened yesterday. 

It was June 1, 1978 … way past dark. I was 14 years old. 

I usually go to the back porch to call the cat when he was not in the house and I wanted him inside. So I went out onto the stoop to call him. That porch overlooked our neighbor’s driveway, which was lower and 20 feet away.

The neighbor’s driveway was dimly lit by ambient lights from nearby shopping centers and the street lights on our road. 

I’ll describe as I saw “it”. At first I thought “it” was our neighbor. He was a Vietnam Veteran and a very angry man. But the man I was seeing was all black. I’d call him a shadow man for the fact that he was only distinguishable as a man by his shape. He stood still. It was as if he was waiting for something or looking at the sky. “It” was very tall. “It” had a flat top head (as I thought) … which could’ve also been a hat. 

I took a good look at him (“it”) and his being there meant something wasn’t right. So I went inside and tried to look at it through a window from inside the house. But I couldn’t see through, well enough, because of the glare. I went further into the house to find someone else to go with me to confront whoever or whatever was standing out there. Only my younger brother was home and he was deeply asleep and useless.

So I went back onto the porch. The “man” was still there in that driveway, standing still as can be. I called out to him. “Mr. _____?!, Hello, Mr. ______?! Is that you Mr. ______?”.

No reply. It just stood there, silent. Big and tall and very present.

So … trusting in the fact that a wooden rail fence stood between us, I ventured down off the porch and toward “him” .. to see what the heck was going on.

I got just to the fence, which was 10 feet closer to “him”. I said “Hello?” It barely turned. 

It did turn and bent its body as if to take a step. But then it vanished! Immediately, a crazy cat ran from where he stood and jumped on the fence, lashing out and hissing at me. It wasn’t my cat nor was it a nice cat. It was an evil cat that made me turn and run back into the house.

This was my experience with the “Shadow Man” or the “Hat Man”.

I drew pictures of what I had seen the next morning and brought my drawings to school to show anybody who’d listen. But to no avail. Nobody cared.

25 years later, at a party, an aquaintance was telling his story of having to “house-sit” in a reportedly haunted house. He described the “Hat Man” as having appeared to him and his fellow house-sitter. That was the first time I was able to share my own testimony to anyone else who’d believe it.

By all these testimonies, I find a few connecting facts. A lot of us were 14 or about that age. There was something terribly wrong in the house-holds.

That Vietnam Veteran use to yell at us kids from his window which overlooked our back and side yard. He and his wife had twins. One of the twins died, in his house, from being suffocated about the same time I saw that “hat/shadow man”. 

My mother had the town Priest come and bless our house because of some “evil” thing about the house (which she kept secret from us in much detail) . 

The perimeter happenings and suspicions surrounding the visit from the “shadow/hat man” are inconsequential to me. I’ll leave it to the “experts” to compile the many many testimonies and come to conclusions.


6/8/2017 10:24:36 pm

If anyone has audio or video of an experience please email it to me


6/9/2017 02:42:26 am

I saw him. When I was around 5, my brother was 10 and we both saw him. First, my brother saw the figure in the doorway and ran to my Dad. He told him there was a man in a black hat standing in his doorway watching him sleep. My dad told him to go back to sleep it was fine. I was sleeping at the time and had no idea anything of the sort happened. Out of no where, I woke up from my dead sleep. i had an eerie feeling and when I looked up, a dark figure was in my doorway watching me sleep. He didn’t move or say anything. It didn’t even look like he was watching me. He leaned in my doorway, so I was not able to see his feet. His entire body was darker than a shadow, but I could clearly see The Man in the Black hat (as my family called him). I ran downstrairs to my dad and told him what I saw, but he only sent me back to bed again. After I finally managed to fall asleep again, I woke to the same thing. Just as I was running to my dad, my brother ran down the hall as well. We called from the top of the steps into my dad’s room and told him we both saw it again at the exact same time. He finally agreed to let us sleep with him and after that, The Man in the Black Hat never showed up again.


