My mother Holy book and the black stone

Without light, you slowly rotten from the inside, without God you allow the dark energy to seep into your body and it will reflect on your behaviour as a human. You do not notice it at first because the evil one work silently and relentlessly to coarse your spirit by getting you in his darkness.

Your brain and mind knows the truth and you have a choice to decide but you always follow the temptation and ignore the obvious and the danger, you let it go until it is too late. Then you will be noticing the change in your personality with increasing temperament, anger, fear, lack of patience, greed, lies, negative disrespectful personality, driven to lust and self destructive behaviors.

Leaving those who truly love you and care for you because you think that there is no romance and sparks, there is no chemistry and common interests between you and it is all the work of the devil to distant you away from the good people toward lust and self destruction.

The created universe is made of 68 % of dark energy, and 27% of dark matters their power lies in their ability to go unnoticed, like the black halls. The stars, suns, moons and all other planets make about 5% of the seen universe and the human been make  about 0.03% and that is a scientific fact.

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

Males of average height have about 4 grams of iron in their body, females about 3.5 grams.

Heavier elements were mostly produced much later, inside of stars. Hydrogen and helium are estimated to make up roughly 74% and 24% of all baryonic matter in the universe respectively.

Considering that this is a nuclear physics discussion, you might have guessed that the answer comes from the nuclear properties of iron. It happens that iron, and its closest neighbors, have the largest “binding energy” out of the 7000 different Isotopes.

Binding energy is simply the amount of energy we need to give to the atomic nucleus to break it apart into the protons and neutrons it’s made of. High binding energy means it’s harder to break this nucleus; it simply prefers to stay the way it is. On the other hand, a nucleus with low binding energy will be easily transformed into a different nuclear species, a different isotope or even a different element. In nature, this translates into having more of a particular type of element (high binding energy) and less of another (low binding energy).

Iron and its neighbors (elements between 22-30) occupy the top 38 places in the binding-energy ranking  . And this basic nuclear property affects the stellar processes that create elements in the Universe. As a result, the heaviest stars will create an iron core in their centers, but never go beyond that. A lot of the stellar processes will end around iron, and therefore matter accumulates in the form of iron or its neighbors.

I think that the dark energy and dark matters in the universe are a small mini / microscopic sub particles I called (VACUUM PARTICLES) smaller than helium.

When you turn on the light in your room the darkness disappears at once, the darkness do not stay and go slowly but it will go away. That’s why in the presence of God and his angels the darkness and the devil will be gone; otherwise they will be dead and destroyed.

When the light switched off the source of that energy is gone but the light photons and the energy of that light still linger on, it loses energy and they become invisible light I called it dark energy.

This dark energy almost 2 third of the universe is telling me that once the 2 third of the angels who are light fought and defeated ,those who followed the devil which was third of the angels ( falling angels) and that the dark matters was a result of the defeated negative energy.

I believe that one day human will discover that most of the dark energy is positive energy and dark light, darkened photons. And that the most of dark matter are in fact a negative energy sub particles. Some of those particles can turn on and off from positive to negative and vise versa. ( Steve Ramsey)

I had a dream once back in 1973 ,I dreamt that 2 angels came to me holding my hands one from each hand pulling me nicely and telling me that God want to talk to you . I was so afraid I told them please leave me but they took me and I saw a large cloud in the sky came and stood over us and then God spoke from behind the clouds and told me WHY I LEFT MY PRAYERS AND MY WORSHIP TO HIM? The sound was an amazing power with light and thunder coming from the cloud.

How you know God that I left my prayers? (I did stopped and quiet my worship and prayers to him for a while at that time).

I know everything, I see and hear everything, and the voice answered me.

Then they asked me to go back, so I ran so fast and jumped a fence and hide under a tree. When I look up at the tree I saw golden apples so I took one and put it in my pocket and kept going in this new garden.

My dad told me that it is my guilt and subconscious mind trying to tell you that I did something wrong and that I must go back to the prayers. My mother told me God truly can speak to us in a dream or other ways and she believe that it is God who said that. So went back to my prayers and worship until this day.

I asked my Mom how about the fence and the golden apple, she said jumping a fence means that I will travel and leave my country which I did and immigrated to Canada.

The golden apple she said it indicates success, and bountiful rewards are, apple also is a test of our faith, as Adam and Eve was tempted by it. Gold is glitter of life, and the jumping fence also means that I will pass my test and overcome all obstacles, my mother said. She was great dreams analyzer and she helps me to become one too.

