possession caused by addiction

The problem of possession caused by addiction. During these current, unsettling times, addiction has become a source of serious anguish for a great 

amount of people both in terms of their own psyche and spirit attachment. Addiction is often the result of the subconscious tendency of the mind to repeat what is pleasurable or to escape from what is unpleasant. 

In and of itself, this function of the mind is not a problem, and can assist us  in pursuing goals that are good, beneficial, and desirable. 

The basic prerequisite here, however, is the ability to recognize our own thoughts and emotional patterns. If we know what we are thinking at any given moment in our lives, then we will be aware of whether the thoughts we indulge in will bring us beneficial or harmful consequences. we indulge in will bring us beneficial or harmful consequences. 

we indulge in will bring us beneficial or harmful consequences. Therefore, striving for our own good and the good of other people 

(in that exact order) will lead us to a positive place in every area of  our lives — relationships, finances, health, career, etc.

However, the tendency to fall habitually into behaviors that are destructive are quite prevalent in our chaotic world. Therefore, it is important to consider our own thought process in terms of whether the consequences of a particular way of thinking will bring beneficial or detrimental results. For example, 

when we consider whether you should have a cigarette, you  should think carefully about what it does to your mind and body and where it will ultimately lead you ., Cigarettes killed my brother Sam at age 49. Nicotine affects the body in many ways, and this effect can be pleasant at first. Nicotine stimulates the nervous system, increases heart rate and blood pressure, and many people claim that smoking calms them down.  Just like Sex addiction.

Alcohol releases endorphins, brings a temporary feeling of relaxation, pleasure,  and sometimes euphoria. The same is true of any kind of drug, and Sex .

When we don’t want to acknowledge or consider the negative consequences that result from addiction (such as health, relationships, financial hardships, etc.), our mind will encourage us to partake in another dose of “good” and  we will give into this impulse instantly. Each successive dose will produce weaker and weaker results, and we will soon discover that only by increasing the dosage we achieve the desired result of feeling better. 

And here arises a very important issue: we begin to think that we need something to feel better. This something can be anything: alcohol, sexual gratification, work, food, shopping, pills, love , and many other substances and activities to which you will become addicted.

And from there the mind will activate all its machinery and create a new reality for us, in which we set up our lives so that we have access to more and more pleasures. Included in the category of pleasure are all kinds of escapes that lead to addiction, for example drinking alcohol to forget about problems or becoming a workaholic.

A person that is in control of their own thought process would not have  brought themselves to this state. They would have already asked themselves, Where is this behavior leading me? They would understand that intense gratification would most likely lead to destructive behaviors that result from addiction.

If someone has fallen habitually into the desire to follow the wrong  kind of pleasure—the external things—unfortunately, there is also another, much larger problem at stake. There are a vast number of people who have  died before us who had the same kind of addiction that many of us are suffering from right at this moment. These souls now reside in the astral world.  

The astral world (also referred to as the astral realm or the astral plane) is a plane of existence where souls reside after their physical death, but they are unable to fulfill their own cravings and desires because the substances they used while living were physical in nature. Instead, they exist on a higher vibrational plane—the astral plane. There are no alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes on the astral plane, and as a result of this, the inability to fulfill a craving causes great suffering for these spirits.

If you are addicted to a substance like tobacco, ask yourself what it would be like to not smoke a cigarette when you crave it, and then imagine that you will never smoke a cigarette again. This will give you some, though incomplete, idea of the kind of torment that people who have died with any form of addiction will experience. Be aware that people who passed away feel cravings in a magnified manner because they no longer have a physical body that in some ways, blocks the intensity of the craving. 

When a physical body is no longer present, the craving can even feel one hundred times stronger. I hope this will give you enough motivation to free yourself  from all destructive habits or even addictions while you are still alive, so that you will not have to suffer when you no longer have a physical body.

Spirits suffer because they cannot obtain what they are addicted to, and this will directly affect the living that struggle with any kind of addiction. If you dont worship God the spirit will find it so hard to face the light, just like a schoolboy who didn’t do his/ her homework then the exam dat arrived and they face thier teachers with empty papers and empty brain.

If you have an addiction of any kind, you will attract spirits that suffered the same addiction. When you are under the influence 

of alcohol, drugs, or are immersed in activity like over-working or over-spending, it is rather easy for spirits to attach themselves to you, because at that moment f weakness, you don’t have full control over your physical body. 

To make matters worse, the spirit will intensify your desire to fulfill the addiction. The astral world accumulates and magnifies all the cravings produced collectively by humanity, so you get some idea of how powerful these energies are to a spirit trapped in the astral plane. When a spirit influences a person with such powerful cravings, the possessed person has no way to oppose this craving—they will give in. 

The spirit does this in order to fulfill their craving, but it is only an illusion  of its fulfillment. Hence, the spirit will always remain hungry, and will always push to have the living satisfy their craving again and again. 

At this point, the possessed addict begins to go to extremes to satisfy their addiction, resulting in highly destructive and dangerous behavior. They no longer have control over themselves and will do anything to feed their addiction. Freedom from such destructive behavior can only be achieved by undergoing a process of spirit removal. 

When spirits are removed, this will cause the spirit’s strong desires to break away from us. However, this doesn’t completely solve our problem. A person that is possessed will have to work on their own psyche. They will still have to overcome their own cravings, which have built up in their own emotional body. This is much smaller in comparison to the spirits’ craving, but it still exists and must be addressed. After all, this is what led them to addiction in the first place.

If you find yourself attracted to any form of addiction, we can encourage you to try a very effective method in order to stop this cycle of destruction.  Let’s suppose that a glass of wine improves your mood. When drinking wine, enjoy it as much as possible. Pay special attention to the taste, aroma, smell, and how the wine stimulates your body and psyche. Observe these senses even if you have a second glass, third, or the entire bottle of wine. 

What happens to you? What sensations do you have and how does your perception change? Does it give you exclusive pleasure and joy, 

or do certain tendencies emerge that you would rather avoid? Observe all desires as well as the undesirable effects. Awareness always leads to freedom, because the moment you look at your own suffering, it gives you the motivation to change what does not serve you. 

In every addiction, there is a great amount of suffering—you just have to face it and not run away from the awareness of that suffering.

I hope this will give you the motivation to free yourself from all destructive habits  resulting from addiction while you are still alive, so that you will not have  to suffer when you no longer have a physical body.

Steve Ramsey


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