Spirit re attachment

Attached Spirits that return to you must be approached with compassion. Please remember that these spirits are lost and afraid to go to the Light, and in most time they are and were used to you and been with you and your energy field, they like you for some reason.

Even though they are given the opportunity to leave and go to the light, most like to stay and not ready to leave. If the spirit is someone close to you, they may feel rejected because you are forcing them away, and as a result, this causes additional suffering for them. O always pray for them , ask God to help you and them, read and recite the holly books , cleanse yourself and the house

Here is an analogy to better understand the complexity of the situation. It is a bit like when it is freezing in the winter and you are sitting in a warm house (symbolizing your body) and warming yourself by the fireplace (symbolizing the Divine energy in your heart). Suddenly, there is a knock at the door and there stands your deceased loved one, for whom you still have fond feelings, and they beg you to let them in. Your parents , your relative or friends, even a  pet

If you let them inside, the spirit will immediately warm themselves by your fireplace (thereby taking some of your energy), but after a while, you will start to suffer (the spirit causes the fire to go out). The spirit will not benefit from this because they cannot stay in your body forever—its destiny is to leave to the afterlife.

In this situation, it’s important to try and sympathize with the spirit. By not letting the spirit in, you will most likely feel remorse that you are some kind of monster for not wanting to help a deceased loved one. Please try and forgive yourself and remember that you are doing the right thing for both yourself and the spirit. You offer them prayers and guides, Chinese offer food, LOL they don’t need that. They need prayers and true worship to God to ask him to help them .

But if you allow the spirit to possess you, you will only become angry for opening yourself up to suffering once again. The only way out of this situation is to think compassionately about the spirit, to not to let them in, and to ask the Higher Intelligence, God, to help your loved one. Rather than feel sorry for the spirit, feel sympathy for them instead. Pity brings the following thought, “You are in a terrible situation and you probably won’t get out of it.” Whereas compassion allows positive thoughtfulness, “You are in a terrible situation, but you have all the strength in your own heart to get out of it. The Universe will immediately help everyone if they will open themselves up to this assistance.”

The spirits that are being removed during the removal process will nearly always seek an opportunity to return to you. The analogy of It is very cold outside will be present in your psyche looking for a way to convince you to open the door. The stronger the relationship you had with the spirit, the stronger and more persistent the spirit will be.

You must remember that spirits are able to observe your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, they will know how to manipulate you. Nevertheless, do not judge them. Spirits think that this is the only way to survive, which is not true, of course, because a person’s soul never dies.

That’s why I learn to pray and ask God to help those I love including my pet to go in hands of God and I ask God

However, it is the only solution they can think of using. So, they will try to bring out every possible negative emotion within you. They know that if they manage to make you angry, or force you into a raging fit, you will be functioning on their emotional/energy level namely the low astral level and they will ultimately be able to take away your energy away.

The more you experience hatred, anger, guilt, pity, jealousy, envy, fear, etc., the more energy they will take from you. The spirits will grasp at any opportunity; they will even stir up anger directed toward the spirit themselves in order to make you angry. They will say: “See how much control I have over you? I

 just snap my fingers and you are already angry.” But please remember that this is just a trick. You can get out of this predicament by approaching it calmly and with a composed mind. The more you act impulsively, the more control the spirits will have over you. Don’t allow yourself to generate negative emotions (this only applies when you are dealing with spirit attachments). When the spirits are not with you, you should allow negative emotions to appear in order to release them from your subconscious (from your emotional body). Be compassionate with the spirits, stay relaxed, and if you have difficulty relaxing, read he holy book and remember that God is watching you and them.

Never contemplate or think about spirits. By doing so, you will only attract them to your energy field. You must be able to control your own thoughts. This is not easy, especially if it hasn’t been long since your loved one passed away. The best thing to do is to say goodbye to the spirit and pray for them , they need prayers and holy book reciting, donation to the poor, feeding the hungry and orphans and asking God that the reward goes to the person you love .

If the spirit is a stranger, never give them the slightest bit of attention—try your best to ignore them. Many people have been possessed by spirits because they have succumbed to a curious fascination with ghosts and the astral world itself. Many people feel that they have become very special because they have found a way to communicate with the spirit world or using spirit box , trust me I Fell victim to that when I lived in USA and north BC.

 However, this is a fatal fascination that will always lead to suffering, enslavement and ultimately possession. It may be true that such people rise above mediocrity, but at what cost? If a spirit tries to put you in a negative mood, try to do something that requires your full attention. Concentrate on this effort as hard as you can manage.

Steve Ramsey

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