Mole and Superstition – MEANING OF MOLE on your face and body – By Steve Ramsey -Ph.D

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Mole and Superstition by Steve Ramsey 

Beauty marks, beauty spots, and birthmarks are in reality simple dark mole that has been given the name of a beauty mark or spot because for centuries they have been considered an attractive feature of the female face or another part of the body. The folklore of beauty spots goes back to at least medieval times in Europe. Some said they were caused by the unsatisfied wishes of a woman during pregnancy while others told that the pregnant woman had seen something strange or had had fear in his mind. 

"PROIan Smith Follow Cindy Crawford The Fantastic Mr Fox premiere" by Ian Smith, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
“Ian Smith Follow Cindy Crawford The Fantastic Mr. Fox premiere” by Ian Smith, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

 A normal mole may be little more than an ignorable dark patch of skin to some. For others, moles are cause for distraction, either because they are highly visible on the face or rub uncomfortably against clothing. Many individuals opt to have their moles removed for these reasons.
Would you remove a facial mole, though, if you knew what it meant? Ancient Chinese beliefs suggest that moles may be lucky or unlucky, depending on their location, color, and size. Moles on the face are said to hold particular meaning if they are prominent or if there is only one of them. If there are many moles on the face, however, they are said to have less meaning because their presence is not unique.
Derived from the Chinese Almanac, called the Tong Shu. the meaning of moles on the face can be broken down by location. The face is “mapped” into numbered sections, with each number representing a mole. In order to determine a particular mole’s meaning, simply match its location on the face to the corresponding location on the facial map.

Good Luck Moles! superstitious ideas;

“Marilyn Monroe” by kate gabrielle, Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Moles in certain locations are said to signify great things in life, ranging from wealth and prosperity to good health and abundance of resources. Based on your mole’s coordinates, you may be in for some very good luck. 

• A mole directly beneath the eyebrows is said to signify intelligence and creativity. These skills may bring fame, success, and wealth.

• A mole located directly in the center of the skin above the upper lip indicates the potential to raise a large family, and constant emotional support.

• A mole on either side of the mouth is indicative of a balanced, successful life. Individuals may be rich, famous and live a lavish lifestyle, but also enjoy satisfaction on the home front. Women with these moles may be extremely beautiful.

• A mole in the center of the forehead suggests a creative, hardworking, yet highly carefree spirit. These individuals are great leaders and might be very successful entrepreneurs.

• A mole on either end of the eyebrows indicates a powerful, headstrong individual with great authority. These individuals may be ideal for company leaders or business owners.

By David Shankbone (Shankbone) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By David Shankbone (Shankbone) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Bad Luck Moles

For every mole that may be indicative of positive experiences in life, there is a poorly placed mole suggestive of negativity.

• Moles in the center of the nose are bad signs. Individuals may have a tendency to overspend, indulge in gambling and flirt voraciously. Knowing when to stop and resisting temptation are the greatest challenges of all.

• Moles located beneath the eyebrows may suggest discord with extended family members. The associated stress may affect the personal and professional aspects of life.

• Moles on either side of the nose are also bad news. They suggest the potential to fall extremely ill.

• A mole located directly on the lip may suggest problems with diet and sexual relations. Weight concerns, in particular, may be a problem, which in turn may lead to a depression.

When to Be Concerned About Moles

 "la nuit nous appartient. feb. 2nd 2015. 20h50 (19:50 gmt). arte" by Alatele fr, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

“la Nuit nous appartient. feb. 2nd 2015. 20h50 (19:50 GMT). are” by Alcatel fr, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

 " marylin monroe_jane russel" by motif_catcher, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

” Marylin monroe_jane Russel” by motif_catcher, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

 Small and dark, moles are medically defined as groups of pigmented cells. They can develop anywhere on the body and may vary slightly in size and color. Though most moles are not caused for concern, occasionally some may become cancerous. You should be concerned about moles that appear suddenly, change color, shape, size or elevation, cause pain, itch, feel scaly or bleed.

