Mental disorder conflicts

Mental disorder conflicts By Steve Ramsey, PhD. Canada Dr.Saad Al- Hashimi, PhD -Health Sciences Views on what a mental disorder is have changed radically in the past hundred years. For much of the 20th century, psychiatrists under the spell of psychoanalysis interpreted the symptoms of mental illness as clues to patients’ unconscious internal conflicts, not as indicators…… Continue reading Mental disorder conflicts

The Big 5 personality Traits and the Paranormal

The Big 5 personality Traits & the Paranormal Published on August 7, 20222 Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD -Health Sciences My Review of the Big five Traits and the Paranormal INTRODUCTION Paranormal is the field of the unknown. I describe it as P.A.R.A.N.O.R.M.A.L P= Personality Traits A=Awareness R=Resistant to believe in the unseen, unheard, unfelt,…… Continue reading The Big 5 personality Traits and the Paranormal

How to control negative thoughts under stress and anxiety

How to control negative thoughts under stress and anxiety. Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD  It happens to the best of us. There you are, happily going along your ordinary day-to-day when suddenly, a thought pops into your head from out of nowhere: “What if I’m making a big mistake?” After your boss gives a new assignment…… Continue reading How to control negative thoughts under stress and anxiety

Spirit’s attachment & breakup of your families

Spirit’s attachment & breakup of your families   Dr.Saad Ramzi Al- Hashimi, PhD Spirit attachments on people with whom we have close emotional ties with such as; wife, husband, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, spirits will continually try to separate the possessed person from all those around them. And that is not a wife’s tale, it is…… Continue reading Spirit’s attachment & breakup of your families

Stress, Anxiety, depression, psychosis, and personality disorders.

SAD= Stress  Anxiety  Depression   Stress, Anxiety, depression, psychosis, and personality disorders.   Steve Ramsey, PhD At various times, anxiety has been regarded either as a natural state worth embracing or as a central dimension of mental suffering. Anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and specific phobia, represent an especially…… Continue reading Stress, Anxiety, depression, psychosis, and personality disorders.

The grieve of losing love one and the Dangers of Summoning Spirits

  The grieve of losing love one and the Dangers of Summoning Spirits Steve Ramsey, PhD  The worse grieve is to lose someone who is already alive, the one who just leave you with or without reason, the one who breakup with you with or without fault, the pet who decide to leave your house…… Continue reading The grieve of losing love one and the Dangers of Summoning Spirits

The healthy and unhealth excessive guilt

Imagine just another ordinary day in your life. You wake up at the same time, do your morning routine, and eat breakfast. But then, you get that text. It’s your dad, and you suddenly remember you were supposed to call him yesterday to see him and help him out for a small project that he…… Continue reading The healthy and unhealth excessive guilt

Your health and Anxiety

Anxiety, especially chronic anxiety, commonly leads to back pain Muscle tension may be the primary cause, but there are other supplementary anxiety symptoms that could also cause back pain Simple lifestyle changes can reduce some of the back pain One simple change: posture, which can be affected by anxiety in several ways Eliminating back pain…… Continue reading Your health and Anxiety

My answer to a paranormal incident in Quebec – schizophrenia


I seriously need help but I don’t know who to turn to.

Be aware that I only started taking notes on the 4th of September 2020.

On the 27th of July 2020, I had to put down my cat, which I adored with all my heart.  I was still crying so much on the second day of her passing that I decided to look up pet afterlife videos on YouTube.  I fell upon one of Danielle McKinnon’s videos, and that’s when I finally felt relief knowing that my cat was still with me. 

I must say that I never stopped talking to my cat. When I would go out, I would say goodbye. When I came in, I would say hi! When I looked at the places where she often hung around, you guessed it; I talked to her.  On nights that I would watch a movie, I pretended that my cat was resting on me and would pet her back, just like we always did. 

About one week or two after the passing of my cat, I started to feel as if I had energy coming out of my fingertips.  The next day it intensified, and I suddenly witnessed first hand how we are all energy. The day after that, I could feel the energy coming out of everything! For a few days, I didn’t know what was going on and felt very baffled.  

