Stop living in fear, and start living in faith

When you are dealing with the paranormal/preternatural, terror and despair often push you to reach out.  If you are reading this message, you have most likely exhausted other avenues of help to no avail.  Fear not.  Whatever you have experienced, whatever torment you’re living through, we have seen, heard, or encountered the same activity.  That being said, there is almost nothing that you can say that will shock us into disbelief. I will believe you.

Do not ignore what is happening to you.  One of the worst things you can do is ignore the darkness, thinking that if you do, it will go away. 

They will not be ignored.  Know the warning signs: Stress, anger, Anxiety, severe depression, fits of rage, blackouts/loss of time, withdrawal from society, addiction, psychic cold, stench of sulfur/feces/urine/rotting meat, disembodied voices, grunts, and growls; unexplained physical attacks that would include scratches, bruises, bites, and touches. I will make sure that you have no psychological problem that needs clinical psychologist or a doctor first.   

 If any of these descriptions resonate with you, call us. I can help.

I am here here to help break the chains of those that are afflicted, tormented, and plagued by what hides in the different kinds of darkness.  People of diverse beliefs and backgrounds have come through our doors and been liberated from many a horrific existence. 

Your race, color, creed, lifestyle, and even religion will not be questioned; none of these factors will deter us from walking through your door (or vice-versa).  What will matter FOR YOU will be your amount of faith if you want to come out free AND STAY FREE on the other side of the proverbial door? 

I believe in the magnificent power of FAITH in the Heavenly Father and His Holy Angels.  You should too.

With God nothing is impossible and nothing will hurt you without his permission . Only if you allowed the demonic forces to hold you and push you to addictions , you can still break the chain and fight the dark forces .

Contact me , my service is free, my mission is to fight evil , Stop living in fear, and start living in faith.

Steve Ramsey, PhD.

Okotoks, Calgary 

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