My answer to a paranormal incident in Quebec – schizophrenia

Let us call the lady. Carol ( K.D) .

THIS IS HER STORY              Email was sent september 13 ,2020

I seriously need help but I don’t know who to turn to.

Be aware that I only started taking notes on the 4th of September 2020.

On the 27th of July 2020, I had to put down my cat, which I adored with all my heart.  I was still crying so much on the second day of her passing that I decided to look up pet afterlife videos on YouTube.  I fell upon one of Danielle McKinnon’s videos, and that’s when I finally felt relief knowing that my cat was still with me. 

I must say that I never stopped talking to my cat. When I would go out, I would say goodbye. When I came in, I would say hi! When I looked at the places where she often hung around, you guessed it; I talked to her.  On nights that I would watch a movie, I pretended that my cat was resting on me and would pet her back, just like we always did. 

About one week or two after the passing of my cat, I started to feel as if I had energy coming out of my fingertips.  The next day it intensified, and I suddenly witnessed first hand how we are all energy. The day after that, I could feel the energy coming out of everything! For a few days, I didn’t know what was going on and felt very baffled.  

I did not realize then how it was important for me to take notes when such and such event happened, so I might sound a little bit confused. 

One night, while I was watching a movie, I called Lea to come and watch a movie with me. Since her death, I had done this every time I watched a movie. So, I pretended I was petting her and that’s when I started to feel her whiskers, her breath and even her kissing me as she always did when she was alive.

The night after that, I couldn’t wait to watch a movie with my girl. All-day, I felt a small animal, such as a little dog or cat, walking on my feet and trying to jump on my knees. So, thinking it was my baby girl, called Lea, I kept on telling her to jump on me, but she wouldn’t; she stayed with her feet on my feet and her head on my knees, begging me to pick her up. I must tell you that I am in a motorized wheelchair, and so you can understand how it would be easy for an animal to walk and rest on my feet. 

I think it was on that same night that while I was lying in bed, I saw three figures (silhouettes). One; that I could not see very well but figured that it was my cat because I could faintly feel it licking my fingers, as she used to do—another one; going back and forth on my feet and one more that I call the guardian because it did not move. 

So, first, I discovered my cat, and then there were three cats, and then four. Also, I thought that I was going to be able to feel them only at night, but that is not the case. I can feel their mustaches, their little wet nose, and I can feel their breath anytime they are near me and even if there are people around.

Quick update: 5ft Sept. 2020. I am now surrounded by at least five or six pets. I can feel their whiskers… there is even one that seems to be very young because it is chewing on my shoes and pinched the back of my leg yesterday. Also, they are not all cats as I thought; there are also dogs and maybe even other types of animal such as rats.

The 9th of September 2020

Now I need serious help. This situation is not fun anymore.  About 3 nights ago, I counted 9 animals in my bed; that is when my problems began. This will sound absolutely impossible, but I swear to you on my father’s head, who is still alive, that what I am about to tell you is real.

The night that I could see 9 different shadows of pets, I sensed one coming up to my ear at a swift but delicate pace, and it resembled a lot like a Chihuahua that we had, my parents and I some 30 years ago. Now you may think to yourself, “So what? it’s only a Chihuahua, what harm can that do?” I am very embarrassed to tell you that the Chihuahua started licking my private parts.

On that first night of her appearance, I got it to stop, but all the days ever since, she has been continuously licking my vagina and my butthole. I swear to you this is not a joke. It is not fun at all to have this freaking ghost Chihuahua dog licking your private parts from morning ’till night.

I have tried chasing her away with sage. Since I did not want to chase away my own cat, I’ve decided last night only to purify my body, as well as my motorized wheelchair. This afternoon I think I will have no choice but to try to cleanse the whole apartment since it did not work at all.

Update the 12th of September 2020

The sage made things worse; it intensified the Chihuahua’s pace. I tried telling them that they are not welcome anymore, that they must all go. That was last night. Today, I am ignoring them, but I can still feel some of them touching me with their whiskers. As for the little corrupted one, I still feel it but faintly.

Some Paranormal chasers have told me to stop talking to my baby and any of them, to stop giving them attention. They also said I should firmly ask them to go away… but I don’t think they will. One told me to look up what an incubus was and that it should give me an idea of what I am dealing with.

Do you have any suggestions as to what to do meanwhile to protect myself?