The mythical explanation of antiquity was that the gods, concerned that some mortals were just too beautiful, sent dark spots down to mar pretty faces. Meanwhile, on our earthly plane, scribes were writing about “olives of the body,” attempting to deduce the science of moles. They came up with a guide: a mark near the mouth indicated gluttonous tendencies; one on the neck foretold a possible future beheading, and so on.

 Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, developed a more complicated system of mole mapping informed by astrology. And even though flawless skin was always preferred, Romans would apply leather patches to disguise pockmarks or scars as beauty marks instead.

 Medieval Europe, always the owner of any historical round-up, saw moles as evidence that the devil had entered a body—this is why witches are imagined with hairy moles on their gnarled noses or chins.

The mood lightened up by the 18th century when moles were all the rage in the royal courts of Europe. Courtiers of both sexes would wear artificial beauty marks called mouches  (French for “flies”). These adhesive patches were made of silk, taffeta, or velvet, and came in a variety of shapes—including hearts, spades, clubs, even tableaus (an entire horse-drawn carriage-shaped patch has been documented).

They were so popular in Venice that an entire street—Calle de le Moschete—was dedicated to vendors of paste-on birthmarks.

In America, early film starlets like Clara Bow and Jean Harlow sported migrating spots that ushered in the celebrity beauty mark to rule them all:

Marilyn Monroe’s. As Norma Jeane, it was just a faint freckle on her cheek. In the ’60s, Elizabeth Taylor, Etta James, and Edie Sedgwick sported beauty marks that seemed to grow bolder as their stars rose. The ’70s featured the spunky moles of Goldie Hawn and post-yé-yé France Gall. And the beauty mark of the ’80s projected a sultry-smutty glamour on the lips of Madonna and Cindy Crawford—a look later channeled via piercing by Amy Wine house and tattooing à la Dita Von Teese. Meanwhile, Ms. Pac-Man was cast as coquette in 1982 with an 8-bit beauty mark and a bright red bow and has been going strong ever since. Plenty of celebrities have opted for removal—Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, and Enrique Iglesias, to name a few. And given the very real dangers of skin cancer, it’s hardly a choice you can fault them for making. 

Other Chinese myths include; 

• Moles on the Arms – indicate that the person is polite, diligent and will lead a happy married life. If a mole is near the elbow, the man will need to struggle in life, and might also become a young widower. If the woman has the same characteristics, however, her problems relate to her occupation.

• Moles on the Armpits – are indicative of great struggle early in life, which is, however, well rewarded. Wealth makes later years equally pleasurable. A mole under the right arm shows that one needs to be alert and cautious in matters of security.

• Moles on the Back – people with these are unreliable, and with them, one must ensure that all facts are available before one enters any sort of negotiation for any enterprise.

• Moles on the Breast – one on the right breast is indicative of laziness, which may affect family life. You need to be assertive about your needs to be able to enjoy the love and comfort of the children. A mole on the left breast belongs to active and energetic people who generally get what they want in life.

• Moles on the Buttocks – people with these are not ambitious and will be reconciled to any mode of living.

• Moles on the Cheek(s) – indicate a serious and studious person who has no interest in material pleasures.

• Moles on the Chin – is indicative of people who are affectionate and caring. These people adapt easily to any situation. They love traveling and respect the law of the land. They are also dedicated and conscientious workers and willingly accept responsibilities.

• Moles on the Ear – people who are born with a mole on the ear are generally considered lucky.

• Moles on the Elbow – indicate people who love to travel and are adventurous and spirited.

• Moles near the Eye – if located on the outer corner of the eye, this indicates that the person is honest, reliable and forthright.

• Moles on the Eyebrow – if located on the right eyebrow, this signifies a person who will have a highly active life and will be successful in all ventures.

• Moles on the Fingers – people with these will turn out to be dishonest and tend to grossly exaggerate.

• Moles on the Feet – indicate people who are easy going and laid back and need to exercise to stay healthy.

• Moles on the Genitals – lead to sexual addiction.

• Moles on the Forehead – people with these will be prosperous and well settled in life.

• Moles on the Hand – shows people who are talented and make a success of their lives.

• Moles on the Heel – indicate people who make enemies easily and are prone to losing friends.

