The Calm Before the Storm -My Fictional Story

The Calm Before the Storm -My Fictional Story

BY Steve Ramsey  JUNE 6 2016

Steve. Ramsey,PhD. MSc,Rmsks,Rdms,Rvt,Crvs.Crgs

Fictional story by Steve Ramsey, Calgary, Canada

It was a beautiful summer day on June 6. Sam was traveling from Elpaso Texas to California to start his new job.

After two hours in flight, the plane hit a large turbulence pocket and the plane dropped 500 feet down, it descended so fast that many passengers were throwing out of their seats, the overhead luggage compartments were all wide open, all the contents and personal items were all over the plane. Sam was hit hard on his head by the plane ceiling as he was not buckling his seat belt and that sends him flying upward and hit his head.

Sam was in an unconscious state when the plane landed in LA airport. The crew joined the paramedics who were waiting at the gate and got to help the injured passengers, and they took Sam to the hospital. Sam falls in a coma when they arrived at the hospital.

After 12 long months in the ICU, Sam woke up from his comatose state, found he has lost time and job but his health insurance was still covered for a few more months. The nurses and the doctor of the ward were beside him on June 6 when he was awake. Sam was lucky to wake up in time as the hospital almost decided to pull the plug on him and took him out of.

When Sam opened his eyes, he recognized his 2 best friends who were there visiting him, time and again to see his situation. He was very grateful to them. As his health improved, he was later moved to one of the physiotherapy rehab centers to gain his strength and get him back to shape at the expense of the Air travel insurance. 

The Physiotherapists started working with him to rehabilitate him, and with the help of new technology; he was able to learn to walk again.

Something strange started to happen. Sam started seeing an aura around people heads, each with a different color and when they tell the truth, he can see the green aura and when they lie, he can see it in red color. It took him some time to figure that out. He found it puzzling and fun at first. He did not think much of it and thought it might be temporarily vision delusion.

He then asked his doctor to check his eyes his doctor also scanned Sam’s brain with MRI, everything was in a good bill of health.

At first, Sam was scared and worried about this paranormal ability; he started to question himself if it is a gift or a curse.

He started seeing so many people with a red aura around their heads and he knew that they were liars or just lied to someone at home, at work, to the media or to their family. The more they lied the darkest color tone he could see.

Sam also saw very few people with a green aura around their heads and he knew they were honestly truth telling people but they were very few.

He noticed many husbands and boyfriends with their nice looking companions has a red aura around their heads and he was certain they were liars, 90% of them were his friends and people he knew from his neighborhood and his church.

In time his girlfriend Marie who supposedly to follow him to California left him after she found that he was in a coma.

Marie found a new boyfriend and later she was dumped, Marie got married twice and divorced two times to cheating husbands. She had one daughter from each husband.

After some time Marie managed to contact Sam and arranged to meet him. They met at the park and dined at the restaurants and they have begun to fall in love again.

Sam starting to see Marie aura changing color slowly from red to green passing all the shades day after day and he knew she was telling him the truth.

Sam is fully recovered and he left the physio center with a leg device that helped him to walk, as one of his legs was effected from the coma episode.

Sam used his ability to work with the FBI after the FBI subjected him to so many tests from the brain scan to blood testing, to imaging and thermal image trying to unlock his brain, and visual ability to see if his paranormal ability was not a hoax.

Sam was upset when the FBI started to laugh and make fun of his paranormal ability while testing him, he heard everything they said. The FBI realized that they were dealing with the real things.

You got a gift, Sam, the FBI agent said.

A gift! More like a curse to me, Sam answered.

And why is that Sam? The agent asked.

Because it is hard to see the truth and I knew who was lying to me, including my best friends. I lost my trust with this world and I don’t know whom to trust anymore, Sam answered back with sorrow and sadness in his voice.

But for Sam, his gift or curse was just the start.

 He noticed a new aura appeared around some peoples’ head; Sam called it the aura of death.

Before people die, killed in an accident or got murdered Sam could see a black and gray aura around their heads. After the dark aura changed to black that person die will die within 24 hours period.

Sam did not tell the FBI about his newly added gift. He started to work and earns money as an expert. When the FBI interviewed people or suspects, Sam would sit behind a dark glass window and saw the suspects, sometimes he had to peak from a small hall on the side wall to see the true color of the aura around the suspect head.

Sam managed to help the FBI in so many cases that led to a great drug bust and terrorist arrests. The FBI was so protected, they did not allow him to contact anybody and that created sadness and distance between him and Marie.

He planned to escape so many times in so many genius ways but the FBI and the CIA always found him and brought him back to his control secured area under their cameras.

