Subtle energy with BioField Reader & Biofield Imager

See subtle energy with BioField Reader & Biofield Imager
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See changes in the Biofield with live-stream video
We see fascinating changes in the biofield in real-time – using Biofield Reader (BFR). Changes which the eye can’t see unless biofield imaging digital filters are applied. The images below are grabs taken from the moving video-stream as changes were seen. The healing images show remarkable changes in light on and around a healer and healee. In the crystal experiment grabs, the crystal started to glow with light when a group of healers focused positive thoughts towards it. If you want to know more about our analysis of these scans – see
We have also seen what might be inter-dimensional life-forms, unidentified aerial phenomena, paranormal anomalies, Earth energy and much more…

BFR already has a multitude of applications and users, therapists and researchers are discovering more all the time. There are lots of videos on our YouTube channel of how Biofield Reader reveals light patterns most of us simply aren’t able to see with our eyes.

We’ve got a special offer on Biofield Reader – £100(GBP) off the normal retail price of £499(GBP).
BFR is now only £399(GBP) (offer ends 7th December 2020) We now supply 2 Licence Keys with every BFR so you can load it on two computers. Single User Licence.
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Do contact us if you have any queries. We are always happy to help.

Best wishes,

Jane Solomon
BSc (Hons) Acupuncture
BA (Hons) Humanities
Jane has over 30 years nursing experience, runs an Acupuncture and Healing Clinic, and is the author of two books related to biofield imaging.

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