The Entity of Oregon Forest by Saad Ramzi Ismail

The Entity of Oregon forest.

I have heard this story from a friend in one of our trips.

He told me  whenever he was scared as a kid his  dad had always told him that in life, you should not be scared of ghost, fear the living because they can actually hurt you.

In his late teenage years he came into some money after his father got killed in a robbery , and he  received an inheritance from him. At time of his dad’s passing his father  and his  mom owned a cabin up in Oregon – USA, by Mount Bachelor.

The cabin had been put up for sale since his mom could no longer afford the payments and renting it out was not covering the payments either. The cabin was set to go on the market for sale in less than a month and was in the process of finalizing all the paperwork with the Realtor and lawyer. So for that month’s time the cabin was not going to be rented out any longer and was going to be vacant. He saw this as a chance to get a way for a while and clear his  head in light of all the things that was  going on. He quit his work, packed up his snowboarding gear, grabbed his  dog and headed up in his dad’s car  to the cabin.

Now that was his family cabin that his parents rented out throughout the year when they were not using it.  He had keys to the cabin and also had the code for the alarms so He did not feel the need to stop at the rental management company and advise them of his stay.

He told me that his first two days at the cabin were normal and nothing out of the unusual happened. He Spent his days playing with his dog in the snow, snowboarding and the evenings playing PlayStation or listening to music, drinking beer out on the balcony. He had already stocked up on food, music cds , shot gun, supplies and his dog food of course,  so he was pretty much a shut in aside from the occasional out to hit the slopes.

With his dog as company and dvd’s/PlayStation as entertainment,  He was quite content and started to feel relaxed after all the drama that had preceded his outing. The cabin itself was two stories, bottom story had the living room and a side guest bedroom along with small kitchen. Upstairs had another two rooms along with a walk out balcony attached to the master bedroom.

Most of his time there was spent either in the living room, kitchen or master bedroom. He never ventured into the other rooms and always kept the doors leading into them shut (open doors to dark rooms always creeped him out). Anyhow, the third day came around and he was going through his usual routine of playing with his dog (his name was Midnight by the way and he also since passed) playing games and watching DVD’s. That day it was pretty heavy snow fall so he did not feel like trekking down the hill to the main road in his car and decided to stay in.

That’s when things started getting a bit weird. In that area there were only two other Cabins adjacent to his family cabin (maybe a block away from each other). All other cabins aside from these two where around a mile away from his cabin. Surrounding his family cabin was mostly forest and very tall pine trees (tall….this is important later on).

Both these cabins were empty and from the past couple of days he knew that no one was currently staying there.

Around midday while outside with his dog he noticed what looked like footprints in the snow around the area surrounding his cabin. It was still snowing so the foot prints looked semi fresh like someone had been there in the last 20-30 minutes before him.  He thought that maybe someone was staying in the cabin near him that he might not have notice, maybe they were shut ins like him. Alright whatever, the prints lead away from my cabin and they disappeared in the snow towards the denser part of the tall trees,  disregarded the footprints and went back inside.

Nighttime came around and decided to head to bed. his  dog Midnight was laying on the bed with him when he noticed his ears perk up to a standstill/listening position. This was followed by him quickly jumping off the bed and running downstairs to the living room. My friend said he laid in bed and stayed silent .

He was kinda freaked out,  and he could hear his dog moving around down stairs back and forth. After around 5 minutes the dog ran back upstairs to him and started to do his doggy dance for the sign that he had to pee or that he wanted to go outside to poo….well fine. I cant say no to him,  so the both went downstairs to the outside driveway for his dog to do his thing. Only, he didn’t want to pee. As soon as they were outside he started to pull on his leash trying to drag my friend to where he wanted to go. !

The dog kept looking into the dense part of the trees were the prints had been earlier. But he also kept sniffing the side of the house and looking up towards the roof. After he figured out that my friend was not going to go to where he wanted he sat himself down and just stared into the darkness……a bit unusual for him but alright, maybe there are forest animals out there that he wants to chase down. My friend did not want to chance anything so he pulled his dog back inside and  both headed back upstairs.

Around half an hour later my friend was lying in bed when he heard what sounded like hooves walking on his cabin’s roof. It was only a series of around 6 steps and he rationalized that it could be a pine cone falling from a tree onto the roof or maybe some forest animal running around. But here’s the thing, the steps seemed to be spaced apart like a man length stride. So it was really freaking him out. Midnight also heard the noise and was quick to run to the balcony screen door expecting for my friend to let him out. Alright, So he grabbed his coat and shoes along with his shot gun and flash light and went out onto the balcony.? As soon as he was outside he  started canvassing the roof with his light….nothing was there and the snow on top was undisturbed. Weird, must have been all in his head head? He thought.  What about Midnight hearing the noise? Maybe he was feeding off  his fear or paranoia. He started to calm down and relax again. 

His eyes started to adjust to the darkness and He kept looking at his dog and started to prepare his shot gun only to remember that there is no shells/ bullets inside the chamber and he forgot to bring the shells cases with him. Darn..he said what a fool, how could he forget the bullets.

  He took a deep breath and laid on his bed  staring at the stars and trees next to his cabin. That’s when he saw it. In a tree that was a little taller than his cabin and around 20 feet from the balcony he saw what looked like a man crouched in a squatting position in between two branches. It was squatted on one branch and its arms were extended above its head holding onto the branch above it.

Oh my God, what the hell is that? he said to him self and grabbed his dog closed to him. He wasn’t sure if  he was really seeing this thing , and he stood just staring and sat there motionless. He  noticed Midnight stand up and start pacing behind my friend . The thing still did not move. My friend told me that he was debating on shining the light in the things direction, but something in his head kept screaming not to do it . So he walked backwards to the inside of the room and pulled Midnight with him.

Once inside he  locked the door and shined the light in the things direction but there was nothing there just moving branches of the tree. he shut the curtains to the screen door and retreated back to bed. But later on in the night he heard light tapping at the screen door, like someone was tapping on the glass with their fingers. It was consistent and did not stop for nearly an hour. Midnight seemed to stare at the door but he wouldn’t go near it anymore.

The weirdest part was that I had a feeling like someone was inviting me to open the door. But at the same time I kept hearing my dad’s voice in my head telling me to stay in bed and not do it. He listened to his  dad’s voice and just stayed were he was. he re-enforce the window by putting the mattress, the bed and the desk all behind the screen window .and grabbed his large kitchen knife and went in the corner with his dog just waiting.  They stayed until morning. He noticed that before the sun shine that things had gone.

I asked him why he didn’t go back the next day and leave the place or call the police? He said. The reason being because he was really had nowhere else to go. I was in Vancouver in that time so too far away , His  mother had sold their house and was staying with her family while the sale of her new house was going through. Her family was one he did not get along with. He could not go to his dads side of the family because they partially blamed me for his death still, as he couldn’t help him when the robbers killed him.  And at the time, he did not feel like being consoled by friends.

The cabin was sold after 2 weeks and he didn’t tell the new owners about this. In the week after he saw that thing he started making a fire in 2  large metal barrels  and he let the fire on when the sun goes down , he put all the outside lights on and  shut the inside light off  at night , and he put one of the speaker he had out side the window and he blast the music loud when he felt any thing come closer to the house. He  shut the windows and secure all doors and hunkered down .He told me that thing was look like a mix between a man and a beast.

 You were smoking very weird shit , I said….and we both laughed but he was serious .

           Thanks for reading.

Steve Ramsey, PhD,   Calgary, Alberta- Canada

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