Each time he ran, he found some good people that took him in and care for him. In one occasion, Marie helped him to run and stayed away in her motorhome. Remerging the past memories and enjoyed each other company.

Soon the FBI close in as he did not know that the FBI has implanted a small microchip inside of his skin that can send a location signal to the FBI, and they can locate him by JPS.

Marie moved back to her hometown in Ottawa Canada.

 USA political debates between the Democrats and Republicans leaders of each party started way before this incident and they were all over the news, in TV and media.

Riots in the street, bigotry reached a high level in the USA, killing ancient people by thugs in the USA just because they are black, Muslims, Latino, or Jewish.

Sam started to wear a special glass when he was watching the news on his TV because he saw so much red on the TV screen from so many leaders, journalists, and diplomats, he was trying to protect his eyes from too much red color.

Sam saw so many fake news, lying media personnels, and businessmen. Sam started to wonder about the red hat with the logo (let’s make America great again).

Sam used to see those people with the red aura around their heads wearing the red hats and screaming let’s make America great again.

Yes let us make the USA a great nation again by lying and cheating each other, Sam screamed back at the TV screen. 

He started wearing a green hat that said let us start with the truth.

The FBI wanted him to not talk about his gift to anyone, and do not get involved with USA politics or take sides or talk to the media about it. An argument broke between him and so many officials about the motive and the reason each had their own reason.

The common point among all those in high office was that they should not involved with the politics and the debate coverage, no interferences from outside source.

They told Sam to be natural and do not try to alter the future of the election. But the Russians are doing it, Sam replied.

There is no proof yet, the answer he gets back from the FBI.

Marie is now pregnant with Sam’s baby, and she started to have a morning sickness. She was in contact with Sam and told him that she is a pregnant. Sam was delighted about the news and was so happy that he will be a father one day.

Sam phone was under surveillance and somehow a Russian hacker managed to hack his phone and text messages along with his emails and they exposed his secret and his ability to the media.

 The news and the media started to write and exaggerate the news about his secret and the danger f his ability, and it was a circus of news after that.

The FBI took Sam to a private location and moved him around the cities in a private secure location as they are getting closer to the Russian connections that influence the USA election.

Some top officials in the USA started to get nervous about Sam ability. The Russian used their mafia and activate their KGB agents to kill Sam under a code name (kill the truth).

Sam was a threat to the establishment and those who have agenda in top offices. They used the right wing news and media to discredited Sam and showed that he was a fake and out of his mind and the trauma to his brain made him hallucinate.

 Marie was working hard to obtain some of the FBI reports from the secure digital computers and gave them to the media as a prove that Sam is the real deal and that those people who are trying to make fun of him are the fake one.

Sam had seen those fake people every day on TV. They were lying to the public and the media. Many of them were Republicans and few were Democrats, as Sam can see the color of their aura around their heads.

The public started to take interest in Sam ability and read more about him and demonstrating in the street to leave Sam alone, to leave the truth alone and not to prison the truth.

The crowds were demonstrating every day demanding that they must stop lying to the American people and focused on the important issues of security, health, education, and jobs.

Sam received so many death threats and assassination attempts but the FBI protected him.

Sam found a new friend. The FBI let him have a special police dog to be with him as an extra security.

What is his name Sam asked the FBI agent?

His name is Skylar, the agent reply.

Skylar knows what to do and he knows that Sam is his responsibility to protect and serve.

Skylar saved Sam in so many occasions where the FBI couldn’t help Sam on time.

Sam was grazed by a bullet from a Russian agent and injured his arm. Skylar pulled Sam from his jacket to a protected area and ran after the Russian agent tearing him apart killed him on the spot.

 The Russian agent was dead when the FBI arrived.

 Skylar ran back to Sam and started licking his blood from his arm comforted him, and sat beside him until the FBI and the paramedics arrived to help him and took him to the hospital.

Sam was watching TV from his hospital bed and he saw the FBI chief aura around his head started to change from green to red.

The Chief of FBI has hidden some truth and now he is lying to the American people. The secrets started to leak to the media and the white house is now in the spot for covering up the truth and that led to the termination of the FBI chief.

The CIA started to get interested in Sam gift and arrested Sam on false accusation and made him work for them in exchange for his protection and living a free man in a control area.

Control areas, what s that mean? Sam asked the agent.

You are already controlling everything in my life. What I say, where I go, to whom I talk or email, I am already in control environment, Sam told the agent with anger in his voice.

Sam started seen so many people with the dark aura around their heads, and then all die within the 24 hours, as many of them were famous people and politicians as this added ability that he was noticing before.

Most of the people and politician like a red light to me; We need to move on, we need to be like the green light moving forward with honesty and integrity, with respect and kindness, because sooner or later the dark aura will take us. Sam was talking to himself while he was watching the sky from the window of one of the secret places that the CIA put him in. 