6/19/2017 06:31:44 am

The first and only time I had sleep paralysis I saw this man. I was sleeping, when suddenly I opened my eyes and realized my head was turned to the side, facing to my room instead of the wall. I saw this man with a hat and apparently a trenchcoat. He was completely black, like a shadow, and slowly started hovering towards me. I couldn’t move or scream. When he finally made it to me, everything went black and I heard a deep voice whisper “Good night” to my ear, which made me wake up instantly. I guess he wasn’t really malevolent lol Anyone else experimented something like this?


Camryn Clark
6/19/2017 09:40:28 pm

My experience happened when I was 10. I was living in a haunted house where a suicide had taken place in 1968. This was in the summer of 1980. I was drying my hair when I noticed a very shiny black boot toe reflected in the bathroom mirror, protruding from the guest room, which was the center of all of the negative activity in our house. I whipped around to look in the hallway and saw nothing. Looking back in the mirror, I then saw the boot and a very well creased, crisp, pinstripe black pants leg. Again, I saw nothing in the hallway. I watched in horror in the mirror as the figure oozed into full manifestation, dressed to the nines in a dark pinstripe suit with a fedora. The face was a blank, smooth, white egg shape. A sense of utter wrongness assaulted me dead on. I had never felt anything so completely evil. I screamed bloody murder. It suddenly sucked down the side hallway toward my parents’ room, like a tissue being sucked into a vacuum cleaner hose. I had turned the dryer off by this time and even heard a tearing sort of sound. I ran for my life down to the den, incoherent with terror. My parents dismissed it as my imagination, but others who visited us described seeing a similar thing and having the same sense of violation when seeing it. It haunts me to this day.


6/27/2017 10:47:54 am

It’s funny how time works. I think I saw Hatman 20 years ago but didn’t know it might have been him until a few days ago. It was listening to a podcast which rekindled a long-forgotten memory. The particular episode was about shadow people which, in general, didn’t spark any memories for me. However, it was one type of shadow person they began talking about in particular, Hatman, which caused me to do a double take while listening. 

Rewinding to the spring of 1997, I was a freshman at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. My dorm room was located on the third floor of the rather drab-looking Clothier Hall. It was early, with the faint blue light of morning just beginning to seep through the crack between the window and the curtain. It might have been the weekend because I recall my roommate had gone home and was not there that morning. 

I opened my eyes, and the first thing I noticed was a figure sitting next to my bed no more than three or four feet away. The beds in the dorms were set lower to the ground than a typical bed would have been, so I had a clear line of sight – and it’s a sight I’ll now never forget. The figure was sitting on the floor with his back up against the bed. His feet were flat on the floor with his knees pointing straight up. His arms were resting on his knees casually and he appeared to be looking slightly down. I couldn’t make out the details of any clothing, all I saw was a deep black body. But the feature that was most dominant, and why I’m referring to the figure as a “he”, was the wide-brimmed hat he was wearing. I could not make out a face, mostly because the brim of the hat was obscuring it from the side.

“Hello?!” I said in an aggressive tone, trying to convey that I was clearly unhappy with a stranger intruding in my room. After a second or two, but what felt like a minute or two, the figure slowly faded away, the spot where he was sitting visibly lightening as he did. At the time, it was weird because before that I had never had a groggy dream-like vision which I knew some people had when they woke up in the morning or in the middle of the night. Twenty years later, and I still have not had any drowsy visions. That morning was the only time I have ever experienced anything like that.

Even though it was a one-time occurrence, it was obvious to me that, for whatever reason, my brain had indeed conjured up an early-morning foggy illusion, and I didn’t think about it nearly at all for the next two decades. But a couple of days ago, more or less exactly 20 years after that morning, I learned about the ghostly entity known as Hatman. Upon hearing the first description while listening to that podcast, I immediately thought of the shadowlike figure I had seen that morning in my dorm room at Rutgers. The parallels with dozens of accounts were there. The figure I had seen had that large-brimmed hat, was darker than the darkest black, and was spotted near my bed. What’s the probability that my subconscious decided to create such an image twenty years before I even knew an almost identical being existed in the paranormal world? That memory, which has basically lain dormant for the past 20 years, has now taken on a whole new level of eeriness for me.


