Memories from the past

This black and white picture was taken back in 1963 in Baghdad city / Iraq. I am the one in the far left of the screen, my younger brother Raad in the centre with his muscular pose, Shaker at the far right , and Qaem in back centre. We were in grade 4 and best friends .

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My father was in the political prison at that time. My brother Raad is still live in Baghdad with his family and kids, his children have kids now.He is the deputy of one of the party and he finished his MSc degree in political science and anthropology.

Shaker is a lawyer, and Qasem finished 2 years diploma in the tourism industry in Spain , he is working in Baghdad as a salesman, lol who want to be a tourist in Iraq. I love and hate those days.

I love the simplicity at that time . We dont have cell phone, no google, no facetime or facebook, no color tv, and we see friends and communicates face to face and not by texts. And I hate the oppression and wars, agressions of those with power against the civilians, the injustice and torture to the political prisoners, no human rights, corruption and evil governments from then until now.

Thank you for reading.

Steve Ramsey.

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