I did not realize then how it was important for me to take notes when such and such event happened, so I might sound a little bit confused. 

One night, while I was watching a movie, I called Lea to come and watch a movie with me. Since her death, I had done this every time I watched a movie. So, I pretended I was petting her and that’s when I started to feel her whiskers, her breath and even her kissing me as she always did when she was alive.

The night after that, I couldn’t wait to watch a movie with my girl. All-day, I felt a small animal, such as a little dog or cat, walking on my feet and trying to jump on my knees. So, thinking it was my baby girl, called Lea, I kept on telling her to jump on me, but she wouldn’t; she stayed with her feet on my feet and her head on my knees, begging me to pick her up. I must tell you that I am in a motorized wheelchair, and so you can understand how it would be easy for an animal to walk and rest on my feet. 

I think it was on that same night that while I was lying in bed, I saw three figures (silhouettes). One; that I could not see very well but figured that it was my cat because I could faintly feel it licking my fingers, as she used to do—another one; going back and forth on my feet and one more that I call the guardian because it did not move. 

So, first, I discovered my cat, and then there were three cats, and then four. Also, I thought that I was going to be able to feel them only at night, but that is not the case. I can feel their mustaches, their little wet nose, and I can feel their breath anytime they are near me and even if there are people around.

Quick update: 5ft Sept. 2020. I am now surrounded by at least five or six pets. I can feel their whiskers… there is even one that seems to be very young because it is chewing on my shoes and pinched the back of my leg yesterday. Also, they are not all cats as I thought; there are also dogs and maybe even other types of animal such as rats.

The 9th of September 2020

Now I need serious help. This situation is not fun anymore.  About 3 nights ago, I counted 9 animals in my bed; that is when my problems began. This will sound absolutely impossible, but I swear to you on my father’s head, who is still alive, that what I am about to tell you is real.

The night that I could see 9 different shadows of pets, I sensed one coming up to my ear at a swift but delicate pace, and it resembled a lot like a Chihuahua that we had, my parents and I some 30 years ago. Now you may think to yourself, “So what? it’s only a Chihuahua, what harm can that do?” I am very embarrassed to tell you that the Chihuahua started licking my private parts.

On that first night of her appearance, I got it to stop, but all the days ever since, she has been continuously licking my vagina and my butthole. I swear to you this is not a joke. It is not fun at all to have this freaking ghost Chihuahua dog licking your private parts from morning ’till night.

I have tried chasing her away with sage. Since I did not want to chase away my own cat, I’ve decided last night only to purify my body, as well as my motorized wheelchair. This afternoon I think I will have no choice but to try to cleanse the whole apartment since it did not work at all.

Update the 12th of September 2020

The sage made things worse; it intensified the Chihuahua’s pace. I tried telling them that they are not welcome anymore, that they must all go. That was last night. Today, I am ignoring them, but I can still feel some of them touching me with their whiskers. As for the little corrupted one, I still feel it but faintly.

Some Paranormal chasers have told me to stop talking to my baby and any of them, to stop giving them attention. They also said I should firmly ask them to go away… but I don’t think they will. One told me to look up what an incubus was and that it should give me an idea of what I am dealing with.

Do you have any suggestions as to what to do meanwhile to protect myself?

I literally did not sleep last night and surely won’t sleep at all tonight either because I am now afraid that they will get angry with me now that I am ignoring them.

It wIll sound stupid, but I put a garlic head under the seat of my motorized wheelchair.

Do you recommend something else?

Have you ever heard of such a situation?

I need some professional help, can you help me

Sincerely  ( K.D_ )  Carol ; City: Rimouski, Region: Quebec, Canada.


Managing anxiety around covid-19

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Feeling possessed can be part of Depersonalization disorder

This is not to say there is no truth behind some possession incidents . Depression an some other form of personnel disorders  beside anxiety ,like depersonaliztaion disorder can lead to similar feeling of seen entities and possession . Feeling possessed. People with DPD in some cases report feeling as if an evil entity has taken up…… Continue reading Feeling possessed can be part of Depersonalization disorder