Letter from our Florida reader with electric charge phenomenon

From; Sebastian Kaminski, Florida – USA.

My name is Sebastian Kaminski and I’m reaching out to you because maybe you can help me figure out What’s going on with me. Ever since I was in high school (maybe even before that) I’ve had weird experiences with electricity. Now that I’m older I’m more self aware of it happening. First the lights go out when I’m near them or thinking of them going off. I live in Florida and these light bulbs that are on the first floor in the kitchen keep turning off. My dad has had to replace them more than 3 times now and they’re right under my bed upstairs. I’ve had lights turn off as I drive around. Watches not working after wearing them. I’ve even been told I heal pain away from my ex girlfriend when she lay on top of me. Dogs follow me and babies always look at me from a distance. Can you explain this to me? What can I do to get some answers?

 Thank you.

Best regards ; Sebastian Kaminski


My answer

Hi Sebastian before I answer your concern I have to walk you throws few scientific notes and points and then we can discuss your issue farther

 Electricity is everywhere, even in the human body. Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents. Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think and feel.

So, how do cells control electrical currents?

The elements in our bodies, like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, have a specific electrical charge. Almost all of our cells can use these charged elements, called ions, to generate electricity.

The contents of the cell are protected from the outside environment by a cell membrane. This cell membrane is made up of lipids that create a barrier that only certain substances can cross to reach the cell interior. Not only does the cell membrane function as a barrier to molecules, it also acts as a way for the cell to generate electrical currents. Resting cells are negatively charged on the inside, while the outside environment is more positively charged. This is due to a slight imbalance between positive and negative ions inside and outside the cell. Cells can achieve this charge separation by allowing charged ions to flow in and out through the membrane. The flow of charges across the cell membrane is what generates electrical currents.

Cells control the flow of specific charged elements across the membrane with proteins that sit on the cell surface and create an opening for certain ions to pass through. These proteins are called ion channels. When a cell is stimulated, it allows positive charges to enter the cell through open ion channels. The inside of the cell then becomes more positively charged, which triggers further electrical currents that can turn into electrical pulses, called action potentials. Our bodies use certain patterns of action potentials to initiate the correct movements, thoughts and behaviors.

A disruption in electrical currents can lead to illness. For example, in order for the heart to pump, cells must generate electrical currents that allow the heart muscle to contract at the right time. Doctors can even observe these electrical pulses in the heart using a machine, called an electrocardiogram or ECG. Irregular electrical currents can prevent heart muscles from contracting correctly, leading to a heart attack. This is just one example showing the important role of electricity in health and disease.

The electrical properties of biological tissues and cell suspensions determine the pathways of current flow through the body and, thus, are very important in the analysis of injuries by electric current and a wide range of biomedical applications such as functional electrical stimulation and the diagnosis and treatment of various physiological conditions with weak electric currents, radio-frequency hyperthermia, electrocardiography, and body composition.


Human body consists of up to 60% of the water. The total amount of water in a man of average weight (70 kilograms) is approximately 40 litres. The body water is broken down into the following compartments:

  1. Intracellular fluid (2/3 of body water)
  2. Extracellular fluid (1/3 of body water)

Intracellular as well as extracellular fluids are electrolytes full of biochemical ions, therefore well conductive. The cell membranes are isolants. If the voltage that is not changing is applied (DC) the direct current can flow through the extracellular fluids. DC cannot pass through the cell membranes, so it cannot flow intracellular (contrary to AC).

The weight of the evidence from the literature reviewed did not indicate that static EF has adverse biological effects in humans or animals. The evidence strongly supported the role of superficial sensory stimulation of hair and skin as the basis for perception of the field, as well as reported indirect behavioral and physiological responses.

Physical considerations also preclude any direct effect of static EF on internal physiology, and reports that some physiological processes are affected in minor ways may be explained by other factors. While this literature does not support a level of concern about biological effects of exposure to static EF, the conditions that affect thresholds for human detection and possible annoyance at supra threshold levels should be investigated.

