You become what you hang around with

You become what you hang around with You become what you hang around with Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD -Public Health MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound. Is bad spirits or entities affecting your life hood, your house, your business and family? “Go with wise men and be wise: but he who keeps company with the foolish will be=…… Continue reading You become what you hang around with

LIGHT ,time ,psychic medium and our soul

Our soul moves more than the speed of light , If however reaches the speed of light, time stops completely.  Science tell us that Light = Time.  But this is the light we know and not the spirit light or the living light of God , This light is beyond time and space and it can creates things ,think and have intelligent .

The power of attraction
When you feel you are being watched, and you turn and find someone looking at you, it means that your spirit has already felt some disturbance. Same thing when a demon or jinn look at you , you will feel that you are been watched.  This sense of the spirit being attracted or repulsed is experienced by everyone. Some spirits are attracted and some repulsed it all depends on the frequencies – you meet someone and immediately feel repulsed or attracted. Psychic medium like saints have the ability to tone their waveforms more than normal people. 

Thats why in all the holy books God always mentioned that when we die the time will stop and time is relative , it will be like a dream and when we wake up for the judgement day we feels that we only stayed half day or one day maximum.
They calculated the speed of light to be 186,000 miles per second. The normal method of calculating speed in relativity is to take for example a sound wave. They noted that the wave travels at 1088 ft/second. If you are traveling at 1000 ft. /sec. and a sound wave is moving in the same direction you will observe it moving at 88 ft/sec. Likewise, to an observer speeding at 1088 ft/sec the observed speed of the sound wave would be zero.
Also going in the opposite direction, you would add the difference of the speeds when calculating classical Newtonian physics.

They also noted that with sound it needs a medium to travel so sound does not travel in a vacuum. Light on the other hand, does not require a medium in which to travel and unlike sound its observed speed does not change regardless of the speed or direction of the observer. Now if you think of ultrasound it is completely different as it travel in empty space much better and faster than regular sound does. 
So even for someone traveling 100,000 miles/second, the observed speed of that light would still be 186,000 miles/second; the same speed as if the observer was at rest.

This is the famous theory of relativity.
This is a phenomenon which is strikingly non-intuitive and in truth has not been able to be explained by scientists – only observed and built on.
It is universally accepted though incredible to comprehend, light speed is constant for all observers regardless of their speed or direction. Einstein explained that as an object increased in speed, approaching the speed of light, its physical length decreases, its mass increases. So we find a black hole has infinite mass but no size. As the object approaches the speed of light, time slows but the speed of light remains constant.

So if he is traveling at 185,999 miles/second, still light is speeding past him at 186,000 miles/second. He will never “break the light barrier” one cannot even approach it. If however he reaches the speed of light, time stops completely.
This aspect of light’s behavior left physicists stunned in wonderment and amazement: that it could adjust its observed behavior based on the one observing it.

This is explained that whatever level of knowledge you reach; you find you are nowhere; still above it is another level.
This also reminds us of the role of Light and Observation in the creation of the Prophet (s) and his being dressed by God  under the Divine Gaze before the creation of all things.

At that time there existed nothing of creation except the Light of God and then the Prophet, that is called  al-haqiqat al-Muhammadiyah, which was turning in the Bahr al-qudra ( the sea of wisdom and knowledge )God was sending His Divine Gaze on the Prophet (s) 70,000 times in every second/moment, and so on for other prophets in deafferent degrees.

Today, it is known that through light one can transmit enormous quantities of information digitally in a very short span of time. Now, with the invention of fibre-optic data connections, we have seen data rates jump by many times. One can now hook up one’s speakers via fibre-optics to a stereo. Disk drives are connected optically on fibre networks as are computers, allowing information to be transferred at Gigabit rates.

And we know that prophets and people of faith  use light as a means of transmitting spiritual powers.
When a the faithful wishes to bestow a seeker of the faith with his spiritual trusts, he will gaze in to his eyes, and pour the knowledge contained in his heart to the heart of the seeker through the vision. That is light-transmission.

So when the Prophet (s) was turning in the Divine Presence, under God sight , 70,000 times in each moment, he was being dressed and downloaded with wisdom , information and knowledge  by means of the light of God’s Vision, with knowledge in waves. Waves upon waves, in reality oceans of Divine Light were being shown onto the Prophet’s Essence, al-truth and the secrets of all secrets ,and in the process information was being “entered” into the Prophet’s understanding, his mind and brain  or consciousness.

Thus the Prophet (s) was being raised in every instant, level upon level of Divine Knowledge, and continues in this manner until today.
Based on this concept of general relativity, some physicists have even argued for an infinite universe in a bounded space, stating that if the speed of galaxies increases the farther they are from the center of the big bang, then as is observed, their speed begins to approach significantly close to the speed of light, their spatial dimension in the direction of motion begins to compress, flattening them in the direction of motion.

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