6/29/2017 06:11:05 am

I had a nightmare when I was about 13, I was running home from my friends’ house, and I dropped some games on the pavement. As I looked up to the nearby house, I was drawn toward the upstairs window, and there was a shadowy figure staring back at me, all I could make out was a black hat and a black face. I continued home, and across the road from me, he was there again lying in the road, like he’d be run over by a car. I finally got home, and jumped in bed and slept (still in the nightmare btw). I woke up, in the nightmare, and as I woke up, he was just crouched down with his face about 2 inches in front of mine, just staring right through me… I woke up in the nightmare, and went for a wee, and as I opened the bathroom door, he was outside staring at me again! 

I was so terrified of this nightmare, that I never told anyone. I just wanted to forget about it. 

Anyway, when my youngest brother was about 6 or 7, maybe 8, which would’ve made me 17-18, I got home one night and my mum was telling my sister how my brother had screamed the house down in the middle of the night. I asked why, and she said he was convinced he saw a man standing in the corner of his bedroom, in a black hat and trenchcoat, and a black face. We were now living in a different house, and he was only like 3 when I had the nightmare all those years before, and I still hadn’t told anyone about it. 

I’m not really a believer in the paranormal, but nothing has ever freaked me out more than that. Now I’m giving in to the urge and researching this ‘phenomenon’, and I’m regretting it lol.


7/2/2017 01:25:44 am

Everyone has been so scared of him these days. Eventhough thats his purpose. He walks in the darkness so that others may see the light. He still works for God and there’s no reason to be scared of him. He just does what he’s been told to do. If youve seen him….. you know you were busy doing something bad. God bless you all. Abd


9/1/2017 07:02:43 pm

I do not believe it’s because you’re doing something bad. And God most certainly does not operate that way. Especially toward children. God is light and there is no darkness in Him. 

I saw him twice between 5-7years old. I was doing nothing bad. 

I love the Lord and have no recollection of not knowing Him. I have gifts from the Lord. Prophetic insight, words of knowledge, dreams and visions, discernment, etc. that the world would call ESP or psychic. Those are gifts from God but many use them by tapping into the wrong sources (aka Satan and his demons). However, even if you use them in the wrong way (knowingly or unknowingly), they are not taken away from you. The Word says that He gives us the gifts and callings [at birth] and that they are irrevocable. 
So maybe those with similar gifts and callings see this shadow man because Satan probably knows the calling on our lives and the gifts we walk in and wants to stunt or stop them or get us to use them for darkness. So perhaps he (Satan) makes sure we see his entities when we are very young in hopes to turn us away from seeking God and into the dark supernatural things we see because it’s intriguing to say the least. Not everyone sees this stuff. There must be a reason. I’m fascinated that many have seen him in similar fashion. Trench or overcoat and a fedora type hat. 


Liv Atalia Gray
7/16/2017 03:00:40 pm

The Hat Man is absolutely real. I started seeing him when I was around 3. I have seen him most my life and other dark figures as well. He was the first and he’s the worse! He doesn’t go away like the others. He’s gotten up in my face. I’ve been paralyzed and I’m talking I’m awake when I can’t move/speak. There’s nothing good about him or anything else dark. God didn’t send them either as I see some have suggested. N, a halo making the hat appearance cuz it’s a fallen angel is extremely hilarious. I’m quite sure there’s no mention of halos in the Bible cuz I’ve studied it. I also am quite sure if angels had halos, when the 1/3 were cast out of heaven they’d have been stripped of them along with all the light. I would love for the Hat Man to leave me alone. My grandmother, a minister, has always told me seeing darkness is a gift if I allow it to be. I’ve learned that’s true. I pray, stay close to the Lord, n I listen to the full body feeling. The Hat Man brings out every feeling we have experienced, that we hope never to experience again, all at once every time he’s in front of you. In my case he’s the first thing that made me feel those horrible feelings. Yeah, it’s intense and I don’t wish him on anyone.