I have to focus on 

1-The effect of fat cells, obesity, and cholesterol and sugar level on your body electricity is a factor, As is see you are not obese .Make sure you ask the doctor to examine you to r/o diabetes, and Thyroid problems. These glands can be related to your electric level. If you get headache unexplained block out make sure that your doctor do an MRI to r/o brain tumors as some tumors can lead to electric imbalance 

2- Human combustion as a further complication, in very rare case you have to watch for a rare phenomenon called hum spontaneous combustion , some researchers prove it wrong and debunk it but it is only one paper and don’t hold water and there are many known cases around the world started as benign electric charge in the person body , so you need to research this and make sure to balance your life with balance food, distress yourself and if you have this personnel rare  power , the CIA and other agencies might subject you to lots of test and you be like a lab rat.

3-The amount of moisture present in the air can affect the conductivity of insulating materials and their ability to hold a static charge. Conversely, the dryer the air is, the more isolative the material becomes allowing it to hold a greater charge , again as you told me that you live in Florida and your state has lots of moisture and humidity so it is not a dry hot desert area .

4- effect of pituitary and pineal glands on other glands such as thyroid adrenal and gonads organs to increase and decrease the enzymes and hormones level that can affect the electric charge in human body in some cases depends on the present of EMF electromagnetic field around you , the higher the EMF the greater the effect on these organs and the more likely having paranormal experience and been extra sensitive to static electricity and it can give you the sense of mild healing and feeling of been watched .

5- The effect of your iron level in your blood also should be taken to consideration. Make sure to ask your doctor to check your hemoglobin level , as if you have high iron in your body it will give you great affect on your zinc and other mineral that cause your skin to be bleached in color , and in turn high iron can damage your liver, high zinc can cause cancer and low can cause problem with fertility. Vitamin C will be lower in this case so you must ask the doctor to test complete hematology . Also look into the effect of some food and medication on your ability ,read my article here under A TO Z of the paranormal.

Are people electric?

The idea that human beings have electrical current running through their bodies most likely is not something you think about very often. However, every living function, whether it is conscious or unconscious, physical or mental, is powered by low levels of electrical current. When you think about it a little more, it starts to make sense. Perception of pain, muscle contraction and movement, nerve function, glandular secretions, healing and regeneration, and brain activity are all electrically driven functions of the body.

Think about the heart, the most apparently dominant component of the human body. The heart is a muscle driven by low levels of electrical current and can be monitored and measured with an ECG/​EKG, or electroc­ardiogram, device. When the electrical signals become too weak or inconsistent as people age, it’s possible to stimulate the life-giving beat with small surges of electrical current from a device known as a pacemaker.

The mind electric

The brain is a super highway of electrical signals, processing and delivering millions of messages to the entire infrastr­ucture of the human body every second, at any given time, the human brain produces enough electrical current to power a 15–20 watt light bulb.

 Commonly measured and observed, the electrical activity of the brain can be monitored by way of an electroe­ncephalogram, or an EEG, which is similar in concept to that of an ECG.2 Breaks and deviations in neurotra­nsmission or electrical passageways represent physical conditions such as paralysis, Bell’s palsy and epilepsy, while psychological conditions include everything from Tourette’s syndrome to autism.

The Oprah Winfrey Show recently presented a program with a guest who suffered from severe Tourette’s syndrome and was able to control all of his involuntary functions with the help of a low-level electrical stimulation device internally implanted in his body. As the device was turned on and the correct frequency was dialed in, his involuntary movements stopped as quickly as a light is activated from a switch.

But can humans emit enough electrical current to affect another living organism, and can another living organism affect humans? Many people, regardless of their belief in energy transfer, can attest to a person or group of people “draining” their energy. The fact of the matter is that humans can absorb and emit electrical current, which can have more of an effect than you may imagine. In some cases, it could change the path of one’s day and possibly even one’s life.

