A ghost of a child who asked me to help her sister

A ghost of a child who asked me to help her sister   Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health  This is my true ghost story It was back in winter 1962, it was Friday night, almost 11 pm; my father was in an Iraqi political prison.  The nationalist pensioned him after they killed so many people…… Continue reading A ghost of a child who asked me to help her sister

The spirits of those we love, and pet spirit

The spirits of those we love Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health  Is it possible for a dead person spirit to possess us? The answer is yeas, rarely and it depends on the strong connections, sometimes the spirit of human or even pets possession primarily occurs after the death of or loved one, parents, family members,…… Continue reading The spirits of those we love, and pet spirit

The grieve of losing love one and the Dangers of Summoning Spirits

  The grieve of losing love one and the Dangers of Summoning Spirits Steve Ramsey, PhD  The worse grieve is to lose someone who is already alive, the one who just leave you with or without reason, the one who breakup with you with or without fault, the pet who decide to leave your house…… Continue reading The grieve of losing love one and the Dangers of Summoning Spirits


Before 16-year-old Rebecca lights candles on the small altar in her bedroom each night, she says her prayers: “Hail, fair Moon, ruler of the night, guard me and mine until the light. Hail fair Sun, ruler of the day, make the morn to light my way.” On her altar are four porcelain chalices representing the…… Continue reading Wicca

When a star dies another will be born so as our spirit

While most stars quietly fade away, the super giants destroy themselves in a huge explosion, called a supernova. The death of massive stars can trigger the birth of other stars. Neutron stars are the fastest-spinning objects in the universe. They can rotate 500 times in just one second. I always trying to find a connection to everything and that’s the only way I can find a solution and equation to solve everything in the universe. So here I am trying to find the relationship between life and death and what happens to our spirit.

We live in a relatively quiet district of galaxy 100,000 light-years across that contains around 200 billion stars arranged in a disk beset with spiral arms. As galaxies go, it’s pretty big, though the super massive black hole at the center is relatively small, just 4 million solar masses.

 There is ample evidence from the Milky Way’s rotation that our galaxy, like all others, contains considerable dark matter, whose role in star formation eludes us. But many of the processes of stellar evolution have become apparent, most notably that through death, life will be born. Stellar evolution is cyclic, with new stars replacing those that pass away. But this is not the same in the spirit world as Indians and Buddhist think with the reincarnation and some Jewish to do believe this meth too. To me there is no reincarnation in the Christian and Islamic faith and it consider a foolish assumption and sin against God to believe in such thing. You die you and your soul go separate way at first then will join at the end for the judgment day , all other stories you hear in the news are dreams, fake news, Buddhist witch craft , hearsay, and a devil/ demon work to lode humanity away from God way.

To forge a star you need gas, dust, gravity, and violent stirring. From a dark location in northern summer and fall, an observer can see the Milky Way cascading in its turbulent passage out of Cygnus through Aquila, Sagittarius, and south toward the Southern Cross. Its glow is the combined light of the billions of stars in our galaxy’s disk. Optical and radio observations show that gas is plentiful, and myriad opaque patches without apparent stars reveal that dust is pervasive. The dust consists of microscopic mineral grains made of silicon, magnesium, iron, and many other metals, as well as carbon in its varied forms. On average, our galaxy’s disk contains just one grain per cubic meter. But there are a lot of cubic meters between stars, so, overall, dust constitutes roughly 1 percent of the total mass of interstellar matter.

Same with human we go from nothing to something we need a place to feel warm and protected, the nutrient and blood supplies of placenta and a time to mature before birth.
While interstellar dust may be thinly spread, it also tends to clump together, even forming dense clouds. Some of these clouds are so thick that the Incas of South America made them into constellations. Among the closest are the Taurus-Auriga clouds, which are only a thousand light-years away, allowing us to study them in great detail?

Opaque clouds of interstellar dust keep out heat radiated by nearby stars, and the gas within the dark clouds falls nearly to absolute zero. The gas has a chemical composition of 90 percent hydrogen and 10 percent helium — roughly similar to the Sun — and at these low temperatures, we would expect little chemical activity.

