Short Ghost Stories by our readers

We are celebrating the pass mark of more than 200,000READER IN OUR BLOG HERE , PLEASE READ, SEND US YOUR STORIES, AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.  Ghost Stories  1- I was driving across country with my mom and sister. I was 16, my sister 20, my mom in her 50s. It was late, but we…… Continue reading Short Ghost Stories by our readers

spirit in my house from our reader

William Baldonado Wed, Jan 6, 9:10 PM (20 hours ago)     to me Hey Steve, happy new year! Thank you for keeping in touch. I’m not sure if you remember my history with my demon. It’s still here, last year I’ve been proactive with my faith and belief. It’s been dormant last few months through…… Continue reading spirit in my house from our reader

Demonic Possession and Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia Schizophrenia can strike anyone, including individuals from deeply religious homes. The concepts of devils, heaven and hell are part of Catholicism. Islam, and Judea “Demonic influence” is a rare, but integral belief of many. And many faithful who research schizophrenia wonder about the demonic. “Is my relative possessed, and I possessed?” The New Testament…… Continue reading Demonic Possession and Schizophrenia