Entities and ghosts true incidents in my life

These are my true multiple incidents of my paranormal true stories that took place in my life in a different time and different places. As far I can remember, they all started long time  ago. 1958 – 1959 -Baghdad city- Iraq. I was 5 years ol I left home for a walk in the summer of…… Continue reading Entities and ghosts true incidents in my life

Psychosis & the paranormal

Psychosis & the paranormal   Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD How can you best engage with a person who is experiencing paranormal incidents and activities due to psychosis . As a paranormal investigator and researcher in parapsychology since 1986 I came across so many individuals that claim they saw, heard or felt an entity close to…… Continue reading Psychosis & the paranormal

Spirit’s attachment & breakup of your families

Spirit’s attachment & breakup of your families   Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD Spirit attachments on people with whom we have close emotional ties with such as; wife, husband, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, spirits will continually try to separate the possessed person from all those around them. And that is not a wife’s tale, it is…… Continue reading Spirit’s attachment & breakup of your families

Collection of some of my paranormal true stories

Collection of my paranormal true stories in my life 1958 – 1959 -Baghdad city- Iraq. I was 5 years old I left home for a walk in the summer of 1958 in Baghdad city; there was a street square where the government put a swimming pool and nice garden in it.    While I was…… Continue reading Collection of some of my paranormal true stories

Forensic Demonology- Part 2

Forensic Demonology, Part 2. By  -Steve Ramsey The more stressed out and depressed we gets the more light our body emits and gets rid of excess energy in form of light and electricity and that what the demon like to have. You must focus on reducing your stress and anger, communicate with your partner and listen…… Continue reading Forensic Demonology- Part 2


Clearly we have a fascination with haunted houses in this country, I  don’t think most of them are so scary. Instead, h, I think they’re trying to send us a message, or it is a residual haunting , warning us, find something that they’re still looking for, and maybe they are trying to scare us to leave them and the place alone . They like solitary and darkness away from human, voices and disturbances.

 most hauntings aren’t evil , only misunderstood. “I think a lot of the classic signs that people run into are mysterious noises that seem to come from places they can’t locate, a lot of bumping and scratching on walls, seeing full-bodied apparitions, and things moving from place to place when you’ve not touched them.” Of course, anyone who has seen a horror movie or a ghost show probably already knows this. What you might not know, however, is that what you call “a haunting” may not be the real deal.

Question from our reader seen 444 and experiencing poltergeist activities

 I received an email from a person, who didn’t tell me where he lives, what town and no answer to the questions I asked.

He is having some issues as he said without providing me with clear evidence, only 2 unclear black and white/chrome shaky and fuzzy pictures. He said he has footage and so on but didn’t send any part yet!

Then I emailed him and explained to him what we do and how to prove it and how we can help but I need some info, then he emailed me again and said

“You sound like you don’t believe me. I do not wish to get rid of them. I do not have fear of them nor have they tried to scare me. I see the numbers 444 everywhere I go and I have physically seen the clock on my phone switch to 4:44 for a few seconds then switch back to the original time. I just wanted to know if you knew what it was in the picture.

I know there is something with me. If you do not know that’s fine, Thank you for your time. My edited picture is already starting to fade as the other one, is yours? Rocks don’t fly across rooms and dent my wall for nothing no matter if i was on drugs. Don’t think that’s something anyone can hallucinate. The videos are too big for email and I’m not posting on Facebook.  Have a good night and thanks again, appreciate the help. “End of quote

EMF & the paranormal 

ELECTROMAGNETISM & the paranormal  One of the most intriguing questions explored by most paranormal societies is whether or not there is life after death?  “Ghosts” are thought to be the souls of the dead, bound to wander the earth. Countless stories and reports of ghosts have provided various circumstances and descriptions assigned to the belief…… Continue reading EMF & the paranormal 


A to Z of the paranormal feelings ,seeing and hearings ,facts and fiction part 1 By Steve Ramsey September 8, 2010 The Science behind the Paranormal experience from A to Z part 1 , is the first dictionary for those who want to study the facts and fictions behind the paranormal.  BY; STEVE. RAMSEY -PARANORMAL EXPERT…… Continue reading A TO Z OF THE PARANORMAL

THE JINN types and power

In the bible they are demons or entities of fire as the quran also mentioned that the jinn created from special fire  One particular phrase in the Psalms makes me think of the djinn, The winds are your messengers; flames of fire are your servants. Psalm 104:4 The winds become the angels we see elsewhere. The flames…… Continue reading THE JINN types and power

Paranormal Videos Debunked

Paranormal Videos Debunked   The days of grainy 8 mm films of UFOs, Bigfoot and lake monsters are long gone. As video editing software has become and continues to become more advanced and user-friendly, high-quality hoax videos are ever-easier to make. Upload those videos to the Internet and they’ll zip around the world, thanks in part to…… Continue reading Paranormal Videos Debunked

Haunting of family home prompts owners to call paranormal TV show for answers

  Eberhardts said year- long nightmare made family physically, emotionally sick By Amanda Lubinski amanda.lubinski@mycouriertribune.com   AMANDA LUBINSKI/Staff Photo The Eberhardt family members most affected by the paranormal activity, from left, Heidi, Jennifer, Lance and Emi, say activity has calmed down at their house on Northeast 144th Street in Kearney since “The Dead Files” filmed…… Continue reading Haunting of family home prompts owners to call paranormal TV show for answers

paranormal book for sale by Sherman carmichael

Author Contact Sherman Carmichael  843-386-3320,  shermancarmichael@yahoo.com Mysterious Tales From The North Carolina Piedmont Just a Thought, Did the Devil Visit North Carolina, Devil’s Tramping Ground, Devil’s Footprint, Devil’s Cave, Haunted Woods or the Devil’s Gut, Catsburg Ghost Train, 1891 Bostian’s Bridge Train Derailment, Ghost Lights, Mintz Light, Ephraim’s Light, Fremont Light, Vander Light, Haunted Bridges,…… Continue reading paranormal book for sale by Sherman carmichael

paranormal investigation service -Alberta

Steve Ramsey, PhD. paranormal EXPERT AND INVESTIGATOR  My service is free. Cover Calgary ,Okotoks and south Alberta. WWW.MOLEOPEDIA.COM  drsteveramsey@gmail.com scientific method used for the investigation  including the EVP, EMF, checking of infrasound, and hot energy spots, co, co2, and the level of Oxygen, laser lights and thermometer, infra red camera, and many more technical equipment. I…… Continue reading paranormal investigation service -Alberta

Bio filed energy

The paranormal – seeing energy attachments? buy yours now  Many people use Bio Field Reader (BFR) for paranormal research, for investigating phenomena which currently fall outside of the norm. The BFR program reveals a world of previously unseen phenomena, such as energy attachments.    We all have energetic attachments to loved ones, places. These can…… Continue reading Bio filed energy