I literally did not sleep last night and surely won’t sleep at all tonight either because I am now afraid that they will get angry with me now that I am ignoring them.

It wIll sound stupid, but I put a garlic head under the seat of my motorized wheelchair.

Do you recommend something else?

Have you ever heard of such a situation?

I need some professional help, can you help me

Sincerely  ( K.D_ )  Carol ; City: Rim

ouski, Region: Quebec, Canada.


                                                                    THIS IS MY ANSWER


Greeting from Okotoks, Alberta – Canada

This is Steve Ramsey with the paranormal zone and haunting dimension

As we discussed that’s will be good idea to contact a team closer to you as you are in quebec and our team is in Alberta. But my advice is to start with your doctor or clinical psychologist first
as I said the trauma of losing you beloved cat is fresh and the stress and anxiety caused by it with your 
spinal condition it can cause nightmares, dream paralysis, sensation of touch, and skin sensation as for some other people It can make them see and hear things and all that can happen with mild forms of  schizophrenia  so please ask your doctor to do the test for this and see the side effects of the medication you are taking ,then if everything is ok you can seek the paranormal experts. as most of those so called experts are wako ,weird ,have no experience with demonology at all,staging performance and they charge people for their service.
Never pay for any service in that nature , some of them are thieves,drug addicts etc, so never allow anybody in your house that you don’t know ,approved of and always have someone with you in the house with easy contact to the police and tell other people about your contact and who will come and visit you as you can not move from the wheelchair and you will be easy target to crooks and thieves.  

Thank you so very much for reaching out and emailing me despite you being a busy lady with your art, books, songs and creativity while on a wheelchair , may God bless you always and give you the strength to miss Kina Diamond ( Carol). My condo lost for the lost of your pet , I just lost my beloved cat Smokey at age 13 since Dec 26 2019 and until now I still sad and cry for him sometimes , he is buried in my backyard at his favorite flower spot garden .

He passed away inside my car, in my hand on the way to the vet hospital .I still talk to him in my car and in my house. Trust me if I tell you I had the experience for the first week in dreams, his sound and touching he was on my chest with his beautiful burring sound but I learned to let go because I know if I keep his spirit to visit he might and as always with pets they will bring an uninvited spirits of animal, other pets, demonic entities etc. Smokey had a heart complication and his operation and vet bills cost me 8000 dollars and still died after 2 weeks. I am still paying his bills .But I loved him and I will do anything to bring him back but then I remembered the movie and I read the book of pet cemetery to Stephen King.

Wild and domestic animals, including dogs, seemed to sense the impending Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, displaying their distress with behavior changes and vocal warnings, and either ran for cover or refused to go outside. Some experts believe they could sense vibration changes on land from impending the earthquakes before humans could.

Dogs’ heightened sense of smell is credited with their ability to detect some cancers in humans. Service dogs who aid seizure-prone people are alert to subtle shifts in body smells and dilated pupils, signs that enable the dogs to warn their owners of a looming attack. Lots of people do not understand how the animals do that.

As a person with Master degree with medical ultrasound and studied many books and journals about the sound, ultra and infrasound, including the ghost frequency I found that many pets and animal uses the infrasound to predicts flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami etc before they happen , as a survival mechanism to give them a head start warning to leave and run ,for millions of years they have been doing this .The infrasound come first before any disaster or Eruption , just like the light we see from thunder and then we can hear the sound as the speed of light is way faster than the speed of sound. The infrasound can be heard before the real sound and the ultrasound by those animals and that includes any demonic vibrations.

Succubus is also known as demon female lover who approaches males in their dreams to have sex. The incubus is known as a male demonic sexual predator wanted to have sex with a female human. This is the phenomenon which is rarely described in psychiatric literature. It is more identified as a cultural belief in different religions.

 In my experience as a paranormal expert since 1986 I came close to so many cases and investigate many of them and found that 90% of those cases had schizophrenia, paranoia, psychosis, and some with severe anxiety and depression , each case was different and the major reason or the trigger point was almost always the loss of something they love , losing a parent, a child, a lover, a pet and so on , and few cases they were basically a psychiatrists cases and sick and they felt better after they got the help from a doctor. I am not saying that I apply this to you as I said there are 10% of cases that I dealt with caused by demonic activities and demonic infestation in the house  due to so many other factors.