God is the super conductor of the entire universe; he is a pure living light, the purist of all energies, the creator of it and the secret holder of the beyond, as he can make and destroy matter with thinking about it or wish it.

Static electricity
Although you may be thinking all this is a bit too mystical to buy into and may not believe there is merit in shaking off bad energy after a service, few can deny the fact that people can attract and carry a current of static electricity, sometimes even resulting in a small explosion when something metal is touched. The release of a static charge can be so intense it can actually ignite the fumes of a poorly ventilated gas pump, which is why it is advisable to touch the side of your vehicle before beginning to put gas into your car.

Carrying a charge of static electricity is so common that responsible electronic manufacturers require their technicians to wear a grounding strap on their wrist connected to a grounding pole. This ensures the charge of current that may be temporarily residing with them does not arbitrarily move to the electronics and cause damage or malfunctions.

Faith healers
As you see yourself as a healer; faith healers are among us for a long time. Is there really something to their natural energy such that they can actually affect another human body? The answer, again, is yes. Some of the great spiritual mediums, psychic and telepathic gifted people, Empath like myself can use this energy to feel, sense and smell entities that are not seen by the common sight and eyes.

As humans are all genetically different, so is the electrical system of every human body. Each person has a specific electrical fingerprint that defines their electrical structure, just like fingerprints, in future scientist will accept this is a fact but now they have a hard time to accept these facts that some human, mediums and psychic are really gifted and that is because so many fake going around in the world and TV stations lying to people.

Some people are genetically predisposed with substantially higher levels of current or different current than most people, both of which can be measured. As an injury generally disrupts and creates a break in the natural current flow of the body, a touch by the hand of an appropriately charged individual may be enough to patch or bridge the disrupted current flow and return the body to homeostasis, allowing the natural healing process to begin.

Are all living creatures electric?
Some use infrasound, ultrasound, radio wave, Emf, light, ultraviolet, infrared, and different levels of electricity, Like humans, all living creatures are electric beings and in many cases use their electror exception to guide them directionally and instinctually—an electric sense. For example, the electror exception of the great white shark allows up to 8 Hz of frequency to be detected from opposite sides of the ocean. This intense ability to sense electrical current is also why researchers believe the great white is difficult to keep alive in captivity for more than 16 days, as the frequencies from electric devices such as radios, lights, filters, pumps and so on are simply too intense for them at such close ranges.

Vibes and attraction

 When you say the child looks at you or people attracted to you that is exactly what we call good vibes. Ever feel like a person gives you a good or bad vibe, even though you may have only just met the individual briefly? Scientists believe this is the human sense of electroreception; another sense that humans actually possess, but do not normally trust, as people have become increasingly dependent on the logic of the brain through the evolution of sophisti­cation

Although it is not typical for humans to depend on this sense or even admit that it exists, there are some who have learned to utilize this gut feeling and trust it above logic. Mothers are notorious for this, and when it is seen in action, it is seldom questioned.
Animals also have this sense. The friendliest dog, for example, can potentially pick out a person with bad vibes from a crowd of dozens in an instant. And animals also have a way of knowing when the energy fields of the earth are changing, which is relative to natural disasters and severe weather changes.

Signature frequency

 Every living thing is composed of different frequencies that make up specific bioelectric fields. The great white utilizes its electror­eception to detect specific food sources out of a vast ocean of possible meals, sensing the signature frequency of prey. As it makes the first strike and wounds its prey, instinctually its eyes roll tail ward in their sockets as the shark senses possible danger. The wounded prey, on the other hand, leaks current, creating an electric field of frequencies nearly three times greater than that of the uninjured prey. This change in the bioelectric field is known as current of injury, or COI, and it serves as a homing beacon for the great white. It allows the shark to immediately disseminate its meal amongst the school, with or without the use of its eyes.