7/20/2017 07:29:06 am


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8/3/2017 07:39:08 pm

Hi I am aria the earth element and I think I am being watched my friend hana has seen the hat man


8/3/2017 08:38:59 pm

If you can tell me ad out him tell me


8/14/2017 03:02:47 am

I have seen the hat man im 17 right now and he came back to visit me after 6 years. And the first time I saw him I was 11 when it was raining and dark outside and I had a feeling someone was outside my window so I checked. What I saw was a dark shadow of a man wearing a dark trench coat and not moving just standing still looking at me I was shocked of what I saw. And one time I was sleeping on the couch at night because I couldn’t sleep so then I was resting watching TV and all of a sudden a dark black blurry shadow was right in the side of me about 2 feet away from me. At first I thought it was my dad because he always wears a cap. The next morning I told my mom and dad was any of you awake at night in the living room and they told me no they weren’t. I realize now that what I saw was the hat man and it hadn’t been long I have seen him again but this time I saw him in my dream. In my dream I was in my house and it was pouring rain outside and it was dark out and I walked to the kitchen and while I was at the kitchen the dark figure with the hat and trench coat appeard in front of me. I was surprised that I saw a little bit of his features he had some wrinkles like he was been around for awhile and there is one thing I would never forget he hat man told me “I’ll make you see darkness.”


8/22/2017 06:48:57 pm

When my daughter was between 5-6 she came to my room late one night and said there was a man standing in the hallway looking in her room. She said he was really scary mommy and can I sleep with you. I told her to get in my bed and I told her i was going to check the house but I was sure she just had a bad dream. I got up and took my club that I keep under my bed and searched the entire house and saw nothing. The next morning she asked me who the man was and I told her it was probably just a bad dream because I searched the house and there was nobody. She insisted he was there. About two years later she was watching something on TV and she said with excitement, “Mom, come here, that is the man I saw standing in the hall way.” I started to watch the show that had just begun and the introduction was showing the shadowy figures and Hat Man. It had not even mentioned the name “hat man” just a picture. I watched the show and was amazed that she pointed out, two years later, the man she saw in our hall way. While she has not seen him since she does experience orbs in her room the size of softballs and if you take pictures with flash in her room orbs are all around but if i take pictures anywhere else in the house we do not see them. When I switched her to the larger bed room when her sister moved out we took pictures at night and sure enough, there were orbs but the orbs no longer shown in her old bedroom. It think they are protecting her.


8/23/2017 11:22:02 pm

I keep seeing the same exact picture that u have on this page this wierd tall black figured person with a hat is standi g in the mittle of our property line. Right in front of the corn field and if i use my flash light and shine on it its gone but if i turn it off its back. Ive even paned back and forth seeing if it was a shadow and its not moving. What do i do do i call a priest or go to a church for a house clensing. Im not so religious but i might have to reach out for help


8/29/2017 09:22:17 pm

I see this guy i talk to him he no have a face but yours voice is so deep he told me he is death he come for me but i survive a serurgy i have.


9/1/2017 07:58:31 pm

It is not made up. I’m just astonished that so many have seen it. With today’s technology its enable people to be able to share things with others who have experienced similar things. When I was younger we didn’t have any way of knowing unless we happened to be talking about it and a person we happened to be talking to happened to experienced it as well. That’s a small circle of people. Ow after all these years I happen to be thinking about it and thought to Google it to see what would come up, if anything and again, astonished at the many people who have seen a similar figure. 

My experience was when I was probably five or six years old or so. It was daytime and I was at my aunts house playing with my cousin and having a fun time. The basement was where all the toys and games were set up. It was a nice finished and painted basement. Brightly lit. The door was located between the kitchen and living room so even the entry to it was not obscured. In other words it was not scary or spooky to me or anything like that. So, when you opened the cellar door there was a small landing then the stairs went half way down and the wall was there and then another small landing and turn to the left to go down the remaking few steps. 
My aunt was home and my cousin and I were running around having fun. I opened the door and was going to keep running down the stairs and was stopped in my tracks when I saw the side view of a shadow of a man walking across the wall, he looked to be wearing a hat (fedora) and a calf-length rain-coat (trench coat); of course I didn’t know the names of those clothing items til I was older. 
I think he was carrying a briefcase in his hand too but I’m not sure if that’s an actual memory or just added on from what I saw years later. 
It scared me but it also intrigued me enough to stand there and watch it for a few seconds. It was a side few. It looked as a shadow would, just flat on the wall, not 3-D. It didn’t turn to look at me or do anything – just walked from my right to the left. He wasn’t tall and slender. He was like an average height and build. Then I quickly shut the door. And I don’t recall what I did afterward, if I told my aunt or cousin or anything. 

