My answer to Mr BR. from the USA- part 2

My answer to Mr BR. from the USA, he wants his name to be unknown and address undisclosed. 

I didn’t forget you, and thank you for the detailed email.

Yes I live and work in south Calgary – Alberta- Canada. Otherwise I will give you a visit if I was closer

The design of the house has a great effect on the energy flow and how you feel.

See what you can dig for the previous owners and what had happened to them.

They will alter your name and ID on the blog to Mr. BR from the USA. Nice to hear you don’t suffer from severe stress 

and anxiety as these factors play a great role in paranormal sensing  .  

When you are younger your energy is more pure and you can feel and sense the surroundings 

in a more sensitive way but when we get older most of this gift will either disappear or be reduced. 

There are lots of books out in the market that can teach you how to increase your spiritual sensitivity, it is a long process. It is also great that you

can block and protect yourself from these entities , as if you give them an inch they move in your life a mile. Some spirits like children want to interact with humans and some play games and don’t think they are dead and if they realize it after a while they refuse to leave until they can be convinced to pass to the other side . Demonic presences are going nowhere and they have one task to do, and that is to inflict the maximum stress, depression,

and uses every single tool they have to bring you toward more temptation and addiction to destroy your relationship and your life. They are a bad tenant they can’t just leave by flashing a cross or sprinkle holy water. There are keys to get rid of them as King Suleiman son of David mentioned in his writings and used in the kabbalah .

 Your friend’s mother feels that she has a vortex in her basement where I and my girlfriend both felt the most uneasy at, to have a vortex , a gate , a portal is indeed very bad in most incidents this portal must be closed and sealed . Demonic entities can enter Throw a portal , old mirrors , and any object in the house . This portal possibly a result of someone trying or tried to communicate with the other World and spirits and they forgot to do the most obvious thing and that is to close the portal, nowadays many people are using  Spirit boards and they think it is a game and fun but in some cases they will bring the unwanted , Especially if the house have a history of murder or someone died and passed away in it. Now there are so many places in earth with vortex energy and that different than the portal and gates in a house .Can a vortex happen in a house sure but it is very rare , the famous Vortex in the USA and that is Sedona.

Beneath the endless beauty beats a healing heart. Sedona has long been regarded as a place both sacred and powerful. It is a cathedral without walls. It is Stonehenge not yet assembled. People travel from all across the globe to experience the mysterious cosmic forces that are said to emanate from the red rocks. They come in search of the vortexes. 
What is a vortex? Sedona vortexes (the proper grammatical form ‘vortices’ is rarely used) are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy. Many people feel inspired, recharged or uplifted after visiting a vortex.  

Although all of Sedona is considered to be a vortex, there are specific sites where the energy crackles most intensely. The four best known Sedona vortices are found at Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon each radiating its own particular energy. Some are thought to produce energy flowing upward while at others the energy spirals downward, entering the earth.
Don’t be surprised to find people doing meditation, yoga or performing other rituals at vortex sites. Please be respectful. There are several companies, individual guides and healing practitioners that offer vortex tours. But everyone is welcome to visit on their own. All vortex sites are easily accessible and maps and directions are available at the visitor center. Show up with an open mind and see what happens.

Sedona has developed a worldwide reputation as a place of enlightenment. This is home to a large community that promotes a variety of alternative healing and spiritual practices. There are wellness shops and boutiques scattered through the town. In addition, many of Sedona’s spas offer Native American-inspired treatments using indigenous materials like red rock clay and local plants. Anyone on a journey of self-discovery can find out more from expert practitioners through the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association at   
Yet even if you have no particular interest in the metaphysical movement, plan on visiting Sedona’s vortex sites. It is virtually guaranteed that you will leave feeling better than when you arrived. Your heart will be lighter, your smile will be wider and you will feel more energized. Because here’s the wonderful secret: Vortexes are located at some of the most devastatingly scenic spots found among the towering red rock formations. Anytime you can get outside to walk in sunshine, breathing fresh clean air amid dazzling panoramas is a day well spent.

Sedona has the ability to transform lives. That’s it’s true power. The raw physical beauty of the landscape automatically recalibrates your sense of wonder. Embrace the spectacular. Accept the astonishing. This is a place that inspires, recharges, uplifts, soothes, restores and so much more. For many, the very act of being here provokes a spiritual awakening. No one leaves Sedona unchanged.

Don’t be afraid of a vortex as it might have more than usual EMF energy and that can affect us and lead us to experience paranormal sensations.

A portal is a doorway, a gate, or some type of entrance to allow someone or something to freely move from one place to another. Some portals are small and some are large enough for people to move through.  There are portals of light and on the opposite side; there are satanic portals and other dark portals. 