In time I did overcome my Anxiety, fear, and self-doubt when I moved to Canada and started from scratch, learned the language and gained the experience and all the degrees I wanted to get and accomplished my dreams. Every time I feel sad and lonely I remember my mother and her advice, her protection and guidance and it made feel better and push back the dark forces as hope ,love and kindness is part of the positive light that push all the dark energy that overwhelm our thoughts and cloud our thinking .

I remembered my mother room and her small side table where she used to put her Holy book on the top and small dark stone in the second shelf. She used to say that the holy book is God light, God words, and the dark stone is represent our bad deeds ,our heart of stone ,and she reminded me that we must always go with the light ,and avoid the devil so we don’t be like him . In time about few years the dark stone became little white in color!

I asked my mother where is the dark stone. She said still in the same place!

No mom, this is white stone! I am looking for the dark one. My mother said after many days of prayers and worshipping God I hold the stone and send blessing to it, as the stone is part of God creation too.

In time when God accept your worship his blessings spells over everything and change it, that when you know you are increased in faith and you are in God side when you start changing yourself to be good things around you change too.

It is like positive thinking.

Does prayers, worship and tones with almighty change things? Many researchers of faith and scholars believe so as part of God miracle to revive us from the inside to be better, healthier, tones with God ,full with light of mercy and blessing the light that can heal and change , and it is all depend on the degree of our faith.

So If you are positive, worship and pray to the creator, rely on him and work hard, be kind and helpful, be at peace without self, and respect others, wish them goodness and pray for them the society around us will change slowly and step by step, our body become healthier and God light can heal our sickness as Jesus once did to the sick people   

Jesus was full of faith the light of God was with him and God granted him this with permission to heal the sick and show the people that with faith we can accomplish anything. And if we become sad, stressed, anger, depressed, full with envy and greed, lust and jealousy, temptations and addictions we will allows the negative entities / the devil and demons to be closer and closer to us and our heart like a parasite and then possess us and lead us to self destruction and suicide. 

It is our choice Faith or Doubt, Positive or negative attitudes. God didn’t leave us alone he sent us prophets, holly books, rules and laws, commandments and guides so we can walk into the light of faith and not go starry to the darkness of temptations.

God want us to restore our balance and inner peace throws his light, the living light. God test us many times and we feel that no one is listening but he is always close to you, hear you and see you , knows your need and what you are going throw , he knows you are suffering , you have no jobs, you have bills to pay, you crying silently and comparing yourself to others but he want to test  the level of faith in you and to see how much light you allowed to enter in you and what choice you will make .Worship and prayers come bring you closer as it will teach us humbleness , kindness, and humility and then God will open up for you .

God given us the spirit of power and not weakness, he gave us the spirit of light, love, power, strength and with that we can defeat any dark thought and to be in peace and balance. Statistics shows that in our society at least 23% of the people have some sort of personnel and behavioral issues such as; bipolar, anger issues, paranoia, anxiety, psychosis, delusional, schizophrenia and many more psychological problems .

Just like the 23% of the dark matters in the universe . Our brain is like a small universe with its connections, expanding and learning, shrinking and degeneration, death of the cell like the death of stars and expanding universe. We got iron and other minerals in our body like in the universe. We need the Iron to help the Oxygen to enter our cells and push it throw our body from our heart.

In Sorat the Iron (verse) Al hadeed in the Quran God mentioned about this Metal of Iron and how he descended the Iron into the centre of our earth. This verse is actually in the centre of the Quran, carrying the same number of the verse that equal to the Iron atomic number. The iron, copper, and nickel make great percentage of the universe stones, meteors, and planets along with many other gases and elements.

The iron in our body also plays great rules in the body electricity and magnetic, it is like our body and the universe in great balance and tomes together. The universe with all its physical such as gravity, pulling, vibration, frequencies, can be found in the human body and brain. Including the black halls in the universe represented in our dark and negative thinking and dark forces that control us such as bad thoughts, anger, and greed and so on.

Our body is growing until a point we die and the universe also will meet the same destiny, it is expanding and growing until one day it will die and all return the original source.

Al the universe including mankind are running and moving toward that source ,the living light we call God almighty as he is the pulling force ,the magnetic force the great living light that control all the energies in the universe . We are all connected somehow with strength of energies visible and invisible. Like the invisible dark energy. 

