Clearly we have a fascination with haunted houses in this country, I  don’t think most of them are so scary. Instead, h, I think they’re trying to send us a message, or it is a residual haunting , warning us, find something that they’re still looking for, and maybe they are trying to scare us to leave them and the place alone . They like solitary and darkness away from human, voices and disturbances.

 most hauntings aren’t evil , only misunderstood. “I think a lot of the classic signs that people run into are mysterious noises that seem to come from places they can’t locate, a lot of bumping and scratching on walls, seeing full-bodied apparitions, and things moving from place to place when you’ve not touched them.” Of course, anyone who has seen a horror movie or a ghost show probably already knows this. What you might not know, however, is that what you call “a haunting” may not be the real deal. Continue Reading →

Haunting of family home prompts owners to call paranormal TV show for answers

  Eberhardts said year- long nightmare made family physically, emotionally sick By Amanda Lubinski   AMANDA LUBINSKI/Staff Photo The Eberhardt family members most affected by the paranormal activity, from … Continue Reading →

Objects and idols that attracts demon to your house and haunt you -By; Nicole Canfield 

Objects and Idols That Attract Demons and make Your Home Haunted- By  By; The greates author of the spirit world – Nicole Canfield  How do you know if the spirit haunting … Continue Reading →

 A paranormal – Why do some spirits haunt your place and dont leave -By Saad Ramzi Ismail

Why do some spirits haunt your place and don’t leave? An earthbound spirit is one who chooses not to cross over when their physical existence ends. We are all given … Continue Reading →