Now when you cleanse your house order the demon under this name; Cerberus, In Greek mythology the hellhound Cerberus belonged to Hades, the Greek Demon of the underworld. Cerberus  

It was said to be a massive, three-headed black dog that guarded the entrance to the underworld, and he had lots of different followers of demonic dogs ask him and his legion to leave . Calling the name of the demon usually burns them and hurts them and surprises them how you know so they leave you alone most of the time. Also get rid of those names of other demonic dogs

(Okuri Inu, Cadejo, Tiangon) they are very bad demonic demons, call their name to leave the place.

Religious and mythological bestiaries treat dogs mainly as the objects of zoolatry. Dogs also have a specific role as guides between the worlds of the living and the dead in most mythologies. In this sense, dogs are close to demons. In the biblical context, dogs are not direct spirit guides, but are perceived as scavengers and the enemies of the faithful, especially in the Psalter, where groups of dogs (enemies) threaten the psalmist’s life, “Dogs surround me, a pack of villains encircles me; they pierce my hands and my feet.” (Ps 22:17). 

Dogs as pets are not found in the Bible, and there are only rare examples of dogs being potentially useful to people (Job 30:1). Dogs are treated as extremely unclean animals, in Muslim culture explain that the dogs because he have no sweat spores he will become unclean pet , but it can be used for hunting and s a guard and must be taken care of as a creature of God. The cat on the other hand is a more clean animal than dogs in the religion texts. As we look through the pages of Scripture we find no clear example of a demon materializing. Being disembodied spirits there is no indication that they have the power to create some human form in which to appear. This would be beyond their capabilities.

The loss of a pet is devastating, and many pet owners find the grief associated with the loss of a pet just as or even more challenging than the loss of human loved ones. I cried for Smokey more than I cried for the passing of my parents.

People who do not experience the deep love and companionship of a pet find this difficult to understand and may not be able to validate the experience of the person who is grieving. I understand and know what you are going to throw.

Sometimes it is a placebo effect that our brain produces all the feeling, test, smell, sound and pictures as part of the grieving process to reduce our anxiety and stress level.

 For us it is true and that is in most cases they last a few days. But for rare cases like in my satiation and yours it is so real and the spirit we are dealing with are real , the pet do like to visit its home, place, garden, his/her chair or bed ,the owner and the food place it is a daily habits they are like human spirits sometimes do not know they are dead or they don’t have time to say goodbye to the owner,  as they uses telepathy , eye and infrasound , tail and gestures to communicates in life, but after death.

 They will try to use any energy around them to show that affection of love by touch ,kissing and make us feel that they are with us . Please stay calling your pet alone by name and ask others to leave , ask him that he/ she  is not allowed to bring another pet ,keep doing this and do it with prayers.

Your beautiful gray and white cat with black stripes have 3 colors they are lovely, frisky and good hunters, so it is not strange to see your cat bring a pet mouse with her in after life so you can feel that your cat is telling you , see I am her and I am still loving you as you cared for me , and I am good even after death I have a mouse pet, it is a gift she is braining ,so you will be proud of her . So don’t be afraid of this mouse pet she is bringing with her.

You are good pet parents and you are feeling isolated and misunderstood during your grief. When someone’s pet passes, only those who love animals a great deal and regard them as members of the family understand the magnitude of this event, I really cry when I write anything about passing pets.

This lack of universal empathy is one of several reasons why pet bereavement poses unique challenges, please understand that I and many others feels your pain, here for you and sad for it and in the same time pray for your pet and mine, read in my blog under cats and dogs or pets and wildlife section please I have many topics can make you feel at ease in the subject of pets memories.  

Being there to love and support us is a pet’s primary job. They think our extra 15 pounds is super snuggly, our garlic-laced lunch smells delicious, and our old tattered sweatshirt is the softest thing ever. They don’t judge us and they will do that after death, they will be around if we asked them to be. Some pets saved their owner after death and I have many stories that make you so amazed about those pets that come after death to be with us. Because you love them, when you go in God’s hand and if you are lucky to go to heaven you will be granted many wishes and that include all your pets that you want them to be with you.

God will bring them as healthy as ever young and beautiful to be with you. The only pets that God will judge and later turned them to dust are those pets who have nobody to care for and love to pray for and be with –stray pets

Our pets have seen the most vulnerable sides of us.

 They have bore witness to our best moments, and our worst. They have seen our tears and know our true feelings perhaps better than anyone else, partly because of their keen perceptiveness and partly because we do not feel the need to hide it from them.

