Things to remember if you have a paranormal experience

Remember that in 95% of the time what you are experiencing is consistent with recognized illnesses of the mind that are known to cause symptoms like what you are experiencing. Conditions like schizophrenia, psychosis, paranoia, hysteria, audiophony, bipolar disorders,  and other disorders are not paranormal ability, You might hear and see things that others can not…… Continue reading Things to remember if you have a paranormal experience

Spirits attachments and your emotion

My answer to some of our blog readers who emailed me about different concerns regarding a spirit attachments.  The souls of the deceased who have not departed to the other side and entered into the Light reside in the low levels of the astral/emotional world. And because they have a strong desire to stay near…… Continue reading Spirits attachments and your emotion


Aggression Be careful to whom you direct your aggression and lies to, because God listens to the prayers of those people who are considered to be our subordinates, workers, students, or those who help us.  If you make an accusation without facts and accuse someone of something they didn’t do, you will pay the price…… Continue reading Aggression