Then when my family moved into our new house I was going on seven. I don’t know if it was just before or after I turned seven. It was daytime. I was in the living room with my younger sister, I was happy, watching tv or playing, I don’t recall. My mom was in the kitchen. My dad may have been in the living room too but I don’t remember for sure. I had to use the bathroom so I skipped past the kitchen to turn the corner to go down the hallway to the bathroom which after making a left turn it was right there. I was stopped in my tracks again!! There he was in my new house walking across the wall again from my right to the left, same everything. 
Again I don’t recall what I did afterward. I think I just carried it within myself. I don’t think I ever spoke of it for a long time. 

Fast forward to being a junior or senior in high school. I was next door (still living in same house we moved into at seven years old) and with my friends. We were just hanging out. TV was on and a commercial came on for the movie The Exorcist. It showed a shadow of a man walking up to the house. He was wearing a fedora and a trench coat with a briefcase. He was three-dimensional though and the view was of the front of him but I yelled out when I saw him and said “Oh my God!! That’s what I saw when I was a little girl! Twice!” It freaked me out. 

I never watched that movie either because it creeped me out. I didn’t know at the time that it was the shadow of the exorcist (priest) until years later. So that’s kinda interesting to me. I’ve always wondered if there was a correlation. 

Maybe I’ll start asking the Lord about it and praying about it and see if He shows me something. We have not cuz we ask not. Perhaps it’s time to ask! 


{{{This is my response to someone’s post above about it (the shadow/hat man) working for God and that if we see him we must be in the midst of doing something bad!!}}}

I do not believe it’s because you’re doing something bad. And God most certainly does not operate that way. Especially toward children. God is light and there is no darkness in Him. 

I saw him twice between 5-7years old. I was doing nothing bad. 

I love the Lord and have no recollection of not knowing Him. I have gifts from the Lord. Prophetic insight, words of knowledge, dreams and visions, discernment, etc. that the world would call ESP or psychic. Those are gifts from God but many use them by tapping into the wrong sources (aka Satan and his demons). However, even if you use them in the wrong way (knowingly or unknowingly), they are not taken away from you. The Word says that He gives us the gifts and callings [at birth] and that they are irrevocable. 
So maybe those with similar gifts and callings see this shadow man because Satan probably knows the ca


9/1/2017 08:02:04 pm

….So maybe those with similar gifts and callings see this shadow man because Satan probably knows the calling on our lives and the gifts we walk in and wants to stunt or stop them or get us to use them for darkness. So perhaps he (Satan) makes sure we see his entities when we are very young in hopes to turn us away from seeking God and into the dark supernatural things we see because it’s intriguing to say the least. Not everyone sees this stuff. There must be a reason. I’m fascinated that many have seen him in similar fashion, with a Trench or overcoat and a fedora type hat.


9/1/2017 11:43:19 pm

I forgot to mention that I’m quite sure he was carrying a briefcase on his left.


George Martinez
9/3/2017 12:32:38 am

I have seen him twice. Once back when I was about 20, and recently, about 2 years ago. I am 42 now. The first time was just a fleeting glance. It was out of the corner of my eye in the dark of my bedroom. He disappeared instantly. The most recent time was more typical
to the many other accounts. He appeared at the foot of my bed, like so many other people have reported. There was one difference though. I saw him actually form from the dark of the shadows in the room. It was like tendrils of shadow were writhing into place to form his body and face. After it assumed a man-like shape, I could still see tendrils of shadow moving around it. The face was also moving still, and the eyes were a striking aber/red color. I was scared but knew what he/it was so I sat up, stared at it and yelled at it to go away. It faded away over about 30 seconds. Have not seen it since, but still see other shadows moving all the time in the dark.


