Our Investigation Service

Our Investigation Service

All information collected from the people who contact us are completely confidential per provincial
and federal laws. I do not charge for investigation service, I do ask the clients to consider a donation
of $ 50 for the cleansing part to cover the supplies needed for the cleansing ceremony , Or you can
but them , if you cant afford it , I will try my best to get them free of charge.

I will ask for permission, and a sign consent form to carry on with our investigation and/or the cleansing.

The public may choose to contact me by email at DRsteveramsey@gmail.com attention Steve Ramsey,
then I can initiate a phone call to carry on with the investigation and explain the procedure to you step by step.
Remember that in 95% of the time what you are experiencing is consistent with recognized illnesses of the mind that are known to cause symptoms like what you are experiencing. Conditions like schizophrenia, psychosis, paranoia, hysteria, audiophony, bipolar disorders,  and other disorders are not paranormal ability, You might hear and see things that others can not verified, see, or hear. These  are chemical imbalances in the brain, and there may be treatment available to help you, so please make sure it is true paranormal incidents and not caused by any psychological factors that can be triggered by aggression, stress, anger issue, depression  or other form of personality disorders.
All the information collected is kept confidential and this will help me to determine if an investigation is needed, and what is the best method to help the client. The information may include personal and paranormal, family history, any issues related to stress, depression, bipolar personality, history of the land or the house, the previous tenant, will be photo documented the location, the hot spot, video, audio recording devices, take campus direction, laser thermal temperature, EMF reading, EVP recording, and using laser grid light.
All collected pieces of evidence are the property of the paranormal zone investigator because we do not charge for our service. If we use this evidence in our future publication, we will not use your actual name, or locations to protect your privacy. All finding and data will be reviewed by the clients.
If you have a true paranormal story that you wouldn't mind sharing with other readers,
send it to my email please drsteveramsey@gmail.com 

so I can publish it for you here on my blog. It could be about:
  • ghosts and poltergeists, out of body experiences, unexplained phenomenon, 
    strange creatures,
    Bizarre coincidences, ESP and premonition, prophetic dreams, UFO, 
    unexplained sighting,
    past life experiences, near death experiences, time and dimension slips, 
    pet spirits , shadow figures and slender man, angels and demons, jinn, 
    invisible voices, haunted
    caves, places and hospitals, haunted houses and sites, hunted hotel 
    and objects, haunted graves,
    and any thing else out of the ordinary that you want to share with the reader.

    There’s only one main rule: It must be, to the best of your knowledge, TRUE. I won’t use your name if you

  • don’t want me to. If you send me a story, be aware that I might publish it on this website; please don’t be
  • offended if your story is not chosen.)
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