Skylar sat beside Sam and listened to him. The FBI gave Skylar to Sam as Skylar was retired from the force.

The next day the FBI made a little ceremony to Skylar and Sam is now his owner.

Sam was talking to Marie on her birthday, with a permission from the CIA, They met in his nice secure place under the security of the CIA with Skylar beside them.

Sam was having a nice candlelight dinner with Marie and enjoyed her company. Marie brought two bottles of expensive wine when she came. Marie asked Sam if he preferred red or white wine before starting opening one of the bottles.

White pleases. I have enough red in my life. Sam jokingly replied

Marie started to open the Chardonnays bottle. and filled his glass.

How about you Marie where is your glass, Sam asked Marie

Sorry, Sam, I can’t drink, I am pregnant. I will have a herbal tea, she said while rubbing her belly.

Yes of course. Then he kneels and put his head beside her belly and started to talk to the unborn baby.

Skylar was watching and turning his head, while Sam kissed Marie’s belly. Then they sat by the fireplace close to a wide window overlooking the large garden.

Happy birthday Marie, Sam said while raising his glass up and Marie did the same with her herbal teacup.

Thank you, Sam for this lovely flowers and amazing cooking you did for me, Marie replied.

 Sam touched his glass with her cup before they took a sip.

Then they moved closer to each other and Skylar was close to them lying down on the carpet. It was a romantic and peaceful evening for the three of them.

Sam was watching the birds landing on nearby trees to rest for the evening and he noticed that all birds having a green aura around their heads.

If you can see what I see Marie, Sam said with low voice while Marie resting her head on Sam’s shoulder.

While Sam was watching from the balcony, he saw three of the CIA agents around the large garden with a black aura around their heads, Sam knew that the agent will pass away within 24 hours.

Sam was worried and thinking why that will happen to those young agents, could it be that they will all be shot dead by someone?

Why the dark aura, why now? Sam was asking himself

What are you talking about Sam what dark aura? Marie asked.

Oh, Nothing, I am just saying people must be smart and honest and move forward and they must elect the right person to run this country.

You have a green aura around your head same as the birds.Sam told Marie.

Marie smiled and started acting and moving like a chicken.

Sam said; Chicken is not flying bird Marie and they laughed.

Sam took Marie and his dog secretly out of the large estate house and hid in the small house attachment in the large garden.

Sam secured the doors and windows and pulled his concealed gun that he had hidden in his suitcase and prepared it.

 Sam did not want to scare Marie about his feeling of why he wanted to sleep in this small garden house extension.

Sam told Marie that is more romantic to stay in this small greenhouse.

At midnight Skylar started to make a growling sound that woke up Sam and Marie.

They started hearing gunshots and machine guns. Sam, Marie, and Skylar were all together in the bed. Sam was holding his gun and pointing it at the door.

 After while the FBI and local police were all over the house and the garden past midnight they were looking for Sam and wondering if he was kidnapped.

Three CIA agents were shot dead, the same three agents that Sam saw from the window, and three Russian agents were killed in the attack in the master bedroom.

The police located Sam because Skylar was barking so loud that alerts them.

They took Sam and Marie to another secure location.

Marie said goodbye to Sam and left the new house back to Canada in the early morning with the FBI escort protecting her until she left the airport. Sam felt so sad when Marie left because he knew that his life was in danger, and worse now when he started working for the CIA.

Sam started to have another paranormal ability.

He can see the near future of any person if he sleeps in that person house, he will know everything about that person in few minutes.

Sam noticed this ability slowly when he moves around the secure houses that the FBI and the CIA took him to stay in them.

 He started seen the people who used to live in those houses, their arguments, and what had happened to them.

Sam kept this ability secret from the CIA so they don’t subject him to more tests. He was wondering what next with his abilities when it will end!

Sam already arranged with a vet to make all the papers necessary to ship his dog Skylar to Canada so Marie can keep him. Skylar was shipped in a large dog cargo container to Canada with a pet company.

The president of USA wanted to meet Sam; he asked his security staff to invite Sam for a dinner in the white house.

Sam was invited and as usual, he saw many of the top people and personnel and guests with the red aura around their heads and very few green auras mostly around the children, the servants, and the guards. Sam new those liars are everywhere.

The President asked Sam if he could do a favor for him and let him know who is lying to his team.

The president asked questions and waits for an answer from his team, friends, and commanders and then looks at Sam.

Sam used a hand signal to the President one finger for true and 2 fingers for a liar. It was surprising for the president to found that so many liars were working for him.