George Martinez
9/3/2017 12:36:24 am

I meant its eyes were Amber/red in color. Those damn shadows are always around these days. In the hall, on the ceiling. Moving in the dark. It’s unnerving and happens every few days.


9/8/2017 09:47:23 pm

When I saw these photos online I started crying. As a child I saw this nightly. We lived in a small house, and I seen him every night. My bedroom door face the small kitchen. I saw him walking between the cabinets and the wall. Sometimes he would walk back and forth, and he would stop and look at me and smile. Of course I would scream with terror. My parents never believed me. But of course not I was between 4-5 years of age. After months of this happening, my parents moved me into the other bedroom and it did not happen again. I have seen other things in my lifetime, but nothing like this. I am quite shaken now. And I wonder so much more about it. Here I thought for years I was crazy or seeing things but I see now I was neither.


9/9/2017 09:53:07 am

I had never heard of this and had no real exposure or knowledge of sleep paralysis, but 3 nights ago I had a bad dream my feet were being bit by boars, and it hurt so I jerked my feet and when I did I woke up and was unable to move, and down by my feet where I felt they’d been bit I saw the exact “Hat Man” shadowy figure towering tall above me. I was staring right at the area where his eyes would be but it was nothing but a shadowy figure, trench coat, wide brimmed hat. I started praying and trying to move and after what felt like an eternity (probably 3-5 minutes?) I could finally make my arms move and I grabbed my phone and shined the flashlight but of course nothing was there. Seriously freaked me out…and it’s even crazier that there are so many other accounts of the exact same thing!!!!


Philip desmond
9/11/2017 12:51:52 pm

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9/12/2017 08:49:02 am

I was around 8 sharing bunkneds with my brother. I was on the lower one as i liked to stick stickers under his bed to look at before i went to sleep. One side of my bed faced the wall, the other the corridor. but brother was in the bunk above when i saw the hat man. 

He approached me from the corridor, and all i could see was a shadow coming towards be, when it got close enough to touch me i turned around and screamed. When my mum and dad came in there was nothing there. 

This is the only time i have seen the hatman, but i belive it may well be linked to sleep paralysis. At 24 now, I still get sleep paralysis very bad but i have trained my self to break out if it when trapped, it normally happens when i have been drinking the night before or i am very tired.

The Sleep paralysis I get is like nothing others have described, it comes from the dreamworld itself, I’ll be speaking or doing something that seems fine then i’ll meet someone in my dream who seems like a bad entity, this triggers the sleep paralysis and its very hard to avoid. It feels like I’m being dragged into a black hole and the only way to stop being sucked in is to break free of the sleep paralysis. It quite bizarre but i sometimes get a weird kick off it seeing how long i can take it until i have to break out. 

I also once woke up choking myself as a kid, my brother that time had to stop me. Weird.


9/12/2017 09:39:50 am

A couple years ago was when my sleep paralysis first started. I had no idea what it was or what was happening. Right before I was going to sleep I opened my eyes and I was looking around my room even though I couldn’t speak or move. Where my door is right in front of it I saw a shadow figure. I specifically remember his trench coat and a hat. I told my family and even I thought I was crazy, it was during the time my grandfather was suffering from cancer so they thought it was just overwhelming for me.

