Animal & Earthquakes

Animal & Earthquakes   Can Animal predict an Earthquakes? Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health MSc Psychology, animal behavior Over the past half-century, earthquakes have been the leading cause of death from natural disasters and have imposed dramatic cultural, economic, and political impacts on society. Compounding their inherent physical hazard is how they strike suddenly without obvious…… Continue reading Animal & Earthquakes

Basic Principles of Ultrasound Physics and Artifacts

Basic Principles of Ultrasound Physics and Artifacts  As a Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) enthusiast, you may dread the term “Ultrasound Physics” and wished there was a simple way on how to learn and understand the principles of ultrasound physics that are actually relevant to your clinical practice. But many of the resources on ultrasound physics that…… Continue reading Basic Principles of Ultrasound Physics and Artifacts

EYE Ultrasound -part 1 ANATOMY, PATHOLOGY,

EYE Ultrasound -part 1   Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound. Ophthalmology sonography, Eye ultrasound. I started the Eye sonography back in 1984 to 1988 in Windsor Ontario, and then USA. before the MRI and advance eye laser technology took over most of the cases. But ultrasound still a good modality to…… Continue reading EYE Ultrasound -part 1 ANATOMY, PATHOLOGY,

The jinn and the Roqeya

Haunted house and places by the Jinn is well known topic and many witnesses came forward to tell many stories ,among them myself and my mother that witness such entities in Baghdad city. Noises , aperation,  displacement of objects, pushing and slapping the face,  moving furniture and even burning a place, may of these  actions…… Continue reading The jinn and the Roqeya

Honest living

Do not be ashamed of your job No matter how small your job is , as long as it is an honest living, kosher and it makes you happy, support yourself and your family it is a great job in God’ eyes. As long as you work and keep your hope for a better future…… Continue reading Honest living