psychology test for your paranormal level and superstitious

you can answer YES OR NO IF NOT SURE as you sometimes do it and some times not just put not sure . score 3 points for yes, 2 points for unsure and 1 point for NO. and keep the total. 

Do you believe that everyone has a destiny? Are you convinced that breaking a mirror will give you seven years of bad luck? Are you one of those people who have to “see it to believe it”? Paranormal beliefs, whether secular or supernatural in origin, stem back to the time of our ancestors, when the first and enduring medium of exchange was oral storytelling. Events that could not be explained logically became the source of superstitions, many of which have prevailed into modern times. Even today, the mysterious world of the paranormal is still a source of fear and wonder.

This paranormal beliefs test is made up of self-assessment questions, in which you will be asked to indicate the degree to which you believe in the given statements. In order to receive the most accurate results, please answer each question as honestly as possible.

1.  Number 7 is a lucky number. YES NO  
2.  I believe in soul mates.      
3.  I believe that voodoo dolls work.      
4.  I believe that some crop circles were actually created by aliens.      
5.  I believe in the existence of a supernatural power (i.e. “God” or other divine entity).      
6.  Breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck.      
7.  The “Loch Ness Monster” is a real phenomenon.      
8.  If two people are meant to be together, they will be.      
9.  Love and luck spells do work.      
10.  I believe in palm reading.      


11.  Some people are really able to levitate.      
12.  I believe there is life on other planets.      
13.  In the end, you get what you deserve.      
14.  I believe in reincarnation.      
15.  I believe that some people can re-shape or bend an object using only the power of their mind (e.g. bending a spoon).      
16.  There is life after death.      
17.  We all have past lives.      
18.  I believe in ghosts, spirits and/or poltergeists.      
19.  I believe in the existence of heaven.      
20.  Opening up an umbrella indoors is bad luck.  
21.  I believe in the lost city of Atlantis.      
22.  There’s no such thing as coincidence.      
23.  Black magic can be effective.      
24.  Horoscopes can be remarkably accurate.      
25.  Some people have taken photos of UFO’s.      
26.  I believe in the existence of angels.      
27.  I believe that the “Yeti” (Big Foot, Abominable Snowman) really exists.      
28.  Some people can really see into the future.      
29.  I believe that what goes around comes around.      
30.  There are real witches out there.      
31.  I believe that divine beings can appear (and already have) to give messages to certain individuals about the future.      
32.  I believe you can be punished for something you’ve done in a past life.      
33.  Aliens have abducted people or inserted devices into their bodies.      
34.  I believe in the ability to visit the afterlife during a period of unconsciousness (out-of-body experiences).      
35.  Spilling salt is bad luck, and can be reversed if salt is thrown over the left shoulder.      
36.  I believe someone can put curses on others.      
37.  I believe in telepathic communication.      
38.  The dead can get in touch with the living through a medium or during sleep.      
39.  I believe in the existence of hell.      
40.  I believe in miracles.      
41.  I believe that the Bermuda Triangle is a source of danger for planes and ships.      
42.  Naming a baby before it is born can bring it harm.      
43.  I believe in destiny.      
44.  I believe in the existence of the devil.      
45.  By casting a spell, some people can influence another person’s destiny.      
46.  Some people really have psychokinetic powers (can move objects without touching them).      
47.  Some fortune-tellers can see into the future.      
48.  I believe in the conspiracy theory that major world governments are hiding proof that aliens exist.      
49.  A black cat crossing your path brings bad luck.      
50.  When I want something, I take care not to “jinx” it.      
51.  If something is meant to be it will happen.      
52.  Some people are destined for greatness.      
53.  Some people are able to read other’s minds.      
54.  When a person is in between life and death, their soul can leave the body and look down on itself.      
55.  Faith can heal physical wounds and illnesses, other than through a placebo effect.      
56.  Thinking negative thoughts of someone or something can cause a tragedy to happen.      
57.  Those who disturb an ancient Egyptian tomb will be cursed.      
58.  There are certain people who are born with special “powers”      
59.  I believe aliens have landed on earth before or will do so in the future.      
60.  In one way or another, you will be punished for your wrongdoing.      
61.  Some people experience real pre-cognitions, prophecies, or premonitions.      
62.  We are meant to cross paths with certain people.      
63.  I believe in the Apocalypse or that the world will end, as predicted by prophets.      
64.  I believe some souls can’t rest until unfinished business is settled (they can return to settle it themselves or get in touch with the living to do so).      
65.  I avoid stepping on cracks on the sidewalk to avoid injury to myself or others.      
66.  I would be concerned about bad luck if my hotel room were on the 13th floor.      
67.  People are in charge of their own fate.      
68   we have a soul and  that it will  reunite with our body in after life            

If you say no to all of them  you don’t believe that people can be gifted with the power to see into the future and predict things to come. You seem to find it hard to believe that psychic practitioners are legitimate, and that someone can indeed possess a “sixth sense” or the ability to feel and see things that most people can’t   . If you answer Yes to all indicates that you do believe in higher power, the creator, the intelligent design, destiny, angels and protective powers, psychic ability  and intuitions, and that dreams can reflect not our desire only but prophetic future and warning, you are sensitive and see beyond the normal sense ,open mind and mystic , if you have 50% yes and 50% NO . You are balanced an struggling to make sense of facts and fictions, struggling to balance the facts, life is taken you away from the true you away from your true believes, you need some mindfulness time alone each day to recollect and reflect  to focus and be in peace .  If the answer is 70% yes you are more practical, caution, strong minded and welling to learn, and if it 70% no you are always seeking the why ,when and where , show me to believe it ,looking for facts even if it is in front of your eyes, dont trust others so easy, doubtful. You can visit my blog and read more at  send your questions ,your stories, share your thoughts with us and be part of those who care with the truth , the facts, and send your dreams so i can decode them for you .


Steve Ramsey, PhD. Okotoks- Alberta


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