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William Baldonado
Wed, Jan 6, 9:10 PM (20 hours ago)    
to me

Hey Steve, happy new year! Thank you for keeping in touch. I’m not sure if you remember my history with my demon. It’s still here, last year I’ve been proactive with my faith and belief. It’s been dormant last few months through prayer.

I haven’t been on top of it as of late, To be honest. Monday this week it’s turned on the elements on my stove top and melted my air fryer while I was in the shower. I know I didn’t leave it in the night before cause the fire alarm would have went on.

My wife was in the kitchen working from home and went up stairs to check on my son. Smelled smoke in the kitchen and the elements were on and melted my air fryer. During the year I’ve had unusual repairs in the house. Just need some support.

But it’s odd to have so many issues come down on me this past year while I was laid off due to the pandemic. I want to know your thoughts please. I don’t want to be angered and thinking negative cause I know it feeds this damn thing 


Good morning William

Thank you for the email, I will get back to you this Friday, I am at work at this time

It is very hard year for all of us, I lost my jobs for 4 months and then they started me part time only

It has been difficult. As you have a child it is more difficult than my situation, and the child pure energy 

Will attract demonic entities, so your prayers and focus must be on him, pray beside him, read the holy book beside him 

Keep rosary holy book and holy water beside him, try to unplug electric wires before u go anywhere, thank God you were home 

Imagine if you all were outside, the house will be burned down; Make sure to change the batteries on the smoke detectors.

Put one CO detector in the child bedroom. You are correct, anger issues only flame the situation 

Negative energy Overwhelming stress, anger, sleep deprivation, worries from job lost, divorce, child support

And other negative human emotions may catch the attention of a demon and perhaps allow it an easy route into your life or the house

Many recorded increasing demonic presents, shadow people, etc in the last year of covid lock down. I experienced the same but 

I was lucky mine was mild and managed to recognize it and got rid of it then worked on my anger and stress issue with prayers.

We become more sensitive to these issues, sometimes nice things happen like a visit from my dead cat Smokey. He was in my house for 2 days I felt the movements and my other 2 cats also acted strange like seen a cat walking and I heard his voice. I Will pray for you and our family too

Steve Ramsey

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