Russian Sleep experiments

Russian Sleep experiments

The story recounts an experiment set in a late–1940s Soviet test facility. In a military-sanctioned scientific experiment, five political prisoners were kept in a sealed gas chamber, with an airborne stimulant continually administered in order to keep the subjects awake for 30 consecutive days. The prisoners were falsely promised that they would be set free from the prison if they completed the experiment.

The subjects behaved as usual during the initial days, talking to each other and whispering to the researchers through the one-way glass, though it was noted that their discussions gradually became darker in subject matter. After nine days, one subject began screaming uncontrollably for hours while the others had no reaction to his outburst.

The man screamed for so long that he tore his vocal cords. The man didn’t know why he was screaming. He was paralyzed. When the second one started screaming, the others prevented the researchers from looking inside by pasting torn book pages and their own feces on the porthole windows. A few days passed without the researchers being able to look inside, during which the chamber was completely silent. The researchers used the intercom to test if the subjects were still alive, and got a short response of a subject expressing compliance.

On the 15th day, the researchers decided to turn off the stimulating gas and reopen the chamber. The subjects did not want the gas to turn off, for fear they would fall asleep. Upon looking inside, they discover that the four surviving subjects have performed lethal and severe mutilation and disembowel on themselves during the past days, including tearing off flesh and muscles, removing multiple abdominal internal organs, practicing self-cannibalism, and allowing 10 cm (4 inches) of blood and water to accumulate on the floor by jamming pieces of flesh from the first subject into the drain, who was found dead on the floor as soon as the chamber was opened. The subjects also violently refuse to leave the chamber and begged the scientists to continue administering the stimulant, murdering one soldier and severely injuring another that attempted to remove them. After eventually being removed from the chamber, all subjects were shown to exhibit extreme strength, unprecedented resistance to drugs and sedatives, the ability to remain alive despite lethal injuries, and a desperate desire to stay awake and be given the stimulant. It was also found that if any one of the subjects fell asleep, they would die.

After being somewhat treated for their severe injuries, the surviving three subjects were prepared to return to the gas chamber with the stimulant by the orders of the military officials (though against the will of the researchers), with EKG monitors showing short recurring moments of brain death. Before the chamber was sealed, one of the subjects fell asleep and died, and the only subject that could speak screamed to be immediately sealed in the chamber. The military commander ordered for three other researchers to be closed inside the chamber along side the two remaining subjects. One researcher immediately drew his gun and killed the commander and the mute subject by shooting both of them in the head, causing the other personnel to flee the room. With only one surviving subject, the terrified researcher explained that he would not allow himself to be locked in a room with monsters that could no longer be called people. He desperately asked what the subject was, to which the subject smiled and identified himself and the other fallen subjects as an inherent evil inside the human mind that is kept in check by the act of sleeping. After a brief pause, the researcher shot the prisoner in the heart, and with his dying breath on the floor, the subject muttered his final words; “So…nearly…free…”

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To put your minds at ease, here’s the truth: that experiment did not actually take place. Yes, it’s totally made up. But when it first appeared on the internet, it instantly went viral, and people started to debate the authenticity of the story (the debate continues). Part of the reason why it’s so believable is that the military in the Soviet era was known to be inhuman and conducted various experiments in secret. This one, however, wasn’t one of them.

The Russian sleep experiment is an internet horror story that first appeared on a Wiki page in 2010. The author is unknown, but their username was Orange Soda. Wiki is a site where users modify content found on the internet to make them interesting, unbelievable, creepy, or funny. Even the images of the Russian Sleep Experiment found on the internet are all modified versions of random browser-generated images.

Such horror stories and images are called Creepy pasta and are meant to scare readers. Creepypastas are short, user-generated content created with the intention to scare people with gruesome stories about death paranormal activities or otherworldly occurrences. The Russian Sleep Experiment is one such Creepypasta, which became so popular that many people believed it to be true. But rest assured nothing of that sort ever took place, not in Russia or anywhere in the world.

Steve Ramsey


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