life begins at the end of your comfort zone

“Never look back to the things, which broke you once.”

Steve Ramsey,PhD -Public Health MSc-(hon) in Med Ultrasound.RMSKS.

At the beginning of this year, I was feeling insecure and felt like I have reached a plateau that prevented me from enjoying life like I once did. I couldn’t define the solution, but somehow I knew that with prayers and worshiping God and asking him for answers would greatly help.

I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, see a different perspective and start this year fresh with more enthusiasm and new ideas. So I resigned my job here in Calgary and will be going north to start working with a new group ,leaving behind me a bad management, and unfriendly city.

The covid situation stressed everybody out and now the different variants are in town such as UK, Brazilian, Indians variants and these will go on and on for the next 4 years. Finally all my thoughts came together, move and start somewhere else , and as they say the rolling stone dont collect moss .

I got laid off for 3 months then they put me on part time for 4 months and that’s when I started thinking of leaving this management who do not care about me, do not have loyalty to senior staff who started the place with them.

Perfect is the enemy of progress. Taking action is more important than worrying about mistakes. Choose the path you resonate with the most, and let time optimize your process.

With regular prayers , good planning, finding the place and the team who provide you with less stress and enjoyable work place is the answer. Dont stay just because it is comfortable, closer to your home, or any other comfy reason. Try to get rid of the comfort zone if you have a bad management and work stress. The bad management who do not care about you and your goal , do not give you incentive to progress , always point the fingers and not the facts .

When you start feeling stressed out, lethargic, unmotivated, or even weary , this is the time when you start looking for the right place , the right team, and the right management , move and never look back.

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We’ve all passed through similar stages, probably many times throughout our lives. What gives me peace of mind is that I manage to “pierce” through them almost every time , God is with you as long as you walk with him in faith , take him as your mentor, your creator and your guide in every single step of your life . He will not leave you.

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Truth be told, it can become quite challenging to find time for yourself in this fast-paced world. The paradox is that even though we’re the most important person in our lives, we offer more attention to other things. So try to focus on you first, on your dreams and take steps to learn and sharpen your skills ,and also focus on your spiritual growth. Of course, this should not be an excuse for slowing or stopping your spiritual progress. It’s just that we are subjected to the physical plane, and it’s crucial not to overlook what our body is telling us.

With the correct discipline, sometimes we can push through these moments and regain our will to go further. But there are also other “instruments” that can offer us the necessary support such as prayers, worshiping the God and only God, find a good friend who can be a spiritual mentor and try to learn new things.

God is a life and well, never sleeps , watching and waiting for you, and ready to help and have been around for eternity . with his power he can l generates an energetic positive field that interacts with other living organisms, he can enhance your health and your spiritual growth , cleanse you every time you repent to him.

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He can bring benefits at a physical, emotional, and spiritual level with each prayer and every time you worship him. Hold the holy book in your hand and focus on cleansing your self , then read chapter or tow .

Our present life is the result of our past experiences and our perception of life through those experiences. Furthermore, our personalities are shaped by the influence other people have on us, so select your friends wisely. I consider life a beautiful gift, and believe we should all enjoy it … “responsibly”. Yet, some events shape us in ways we can’t control. Sometimes, we don’t get what might seem fair, but I would argue that we always receive what’s best for us.

Be satisfied with less money and less stress with good team. It is fine to ask for more as long as you dont allow greed to control you. If you start comparing your self with others and start getting unsatisfied and greedy then you will never be happy.

Some of these negative thoughts occurrences can be really damaging and, if left untreated, could turn into traumas. They will deploy various types of low-vibrational energies within our energetic fields, causing mental and emotional imbalances. The best thing is to move, change your place, leave your comfort zone and leave those who do not appreciate you.

The impact of this mental and emotional damage corresponds to our inner strength. More precisely, one person can be devastated while the other overcome this obstacle easier. Energetic balance comes along so both parties can learn forgiveness and understanding towards each other. Sadly, this rarely happens, and when it doesn’t, emotional scars start forming.

One thing to remember is that traumas leave negative energies within your mental and emotional, energetic bodies. Luckily, the flow of universal energy can help you cleanse yourself from these energies gradually by prayers and worshiping God alone, and learn how to forgive as forgiveness is power and only strong person can do it. From that moment on, mental and emotional healing takes place. As you might have guessed, this healing does not happen overnight

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Most people want to live long, happy. The key to do this is to have a high quality of life on all levels. Spiritual practices help us identify the emotional imbalances so we can heal them. But nobody should neglect the physical and mental factors. Exercise and nutrition are equally important for your healing and development. That’s why there are healthy foods that can potentially help us live longer and healthier. After all, everything we eat has its own type of energy and vibration. Eventually, we become what we consume.

Thats also true for our mind if we feed our mind hate, anger, aggression, violent, prodigious , discriminations then we become what we think.

Self-sabotage is relatively common, especially among spiritual practitioners. It’s as if something doesn’t allow you to evolve. I know this first hand because I’ve been struggling with it for quite some time. Being aware of self-sabotage is the first step towards removing this negative aspect. Then, learning how it infiltrates your mind is equally important. This will help you become aware of it when it occurs. Thats why I am moving from Calgary the place I called home for the last 11 years,

My advise to the sonographers and great mind is to stay away from Calgary , dont waste your time and energy to work here.

Steve Ramsey, PhD.

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