Prophet and King Solomon’s against the jin

The following verse talks about that on one journey, Solomon’s hosts of the Jinn, of the humankind, and of the birds were all retained from the first to the last until they were gathered together and they stood assembled for him as they were being arrayed, brought together in groups and marshaled.
This verse indicates that King Solomon had a unique Hosts and Army forces.

His Hosts were a collection of three different creatures, which all together were well trained and know their duty perfectly!

The verse also illustrates that Solomon’s hosts were very well organized and obedient.

This is due to the fact that King Solomon was very strict and firm!

Quran-Surah (Chapter) 27:17

(( we gathered to Solomon his army of jinn, humans and birds; gathered and dispersed,

((and his hosts of the jinn and the men and the birds were gathered to him, and they were formed into groups

(( and there were gathered together unto Solomon his armies of the jinn and humankind, and of the birds, and they were set in battle order;

((: and before Solomon were marshaled his hosts, – of jinn and men and birds, and they were all kept in order and ranks.

The Quran also mentioned that Prophet and King Solomon’s did not sin and did not lost his faith but some those who served him from the jinn did including all the the devils who were enslaved under his power by God power and permission ..


Who are the Jinn?

King Solomon used to have power over the Jinn. He could see them, talk to them and command them to do stuff for him. Jinn were an essential element of the Army Force of King Solomon.

The jinn are said to be creatures with free will, created from ‘smokeless fire’ by Allah According to the Quran, jinn have free choice, and Satan used this freedom in front of Allah by refusing to bow to Adam when Allah commanded him to do so. By refusing to obey Allah’s order he was thrown out of the Paradise and called “Shaitan” (Satan). In the Quran, jinn are frequently mentioned and the Surah (chapter) number 72 of the Quran is called Al-Jinn (the Jinn). This chapter is entirely about them.
In general, Jinn are mentioned 36 times in the Quran.

Jinn are like human being but they are invisible creatures. You can only see them if you know how, and very few in the world knows. They can see you and some times ,very rarely they can let you see them , as I did .

Some of the Jinn are believers and the others are unbelievers.

In fact, it is mentioned in the Quran that Muhammad was sent as the Last prophet to both “mankind and the jinn”.

The jinn have communities much like human societies: they eat, drink,marry, die, etc. They live in tribes and have boundaries. They follow religions as humans do, and follow the same ranks in armies as humans do.

Jinns can settle in a vast area to a tiny hole, as they are mass less creatures and can be fit into any space they find sufficient for them. They can live in the desert, valleys, forest and ocean ,deserted areas, abandoned places , and houses , those who live in abandoned houses called the AMMAR, OR AMER. There are also kind of jinn called ABQAR this kind of jinn have lots of knowledge and wisdom that can pass to human usually in the science and innovation,sometimes throw dreams. Some called NORAN they can provide lights in darkness and those jinn are believers and like the human. Some called the white nooq and they can help lost humans in the desert of far places.

the ocean jin mostly MARRIED,  AND THE DAWAR.

Jinn are invisible to humans, but they can see humans. Sometimes they accidentally or deliberately come into view or into contact with humans. Jinn are believed to live much longer than humans: some of whom are said to be still alive having seen Muhammad (who lived during the 7th century), which would confirm their long life. Much like humans, jinn have learned to assimilate into the human world when they wish to do so. In many cases they live unnoticed among people marked only by the rather unusual or somewhat secretive practices they keep. They cannot breed with humans. Jinn can take on the form of humans and other animals. They can also be summoned by humans.

Humans attempting to perform black magic on humans call Jinn specializing in dirty deeds to perform the magic; such black magic on humans can only be undertaken by dark Jinn – “Ifrit” or “Marid”. In many countries there are people who perform black magic (usually for cursing other people, or using jinn to influence a marriage to end it up in divorce, etc) in exchange for money.

Thus, a person often pays a magician, who then calls upon dark jinn, who then performs the magic. These acts are forbidden by Islam and considered a major sin in Islamic teaching! in some christian countries they used to be executed. But some people went too far to label every natural healer as  witch and they executed many of them in the USA salem village. Today  Practising in witchcraft punished by death in Saudi Arabia . And widely and freely  practised in IRAN, IRAQI SHIA AREAS, AND SOME EGYPT VILLAGES, ISRAEL, LATIN AMERICA, MEXICO AND SOME OTHER ISLANDS.
((bible;  1 Kings 11:1-10 says that King Solomon loved many foreign women; He had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines! His women  led him astray! And his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord and he did not keep the Lord’s command! as king David before him that his lust to his army general wife caused the death of the general as he sent him to the front of a raging war and the general got killed , then David marry his wife, and this action let God prevent him from building the temple and passed to his son solomon. David has ordered from GOD when they build the temple to put a pillar made of iron and other made of zinc front of the temple as the devil and demons can not cross or enter any place has iron and zinc. 

That’s why I carry with me small iron and zinc rods when I do my paranormal investigations. That’s why God always uses meteors ,meteorites to attack any demonic entities that trying to fly to the sky and be closer to the angels  as those meteorites made of iron and zinc and it will kill them and burn them and it can follow them way to the ground.

Steve Ramsey, Paranormal expert and investigators.

Okotoks, AB, Canada . 

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