The pet telepathic sense will magnified by hundreds after death, so if you are feeling romantic or have a sexual feeling they know, if you are sad and depressed they know, and they will reacts to help in anyway even sexually, you and the reader might laugh but in my research around the world people told me stories like yours in most strange details you ever imagine and it is too long to explain here.

Our pets derive their food, shelter, affection and entertainment directly from us just like children. The deep love and intimacy of that bond does not change as our pets get older. They feel jealous of a young pet that you bring as they become less alpha and they might allow the new pet to shine and take charge but they show their anger to tell us who is first and who is in charge.

We have belonged to the pet the entire life; they know that they can depend on us and we will look after them, and that will never change after death. To lose this very special type of relationship rivals or surpasses bereavement of other types and can constitute a trauma in the life of the human left behind. Until now I have this feeling of happiness with him with my past memories and sad for losing him.

While the loss of a pet holds special challenges for the pet parent, the elements of grief that we feel when we lose a human still apply. For example, bereaved pet parents are plagued with irrational guilt.

I still feel guilty that I didn’t play with my pet while I was busy and feel sad and guilty when he asked me to do so but I was busy teaching students on my online program.

I feel sad and guilty because I didn’t take my pet to the vet on time 9 months before then he got his heart trouble, what if, and what if my mind went crazy with guilt. “What if I hadn’t been 9 months late scheduling the annual veterinary exam?” taunt me, even when nothing could have changed the outcome.

Bereaved pet parents are often angry that their pet was taken from them by disease or accident or just generally angry that pets are destined for a shorter life span than us humans. For animal lovers, even a “long life” for our pet is simply never long enough. Honest if God asked me to give Smoky my cat 5 years from my life to be with me as long as I will enjoy the 5 years with him too I will take it and bring it back. What can you do ?

  1. Your grief is valid. While some people who have a different type of understanding or relationship with animals may not be able to relate or support you in your time of need, other animal-lovers who feel similarly to you understand the depth of your pain. Connecting with others who understand pet loss can help lessen the feeling of isolation and negative judgment you may experience from others in your life. Try to find a group on line or near you who are dealing with the same issue of losing pets and talk about it , get together , help animal shelter will help you a great deal.


  1. You should not compare your grief to anyone else’s experience. Focusing on whose loss is “worse,” as some are wanted to do, is not helpful. What matters is that this is your loss and you have to cope with it in your own way. Even if others do not respect that, respect that for yourself. The feeling that you are feeling now including the sexual part is all part of this healing journey, the guilt, the feeling of wanting the pet back in any possible way.


  1. Realize that the guilt you feel is irrational in nature and is a normal part of the bereavement process. Simply knowing this will not stop these feelings from happening, but it will help you to work through them when they do. Time is the answer , prayers, and acceptance that one day you will join your pets and he is waiting , trust me on this .


  1. Bereavement is a temporary state that feels like it is going to last forever. The passage of time will do a lot to help you to smile and laugh at the good memories and appreciate the positive impact that your pet had on your life. Once my cat was 5 weeks I adopted him and thought he was a female he was o beautiful half long hair domestic  and half Persian with beautiful blue eyes and double main , when the vet told me he is a male I wanted him sent back to the owner as I wanted a female for my first cat Nemo , but in time he became my best friend and my favorite pet ever , smart can do lots of tricks , and wake me up before my alarm etc…He traveled with me to the US, Europe, Saskatoon, BC, most of Alberta and Dubai Imagine the travel and vet bills. I even letdown a great job once because of him as I couldn’t take him to that place.


  1. You have a lot of love to give that can now be rechanneled. It is a very individual and personal decision if and when to invite another pet into your life. Realize that sharing your love with another animal is not a betrayal of your beloved pet. I have 2 female cats with me that he knows so I am lucky as the guilt of bringing other pets is so great.

Opening your home and heart to another animal can be a way to honor your past pet. If you are unable or not ready to do so, consider volunteering your time or resources at an animal shelter or rescue. Do something to celebrate the life of your furry friend.

Now because you are in a wheelchair, artistic, creative art, writer you are more sensitive than others, uses both of your brain and more of your left side. Now your pets might bring unwanted spirits to the house and that’s mean because of your sadness you might have opened a portal in your place by asking and kept talking to the pet spirit.