In my opinion Death is when our battery runs out, our electricity has no more chargers and our electricity in each organ and cell vanishes .Life is electric , death is complete rest of energy and energizes the soul/ spirit that uses every electric charge to escape the dying body.

Current of injury – COI
The phenomenon of COI exists in all beings, as living tissue has multiple direct current surface potentials that combine forces to create a steady bioelectric field. An injury or trauma in the body causes a localized shift and disruption in current flow. When the human body senses this disruption in the form of damage or trauma, specifically in the epidermis, it immediately sends an electrical signal via the neuraxis to the cranium within two seconds of the trauma occurring.

 The logic of the mind then releases electrical signals, which, in turn, begin the process of stimulating biological repair, regeneration and renewal in an attempt to achieve its goal of returning the body to homeostasis.
Current injury was first theorized by Italian physician and physicist Luigi Galvani in 1786 and was harshly ridiculed by his peers at the time. As people do to us and those who are involved in paranormal research nowadays. Nearly 200 years later, in 1980, Galvani’s theory was confirmed by Illingworth and Barker, who studied children with accidental finger amputation at the Pediatric Accident and Emergency Department of Children’s Hospital in Sheffield, Great Britain.
Illingworth and Barker found the current of injury peaked at 22 µA (micro amperes) cm-2 at the point of amputation after eight days, and then slowly decreased thereafter, regardless of whether regeneration had completely occurred or not.  Scientists believe that, although COI initiates the repair process consistently, the speed and effectiveness of its regenerative ability largely depend upon the energy available consistently to facilitate complete repair.

You said that your girlfriend felt some healing when she is with you? The question is what sort of healing she felt? What she was suffering from? Could it be a placebo effect? Or your electric charge that did the trick, it is more likely the electric charge. As we know, using an electric charger on our body and shoulders makes us feel good and it can heal muscular spasms like the Dr ho Simulator. You are the Simulator man, lol. It is more likely that you are not alone in this. Female body carries more electric charge than us in different periods of time to attract mates and increase the chance for fertility as part of surviving in this universe.

ATP—Energy of life

 People are consistently absorbing energy from the environment, including light energy and the intake of oxygen, as well as from the food they consume. The body utilizes these outside sources of energy to create its own form of power via the mitochondria of each cell, known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is known as the energy of life or molecular currency, as it is responsible to power the cells. The cells, in turn, generate a measurable level of electrical current that allows all functions and basis of life, including current of injury and regeneration. 

 In some cases  we get negative energy of the 3rd kind ( entities) and we get attachments, these energies are 2 kinds positive and negative and they can attach to our energy and cause what we call possession .

As the cells’ success, or lack thereof, is dependent on ATP, the reproduction or synthesis of ATP is then crucial for a healthy cell and a healthy body, including skin, muscle tone, repair and regeneration. To a certain degree, one could consider the body’s ability to maintain its youthful integrity completely dependent on the level of ATP that was able to be generated consistently to power the essential cellular functions of life effectively.

Some scientists consider the process of aging a slow trauma that consistently puts forth a form of COI or a constant request for more energy to maintain peak performance. This constant request and reaction becomes weaker and weaker as time goes on.

Stimulating ATP synthesis
Specific artificial sources of energy can also be utilized by the body to create a higher rate of ATP synthesis, including light-activated rejuvenation, micro current and oxygen-infusion systems. Although it sounds fairly simple, creating reactions within the body is unique to each person, as everyone is very frequency-specific.

The body is very sensitive to the level of intensity of outside energy that is being applied. For example, with the use of micro current, studies indicate that the most dominant levels of ATP synthesis—300–500% increase in ATP—occurred when using values less than 400 µA, which follows the Arnold Shultz law that states small doses stimulate cell activity, larger doses hinder it, and still larger doses destroy it.

Low levels of microcurrent with specific frequencies are very interesting in that the body can actually utilize these small amounts of currents in lieu of its own, allowing for maximum cellular function while simultan­eously allowing the body to take a breather.

