Magic and Witchcraft

Most people think that magic and witchcraft are one and the same. 

This could not be further from the truth. In reality, there is a big difference between the two.

While magic is an all-encompassing term that refers to supernatural powers or abilities, 

witchcraft uses magic through spells and rituals to achieve specific goals Magic and witchcraft

usually have negative connotations.

Yet, magic is still a manifestation of the universal life force energy. So why did it gain such

a bad reputation? It’s not the essence that’s “evil,” but how people choose to use it.  

In general, witchcraft is a practice of manipulation and acquiring personal gains.

Even though most witches were known for using dark magic throughout history, 

Some practitioners had good intentions.

How we implement what we have access to determines our purpose and vibration. 

As a result, calling magic evil is comparable to claiming that

the water in the ocean may drown you. 

While it may be true that even shallow waters can lead to the same outcome, 

you can also sail to reach new shores.

The knowledge behind energy manipulation is vast and dates back to ancient civilizations.

That’s why; interestingly enough, each region has its own stories and legends.

While some may overshadow even the most prominent movie scripts, 

others hold some truth to them.

One area stands out – northern Europe, Scandinavia, Finland, and Iceland.

Their long and complex mythology is an endless source of magic and witchcraft stories.

I was lucky enough to study many legends and magic books of the Nordic.  

Surprisingly, it included many rituals and incantations that you can find in 

Eastern Europe as well – 2000 miles apart.

But this was not the only one. There were entire volumes on the same topic.

What caught my attention was that fortunetelling was prevalent.

And I know that many people interested in spiritual practices find this topic at least intriguing.

Each Nordic rune is similar to a Japanese Kotodama  

meaning a whole spiritual concept integrated within one symbol, word, or a series of signs.

The origin of the Nordic runes is a mystery, although there are many stories about it.

Unlike today’s fortune telling, the reading of runes was a serious ritual in the past.

The correct reading could influence the ruling of a kingdom or the outcome of a battle. 

It could set events in motion that would change the course of history.

From the Norse mythology to the action of brave warriors,

the reading of runes was considered an art. 

The creation of each rune implied a complex spiritual ritual.

Even if it may not be as famous as the Tarot, the reading of runes prevails to this day,

and it’s part of the esoteric heritage of the Nordic countries.

Used as a divination tool, the runes can tell whole stories about the past,

 present, and future while serving as inspiration for one’s life goals.

 I believe that the best way to have a great future is by constantly improving the present actions.

Still, they are fascinating, and there’s no harm in learning more about those books, 

as long as you are careful and don’t use them with bad attention.

But if you choose to pursue them, you can always consider using The Ruqeya prayers

from the Quran to add an extra layer of protection.

Know that each magic ritual connects to a certain vibration. 

Therefore, each is, in fact, a manifestation of the universal life force energy and even entities.

The Ruqeya prayers and prayers from the Quran, can cleanse your energetic system, 

raise your vibration, and allow you to have protection from evil and bad spirits.

This will also keep low-vibrational entities away, as they will 

not be able to follow you to a high-vibrational state.

Therefore, you’ll have a smoother and overall better experience.

As you know fortune telling is a sin in the Abrahamic faith .

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