Entities and ghosts true incidents in my life

These are my true multiple incidents of my paranormal true stories that took place in my life in a different time and different places. As far I can remember, they all started long time  ago. 1958 – 1959 -Baghdad city- Iraq. I was 5 years ol I left home for a walk in the summer of…… Continue reading Entities and ghosts true incidents in my life

The haunted palace of Al Qasimi palace in Ras Al Khaimah – UAE.

The haunted Al Qassimi palace in Ras AL Khaimah- UAE  I think this place is not haunted by bad demons. jinn, but by what we call Ommar, type of jinn inhibits a place when the place stay empty more than 40 nights. Other think it could be a scare tactics that the authority uses to…… Continue reading The haunted palace of Al Qasimi palace in Ras Al Khaimah – UAE.


Halloween ,demons,& the universe Dr.Steve Ramsey, PhD  Wishing you a happy Halloween. let us go deep into the kingdom of the Jinn, demons, and falling angels, and why they fear Iron, Copper and Brass ? What is the new particles in this universe and what the bible and Quran say about them. Hope all you…… Continue reading HAPPY HALLOWEEN

The world of the JINN, Hinn, Binn, khin, Rimm, Timm, Nephilim and Possession

Very few people knows that There were creatures in this earth way before the Jinn they were called HINN, BINN, Timm, Rimm, AND KHINN before the jinn and way before Adam. Also the Nephilim In Noah time The jinn, in all their shape-shifting varieties, are an integral part of Islamic culture, literature and poetry The…… Continue reading The world of the JINN, Hinn, Binn, khin, Rimm, Timm, Nephilim and Possession

Falling angels, demons, jinn and ghouls

Throughout the medieval world there was a strong belief in supernatural beings. If you lived in the Middle East, there were two important medieval texts you could consult to learn about creatures like the Ghul or the King of Thursday. Many had strange powers and nightmarish forms, and would be called djinn, demons or devils.…… Continue reading Falling angels, demons, jinn and ghouls

List of demons and thier power

I discussed before the 72 demons of king suleiman. And as we know from the holy books that each of those 72 demons have many legions and those 72 demons have ranks some are kings , presidents,general, dukes and so on as i described them according to the torah. In today list I will give…… Continue reading List of demons and thier power

Russian Sleep experiments

creating a monsters in nazis and russian prisons ,The story recounts an experiment set in a late–1940s Soviet test facility. In a military-sanctioned scientific experiment, five political prisoners were kept in a sealed gas chamber, with an airborne stimulant continually administered in order to keep the subjects awake for 30 consecutive days. The prisoners were falsely promised that they would be set free from the prison if they completed the experiment.

The subjects behaved as usual during the initial days, talking to each other and whispering to the researchers through the one-way glass, though it was noted that their discussions gradually became darker in subject matter. After nine days, one subject began screaming uncontrollably for hours while the others had no reaction to his outburst.

Demons how can they affect us and who they are ?

Well, how does satan know what to try on you? One thing we know about satan is he looks at what’s worked well historically, generationally in taking out your family. Since your parents, grand parents and those back to the fourth generation probably didn’t do anything about their generational curses, he automatically starts with those sins and iniquities to see if you’ll give in to the pressure and follow suit – yet adding on another generation continuing the bondage.

Well, reader, most of the time, this works so flawlessly, that satan and his demons have very little work to do in our lives. So the question for you reading this article is, what are you going to do about the operation of generational curses in your life? You can try to deny them, but that is not effective.

How do demons relate to generational curses? One way generational curses have power is they are held in place to operate through the demonic realm.

In many cases demons transmit from one family generation to the next family generation, and so forth, through a) genes; b) the environment children grow up in [we all were children at one point]; c) the universal, biblical law of sowing and reaping [that is active in every single family]; and d) demonic oppression.

Can the transference of demons occur?

Yes. In some cases, the transference occurs during a formal, ritualistic ceremonies.

How do I get demons out of my life?

Temporarily, you can bind demons and temporarily stop their mission, which is to block you from receiving God has for you. Why do I purposely use the word temporary with demons. After you bind any demon, you should complete the process by commanding each demon from your life.

If you don’t do this, then the binding process is temporary, which means each time you see the demon manifest, you’ll need to rebind. This can become laborious, so it’s just makes sense to complete the process by commanding the demon the leave. Commanding each demon active in your life will not take place until you take care of the root reason(s) that gave each of the demons entrance into your life.

Matthew 16:19 reads, And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

What are demonic voices?

