Spirits attachments and your emotion

My answer to some of our blog readers who emailed me about different concerns regarding a spirit attachments.

 The souls of the deceased who have not departed to the other side and entered into the Light reside in the low levels of the astral/emotional world. And because they have a strong desire to stay near the physical life realm, they will be drawn to regions of the astral world where negative emotions prevail. That’s is also true in case of personnel problems in cases such as divorce, bad angry separations,  place where there was severe aggression, depression, stress, and anxiety and or mental problems, addiction. Schizophrenia, psychosis that one or more of the family members dealt with.   

The strongest and primary emotion of the low astral world is fear. Fear also manifests into other negative emotions, such as hatred, envy, jealousy, rage, anger, self-pity, depression, and many other destructive feelings. A spirit residing in one of these levels of the astral world will emanate one or more of these harmful emotions. Or it could be the residual negative energy that stayed even after the person died or left the house.

Additionally, there is a very limited amount of divine energy in these regions, and as a result, spirits will have very little energy to draw from. A spirit that lingers near a person, or attaches themselves to the living, will result in few critical consequences:

1) Physical Weakness:

This happens because a spirit’s energy needs to balance out with the living’s energy. In all of nature, there is a principle of equalization. We learn from physics that liquids in two connected vessels always have equal levels.

The same thing happens with the energy of two beings—a living person and a spirit. The spirit will eventually find itself with very little energy, and on the flip side, the living will maintain its high level of energy.

So, if there is any connection between the spirit and the living, the latter will be forced to give up some of their energy—the energies of the spirit and the living person will ultimately have to equalize. That’s why it is very important for us all to have daily cleansing of yourselfer and your house with simple prayers. Freshwater wash, let the light come in the house open the curtains, put light music, white candles, and make sure to clean the house and no clattering around.

Suppose you wake up one morning and you feel perfectly rested. You happily leave the house to meet your best friend, who you soon discover is experiencing a serious crisis in their life. Her boyfriend left her and she is overcome with negative emotions—she is angry at her boyfriend, at herself, at the whole world, and everything seems to be spiraling out of control. May be he/ she passed away, or had to leave for treatment and psychological problem.

 You quickly notice that the positive energy you woke up with has completely dissipated. You feel a sudden drop in your energy while your friend’s energy has dramatically improved thanks to the energy you transferred to her.

The same reaction happens when a living person attracts a spirit to themselves, and when at the same time the spirit attracts the living. The human loses energy while the spirit gains this very same energy. Thus, when a spirit is close to the living, they will feel a dramatic loss of energy. I noticed also if you renovate an old house without prayers you will steer hiding negative energies .So you must pray in the name of God only and not other deity or entity.

This is why it is so imperative to monitor your energy level and to be constantly aware of what is happening with your energy. If you are able to recognize a change in energy levels, you will be able to figure out fairly easily when you have attracted spirits.

This can be an extremely valuable skill, because when a spirit is outside of our physical body and is only affecting our emotions and etheric body (life energy body)—we will then have all the power to distance ourselves from the spirit. This is the moment when we do not yet need an exorcist—this is the moment when the power is still exclusively in your hands.

Distancing ourselves from the spirit at this stage is not that difficult. A moment of relaxation, rest, raising one’s own thoughts and emotions to a higher level—above the low astral level—is sufficient.

Talk to a man of faith, spiritual person and don’t just rely on the internet to give you an answer, avoid those paranormal investigators who ask you to pay. You can pray and do it yourself by depending on God.

This can be done, for example, by sitting down and counting backwards from 100 to 1, and concentrating on only the counting. Of course, other thoughts might come to us, but we can remove them from our mind by returning our awareness to the counting process. The idea is to shift your mind, mindfulness with art, music, sport, go for walk, exercise can do wonder.

 The key to success with this exercise is persistence and unwavering motivation. If you have suffered from the presence of spirits, then you will naturally have the motivation.

2) Emotional Disturbances

The second symptom of spirits being around us is their emotional impact on our own emotional/astral body. As we know, spirits who didn’t transition to the other side are in the field of strong, negative emotions. If they come close to us, they will impose this emotional state upon the living. We will then feel not only the spirit’s negative emotions, but our own negative emotions will be amplified as well. The fastest and easiest way to attract spirits is with our own negative emotional states, such as fear or anger.