 Additionally, strategically designed microcurrent devices and accessories allow the practitioner to apply the energy directly to the area where the effect is desired, opposed to relying on the brain to send the appropriate stimulation to the area for regenerative purposes.

Higher levels of µA, on the other hand, simply do not work and actually hinder and diminish ATP synthesis altogether, which, in turn, has an adverse effect on every part of the body and its cellular functions. This occurs as the body perceives higher levels of electrical current as an invader and spends most of its energy, or ATP, defending against the invader.

The frequency-specific body

  You can think of your body a bit like a radio receiver 101.​5 receive one station 101.7 another, and 102 yet another, Although all of the radio frequencies exist at one time simultan­eously, only one can be received and utilized based upon the specifics of the receiver, and that’s depends on a capacitor to sort these frequencies, so it is the same for those spiritual mediums and true psychics they can tone there capacitor ability to sense, feel and use that energy to see things that you can’t see or feel.  

As noted earlier, each person is very frequency-specific and therefore affected by different specific sequences of frequencies combined with lower levels of µA. Having said this, some medical device manufacturers utilize proprietary frequency-sequencing technology that canvasses a wide array of frequencies in a short period of time, allowing maximum potential results. Attempting to gain a positive result from aimless low levels of electrical current without specific frequency sequences is simply not effective and would be similar to trying to receive 101.5 on a radio that only allowed 101 and 102 radio frequencies to be received.

Studies performed with micro current have proven many different positive benefits, most of which are attributable to higher levels of ATP that allow each to be realized. Age-related benefits of micro current include increased levels of collagen and elastin production; faster healing and skin regeneration; minimized trauma after surgery, including bruising, inflammation and swelling; better muscle tone and longevity of muscle re-education; and a vast improvement of most cellular activity, including membrane transport, amino isobutyric uptake, amino acid uptake, gluconeo­genesis, glycosam­inoglycan production, and so on. 

Light energy and ATP

Many NASA studies have proven that lower levels of light-activated rejuvenation have also been able to increase ATP synthesis in a very similar way that can be achieved with plants. Although the proven level is not equal to that of micro current studies, researchers believe significant increases will be able to be achieved with new proprietary sequencing technology that is becoming available by medical device manufact­urers, allowing light to function in the same type of sequencing ranges as proven microcurrent devices.

As with micro current, light is not effective when applied aimlessly. As you live in sunny Florida, with the ocean near you and many electrical storms you are very close to high dose of EMF, Electromagnetic field from the water current and winds, why it happen to you and only few other people it is very hard to answer this question as I said each have a different set of frequency level and sensitivity to deal with these issues

Oxygen infusion and ATP

Oxygen infusion is often overlooked in regard to its role in ATP synthesis, as the amount of available oxygen is closely related to the body’s ability to maximize ATP synthesis by establishing pathways that produce high-energy phosphate bonds. Because oxygen is essential for maximum ATP synthesis, as well as other positive attributes to the health and visual appearance of the skin, oxygen infusion is a natural partner to be used with micro current and light-activated rejuvenation to increase the overall ATP potential and the pursuit of healthy cells and a more youthful appearance.

Regardless of what studies are looked at, most concur with and support the conclusion that healthy cellular function is necessary for a healthy, vibrant body, including the appearance of skin and muscle tone. People understand that, as the human body ages, there exists a natural degradation of cellular function, which is represen­tative of a lack of ATP synthesis ultimately responsible to power the cell. It is also known that specific outside sources, including micro current, light-activated rejuvenation, and oxygen-infusion technology, can have a substantial impact on the stimulation of ATP synthesis, as well as work in harmony with the natural functions of the body.

There is little doubt that humans are all electrical beings and that ATP is truly the current of life. Having said this, the ability to stimulate ATP synthesis certainly brings people one step further in the pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the fountain of youth. 

