Doppelganger   By: Anonymous Story Submission     This story happened to us way back when I was still twenty-two years old. I used to lived-in with my boyfriend at that time -now my hubby- in their old house at Villamor Pasay City, Philippines. Their house was just a bungalow type of house but…… Continue reading Doppelganger

About The Investigator Steve Ramsey PhD

Steve liking a cuddle toy

  Greeting from Calgary, Alberta – Canada . My name is Saad Ramzi Ismail ,known as Steve Ramsey, PhD. I am the founder and the director of the Paranormal zone- Haunting houses. That deals with investigation, debunking, and heeling / cleansing. I consider my self as an EMPATH, I can feel the spirit around the…… Continue reading About The Investigator Steve Ramsey PhD