Sleep paralysis has been happening to me several times a night a couple times a week recently. There is no way in hell I open my eyes so I can them shut, but now I can hear a voice trying to speak to me. I decided this morning to look up sleep paralysis. When I googled what the Hat Man looked like, I got chills because it’s implanted in my head that was him who I saw a couple years ago…


The white prince
9/12/2017 11:20:16 am

From my simple opinion i bilieve that the what you call paranormal or spirits experts thies days are far a way from the reality of the spirit world,they are mixing between things they red (or took it from traditional recources or from fairy tailes )and the reality behind the nature of thies entities,it is hard to meet one real human expert in paranormal field thies days,what they doing here is just manupolating (twisting)thier statments according to the event story they already knew fromthier victims,thier is nothing new they could add to this field or to the story in thier explination, and they fail to identifay the nature of the entity or its motives,first of all thier is nothing called human spirit(remember my words carfully) this is the most horrible mistake all human experts fall in to, thats whay they cant explaine whay or how could thies spirit do such horrible actions and start giving rong judgments or going around to prove the human spirit theory(and they can say what they feel and no one can prove the oppisit becz no one can see or touch paranormal activity) and this will lead for sure for big failer to heal or to get red of this entity beside that the victim will suffer more till he realize that he is dealing with some thing more evil and worst that just angry human spirit,thier is no human spirit coming back or stick in our world or lost the way back to heaven,actualy it is demonic entity,as a human you cant explaine some thing you cant see or touch and from here the problems start with hundrets of theories and lots of explinations, in fact this entities is kind of earthly demon and its name is Jinn,jinn can be verry clever in specific limits and can emitate living or dead person it can read your mind and feed on your fear,the Jinn follow specific steps befor it attack or show it self they follow levels befor reaching the red line,Jinn is not pure devil, i mean it is not from the devil race maybe similar in some aspects but not the same in its reaction and symptoms, the western cultur use the word demon as a generalising evry entity comes from the satan ,,,,,so the demon could be devil or satanic entity but this is also rong way of seeing things,in the old samatic languages there is more explination like shaytan= satan, devil=Eblis also the devil have an older angelic name wich it Azazeel ,so i guess demon should belong to the Jinn kind, jinn is not the devil though they match or meet in some elemints they are like cousins ,jinn have also different tribes and forms,i can know it from the haunting action or symptoms becz each jinn tribs or kind have in general special way of haunting, effects and influences changes according to the kind of the entity or kind of magic made against this or that human,also thier is the mixed race wich it is the result of pure satan mixed with pure jinn this kind could be agressive and evil as well,Jinn have kings and leaders like the stars ones ,but some earthly kind are lost alone and could try to inter the human dimension and could serve the devil policy of destroying the human race through magic or bad things or sicknes oe politics,many things humans do without knowledge could open this doors but with less knowledge about what we deeling with and with such egnorant paranormal experts and such lacking knowledge we would axpect more damage and less human effectivity against thies entities becz thies entitites using this situation to get stronger and more controll of its victims, actually i healed many cases from hard deseases like cancer or mantal problems or nervs illness and i found that thies demonic entitties was the reason, by using the right knowledge and the right wepon you can not just get red of the entity but also heal your body and soul, Jinn or Satanic entities can cause humans to bilieve what they want could also cause unreal events or dreams or create unreal reality ,and could play with your brain or cause you to do evil thing by controlling your thoughts specialy if this entity posses you, beside that we have few kinds of Jinn wich it lives among humans and could be sextualy motivated or more attached to humans emotions or cause specialy women sextual disorder,if you know the nature of the jinn you would understand whay im saying that,the jinn nature some how is low radiation waves of high or low electromignatic waves go through objects and bodies, paranormal experts and spiritual healers or gohst hunters should be verry carfull ,you could be hurted badly in different ways or possesed or mantaly influenced,it is long thema need alot of writing and discusions but if you need any edvice or assist or help(JUST FOR SERIOUSE AND POLITE PEPOLE ) im ready to help you in any possible way.

One of the most famouse and evil demons exsisted since long time called ZOZO

ZOZO is a high level satanic demon , ZOZO has been linked to murders and suicides throughout the world. He comes through Ouija sessions under many names and begins working on the mental stability


9/15/2017 10:34:20 am

Before researching and finding this website, I had never heard of “hat man”. 
A couple of months ago, whilst laying in bed, in a dimly lit apartment, I saw this shadowy figure in the next room. Trench coat and fedora. It lingered for a minute or two. I thought it very strange. I wasn’t afraid of it and I didn’t feel as though it was there to hurt me. It/he just seemed to be “observing”. I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad. I should mention. I don’t watch television. At all. I’ve never heard of hat man before. I was wide awake and sober. It wasn’t until I googled a description that I came upon all these listings about “hat man”. It surprised me.

