Red angel

It is always great and amazing to feel, see and sense an angel. ​Uriel ​all in red color the​ archangel​  of wisdom, is in charge of the red angel light ray. People sometimes ask for Uriel’s help to: seek God’s ​wisdom ​, but make sure do not address the angel directly , you have to say in God name, oh God I ask you in your name first to let your servant then name the angel , to be help in this or that matter under your guides and approval.

Ask God before making decisions, to provide you the Holy Spirit then the angel you want to help according to each task. come up with fresh creative ideas for how to serve people in need, learn new information, solve problems, resolve conflicts, let go of destructive emotions such as anxiety and anger that can prevent them from discerning wisdom, and recognize dangerous situations. Uriel is one of the archangels of post-exilic rabbinic tradition, and also of certain Christian traditions.

In apocryphal, kabbalistic, and occult works, Uriel has been equated with Urial, Nuriel, Uryan, Jeremiel, Vretil, Sariel, Suriel, Puruel, Phanuel, Jacob, Azrael, and Raphael.  In the Middle East we use the name Raphael as it is one of God names, God has 99 secret names and the Name 100 is even more secret only he knows it and few prophets like King Solomon.

The name Raphael is driven from rafa means the mercy and kindness, blessing and compassion, sympathy and non aggression. He is also known as the angel of light like the shamsh angel pure light. 

All angels are created from God’s light, but each has special or more light than others depending on their worship to God. He also can help you with dreams and hopes, purity and assist those who are dying along with the angel of death, he comes with him when a good spirit is about to be taken by the pure and good spirits .

The devil once was also called the angel of light before his fall

Archangel Michael has a red wing that might look like a shirt or a robe but he is not all red just the wings. The red color is always associated with planet Mars, also associated with the Ruby stone

Steve Ramsey

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