To the contrary, we find through radio emissions that the clouds are filled with molecules. More than 200 molecular species are present, dominated by molecular hydrogen (H2), but we also observe carbon monoxide (CO, which is used as a tracer for the hard-to-observe hydrogen), carbon dioxide (CO2), methyl alcohol (CH3OH), ethyl alcohol (CH3CH2OH), and possibly even complex molecules such as urea (CH4N2O) and others important to life. Some molecules that do not exist on Earth abound in space, while many molecules responsible for the emissions we see remain unidentified.


SOME OF THE MATERIALS WHITENED BY ;Talal Zoabi  TalalZoabi.com , USA, The Holy Land, Nazareth , www.BreakBlackMagic.com                    With My Warmest Wishes, Talal Zoabi P:  +1.916.751.1847   TalalZoabi.com USA, The Holy Land, Nazareth www.BreakBlackMagic.com   “Black Magic” is not an easily defined term. “Black Magic” can be used to encompass a broad array of traditional…… Continue reading EVIL EYE, POSSESSION, JINN,BLACK MAGIC, AND WITCH CRAFT


The concept of a vengeful ghost seeking retribution for the harm that it endured as a living person goes back to ancient times and is part of many cultures. According to such legends and beliefs, they roam the world of the living as restless spirits, seeking to have their grievances redressed, and may not be…… Continue reading ANGRY SPIRIT AND ENTITY ATTACHMENT


THE WAR WITH THE SPIRITS IT IS erroneous to assume that magic is practiced exclusively by professionals, or that it represents always a conscious, deliberate act. As Karl Goldmark once said, “Civilized people lose their religion easily, but rarely their superstitions.” There is an anecdote of a well-known actress who, when asked by a zetetic…… Continue reading THE WAR WITH THE SPIRITS

Demon or dark spirit is in my house, What should I do?

Demon or dark spirit is in my house, What should I do? The witness said   ((So the other night I got up and I went into the bathroom. As I am walking toward the sink to wash my hands, the doorknob moved, as if someone wanted to come in. Luckily it was locked. Everyone’s…… Continue reading Demon or dark spirit is in my house, What should I do?

Autophony Syndrome – Not Ghost Breathing Beside You

Patulous Eustachian tube, also known as patent Eustachian tube, is the name of a physical disorder where theEustachian tube, which is normally closed, instead stays intermittently open. When this occurs, the patient experiencesautophony, the hearing of self-generated sounds. These sounds, such as one’s own breathing, voice, and heartbeat, vibrate directly onto the ear drum and…… Continue reading Autophony Syndrome – Not Ghost Breathing Beside You

 Filipino Ghosts 

Throw a fistful of salt, smash a glass of gin A few months ago, I ran into a couple of friends in a local bakery, and in conversation told them about the historical research I’ve been doing on the paranormal. One of my friends told me that her mother had gone to the Philippines (where…… Continue reading  Filipino Ghosts 

Ghosts, Hauntings & Related Phenomena

Ghosts Or Ghost Stories Created: Wednesday, 02 September 2009 18:29 Written by Matthew James Didier There’s been a lot of discussions lately “in the field” about the semantics involved with the studies of ghosts and hauntings. I would use as an example my personal issues with “Three Dot Syndrome/Matrixing/Pareidolia”, but I covered that admirably on…… Continue reading Ghosts, Hauntings & Related Phenomena

 Emotional Graffiti 

Written by Jason Pettit Predominantly people are brought up to believe that ghosts are caused by deceased people coming back to visit. Movies, ghost stories and popular folklore have made this a very popular view indeed. However, considering we’re dealing with the realm of the unknown here why limit ourselves to one cause? Consider another…… Continue reading  Emotional Graffiti 

Flashlight Vigils COMMUNICATION WITH a spirit by yes or no

Are flashlights illuminating new ways to communicate? For the last few years many paranormal enthusiasts have been using flashlights in attempts to illicit yes/no responses at purportedly haunted locations. The experiment itself is usually conducted with a single flashlight but variations have included multiple flashlights of the same make and model.  The flashlight is generally…… Continue reading Flashlight Vigils COMMUNICATION WITH a spirit by yes or no

 Common scientific explanations for haunting -Steve Ramsey

Sadly, there really isn’t a “perfect tome” about all possibilities to explain why people experience certain things… and regardless, one has to look at things from a “Case-to-Case” basis.  That wouldn’t be a single book… that would be an encyclopaedia that would make Britannica look tiny.  Dripping taps, HVAC vents, sunlight, decay (in various forms,)…… Continue reading  Common scientific explanations for haunting -Steve Ramsey