I NEVER BIELIVED IN UFO until I saw and encounter one in my own eyes in south Alaska.

I kept my encounter secret for so many years so no one accused of been Waco, unscientific,  but after while it is what I had seen and experience, I don’t … Continue Reading →

My answer to Author Briawna Shultz regarding her “message given to her from Jehovah.”

I came across your article while researching the 33 Parallel North. After reading the background information about your team of experts, I am compelled to reach out. I believe your … Continue Reading →

 Canada 2008 UFO Hot Spot – Former Canadian Defence Chief Paul Hellyer & UFOs 

Former Canadian Defence Chief takes up cause of UFOs. Paul Hellyer, one time cabinet minister and a political chameleon who went through Liberal and Tory colours before founding two political … Continue Reading →