• Moles on the Hip – signifies that these people are contented, resilient and spirited.

• Moles on the Knee – if you have a mole on right knee, it implies that you are a friendly person. A mole on the left knee signifies people that lead an extravagant lifestyle.

• Moles on the Lips – people with a mole on lips always aspire to get ahead in life.

• Moles on the Navel – men who have these will be lucky in life and a woman who has the same desires as children.

• Moles on the Neck – if on the front of the neck, it signifies unexpected good fortune. If it is on either side of the neck, it indicates an unreasonable temperament. A mole on the back of the neck indicates a person’s desire to lead a simple life.

• Moles on the Nipple – on a man it indicates a fickle nature; on a woman, it indicates that she is striving for social status.

• Moles on the Nose –indicates people who will be a sincere friend and a hardworking.

 " 6 Panels" by chrstphre ㋛ campbell , Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

” 6 Panels” by Christopher ㋛ Campbell , Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

• Moles on the Shoulder – indicates a sensible, industrious individual.

• Moles on the Wrist – that the person is frugal, ingenious and dependable.

 " Portrait of President Obama" by Gulam Husain, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

” Portrait of President Obama” by Gulam Husain, Flickr is licensed under CC-BY-ND 2.0

Another superstition believes:

A mole and a beauty mark have a meaning according to the Filipino superstitious beliefs, depending upon their location or in which of the person’s body part these are found. It may mean something good or just the opposite. Do you want to know if you have a lucky mole or not? Read on to know what a particular mole or beauty spot signifies.

At your feet:

A mole on one’s foot means that the person loves adventures. It may also be a euphemism as most people would describe those people as “layas” or “lakwatsero” which means that the person loves to go to different places even just for the sake of not being inside the house. They do not need any important reason to take off and go somewhere. All they need is the desire to go somewhere which is always present, thanks to their mole!

In your face:

Some people are bothered by a mole on their face. However, a Filipino superstitious belief says that it is more than just a facial imperfection. A mole on the face means that the person will be successful in his or her business no matter what kind of business it is. Well, keeping the mole will definitely help them financially as they would not have to pay a fortune just to have their mole removed.

Whose nose:

Having a mole on one’s nose will definitely bother most people as it may feel like there is also a waving flag on it telling people that the person are speaking with to look at it. It has a half good meaning. Half because it is not fully good as it is believed that the mole on the nose signifies that the person will be very rich. However, there is a catch which is he or she will be unhappy. People who believe in the adage spoof that “Those who say money cannot buy happiness do not know where to shop” probably would not mind.

In your eyes

Well, not exactly on the eye but if a person has a mole near his or her eye it means that the person is very attractive to other people. Well, considering that it is also on the face, then one can say that the person will be attractive to the members of the opposite sex and successful in his or her business! Now that is getting the best of both worlds!

In your hands 

Filipinos, especially ones from the older generations, will probably stay away from people who have a mole on his or her hand. It means that the person has the heart of a thief and will most likely be stealing every time he or she is given the chance to.

Got your back

According to a Filipino superstitious belief, people who have a mole on their back are lazy. It is because they are believed to love lying down most of the time, sleeping or resting every chance they get. That is kind of a bad news for employers of people with a mole on their backs.

Most moles range from light tan to dark brown. However, atypical moles — also known as dysplastic nevi — can include shades of red along with brown. These moles often include a mixture of colors, may appear speckled and are usually flat or slightly raised. The edges are often irregular and the border fuzzy. Atypical moles are frequently larger than common moles and are often broader than the width of a pencil eraser. They can develop at any age and occur anywhere on the body, although they most commonly occur on the back, chest, and scalp. Atypical moles are most common in fair-skinned people and should be examined by a doctor to ensure they are not cancerous. Cherry angiomas look like small red moles, but they are actually not skin growths. They are small collections of blood vessels close to the skin surface. They are typically raised and smooth and appear most often on the chest, back and upper arms. Cherry angiomas are very common and affect people of all races. They usually begin appearing in adults during their 30s or 40s and often increase in number with advancing age. Cherry angiomas are not cancerous. Because they are made up of blood vessels, they tend to bleed if nicked.

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