Coming back to my point about spontaneous combustion, humans do not go on fire just like that, though they are surprisingly combustible given the conditions that some people have . In spite of previous research, and no doubt in the face of these results as well, the debate about the reality of SHC will continue due to the morbid fascination of many with the gruesome phenomenon.

While most mainstream scientists probably give it little thought or attention, SHC advocates continue to argue its legitimacy. Nickel and Fischer (1984) raise an interesting point about this debate when they note that skeptics of SHC largely emphasize cause, frequently dismissing effect, while SHC advocates commonly concentrate on effect, often giving no hypothesis for ( or completely ignoring) cause. If cause is ignored, as Nickel and Fischer point out, then the phenomenon is destined to forever remain mysterious.

 I believe the results of previous research conducted provide some evidence to suggest that these fires and subsequent deaths are not the result of mysterious external forces, but rather, unfortunately, are the result of tragic accidents followed by predictable, explainable destruction.  

Has been described as “the nearly complete combustion of living human beings in the apparent absence of sufficient external fuel” and it has been inferred from this either the “human body is unexpectedly combustible of itself or, more controversially, some unrecognized external energy source is acting on the body” (Corliss 1993). Advocates of the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion, or SHC, have hypothesized everything from potables to poltergeists to pyrotronics to account for the unusual circumstances surrounding these deaths.

Mainstream science, however, contends that although strange, a scientific explanation for the phenomenon does exist. Several studies have suggested that once ignited by an external source, the combination of melted fat and a carbonaceous wick (in the form of clothing, carpet or upholstery) can sustain a small, localized fire capable of a significant degree of bodily destruction. Advocates of SHC argue that the “candle effect” or “wick effect” as this hypothesis is known, has failed in past experiments to replicate (and therefore account for) the degree of bone incineration common to many of these cases.

This failure, however, may be due primarily to the use of inappropriate subjects. While pigs (previously the most commonly used subjects for this type of research) may be similar to humans in terms of body fat content, they fail to represent the profile of alleged SHC victims in many ways. It is hypothesized here that victims of alleged SHC, being largely elderly females, are predisposed to more complete incineration because of both a relatively greater body fat content and a relatively lower bone density.

It has long been observed by those who work in crematoriums that the time it takes to incinerate a body is largely dependent on the condition and size of the body. Those individuals with more body fat tend to bum hotter and faster than those with less body fat (Fred Adamant, personal communication 1999). Furthermore, elderly individuals tend to take much less time to cremate than younger individuals. One funeral director indicates that the average time for cremation is about 2-2.5 hours, with some young, well-built individuals taking up to 3.5 hours to completely cremate while elderly individuals often take less than one hour (Helen Taylor, personal communication 2000).

This research lends further support to the “wick effect” hypothesis through two experiments. These Experiments used humans rather than pig or other animal subjects. This has not been done frequently in the past due to inaccessibility of human subjects by many researchers, but because the circumstances surrounding these deaths require very specific conditions, I think the use of human materials is essential to replicating these conditions as nearly as possible.

An experiment on the heat of combustion of human tissues strongly suggested that the constituents of the human body will sustain a low heat, localized fire capable of consuming a significant amount of mass. Additionally, experiments conducted burning “healthy” versus osteoporotic human bone demonstrated that less dense bone has a propensity to incinerate more quickly and more thoroughly than normal, healthy bone.

Scientists like Michael Levin of Tufts University have discovered that cellular charges control how and where a structure forms in a developing embryo. Even more surprising, he’s found that it’s possible to manipulate bodily forms just by changing the voltage patterns of its cells.

Using this basic technique, Levin and his colleagues have successfully grown functional 3RD Eye on the backs of tadpoles. They’ve triggered brain damage in frog embryos by blocking key neural structures from forming — and then reversed the damage by changing the electrical charge of the developing brain cells. Although this work is still deeply experimental, Levin thinks it could have a major impact on the fields of medicine, biology and biochemistry. He imagines one day using bioelectricity to reverse birth defects in the womb, treat cancer or even grow new limbs on amputees.

