Paranormal story from our trainee Midnight Rose

Paranormal story from our trainee Midnight Rose, she used to be one of our active member , moved to different place of Alberta , and she still learning and studying and in contact with us .
I went to this Abandoned Mans on Vancouver Island (Exact location Unsaid for safety Reasons)

The friend Raven is a druid and he brought me there to show me as I’m a empath he wanted to teach me some grounding methods, but that didn’t end up happening. Raven goes to this place a lot. He does Protection Spells and other stuff like that since people have gone into this house and done Satanic Rituals.
There was 3 floors in total, when I got on the grounds of the Manson I instantly felt sick. And smelt something like rotting flesh.. i looked at my friend meg who was also an Empath who was there. She just kept me close, once we got inside the air was tight for me.. Raven was a little bit ahead as he was making sure there was no Homeless people inside before we began walking around.. it was pitch black besides the moonlight. And Ravens flashlight for now.
 Once he returned giving the okay i had a urge to go to the basement. I’ve never been in the house before. Nor did I know where the basement was. But somehow I found it easily without hesitation. Raven and Meg followed behind me but Raven was a little concerned and stayed close to me. 
Once I got to the basement I smelt the rotting stench again. And covered my nose but that didn’t help.. i out my mask on cause it was dusty as well and I have asthma.. it was more dark down here and I could only see a little way in front of me since Ravens light was no longer on. The floor was smooth cement with broken glass covering most areas.. i walked easily to this small little back room where I found a large pentagram with old candles that have been fully burnt out.. as i cam across this I felt like I’ve been being watching from the moment I set foot in the basement.. 
I felt uneasy and sick.. and when I turned to tell meg if she felt it too i noticed she wasn’t there. Raven was an older man. In his 30s or early 40s. Meg was mid 20s. Raven knew I’d be okay alone and quickly went to find Meg. Since he knew her better than I did. And I didn’t want something to happen to her.. all I know is she follows things sometimes she’s not supposed to. As I was alone in the basement I didn’t feel like staying in this ritual room no longer and went to leave.. but as i was leaving it felt like I was walking through deep slug as it felt hard to move.. but eventually I got out of the room..
 i’ve been to alot of haunted locations. But never something like this.. all I knew I had to stay calm and not show fear to whatever demonic entity was conquered down here. I got back to the stairs and noticed there was a small crawl space under them.. me being the curious girl I am, obviously went to see if anything was in it, as I turn the small corner to see under the stairs I got hit again with a foul smell.. 
A black garbage back. Had bones in it. The skull and some ribs that had fallen out laid on the floor.. i instantly knew what kinda head it was and knew what happened.. some black fur and flesh remained on parts of the bones.. 
i quickly just left and went upstairs to the main floor to where we entered through a wood panel, i went outside on the deck and got fresh air.. i saw a light down by the pool house. Just barely through the trees as i knew that was Raven since i saw reflections of his chains in the light. I saw yellow by him meaning he found Meg.. i walked down the narrow steps to meet up with them, when I got there Raven quickly grabbed my arm and pulled up my sleeve revealing a large 3 scratches from my shoulder down my bicep..Blood had soaked through my shirt.. i didn’t feel it surprisingly till the cold air hit it. Since most of it was under my shirt besides the very lower part of it.. i wasn’t too worried, i’ve been scratched a lot before, but Raven did a cleansing just incase.. as he did this we heard something loud bang from the pool house. 
Curious of what the sound was we went to look. Raven and Meg were just in there. As there was no one in it. As we crawled through a small panel of wood. We noticed a large glass panel which I guess was learned perfectly in a way that shouldn’t of fallen over Raven said. That was now shattered in the large pool full of gross inch deep black ish water. With a chair and some insulation. The glass panel would have moved 3 feet. For it to get there from where Raven said it was.. at this point we thought it was best to just leave.. and we did.. Will update you.
Midnight Rose, alberta .

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