The effect of isolation on our Anxiety related to paranormal activities

The effect of isolation on our Anxiety, stress, anger, and that might lead to paranoia, depression, and psychosis aseptically on those who do have some degree of Schizophrenia

My answer to one of the best clairvoyant ,psychic medium and natural healing friend in Edmonton ,She is one of the best in her field and she was asking about seen and feeling spirits ,

Please Tell me more about those clients , are they related, ages, medications they take, culture back ground is the spirit demonic or human, do they cause fear do they call tier name and ask them to do things? please remember that 99% of the paranormal is induced by our mind related tour mental and personality disorders in some degree .That doesn’t mean they can’t see spirit but in time of weakness mental exhausting stress  ,anger , anxiety ,depression can open a door to those spirit the gate to the other world is when we get weak, tired , gave up in that time angels trying to help but along with angels are so many spirits wanderer spirits also want to tap in  , that’s why it i so important to have good spiritual guide and prayers so they don’t get what i call spiritual attack .

Due to the covid isolation, social isolation can be reflected deep inside us, as a spirit trying to reach us it is our own spirit our thoughts, reaching so hard for attention and help, people lost allot, lost their saving and loved one, lost work and security it is very hard time that make us very sensitive to the spirit world. Isolation can lead people to anxiety, stress and anger, seen and hearing thing, so the first thing for me is to look for these signs and ask about the situation as our mental health under severe stress in these few months. Ask your clients please if they feel

Inability to relax, level of their worry, difficulty falling sleep, financial stress, fast heart beats, any thyroid problem, do they have nausea and vomiting when they feel the spirits or do they feel afraid? Do they have any chest or stomach pain? Do they feel electrical sensation on the arms or in the back of the head?  Do they have dry mouth and irregular breathing? Do they feel that they are losing control? Any sweat and chills when they feel that spirit want to isolate them? Does the spirit mention any name and make them dizzy or cause any vision? If so these are signs of going to anxiety and possibly panic attack due to isolation and stress and that can open a weak spot for some people to attract unwanted spirits and many spirits want to be attached to us at our weak point , in some extreme cases they can lead people to death by suicide and I see that in my life.

Other point you have to focus on is that any of your client might have psychosis beside the anxiety, it doesn’t have to be a full but it could be partial and mild form of psychosis that deal with the reality, might causes hallucinations, fears, hearing feeling, tasting things that are not seen by others or exist .Delusion is the extreme end if this form and they start lose focus in everything. Please ask them about the medications they take because sometimes mixing meds can lead to one or more of these symptoms.

Many people do have Schizophrenia, again it can be focal or extreme and it can lead people to think that they saw or felt a spirit , they can feel that things around them is strange, stop been active ,lose interest in life activity, Schizophrenia is the first step toward psychosis .

We try to creates a super been, spirits that helping us, protecting us around us in time of extreme need or isolation , depression time , loneliness  and other desperate time , I see some teenagers in these situation that developed kinetic energy and move things – poltergeist activities . Those 3 clients might what i call mass hysteria that can be caused by the isolation as most of us subjected to TV news daily brainwash, fear, and uncertainty .Please advise them to see clinical psychologists or a doctor to get some medical help and then we can focus on the spiritual attack but no matter what  , isolation  is the first thing before a spirit attached to a person .

Steve Ramsey, PhD- Public Health

Paranormal expert and investigator , Demonologist

Okotoks, Alberta – Canada

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