PARANORMAL JOURNAL in US will publish our review

PARANORMAL JOURNAL in US will publish our review

Our team and I Providing paranormal investigation,
parapsychology, counseling,
investigation of all hauntings,
residual hauntings, and intelligent
hauntings, as well as spirit removal
and cleansing using a variety of
methods, among them the Ruqeya

It is not surprising that Canada
offers a multitude of strange and
spooky tales with its long history
and vast geography.

In Alberta, one
can find strange tales of hauntings
in schools, restaurants, theatres,
hotels, government buildings and
modern houses across the province,
from Calgary and Edmonton to rural
areas and the Rocky Mountains.

(DrPH) Public Health, MSc (Hons) Medical Ultrasound) offers his very much in demand
paranormal services to the public at no cost. Baghdad-born Dr.

Saad Ramzi Ismail Al-Hashimi (known as Dr. Steve Ramsey) began
investigating and researching paranormal phenomena and founded the Paranormal Zone in
1986, in Ontario Canada.

Dr. Ismail is an expert in different aspects of the paranormal world, as
an investigator, debunker, author, researcher, and cleanser. With special Ruqeya prayers, Dr.
Steve Ramsey uses a variety of cleansing methods tailored to the client’s belief system. His
spiritual journey began in 1957 when he experienced his first ghost and spirit encounters in
Baghdad. The knowledge and influence of his mother, Fatima Al Maliki, who was a master
cleanser, Empath, and skillful herbalist was passed down to him.

Dr. Ramsey services are not confined to
Grand Prairie, Alberta as he extends his
reach to multiple Canadian provinces
and has worked all over the world:

Australia, Japan, South Korea, Brunei,
Saudi Arabia, Germany, Iraq, Greece,
Reno -Nevada, and Indio-California. A
musculoskeletal sonographer by trade,
with a background in public health,
health science, diagnostic Imaging,
medical ultrasound, X-Ray, Radiation
physics, and natural health, he was
fortunate to work in many countries,
and teaches muscle, joints, and nerve

His TV appearances include Haunted
Hospital and a soon-to-be-released
episode of Haunted Objects:
Repossessed in Canada. It is also
confirmed that he will make an
appearance in the upcoming American
show, Suburban Screams.

The PZHD team consists of several leading experts in their fields who are
making substantial progress in the paranormal research field. Steve has the support of his
esteemed colleagues and advisors:

1) Muneer Al Hashimi – Demonologist. BSc In theology – Islamic faith, and history of
religious studies – Iraq

2) Rabbi David Azulai – Torah Scholar and mezuzah writer – Israel

3) Dr. Niloufer Stark (MD) – Expert in Indians methodology – Alberta, Canada

4) Siti Hamid – Ex-helicopter engineer, computer and communications specialist, and
archives researcher

5) Mr. Wolfgang Zehntner – Researcher, computer programmer and IT specialist, with
special interest in telepathy, ESP, telekinetic science, and mind over matter – Germany

6) Dr. Sleiman Al Wardani (MD) – Emergency Doctor and Anesthesiologist – Lebanon

7) Humam Al Tamimi – Electrical engineer and civil pilot – California, USA

8) Katherien Lundin – Professional clairvoyant, Medium, spiritualist, Reiki master, healer,
and senior advisor on spirits, angels, human and spirit energy – Alberta, Canada

9) Sherman Carmichael – paranormal expert and history advisor, author, and historian –
South Carolina, USA

10) Leitreanna Terry-Brown – Medium, Reiki Master, and author of multiple books such
as My Ghost Story, The Ghost Inside My Child, and Family Spirit: The Origins of Four
Generations of the Supernatural.

Suitably, any investigation conducted by the paranormal zone team is based on scientific
analysis and psychological analysis, as they employ an impressive range of technological
capabilities and expertise in many areas of paranormal phenomena.

Dr. Ramsey’s desire to research the paranormal stems from his multiple paranormal
experiences during his many travels, during his early life in northern Iraq, and legends
passed down to him from his forefathers like that of the old haunted weaver machine at
the Turkish army hospital near Mosul in northern Iraq is believed to be tainted by the
blood of a murderous prisoner and, subsequently, cursed by his widow, upon his
execution in 1915.

The weaver machine tends to operate on its own, cause far more
injuries than any other weaving machine and is possibly even responsible for someone’s
heart attack. You can read many of his true paranormal incidents and demonic entities in
his blog

Dr. Ramsey emphasizes the importance of protecting one’s own health with his
biological, Psychological, and social approach to health advocacy. He recognizes that

health is a complex condition that implies the integration of multiple realms, and he
advises that 95% of the time, the unexplained phenomena that people are experiencing is
symptomatic of recognized mental illnesses that are known to cause symptoms similar
and sometimes identical to seemingly paranormal occurrences, such as psychosis,

schizophrenia, extreme depression and aggression, Paranoia, extreme anxiety, auto-
phony, the presence of high electromagnetic energy infrasound frequency 17 (the so-called

the ghost frequency), and many other factors that you can read it in his blog under the
article name “A to Z of the Paranormal”.

With a book on forensic demonology underway, Dr. Steve Ramsey lends his expertise on a
variety of paranormal topics to radio and television shows as well as journals and

For more information about Dr. Steve Ramsey and the research efforts of
Paranormal Zone, please visit their very informative website at or follow Steve on Facebook @Dr.SteveRamsey and connect
with him on LinkedIn @Dr Steve Ramsey, PhD. You can also email your story and

questions to him at

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