Were Safavids from Turkey or Iran?

The ethnic origins of the Safavid Dynasty is a very debated topic. They are kurdish later the turks and iranians stole it from them,  The ethnicity of Safavid Dynasty is quite difficult to determine. The reason being that a case could be made for either side. Under turkey the empire was nice, just, and good, but under the Iranians thugs it became ruthless, killer, corrupt, destroyed life and force people in Iran to change from Sunni to Shia cult. 

The problem with trying to associate historical figures and empires with ethnic groups is that the ancient world did not care or obsess over ethnic groups. This is a modern concept that seems to have begun with the rise of the ethno-nationalism in the world. Men such as Shah Ismail and Babur would not really have cared about whether they were Turks or Iranians. What mattered most to them was their lineage. This is what was truly important to them.

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Origin of the Safavid Order

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