No difference between us human and the stars, stones, and all the makeup of the universe as we all have purpose and destiny to reach, movements and action, reactions to each action and we are all connected somehow. The only difference in the human is that we have a choice, we accepted God law and his commandments his covenant and his order, therefore we have what we call the rewards and punishments for the good and bad deeds.

God also didn’t allow the dark energy and evil to take control of us without our permissions , he allow us to repent and seek forgiveness and he ask us to do so after each mistake and always to be alert so God can send his living light throw us some call it the holy spirit ,some call it the teaching of the holy books and some call it God faith throw his messengers.

God also teach us to be good to yourself not to harm our body and to be healthy, to eat good, kosher and halal food as he ordered us in the Torah and the Quran. That’s why we see the suffering of millions of people who eats pork, rats, bats, snake, mice, dogs and cats, monkey brain, insects and all bush animal unkosher and unclean animal. We have disease like the Ebola, China virus, worms, parasites, bacteria and viruses of all kind from food that is not considered clean and that is still eaten in many part of the world in Asia, South East Asia, China, Africa, and in the western world.

The impure of imbalance energy that enter our body from these foods items and products can affect us in great deal.

Our body is moving ,the blood and every single cell in it all turning and moving , like the electrons, protons, neutrons and the smallest atoms everything is moving, turning around itself or others ,our stars, moon, suns ,planets and everything in the universe are moving, running, turning around itself ,around its sun and its galaxy and all of that turning around bigger and bigger galaxies that yet to be discovered and everything turning around the point that I call the Throne of God .

If the blood in our body stopped moving the blood will be clotted with thrombosis and we will die, if the rivers and ocean stopped from moving the water will dry slowly and or will be rotten like our body after death. If the universe and all its stars and planets stopped it will die, one area is overheated and other areas will be over freezes and they destroy each other or explode, our earth will die from heat in one side and cold in other side.

The seasons will stop affecting our farms and food supplies, our animal and the winds. Flooding and droughts, animal of the seas and ocean will vanish and our air will be full with disease and bacteria.

That’s why walking, and exercising is good for our body to balance our strength and muscles, our breathing, our digestive system and health in general.

This point is the central area that every single thing is turning like the pilgrimage around the kaaba in Mecca. While God light surrounded all that from outside to unlimited and undesirable distant, he is around everything; no one ever can know his limitless size and power.

The time will freeze in his prescience; he is the living light, timeless, with the 99 names adjective given to him, and with the strength theory made everything connected .God that do not sleep or blink, as Moses once asked God  , Do you sleep? God told him that he does not sleep and he does not need to sleep like human; sleep is for those who are tired and weak. If he slept less than a second the entire universe will collapse and be destroyed and he gave him the example of the glass of water.  

Human needs a good sleep to balance his body, regenerate and give the brain and muscles some rest for the next day. Fasting is also good for some people to balance their health, health food, clean and kosher food, positive thinking and good attitude are good for our immune system to fight disease and to think clear so the evil dark forces don’t take hold of you.

Remember that God wants you to be healthy, in peace, strong spirited, kind, walk the walk and talk the talk, helpful, positive and move toward goodness as if you stop and listen to the evil forces you will rot from the inside with jealousy, envy, anger, stress, lust, self destructive behaviors, temptations, negative thoughts and slowly your spirit of light will be dark and depression will sets in.

The term dark energy and dark matters are mostly unknown than is known. We know how much dark energy there is because we know how it affects the universe’s expansion. Other than that, it is a complete mystery. But it is an important mystery. It turns out about 68% and not 73% as some scientist indicated, 68% of the universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 27% and not 23% of the universe.

The rest – everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter – adds up to less than 5% of the universe. Come to think of it, maybe it shouldn’t be called “normal” matter at all, since it is such a small fraction of the universe.

One explanation for dark energy is that it is a property of space. Albert Einstein was the first person to realize that empty space is not nothingness. Space has amazing properties, many of which are just beginning to be understood. The first property that Einstein discovered is that it is possible for more space to come into existence.

Then one version of Einstein’s gravity theory, the version that contains a cosmological constant makes a second prediction: “empty space” can possess its own energy. Because this energy is a property of space itself, it would not be diluted as space expands.