As a Christian, you should know the different ways the Holy Spirit can speak. A few examples of how the Holy Spirit speaks to us are following:

a) in a still small voice, Acts 9: 3 – 7;
b) by external or outward visions, Joshua 5: 13 – 15;
c) with dreams, Daniel 2;
d) through and inward vision, John 8:38;
e) via personal prophecy [that should be tested and prophecy can be conditional], I Corinthians 12: 7 – 11;
f) illumination of scripture;
g) hearing His voice audibly, I Samuel 3:10; or
h) in any way He chooses.

Remember these are only a few ways you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. Many times many, many, many Christians are challenged in hearing the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. Why?

a) Unrepented or unconfessed sin hinders you from hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit

b) You feeling unworthy to hear the voice of the Lord;

c) You being afraid [fear] to hear the voice of the Lord;

d) You don’t even believe you, as a Christian, are able to hear the voice of the Lord, so this is boldface unbelief.

e) Not spending regular, daily, intimate time with the Holy Spirit makes His voice foreign to you. As in every relationship, we learn to recognize someone’s voice by hearing it over and over again. This is even true for the Lord’s voice.

John 10: 4 – 5, 16 – When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice … They too will listen to my voice …

f) Your unexpressed disappointment or anger towards the Lord can hinder you from hearing His voice.

g) The presence of demons operating in your life block your spiritual eyes and ears. There are certain demons that specialize in trying to prevent our receiving anything from God.

h) Read I Samuel 3:2-10 where Samuel did not recognize the voice of the Lord

How do demons strategize?

One strategy demons use is to see what has worked successfully on those in your family lineage – particularly your parents, grand parents, and so forth. If no one in your family line has broken the generational curses held in place by the demonic, the curses continue.

A biochemist once explained to Derek Prince, “A human body is attacked regularly by cancerous cells. When that body is healthy, its immune system identifies and attacks the cancerous cells, and they are unable to harm the body. But when the body has been weakened by illness or some kind of emotional shock, the immune system is unable to do its job effectively, and some form of cancer can develop somewhere in the body.”

Immediately Derek Prince said to himself, that’s just how it is with demons!

A second strategy demons use | Demons continually seek to invade you, but when you are spiritually healthy, the spiritual immune system within you identifies and attacks the demons, and they are not able to move in and take control of you. Any kind of unhealthiness or emotional weakness on the other hand, makes you vulnerable to demonic attack.

The third eye -hazard and the old earth

These videos in Arabic to those readers who asked about the history of mankind before ADAM, BEFORE NOAH THEN AFTER NOAH AND ABRAHAM TIME , THE SECRETS OF LIFE,THE JINN AND HIN, THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF OLD EARTH, BABYLONIA AND SUMERIA .The third eye ,hazard,

Kingdom jinn and paranormal history

https://youtu.be/SYm5ssqJzbw?t=80   https://youtu.be/sIVn7p03w6A?t=587   https://youtu.be/bTODtGASWYk?t=501 https://youtu.be/tovrK6bJ6Ts?t=231 https://youtu.be/XaCssDv2GjA?t=205 https://youtu.be/uTuFVx7O3cE?t=228 https://youtu.be/JpAdcGO7x5w?t=316 https://youtu.be/c2gTKbgRxtA?t=64 https://youtu.be/oHDo7UiFnD4?t=139   https://youtu.be/XlOkiXLb3v8?t=4      


THE JINN IN ARABIC LECTURE Jinn (often al-jinn or djinn) are shape-shifting spirits made of fire and air with origins in pre-Islamic Arabia. They are the inspiration for Aladdin’s genie, and have held space in Arab culture for almost as long as Arab culture itself. And yet, having transcended both religion and the physical world, so little is understood…… Continue reading THE JINN IN ARABIC LECTURE

The holy Quran and the Bible echo each other about the Jinn ( Demons)

Quran miracle showed that the bible 72 demon of King Solomon in one of the Quran chapter. The 72nd chapter of the Quran entitled Al-Jinn  (The Jinn), as well as the heading and introduction  Bismillah, of the next chapter entitled  Al- Muzzammil (The Enshrouded One).  In the Bible King Solomon managed in God help to…… Continue reading The holy Quran and the Bible echo each other about the Jinn ( Demons)

Fresno Nightcrawler

Fresno  California has a lesser-known claim to supernatural fame: the Fresno Nightcrawler. The mysterious being, or puppet, has reemerged in the imaginations of many this spooky season as Halloween approaches. First spotted on video surveillance footage more than a decade ago by a Fresno resident, the Fresno Nightcrawler roughly resembles a pair of long white…… Continue reading Fresno Nightcrawler