Levin, director of the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts and coauthor of an article in the 2017 Annual review of biomedical engineering on the topic, recently spoke with Knowable Magazine about the state of bioelectric research and his thoughts on its future prospects. This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Well, in the membrane that surrounds every cell, there are embedded proteins that can move ions — charged atoms — in and out of the cell. Things like potassium, chloride, sodium, protons, and so on. And inevitably, if you add more charged ions to one side of a membrane, you’ll generate an electrical potential across that cell surface. That’s basically what happens in a battery, where one side of the battery has a different amount of charge than the other.

It turns out that cells can actually use those charges to communicate. These signals are much slower-acting than impulses we’re used to hearing about in the nervous system — there, you’re talking about millisecond time scales for information flow, but in developmental bioelectricity, you’re talking about minutes or even hours. But ultimately, the electrical potential between cells can determine how certain tissues or structures develop.

Bioelectric signals serve as a kind of a high-level master regulator switch. Their spatial distribution across tissues and intensity tells a region on an embryo, OK, you’re going to be an eye, or you’re going to be a brain of a particular size, or you’re going to be a limb, or you’re going to the left side of the body, that kind of thing.

The sphere on the tail of this tadpole is actually a developing frog eye. By exposing the implanted tissue to certain neurotransmitter drugs, scientists were able to coax nerve tissue to grow from it. This successfully connected to the developing tadpole’s spinal cord, sending visual information to the brain and letting the otherwise blind tadpole see.

You can actually see them forming in frog embryos. For example, electrically sensitive dyes reveal a pattern that we call the “electric face ,electrical gradients across the tissue that lay out where all the parts of the face are going to form later. It’s like a subtle scaffold for the major features of the anatomy, while a lot of the local details seem to be filled in by other processes that may or may not involve bioelectricity. If you change those electric signals in a developing embryo, it can have a major effect on how and where its structures form.

Researchers found that emerging neurons can read the electrical signals of the tissue that they are sitting on. If the cells in that tissue have a polarized resting potential meaning that they’ve accumulated negative charges inside each cell ,the implanted eye forms an optic nerve and that’s the end of it. But if they’re depolarized, or have a lower charge, that gives the neurons a signal to overgrow in a very profound way.

So Scientists think this is an example of cells reading the electrical topography of their environment, and making growth decisions based on that information. That’s how I found my discovery of the relationship between fetal gender and the location of the placenta, of course I was depending on heat that was caused by the electricity. You can search for my paper on Google under Ramzi’s method of fetal gender detection.

When sliced in half, a flatworm can normally regrow missing parts of its body.

By manipulating its cells’ electrical charge, however, scientists can control which of these parts regenerate.

 By blocking the normal influx and outflux of charged ions from the flatworm’s cells,

they can create a hyperpolarized state in both sides of the regenerating tissue,

which prompts the worm to grow two tails. Or, they can create a depolarized state,

leading to the formation of a second head to replace its amputated tail.  

So yes your electricity level can have a healing effect on others.


Another one is fighting disease. There’s a fair amount of research being done now on bioelectric signals as both a cause and a potential suppressor of cancer cells. You can normalize certain tumors by exposing them to specific drugs that change their electrical potential. Depending on the compounds you use, you can selectively affect only certain types of cells, like the ones in a tumor, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. That’s pretty much ready for testing in mouse models.

A third area is regenerative medicine. If we can use electrical signaling to convince tissues and organs to grow after injury, we could replace entire structures or organs for patients. Bioelectricity gives you a great new set of control knobs with which to regulate cell behavior. It’ll be much easier to build biological structures to suit once we understand these large-scale regulators like electrical signaling. So your feeling of healing is a possible one and you need to work on this gift with people who can direct you and work with you to use it for good. 

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