When something happens in your life that you define as negative—i.e. experiencing some form of personal failure—your thoughts will automatically lean towards a negative view of the world, and of course, negative emotions will ultimately follow. Soon, you will begin to feel discouragement, regret, anger, fear, etc., and as a result, your emotional/astral body will move to a low astral level.

Being in such a situation, it is easy to attract a spirit of the same emotional nature. There are countless spirits in the astral world and there will always be one that feels identically to you. Those could be good human spirits, bad and angry sprits, demonic in nature, Jinn, falling angels who turned to demonic, or elementary spirits of water, wind, fire, earth, forest and rivers, caves and mountains and each have different vibration, color, smell ,look and a purpose in this life. Some of them hibernate and don’t like to be disturbed by renovations or invoking.

This congruence of vibrations draws you together and makes you best friends temporarily. You both will bond and cry over the inescapable fate that has befallen you. Choosing this approach—this emotional response—is extremely destructive, because you are exposing yourself to a low energy level.

The moment this happens, the spirit has direct access to you and can possess you in your moment of weakness. You will find that your negative emotions are being amplified by the emotions of the spirit and they will be much stronger than they were before you attracted the spirit. That’s why you need a good friend to talk to and to make you forget and focus on your health and wellbeing.

But, fear not, you still possess all the power over this situation. An exorcist is not needed quite yet. Sit back, relax, breathe, and don’t indulge in your own negative emotions.

Please keep in mind that it is not what happens to us that is important, rather, it is how we approach it. Remember that negative experiences trigger additional negative emotions. We will react today the way we reacted to the same situation in the past, but we are not necessarily chained to that pattern forever. So if you do mistake correct it, if you hurt someone say you are sorry and ask for forgiveness so you don’t be part of the curse.

If you constantly find yourself in a negative situation, it is a sign that the universe wants to help break you out of this vicious cycle. Ultimately, it is up to you if you will continually feed the old emotional pattern, so it is not what you call it a bad luck, it is not a bad luck ,it is a preparation for a better thing to come. What you have at the start I call it the Murphy laws syndrome.

You have a choice and you can decide to change this luck by been positive , think positive, act positive, and ofcource seek help.. This might be extremely difficult at first. You will have cut a deep path through your emotional body, a channel through which your emotions flow, and triggered by a specific experience. But it is important to remember that you created this path, and only you can begin to fill it up again.

You can stop the flood of emotions by not giving into to them when you experience something negative. Emotions want you to energize them with fresh energy. They want to live, as does everything in the universe. But these emotions are not good for you and you should distance yourself from them by mind fullness, prayers, breathing , walking and focus on your health. Not giving into your own negative emotions is difficult at first, but it is definitely something that can be achieved.

It is easier than you might think. Simply stop thinking about the negative emotions when they start to flood through you. They are awful and you certainly don’t want them. So, try your hardest to draw your attention away from them.

Bad luck, sad news , losing your job and your love one, family death, relationship issue are all part of the test and you need to learn to control your anger, emotion, and stress level,  It won’t be easy in the beginning, but if you practice, you will start to find success. Stop acting, talking, thinking, over-thinking, arguing, lamenting, and complaining about the world. Instead, simply relax, but plan your daily work to be healthy and do your job so you can pay the bills, the rent, your food and balance your life.

Negative emotions will not want to let go, and will bombard you even more intensely, but remember that you are stronger (you really are!) and you just need to persevere. You will notice that with practice, the negative emotions will eventually become weaker and weaker until they completely disappear. It may take a few (or many) tries, but after a while, you will discover that you will be able push away the unwanted emotion in a split second. Alternatively, you can do the counting exercise we mentioned above.

 3)- spiritual distress, this will depend on you and your family to tone up with your faith, your holy book and simply pray and worship God set aside an hour a day, before you sleep or after you wake up try to communicate your good and bad feeling with God .Ask him to protect you ,take care of you, and give you the power and strength to carry on your daily life hood. Avoid witchcraft and black magic, cars or spirit box. The best spirit box is your Torah, Bible and the Quran. Those books have the keys to all the answers we need, they also have the Roqeya prayer that’s burn any demon, deliverance prayers to cleanse your house and more , and if you are not familiar how to use them I can help you.

Thank you for sharing your stories with my blog.

Steve Ramsey, PhD- Public Health, Natural herbology, demonologist, paranormal expert,researcher and investigator. 

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By Dr.Steve Ramsey,PhD

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