The portal somehow brought more than what you want as most spirits, humans and pets are never alone on the other side, the previous owners, guardians, spirit guide, bad or good spirits can accompany them and find them amusing , many of demonic entities always play with life pets and birds and find them amusing. In many cultures they keep birds or pets so the spirits leave their children alone.

The famous entity who was recorded in literature that they do play with pets is the jinn, specially the children of the jinn, they do love cats and dogs, and our pets know that.

The bad entities who can be brought by you throw this portal or by the pets includes, the trickster demon, the succubus and incubus demonic entities , Now because you are a female you supposed to attract the incubus the mail demon, but this is not so and I recorded experiences with people who have the same gender demon with the human so you can attract both or either one, it’s all depends on the state of your mind and feeling at that moment .

If you were not dreaming then this is dangerous and has to be dealt with, if this was part of your dream it is your body reaction to activate the muscles as you are unable to move and use the wheelchair. So start with a clinical psychologist please before you ask any paranormal investigators as most of them are crook, uneducated, don’t know nothing about psychology, reading few books, seeing few movies on youtube and watching paranormal state ( staged) then they call themselves an expert.

Crosses and holy water will not work as the devil wants you to trust with these idolostic objects to make your sin against God and make you feel that the cross saves you.

Closing the portal is important now in your house. Go to each mirror and bless the mirrors in your house with prayers from the holy books, reading freshwater with absence of salt. Uses rods of iron and Brass in your place at your bed as those metals are the antidotes for demons

Most demonic activities 99% of them start in a place where we don’t use so often, don’t sleep in it, empty, no words of God has been spoken in it, and more devilish activities committed in, place of alcohol and addiction, murder, sexual violence, repression and prison, place of depression and anger and any place of this nature where negative energies has been released.

The reason we feel more paranormal activities in the basement or empty places is because the word of God has not been mentioned in them as the holy book tells us. So try to cleanse your place and each room first before you start closing the portals. It might take several days to several weeks .

Salt can help more than sage. Cats hate bath if your cat used to hate bath when she was a life you can use the same trick now if you don’t want her beside you prepare a bath of fresh water with absents salt in it, put her favorite toy beside her bed away from your bed and ask her to stay so she don’t bring other pets and spirits with her, they are using her as they know you wanted her to come and you asked her to do so.

There are so many methods to use to cleanse your place you can read some of them in my blog.

The strongest method of all is the Roqeya method that’s if you don’t mind to use Muslim reading as it works, you can download and search QURAN RUQYA in Arabic is more powerful even if you don’t understand it. It is ok the bad spirit will vanish it will burn any demonic spirit around you, and you can keep the recording play in each room for a few days on off night and morning even when you leave the house.

So when you go to bed try to clear your thoughts from sexual desire until you get rid of those entities and uninvited pet spirits as they can feel you , and read your vibration and mind more than you think.

Strong Prayer that you can use

Although not in the Bible, the names incubus and succubus have been used throughout history to represent evil sexual spirits, spiritual sexual attacks and evil involved in ungodly sexual behavior.  When we use these terms, we are asking God to remove evil associated with these concepts. So this is part of one prayer I use in this situation beside the islamic Roqia. Try it daily and you will see the great result , make sure to start having strong willpower.

In the name of God almighty yahweh, the creator of heaven and earth and in your power and light I repent on behalf of myself and those in my family line who had sexual relations with evil spirits, familiar spirits, with incubus/succubus spirits, and the demon Mare. I renounce and break any covenants or dedications to the Nephilim, Baal, Belial, and Andras, cerberus, Asmodeus, rakshasa and all other unholy spirits that left the kingdom of king Suleiman and went around this earth with their legions.

I repent for anyone in my family line that has had any connections, ties, pacts, or allegiances to the Harlot spirit and the Queen of Heaven. I repent for all who participated in any fertility rites or rituals, and who sacrificed, worshiped, danced before, or gave offerings to any gods or goddesses.

Lord, God almighty I repent for myself and all those in my family line who had night or spirit husbands night or spirit wives. Lord, forgive us for rejecting you, and forgive us for our unfaithfulness towards you. Forgive us for finding comfort from these spirits and for looking to them to fulfill our desires and needs. I choose to rely upon you and to trust in you for everything I need. Please restore my joy and faithfulness to you and with you, please remove any evil spirit from myself and this house, from my mind and my dreams.