Don’t be sad Mr. President. It happens to everyone including me. People lie to protect themselves and they hide the truth.

They hide behind what so-called white lies don’t harm, Sam told the president while walking with him.Yes, Sam but we are working for the American people, and we should be honest. I wish I have your gift, the President.

After the dinner, Sam was asked by the President if he can stay overnight in the guest room and leave the next day.Sam agreed.

Sam slept in the White House, on June the 5th. The next day will be June the 6th the day of observance, the memory of the D -Day. Many of the top brass and army generals were invited to the white house.

Sam had a dream, while he was resting in the guest room at the White House. Sam started having his visions about the Vice President, the Defense Minister, his top general, the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State along with the Vice President was planning to assassinate the President and blamed it on the North Korean and Iranian agents.

They also captured few Korean tourists and Iranian tourists to use them as bates and kill them later after they assassinate the President, to make it look like as assassination attempt by those Iranian and North Korean agents.

Then those agents will be blamed for the Presidential assassination.

The Secretary of State also knew that some of those Iranians tourists are traveling with false documents provided by Iraqi authority as the USA already prevented any Iranian to fly to the USA.

 But the USA allowed Iraqi officials to travel as Iraq is not in the no flying zone list. USA security knows that Iraq secretly was providing Iranian and Syrian officials with Iraqi passport, Iraqi documents, and other ids to show that they are Iraqis so they can travel without any problem.

 It looked like well rehearsed and organized a plan. Giving that the Iraqi government is 90% Shia allied to Iran and Syria, and they are helping the terrorist’s in both Iran and Syria, including the North Korea. Iraq sells oil to North Korea in the black market., and 25% of Iranian Oil goes to North Korea and the USA knows about it.

Sam saw in his dream that the Vice President, his defence minister and the Secretary of the State starting to obtain the nuclear password to launch a nuclear attack on North Korea, Iran, Syria at Damascus area, with all the small tactical nuclear heads that inflect a great deal of damage to the target areas without affecting the close area of South Korea, China or the Gulf states in the Arabic Gulf.Sam also the destruction of Cuba in his dream

 The world must be free of evil free of terrorists and free of threats, those were the words of the Vice President to the media when he started to push the nuclear missiles button. Sam saw him in his vision.

Millions will die Mr. Vice President, the good Generals were asking him to stop his madness.

The Vice president gave an order to assassinate those who will oppose him

We will die, our American dreams will vanish if we don’t act swiftly and quickly, the Vice President added to his speech to those who supported him.

Sam woke up from this horrible vision, sweating and in a state of shock. My God, I have to do something, I must stop this madness. Sam said to himself

Next day, June 6th the D-Day memory

Many journalists were waiting in the newsroom to ask the president about the D- Day and how he feels and they ask him why he feels so calm and happy.

The calm before the storm, the calm before the storm, the president answered with a smile.

Sam knew that he has to act, to save the nation from the madness of the Vice President and his followers.

Sam took a quick shower put his suit on and was very calm, he knew he will die soon as he can see his own black aura started to form around his head and he knew that his time has come and he had to act.

Sam stole a gun from a guard after hitting him on the back of his head.

Sorry buddy, Sam said to the guard while pulling his body to his room. 

Sam cuffed the guard and shut his mouth with a piece of cloth that he had torn from the bed sheet.

Sam prepared the gun and put it in his jacket.Sam then walked calmly to the newsroom and went to the guest area stood and waited.

After half an hour, Sam saw the Vice President, the Defence Secretary and the Secretary of the State with the red aura around their heads.Sam knew they were still lying to the people.

Sam then took a shallow breath, pull his gun and starts shooting, aiming at those top three and killed them all. The home security agents covered the President and his wife and took him away from the scene.

Other agents from the home security started shooting at Sam direction, Sam hid behind a tall pillar, but in the end, the home security shot and killed.

The TV news and the media put it as the day when the truth is dead.

Speculations of why that happened started to be discussed on the TV with each team have their own conspiracy theory.

Sam left a note in his room about his action and why he had to do it. Sam also emailed the news with automatic emails that will be sent to the media after 24 hours.

It was all over the news, with fake news from Russia trying to twist the truth for their agenda.

In a distant back in Ottawa Canada, Marie was sitting watching the news on the large TV screen with tears dropping from her eyes, why Sam why? Saying to herself. Marie started to see what Sam could see.

 Marie started having Sam paranormal ability of seen the red and green aura from those who lie or tell the truth on TV,

Skylar also started to have this ability, after all, he licked Sam blood when his arm was bleeding.

 Marie and Skylar started to look at each other, each was seen the green aura around each other heads.

The end of part one

Thank you for reading

Steve Ramsey, Calgary, Alberta – Canada

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