Greeting from Calgary

 I can teach your sonographers, doctors, radiologists the art of MSK sonography from shoulder to ankle.

 I can alter any model from single joint to 2 areas such as shoulder and knee ultrasound, or upper and lower extremities sonography for the starters.  

I can travel short or long distance to your clinic or hospital.

I am working as a full-time sonographer in Calgary, Alberta.I am a lead MSK sonographer and taught MSK sonography to so many radiologists and sonographers in Canada, USA and overseas.

Instead, you spend thousands of dollars sending your students and staff to learn basic MSK; I can provide the training for them at your site with hands MSK sonography.Many other workshops coast allots of money and half of the time spent in lecture room and they give minimum hands-on time with full classroom and at least 8 people to each instructor.



This will be hands-on MSK shoulder to feet including the anatomy, protocols and some pathology. A flash drive will be given to you for farther educational materials, and some printed materials.

 I hold Ph.D. in public health- from the USA.


Master degree in medical ultrasound from Australia,

 Bsc Degree in Diagnostic Imaging Australia

Diploma in radiography Fanshawe College and a diploma in sonography from health science center-Manitoba

I am registered with Rmsks, ARDMS, CAMRT, Sonography Canada, CRVS, CRGS, and RTR

What can I offer you?

A complete MSK ultrasound training to your group, doctors, ultrasound students, sonographers, physiotherapists, chiropractic, sports medicine, and others who might be interested in learning the MSK.

Methods of presentation and learning

I provide a Hands-on workshop with the ultrasound machine and models or students.  Sonographers can scan each other under my instruction and guidance for each joint and part.

What can I teach you in regard to MSK sonography?

Shoulder ultrasound, elbow, wrist and hands, adult hips,, knee, ankle and feet, Achilles and plantar fascia, biceps and triceps muscles and tendons, digits and toes, hamstrings, rectus femoris and bicep femoris, ITB, groin and hernias, abdominal and chest wall, anatomy, and common pathology for each part will be covered

Time and presentation; I can alter the time to fit your need.

This MSK ultrasound hands-on takes 4 days. Time is from 8 am to 4 pm. First-day course is upper extremities MSK -Hands on.

Second-day course is lower extremities MSK 

Third-day course will be the hands-on protocol and procedures of the MSK. And cover the soft tissue of the anterior /posterior thigh, legs, and forearm.

The fourth day will be general MSK hands on to cover the weak area and go over each joint with you one to one.

1- Fees and registrations ARE 500 DOLLARS PER DAY for One or two students.

For any Extra student’s a 300 dollars fees apply.No more than 3 students per day to keep the time of training focus on the quality of learning.


2- Flash drive with some lectures material will be provided to you

 3-The airfare from Calgary to your city and back must be paid by your clinic or hospital in economy class.

4- The hotel room (accommodation) must be paid by you. Hotel close to your clinic is more practical.

5- Taxi from the airport to the hotel and back and from the hotel to your clinic must be paid by you. Or you can pick me and take me back to save money.

6- I start 8 am to 4 pm or 9 to 5, I can work weekends or if you want evening class from 1 to 8 pm.

 CME; Your Manager or supervisor can ask for CME from SDMS or sonography Canada. For the days you are doing the workshop, I will sign all your documents. I will provide you with a printed certificate of training and attendance with a seal.

I recommend that your sonographers take MSK correspondent course to start their anatomy and basic skills. Burwins ultrasound course from Canada is one of the best MSK course to start with and can prepare you for the MSK registry.

My hands-on MSK training is designed to show you how to scan the tendons, ligaments, meniscuses and how to see the Bursae, tears, tendonitis fast and to the point.

To book an appointment please emails me at:

Steve Ramsey  

587 999 3840 texts, Viber, tango, IMO

Make your appointment ahead of time.

Thank you very much.

 If you want to come to our clinic in Calgary to be trained please email me so I can send you more details information, address and the nearest hotel is a walking distance from the clinic at ADC Imaging center in Calgary – Alberta


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