To my friends, Love once, family and relatives. The New Year is coming and I know that you have a lot of expectative and dreams to fulfill, I know that with your effort and dedication you will accomplish all.
Thank you all because you always been by my side providing me your support, your compression and your help even in the hardest moments that I been through. Because of you, I have been able to get over all the problems, following your advices and accepting your help.
I consider myself very lucky for having such a special friends as you are. In this world is very hard to find someone as honest, loyal, dependable and disinterested as those who ranked as friends in my life.
This year will be very special and you and I will live very happy moments because all is easier when we count with the true friendship of our friends. We both will fight for make our dreams true.
I wish that the life lets us even get old’s for keep being the best friends and confidants. I wish that you have a happy year full of much success and happiness. Receive my greetings and hugs in this New Year.
I pray to God for this New Year will be a success for all OF YOU, and my sisters, brothers, relatives, especially for those who do not have the ability to get a stable job, or sick, or they got laid off I wish you a Happy New Year”.
I Wish the New Year will be free of the evil covid, evil Iranians and those who are killing civilians, in Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, the terrorist’s hizboalla and those who control Iraq.
I wish a new year free of Russian war on Ukraine, free of Chinese human right abuse of the Muslims minorities, free of Hindus killing Muslims, free of Myanmar killing minorities, free of Israelis and Hamas fights, free of illness and disease, free of people repressing and bulling others because of their skin color, faith, or race, free of fake news and poverty, amen.

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