God and the only God of the universe, I repent of every contact, personal and generational, with all night-husbands and night-wives and I and renounce all night husbands and night wives which have been assigned to function specifically within my family. Or if I opened a portal without knowing, please close all the gates of evil and portals of unholy spirits in my place and my soul , let the holy spirit dwell in this place.

I repent of the blood covenants which opened the door to this family night-husband and night-wife. I cut every soul tie with this family spirit. I repent of the deception adopted by my ancestors that polygamy is acceptable and for any deception which was one of the ways in which the door was opened to incubus and succubus and Mara.

I repent for those in my family line who were involved in astral travel, dark practices such as the occult, and new age practices. I repent for any involvement with witches, sorcerers, magistellus, or familiar spirits.

I renounce all night spells, charms, enchantments, or allurements used by witches and warlocks at night. I renounce any positions, possessions, powers, or any secret knowledge that have come from darkness. Please close all ungodly pathways, gateways, portals, cracks, or seams into ungodly realms or the underworld. Remove all defilement and tainting, and as Your child, please restore my godly dreams from heavenly places.

I repent for myself or any of my ancestors who have visited sangomas, witches, or warlocks for their “love witchcraft.” I repent of buying, accepting, and using their love potions. I repent of rituals performed, invocations offered up, and any using of baths, washes, charms and psychic prayers. I repent of having my body rubbed with ungodly ceremonial liquids or allowing ungodly ceremonial or commercial liquids to be poured over my body.

I repent for the breaking up of marriages, covenants, divorces, and the destroyed relationships that resulted from having relations with these spirits. I ask that you would break off from me and my family line all false love, lust, hatred, impotency, frigidity, sickness and disease that have been caused by these spirits.

I repent on behalf of myself and my family line for all fornication, adultery, incest, orgies, sodomy, homosexuality, and sexual addiction. I repent for all pornography, rape, abuse, ungodly masturbation, lust and fantasy lust, and any ungodly sexual contact with other people, any bestiality, and all sexual perversion and sex for money.

I repent on behalf of myself and my family line for shedding innocent blood through abortion and human sacrifices. I repent of murder, pride, greed, rage, hate, jealousy, pretense, falseness, cursing, and lying.

Father, on behalf of myself and my family line I repent of having been involved in acts that showed worship and obedience to Satan and his demons through having sexual relations outside of marriage. Lord, forgive us for not following your commands.

In your name God and the only god who can help me, I renounce all ungodly soul ties with every person I have been sexually involved with, physically or spiritually. Father I ask you to break these soul ties from my spirit, my mind and my body. Break in your name, I now apply your Divine light to my body soul and this house,  over all ungodly ties.

God almighty, I repent for allowing these evil spirits to reduce and control my will. I now choose to put my spirit, will, emotions, mind and body under your control and hand as the only God who can help me.

Now In your name God almighty one  I renounce and demand that all evil represented by incubus, succubus, incubi, succubae, eldonna, mare and all evil connected to ungodly sexual behavior to come out of my body and my physical and spiritual conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.   I break off these spirits from my tongue, hands, fingers, breasts, sexual organs or any part of my body.

I will no longer serve these demon spirits. I renounce Satan and all his works. I stand in the authority that I have as a believer, and in your name God almighty I cast out any spirits that have been residing in my body.

I command all confusion to leave and I call back all parts that have been scattered or fragmented.

God almighty yahweh,, please forgive me, wash me and cleanse me and I ask you to restore my innocence. Please increase my love for you and give me the ability to be truly faithful and intimate with you. Ameen 


After 12 emails back and forth to adjust and answer all the questions and the way we can help. I sent a list of paranormal investigator near her area. I also think that the issue is more dealing with the lost of her beloved cat of 20 years and his lost gave her a traumatic event that trigger a deep grieve , sadness , stress and anxiety, with her medication for pain management due to her spinal problem can create bad dreams, and sensation of seen and hearing thing , the trauma of losing something she love can also creates hallucination and sleep paralyze activities. I advised her to see a doctor or a clinical psychologist also and not just rely on demonology and paranormal experts. as mild schizophrenia is more likely in these situations and it has been recorded in the psychology research journal the relationship between losing something you love , the feeling of incubus or succubus experience and the schizophrenia.

She is seen a doctor this week.   

Thank you

Steve Ramsey, Alberta Canada

PhD, Public Health. Paranormal Expert ; FREE SERVICE

Okotoks, Alberta – canada

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