As more space comes into existence, more of this energy-of-space would appear. As a result, this form of energy would cause the universe to expand faster and faster. (to me they are missing the point , to me the universe is running to all direction and turning around God thrown , where is that thrown , this is the problem as it is so far and no human will ever reach it until the end when everything will end .

Unfortunately, no one understands why the cosmological constant should even be there, much less why it would have exactly the right value to cause the observed acceleration of the universe. 

In cosmology, the cosmological constant (usually denoted by the Greek capital letter lambda: Λ) is the energy density of space, or vacuum energy, that arises in Einstein’s field equations of general relativity. It is closely associated to the concepts of dark energy and quintessence.

Another explanation for how space acquires energy comes from the quantum theory of matter. In this theory, “empty space” is actually full of temporary (“virtual”) particles that continually form and then disappear. But when physicists tried to calculate how much energy this would give empty space, the answer came out wrong – wrong by a lot.

The number came out 10120 times too big. That’s a 1 with 120 zeros after it. It’s hard to get an answer that bad. So the mystery continues.

Another explanation for dark energy is that it is a new kind of dynamical energy fluid or field, something that fills all of space but something whose effect on the expansion of the universe is the opposite of that of matter and normal energy.

Some theorists have named this “quintessence,” after the fifth element of the Greek philosophers. But, if quintessence is the answer, we still don’t know what it is like, what it interacts with, or why it exists. So the mystery continues.

A last possibility is that Einstein’s theory of gravity is not correct. That would not only affect the expansion of the universe, but it would also affect the way that normal matter in galaxies and clusters of galaxies behaved. This fact would provide a way to decide if the solution to the dark energy problem is a new gravity theory or not: we could observe how galaxies come together in clusters.

But if it does turn out that a new theory of gravity is needed, what kind of theory would it be? How could it correctly describe the motion of the bodies in the Solar System, as Einstein’s theory is known to do, and still give us the different prediction for the universe that we need? There are candidate theories, but none are compelling. So the mystery continues.

The thing that is needed to decide between dark energy possibilities – a property of space, a new dynamic fluid, or a new theory of gravity – is more data, better data.

What Is Dark Matter?

By fitting a theoretical model of the composition of the universe to the combined set of cosmological observations, scientists have come up with the composition that we described above, ~68% dark energy, ~27% dark matter, ~5% normal matter.

We are much more certain what dark matter is not than we are what it is. First, it is dark, meaning that it is not in the form of stars and planets that we see. Observations show that there is far too little visible matter in the universe to make up the 27% required by the observations.

Second, it is not in the form of dark clouds of normal matter, matter made up of particles called baryons. We know this because we would be able to detect baryonic clouds by their absorption of radiation passing through them.

Third, dark matter is not antimatter, because we do not see the unique gamma rays that are produced when antimatter annihilates with matter.

Finally, we can rule out large galaxy-sized black holes on the basis of how many gravitational lenses we see. High concentrations of matter bend light passing near them from objects further away, but we do not see enough lensing events to suggest that such objects to make up the required 25% dark matter contribution.

However, at this point, there are still a few dark matter possibilities that are viable. Baryonic matter could still make up the dark matter if it were all tied up in brown dwarfs or in small, dense chunks of heavy elements.

These possibilities are known as massive compact halo objects. But the most common view is that dark matter is not baryonic at all, but that it is made up of other, more exotic particles like axioms or wimp.

Remember that the Bible mentioned that the angels who sided with God and those angels who sided with the devils have a great war in our universe and that third of them follow the devil and two thirds stayed with God. So is that mean 3.333 % followed the devil, and 6.666 5 followed God all together = 9.999% Leaving room for other entity 0.1%? What is this entity is it GOD THE ONE 1? Is it the universe itself?

68% of dark energy; I remember verse from the bible says;

 Psalm 68

May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him.

As smoke is blown away by the wind, may you blow them away; as wax melts before the fire, may the wicked perish before God.

But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.

This is sound like God with 2 third of his angels defeated the enemy and those who followed the devil.

The quran mentioned great deal of scientific facts for the Iron, water, the universe and the light. will discuss that in my second part.

Thank you for reading

Saad ismail ( steve ramsey) , PhD Health science/ public health. MSc Medical ultrasound, BSc diagnostic imaging, Bsc physics, PgD Natural Health, Diploma in radiology, Diploma in Sonography, 16 ultrasound certifications. Teaching ultrasound physics online , and MSK sonography handson. Paranormal investigator and expert, blogger and author of many scientific articles .

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