Satanic portals have increased in the past few years. Participation in certain types of media, especially pornography, Satanic ritual, fighting, and contention are reasons why dark portals have increased.  

Some of the most common locations of satanic portals are:

  • Old churches that have been turned into homes
  • Old vacant church houses
  • Basements of churches and temples – both operating and non-operating
  • Older homes especially where Satanic ritual has taken place
  • Buildings/homes that have been built on old grave sites or graveyards
  • Anywhere where Satanic ritual and evil has occurred

Satanic portals can also be located in people such as a great wizards, devil worshipers, those who 

Offer their life to the devil, respect him and glorify him like the azidi cult in north Iraq.

Here are some signs of open satanic portals:

If you walk into a place and suddenly feel irritable, angry, or afraid, etc., this could be a sign of satanic portals.

If you notice a dramatic change in temperature such as really cold or really hot in a room when the rest of the home/building is a normal temperature.

When you enter a room that feels eerie and dark.

Satanic portals can also be placed in human beings that usually suck away energy and light.  Some tattoos with satanic meanings attract darkness and can be the cause of opening a dark portal within the body. Watching excessive amounts of pornography can also be the cause of opening dark portals within the body. So be careful of tattoo and media choices because certain images and words can be the key to open such a portal. 

Try to ask someone trained to offer healing prayers to dismantle, close, and heal the dark portals in and around you and your place

My experience has taught me that heartfelt prayer is the only method that effectively closes satanic portals. I have also tried diffused essential oils, cedar chips, sage smudge sticks, and healing lights but they only worked temporarily, and when I tried the holy books reading and the Roqya from the Quran it closed it totally.

Dark portals have different levels of strength depending on what allowed them to open.   If you ask God, he will answer you, most of the time God works through the Holy Spirit. Especially pay attention to your thoughts you have never thought of before or that surprise you. The most common method of the Holy Spirit for the Holy Ghost to communicate with you is through your thoughts. Thoughts are also the most common method the adversary influences you so it takes practice to recognize the difference between darkness and light. At any rate, remember the importance of paying attention to your thoughts.

Generally, portals can be closed by saying a simple prayer.  However, sometimes it is necessary to fast. Portals that were opened with the Satanic sacrifice of babies, children, or any innocent human sacrifice usually require fasting along with prayer offered with increased focus and emotion. You can clean yourself and make sure that you and your partner and those in the house to hold hands to make it more stronger, but a clear  glass of water and white candles in the centre and hold hands then pray from the depth of your heart and say

By the Power of God almighty, By the Power of Heavenly Father, the creator of heaven and earth  ,, angels, human, and demons , the creator of the universe the one and only one God who heal and protect the faithful , we ask you in the name of your mercy to shine your light in this place and get rid of the darkness, the devil and every evil entity who took hold of this place. In your name God almighty I command all Satanic portals and all types of dark portals in and around  (the name of the person, place, and/or thing) to be filled with your light and forever  dismantling, closing, and sealing these portals

You said that you have an IQ systems air purifier and IQ Air testing unit in the middle of the down stairs that you had constantly monitored air quality along with several plants for air quality and a radon detector. All of which showed excellent air quality. So that’s good news and you don’t have to worry about Monoxide carbon , and mold as these can lead to the feeling of the paranormal and it is scientifically proven .

Death is natural so if a plant or pet die don’t feel it is a bad omen, trust me their energy will still with you, help you as much you helped them 

Nothing go unrewarded ever trust me.

The only thing if a human passed away in this house then you have to find who is he/ she what type of person and behaviour used to have

as pet and plants death in your house are pure energy that run out of the living light and went to God who creates them and the pets  will wait for you

The cat who you named Bob as it looks like a bobcat, which showed up several years ago and looked very skinny. You fed it one day and it’s been mostly around since. He loves you and for him you are his savior and he will do anything to see you happy .Take care of him and God will reward you for this.

Bob the cat has snuck in your house house and actually in your life after the divorce, it is not by chance. He came to send you a message that everything are going to be ok.

At your  friend’s house that was haunted they did have a dog that would bark at an unknown entity and get scared and hide under the bed the rest of the night As i said before animal have a greater senses than us and they can see the unseen . We know in our culture that the wolf can see and kill demons. We call demons back home Jinn. And the dogs are descended from the wolf background.

Your girlfriend’s abilities are more where we have concern and curiosity. She can see what she tries to explain as energy. Sometimes she can see a halo to some people with different colored lights. She can only make out portions of blurry outlines or sometimes see partial facial pieces such as eyes. She is more sensitive and have a great gift due to her strong faith and believe, do the pray with her to close the portal you might feel strong energy and even some shaken 

In the floor or the doors , DO NOT BE AFRAID , the devil will try to scare you both not to finish the prayer. Repeat the prayers always for at least 7 nights.