Related Images:

By Dr.Steve Ramsey,PhD

Greeting from Calgary, Alberta - Canada. My name is Saad Al-Hashimi. Known as Steve Ramsey PhD, I am the founder and the director of the Paranormal zone- Haunting Dimensions. That deals with an investigation, debunking, and healing/cleansing since 1986. Having had many unexplainable experiences from a young age at a possible "haunted" house where plenty of things seemed to happen that I couldn’t explain, since that time and I am looking and searching for an answer. After continuing to have many experiences that I just cannot explain, I have since become a firm believer that GHOSTS do exist. I continued for a short while as a member of a few other paranormal groups until I was very fortunate to become involved with a local fast growing organization where I felt very comfortable to start my own paranormal investigation. My best experience has been Indio California, Okotoks Alberta, Baghdad city , and many other places in Greece and North Canada. (yes I do believe spirits can hurt you so you have to be careful not to provoke or challenge a spirit ). I won’t tell you the whole story now but you are more than welcome to ask me on a ghost hunt. I am now looking forward to meeting many more people, all looking for that ‘experience’ that could possibly convince them that there is something more to life than we first thought. So please feel free to email me I have been involved in several paranormal groups over the years. Paranormal Adventures is different and exciting in ways I couldn’t possibly get before. When people ask if I believe in ghosts, I say I am a skeptical believer. I have had many encounters with spirit forms and believe what I have seen to be real and unexplainable. I always look for a normal mundane reason why at the same time. My area of expertise in the field of science. I have Ph.D. in Public Health from the USA, Master degree in Medical Ultrasound and BSc Degree in Diagnostic Imaging from Charles Sturt University Australia, BSc in Physics, and Radiology diploma from Iraq, Pharmacy diploma. Radiography diploma from London Ontario, Diploma in Natural Health from Quebec, Canada. Radiation physics from Australia, I studied the infra and ultrasound in the animal kingdom.P resented more than 20 lectures in Iraq, Greece, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada and I am the peer reviewer for the radiographer journal in UK, Netherlands, and South Africa. Earned the 3rd award for excellence in ultrasound - Canada 2005. I am also armature archaeologist, painter, calligrapher, and used to run acting theater play in Iraq- Baghdad, wrote, directed and acted in more than 27 plays. So debunking come naturally in my science and technology back round, and not like other debunking people around you who use Google for their search and call them self-debunkers, It doesn't work that way. In the near future, I will run live internet ghost hunts with night vision cameras giving users at home the chance to watch the spooky footage on, in my nights out. I look forward to seeing you all soon on one of our many events! I loved reading ghost stories and sitting on my own in the dark watching horror films. However. I Can decode dreams, and I see spirits in my dreams. I like to look at things from a scientific point of view and try to rule out all rational possibilities before concluding that events are paranormal. However, I do try to keep an open mind on all investigations. I started taking part in investigations since 1986; my first investigation usually any house, apartment that I move in or my friend's places. For many of my true paranormal stories you can read them at I will try to copy and move all my articles here in this site in near future. Thank you for reading and God Bless you all. Steve Ramsey PhD. Alberta


  1. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I
    am impressed! Extremely useful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for
    such information a lot. I was seeking this particular info for a very long time.
    Thank you and best of luck.

  2. hello!,I love your writing very much! proportion we keep in touch extra
    approximately your article on AOL? I need an expert on this house to unravel my problem.
    May be that is you! Looking forward to peer you.

    1. Greeting from Okotoks – south Calgary Alberta – Canada
      Yes for sure let me know how can I be of any help, what is the story and your experiences? where are you and when it happened?
      let me know more detail, you can reach me at
      Is it related to a shadow figure, a demon, a human spirit, poltergeist activity? do you have children or teens in teens house?
      are you in any danger, does the entity causing you bad dreams and night freight? are you close to a gave yard area? any cases of anger,
      stress, depression or aggression in your house?

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