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Conspiracy theories about Jews and others are frequently global in nature, featuring worldwide plots. The same can be said for conspiracies tying Jews and Israel to the coronavirus. As such, the very same content found online, on state or satellite TV in the Arab world, also appears in the West, primarily through first-generation immigrants with ties to the Middle East. For example, Professor As’ad Abukhalil, a Lebanese-American at California State University (Stanislaus), tweeted “the Jewish State will have different medical procedures for Jews and non-Jews” and those “non-Jews will be put in mass prisons” as part of Israel’s coronavirus response. [3]

Antisemitism presents itself in old and new guises. The authoritative IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism offers traditional examples of conspiracy theories and hatred rooted in religious ideology alongside more recent examples related to Israel and the Middle East conflict. All can be found in the current situation, and they are often woven together. Thus, some anti semitic messages claim Jews, Zionists, or the State of Israel itself have created COVID-19 with the sinister purpose of then being able to profit from developing an antidote. In others, Israel is falsely portrayed as caring for its own population while preventing any help for Palestinians. A third set of examples claims that Jews themselves are infected and spreading the deadly virus via their own communities, much as they were accused of spreading the plague in medieval times. These charges may be contradictory, but that matters little to the anti semites who promote them.

Most of the paranormal TV shows are fake , staged ,falsifier of information’s, -‘It’s all about suggestion’

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Dont use Flour as a Burn Remedy

Flour as a Burn Remedy Follow Standard Medical Advice Instead of an Urban Legend by David Emery Flour for burns? This viral message claims covering burned skin with plain white flour will immediately stop any pain and promote healing without so much as a blister. Medical professionals such as those at the Mayo Clinic advise relying…… Continue reading Dont use Flour as a Burn Remedy

Origins of poisoning of the Western mind against Islam 

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DONALD DUCK DID IT AGAIN                                 LET US MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN . Donald duck’s wife came from Slovenia /Russia and not citizen of USA until few years ago! your workers and gardeners are from Mexico most of them on temp working visa !Saudi Arabia and Pakistan had 99% of the 9/11 terrorists attack on USA, and they…… Continue reading DONALD trump DID IT AGAIN