For Aliens as we see in the movie I am not a believer of the Martian etc. People confused demons with Aliens .Demons; jinns can appear in so many shape and forms.

Your girlfriend did have a very hard time during a divorce, loss of job and miscarriage and confided in a family member about an experience and they did not believe her. That makes her so sad and will not talk about it. People need to understand that under this situation of hard time when people like her is more likely to see things and experience the paranormal. With some people it is all in their head due to severe anxiety and paranoia, psychosis and depression. But many people in fact see entities as the become more sensitive 

 You also said that her experience was with a demonic presence visiting her every night at the same time wanting her to do bad things to herself. And i believe her as the demon always want you to end it , kill yourself, and or destroy your relation this is the ultimate goal for any demon beside get you away from God.

Her family member like most people assumed that she needed psychiatric help; it is ok to seek the man of science just to be sure so they don’t tell you that it is all in your head and that you listen to quack paranormal experts It happened to my mom and it happened to me since the age of 5.

 Even though your girlfriend has had experiences seeing things since she was a child. Several tried medicines later at different dosages and have not changed what she sees and feels. That’s telling me that those entities are real. The key thing is to make sure that she treats her anxiety, depression and any Post traumatic syndrome that might have. Be closer to God the devil will be as far as possible.

The part that concerned you is that she said that entities   seem to be able to tell she can see/feel their presence and continue to get her attention by standing in front of her or touching her which she is not comfortable with.  That’s telling me that she has a partial attachment, or the entities are

Trying to find a weak spot to enter and get fully attached. Attachment is bad news as it is the step closer to possession.  

The entities fascinating about you because they see you as her guardian, while she was depressed they want to control her, isolate her and you provide the spot of hope

 I know that you are  a jack of all trades,  I.T. for a software company doing implementation work with various financial institutes, you’ve done auto mechanics, built houses etc. you are very technical, have an understanding of how things are made and put together, not very emotional and typically try to find a real answer for every time and not jump to any conclusions. This is not bad as you put logic and science first to make sure  to get a clear answer . But as i said the devil always make us believe that science is at work and not God.

You said that  any example of hearing, seeing, or smelling that you have noticed  you tried  to find any possible explanation and if there’s even a hint you wouldn’t even use it as an example. You said that there is no concern of rodents between the floors, and even the cats that used to be allowed in that room several years ago never made the noises that could be heard that sounded like somebody walking across the floor. So you covered all the possibility that the steps and sound that you are hearing is not result of an animal or pet. So make sure to repeat the prayer loud, over and over again in the spot where you feel the portal is active the most. And then each room.

Are you writing a book? Did you write before, please let me know the title so I can read it and i can put add for you in my blog, free of charge

I deals with one of the best author of history and paranormal in USA he is one of our team member .   Sherman Carmichael ; Paranormal expert, Author, Paranormal Historian expert , of north and south Carolina ,USA.  Research  Advisor .You typically do not remember your dreams, and that’s good and it is too long to explain here.

 You said when you were younger, died in your dream about every imaginable way in vivid life like feeling the pain and senses that went with it. That’s come from deep emotion, deep need for help and good life. The death of you bad self to let your good self rise up 

 You also experienced  inability to breath at the end to wake up, roll over and go back to sleep, this is could be the start of the paralyzing dream, especially when you laid down on your back to sleep

 You’ve been shot, had your head cut in the dreams , the shot is the people criticism, fear from failure, the head is the place where our ego reside ,cutting head is changing mind, changing decisions and changing the way you think or confusion of multiple ideas.

Remember so many people do have paralyze dream and during this time we almost always see entities, I have this more than 20 times in my life

and now days at least 3 to 4 times a year. I don’t drink, dont smoke, I don’t take pills or drugs, and very healthy .There are allot of books and research about this subject and you can read them in my blog. Your ideas and thoughts can come in your dream to find a solution and help you. But the other part of you trying to tell you that you can’t do it, it is like rustling with your ideas and the dreams come to help you. Try to pray before sleeping, avoid alcohol while you under stress.

Avoid reading any which craft materials. Remember that David and Suleiman used a pillars made of iron and brass (zinc and nickel too) it is in the holly book and when they ask them about it they told the people that any demonic / devil entity will not enter any place have iron and brass so used them in your room .also use the mezuzah. Then Google the Islamic Ruqyah and let the reading run in the portal area this Roqya is the most powerful to burn any demon and get rid of the demonic activities even if you don’t understand the Arabic language, but it work, plus do the previous prayer .

Best regard 

Steve Ramsey PhD. Paranormal expert and investigator .Okotoks , Alberta – canada

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